Twitchy will update this post in a few minutes, just as soon as the Twitter mob resumes its rape/death predictions/wishes.

UPDATE: Well, that didn’t take long.

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  • Malice_in_Blunderland

    The American left at it’s finest. No doubt these lunatics are against the death penalty though.

  • tcbinc

    Because of these kinds of threats he will be kept away from the general population

  • Cathy

    The left racist come out of their holes


    Will there be any apologies if they find out that Zimmerman is completely innocent? Nope.

    • danheskett

      You mean as in he didn’t shoot Mr. Martin, or as in, he was completely justified? I think the former is pretty well out of the question, right?


        If he was “completely justified” then he IS completely innocent. If someone is trying to kill you, you are COMPLETELY INNOCENT of any wrongdoing by trying to protect yourself even to the point of killing the other person. No guilt is inferred upon someone trying to protect his own life. It’s the law in FL, it’s the law elsewhere in the U.S. and it’s the natural law as well as biblical law.

  • Stupid Republic

    I thought the left was against racism, the death penalty and gay bashing?

    • SideshowJon36

      And lynching

  • juliusstahl

    With the lynch mob howling for blood I think it inevitable that George will be murdered sooner or later.. The only people who could prevent this are the President and
    Sybrina Fulton, who will not do a thing.

    It puzzles me that Hispanics, Catholics, and conservatives are doing almost nothing to support George..

    • richard40

      Many conservatives have been supporting Zimmerman. Fox has been very fair to him, as have conservative/libertarian bloggers like Glenn Reynolds. I do wonder why more hispanics have not been more supportive, but I suspect many hispanic lobbying groups are also dedicated leftists, and cannot offend their fellow leftists, even when a fellow hispanic is being lynched.

  • SuperstionQueen

    What can we expect from the left, and the likes of NBPP followers and other equally as useful idiots?

  • Lefty

    And let’s not forget that Martin was no angel, but a drugged out thug:

    Chances are good that if Martin was alive today he’d be shortly on his way to getting raped in a jail cell.

  • Honey Badger Clicker

    Is a “Bitch Ass Cracker” that new crisp from Keebler?

    • jdkchem

      Made by the elves “in da hood”?

  • Jeff McCabe

    Nice to see the retarded have twitter accounts.

  • Joe Kliplinger

    Why is it so many on the left wish death to a black man. Zimmerman is a black hispanic.

  • Charles Hammond Jr

    Y’all better plan for WROL and SHTF cause quite a few of your countrymen can be downright murderous.

  • BO_stinks

    such anti-American comments. no trial eh? all these anti-death penalty leftists and anti torture people all the sudden are for torture and death and no trial? wow hypocrisy reigns in lefty land.

  • xbox361

    if Iran sentenced someone to be sodomized our government would be outraged.
    these jokers think it is appropriate punishment for someone presumed innocent.
    we live in a sick, decadent country.
    God abides, pray for these poor misguided souls.

  • LouAnnWatson

    wonder how many of them were wearing hoodies? not that they need to wear them, you could still profile them according to their language skills. with lovely attitudes like that, it’s no wonder they get shot…stay the hell out of my neighborhood

    • danheskett

      Not that it’s not fair, but when “other” side asks if a young black teenage male deserves to get shot because of the way he talks and the clothes he wears, your response is “yes”?

      • DonM

        I tend to profile people on my “Shoot” or “No Shoot” list based on the people that assault me with deadly force. Everything I have read seems to indicate that George Zimmerman did the same.

  • LouAnnWatson

    just tweeting away from the little shack in the middle of obamaville…is coon acceptable now that cracker has been adopted by the black racists? let’s have that talk that mr holder said we were too cowardly to engage…

  • CapitalistInfidel

    Do these people know that Zimmerman is part black and hispanic?

  • Joe Hilger

    Zimmerman Tweeter Mob appear no different then this Progressive Mob:

  • Kill Mechanism

    “just kill him so we can move on” I felt the same way about OJ.

  • HopeyChangey

    Apparently many of Zimmerman’s detractors have also been profiled and speak from personal experience.

  • American Avant Garde

    Ignorance , low IQ, and racism on full display here. Obviously these animals have no respect for civil society. These are barbarians.

  • d2lv

    Have you heard of the Duke Lacrosse case. In this case, Zimmerman is the Lacrosse team and we all know how that turned out.