With two days to go before Wisconsin’s recall election, Gov. Walker is looking very strong in the polls. According to Intrade, he has a 96 percent chance of winning on Tuesday. Democrats clearly aren’t winning on the issues, but they hope they have found something else that can turn the tide for them.

Late Saturday night, a left-wing anti-Walker website reported an unconfirmed, second-hand rumor that Gov. Walker fathered a “love child” 24 years ago.

The website, Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-op, describes itself as “a group of citizen journalists who began covering the Wisconsin Uprising in February, 2011. We came from different walks of life, different professional backgrounds and different parts of the state to document the dismantling of democratic process and tradition taking place in our state under the rightwing onslaught of the Scott Walker regime.”

Here is the Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-op’s “scoop”:

Bernadette Gillick was a college freshman in 1988 when she first met Scott Walker. It was spring semester, and she had just transferred to Marquette University. She was assigned a room in O’Donnell Hall (then a women’s dormitory), which she shared with her new roommate, Ruth (not her real name). Ruth was dating Scott Walker, who was 20 at the time, and, according to Bernadette, Ruth was deeply in love with him.

Midway through that spring semester, Bernadette alleges, Ruth found out she was pregnant. She informed her boyfriend, Scott, and initially he was supportive. That support changed to callous indifference for his girlfriend’s predicament after Scott informed his parents of the pregnancy.

Bernadette reports that at this point Scott began denying that he was the father of the baby, and when Ruth said she was considering an abortion, he claimed he didn’t care, as he wasn’t the father anyway.

Bernadette remembers being present when Ruth was dealing with the wrath of Scott’s mother, who allegedly admonished Ruth for trying to “ruin [her son’s] reputation.”

“I supported her [Ruth] as he [Scott] went from encouraging her to get an abortion, to telling me it was in my best interest to keep my mouth shut, to denying that he was the father and having his own mother call her and tell her to stop erroneously accusing her son of paternity,” Bernadette recounts.

It was a “horrible time” for her friend. “Imagine her being 18 years old and pregnant, walking around Marquette’s Jesuit Catholic campus with her boyfriend denying he was the father,” says Bernadette.

All this was taking place while Walker was running for student body president. As one of his classmates, Dr. Glenn Barry recalled, Walker’s campaign was, “one of the dirtiest in school history.” The student newspaper Marquette Tribune called him “unfit for office” after his campaign was discovered collecting and throwing out copies of their paper that endorsed his opponent. Commenting on the election and Walker’s political career and style at Marquette, he noted, “Walker lost on all counts, but not before destroying a few people’s reputations, and amassing personal power.”

If Bernadette’s story is true, Ruth – and eventually their child – were just a few of the people who got in the way of Walker’s quest for power.

After consulting with her family, Ruth decided against an abortion. Bernadette was with Ruth in the hospital for the birth of her child later that year (and says Walker was not present), and later stood up as a bridesmaid in Ruth’s 1992 marriage to another man. She says Walker eventually had to concede that he was the father, after the birth and paternity test.

The website acknowledges that it did not speak to the alleged mother of the alleged child and was not “able to independently verify Bernadette’s account.” Go figure.

In addition, it says it did not receive comment from either Gov. Walker or anyone currently serving on his campaign team.

This thinly-sourced rumor looks to most people like a last-minute smear job, but that didn’t stop the Daily Kos and other anti-Walker loons from jumping all over it:




The desperation. It reeks.


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Daniel Bice easily debunked this malicious smear:

Bice wrote:

I am getting a lot of emails because of this post. Two things: (1) I tracked down and talked to Dr. Gillick’s freshman-year roommate at MU yesterday, and she adamantly denies that Walker is the father of her child. Yes, she got pregnant as a first-year student, but she believes Dr. Gillick is mixing up stories; and (2) I Can Read CCAP has taken a family court suit involving Scott Alan Walker and mixed it up with the governor, Scott Kevin Walker.

But once progressives sink their teeth into a smear, they don’t let go.

  • GadsdenJazz

    “Walker lost on all counts, but not before destroying a few people’s reputations, and amassing personal power.”

    And so did Walker join the pantheon of great historical power brokers who acquired their vast power through LOSING elections.

    • tomtom1983

      Walker wont lose as dems prove how little they truly care about the common man.

      He has created jobs, balanced the budget and withstood calious liberal deceit. Libs will fall from power one hypocrite at a time.

    • Also Wondering

      If Walker’s behavior had been as supposedly described in School Paper he would have become a Democrat. That’s how I know the whole thing is a lie……

  • tomtom1983

    You Dems are so worthless and highly pathetic. How low can a dem go, pretty low. LOSERS!!

  • GanymedeATL

    Isn’t that a badge of honor for the Dems?

  • http://twitter.com/beebopareebop MarriottPL

    This is what lots of wasted money finally garners — the smell of democrats sweating.

  • BO_stinks

    how ridiculous, they’re like little junior highers starting rumors and trying sophomoric tricks to win.

  • http://www.spacecoastconservative.com/ SpaceCoastConservative.com

    1) 24 years ago BHO had sex with many girls (check out the new info being uncovered by Breitbart’s site) and if he fathered a “love child” was it covered by these same jerks?
    2) A late breaking attack like this is just that: an attack they think Walker can’t get out from under in time. Problem is, with a lead like Walker has even if he lost ten percent of his support based on this “allegation” rolled in a “rumor” based on a “second-hand story” his numbers would still put him in the “WIN!” column.

    • Taxpayer1234

      The timing is way too close for it to have an appreciable effect. They should have ginned up that story a few weeks ago. Dumb AND desperate.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6C65YWGCC7P5C6CGMMBK7VMFXE JenniferL

    Nothing says “honest reporting” and “respect for family values” like the Daily Kos!

  • freeinaz


  • LOLDuval

    wait…I thought leaving a child to grow up with only the mother was the best thing to do…I’m fucking confused…

    • SuperstionQueen

      That’s only Julia……and Sandra Fluke. :)

  • J V

    The left is walking back the story already. A reporter for a Milwaukee
    paper (Daniel Bice) has talked to the roommate…and the roommate DENIES

    And, apparently there is a family court suit some have found, naming
    Scott Walker…but the middle name is different, and it is a different
    Scott Walker.

    A quick search indicates that Daniel Bice is anti-Walker.

    The whole story is a complete lie…thrown out and reeled in. Dan Rather must be doing consulting work.””

  • Terika

    so…will this plate-o-pasta stick to the wall? Not likely – they just figure Tuesday is too soon to prove/disprove anything.
    It’s the seediest form of desperation.But hey – that’s the Left for ya.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Benton/100003113598595 William Benton

    The Left once again proves beyond a shadow of doubt what trash it truly is.

  • http://twitter.com/cape_codder Janet Eshbaugh

    What a joke. Amazing how morons will take anything the DK spews, revel in it & spread it. These idiots elected BHO.

  • Also Wondering

    As my Democratic opponent (in a non-partisan election) once told his people…..”Lie, lie, lie. There’s a 20% chance you won’t get caught, 20% of the people won’t read or hear the retraction and 20% won’t believe the retraction. So it’s win-win-win for me” Looks like party philosophy to me………

  • Also Wondering

    Why do the liberals think that is a bad thing?. Most of the liberals I know have one or more kids out of wedlock… Like one woman said: “I don’t be needing no man. I supports my own kids with my own welfares checks.”

  • http://www.spacecoastconservative.com/ SpaceCoastConservative.com

    It’s another “Cheekbone” thing, as suspected! I wonder do they have “Cheekbone Children”?

  • http://twitter.com/Cris43130 Cris Allen

    How f-ing desperate can you get?

  • Gary Hutcheson

    I’d still vote for Daddy. #ImScottWalkersLoveChild

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ronald-Larson/100002305034263 Ronald Larson

    I cannot see why the Dems can even come up with a truthful reason for the wasted $$$ that the unions are causing the state of Wisconsin to spend on this stupid recall. Mr. Walker is turning the state around to the joy of the people and starting to be in the black again with their budget.

  • SuperstionQueen

    This is the same crap that was pulled on Herman Cain. (notice we hear nothing about it anymore…) And from this groups mission statement…”We came from different walks of life, different professional backgrounds and different parts of the state to document the dismantling of democratic process and tradition taking place in our state…….”
    So they are documenting the destruction and dismantling that THEY are actually doing? Does it shock anyone anymore that these morons accuse others of EXACTLY what they are doing and the MSM and useful idiots never question it?
    Of course, DK can’t come up with a source. Are we sure Ruth isn’t one of Obama’s composite girlfriends? Now that would be (sort of) scandalous!

  • StepMJohn

    Walker is winning the recall battle on merit, which infuriates his Democratic opponents even more. No June Surprise for the Democrats, though – they’re going down on Tuesday.

    A surprise Barrett win won’t crowd Friday’s hideous jobs report out of the news cycle, as the Democrats had hoped. So Emperor Obama will have no clothes

  • BeeKaaay

    What’s this? The Daily KKKos sliming and being prejudiced? No surprise there.

  • http://thevailspot.blogspot.com/ Rich Vail

    Progressives will lie cheat or steal to achieve their goals…this is yet another example.

  • Mark81150

    First rule of thumb.. Daily kos readers and authors are weapons grade halfwits.

  • richard40

    I normally discount any story like this that comes out only a few days before the election. Trotting it out at the last minute limits the time to investigate and prove falsity. If the story was true, they would have trotted it out 2 weks ago, that way if Walker denied it, and subsequent investigation ends up proving it true, it makes Walker look worse, not better. But trotting out something like this with only a few days left smacks of lying desperation. I hope most voters realize this, and hope it backfires on the dems.

  • Lois Reese Lane

    Fools will believe anything! That doesn’t even live up to tabloid journalism, at least sometimes they get LUCKY. That poor excuse for a journalist is a piece of shit.