Today is World Malaria Day, and celebrities and public officials were out in force to raise awareness:!/ShannonElizab/status/195278356604919809!/DeepakChopra/status/195262180743065601!/SHAQ/status/194513373491232768!/AmbassadorRice/status/195160886221086720!/richardbranson/status/195158963602472962!/PerezHilton/status/195202981300420608

Twitter users in both Africa and the U.S. noted that the battle against malaria is most effective if bed nets and other environmentalist-sanctioned approaches are supplemented with judicious use of pesticides that kill the mosquitoes that spread malaria:!/VictorMayomi/status/195087122410110976!/joshuaculling/status/195152220776448000!/broadwaydad/status/195251744790421504!/HYImp/status/195188746939928576!/JohnShegun/status/195120535980609536!/ricgruber/status/195227406498398208!/Gabby_Hoffman/status/195192444357324800

Thank you, Twitter, for reminding us that pesticides are of enormous benefit to humanity. Misguided opposition to their use by U.S.-based environmentalist groups has possibly resulted in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary malaria deaths in Africa and elsewhere. If malaria eradication were truly a top concern for these celebrities, they’d trade in once-a-year P.C. platitudes for informed, reality-based solutions.

  • earl hickey

    bring back DDT

  • BorderLine Guy

    The call to allow DDT in Africa has been loud and long, yet these idiot “celebrities” are clueless.

  • torpedoman2002

    That is the left for you. Ban something that works then use the disease as a money grab event.