Today is Earth Day, which means Al Gore and Robert Kennedy Jr. are out hugging trees or saving whales. But not everyone is on board.!/DicksTrash/status/194038340956340224!/MaxEden/status/193400826537062401!/cubsfanatic86/status/194000352020926464!/Templerob/status/194035571482558464!/slaggles/status/193848574361088000!/gpthe3/status/193734240410669056!/quiznilo/status/193831033299410944!/jeffsheil/status/193321080398684160

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  • stuckinIL4now

    How arrogant of those wackos to think that we mere mortals possess even a fraction of the power required to destroy this planet.

    Have the environmentalist wackos ever considered that the earth and its resources might have been put here precisely for us to consume, and that maybe the resources that they claim are going scarce or may dry up, actually can and are being replenished by a natural power that we haven’t even begun to understand?

  • jamson64

    Stuck well we could with nuclear bombs but no I don’t think carbon is going to do it. 

    • Humble Guru

      We couldnt produce enough bombs to do much damage. We could kick up some dust and irradiate a few places. thats it.

  • Dave Znothere

    My 400-horse, 13-mpg 2000 Dakota R/T just loooooooves Earth Day. I celebrated by leaving a bunch of expensive rubber on the street and in my fenderwells. Time to re-up on the Nittos! Thinking of having some emblems made: BreitbaR/T.

  • Humble Guru

    We could make life hell for ourselves for a while, maybe even bring down civilization for a few centuries, but the Earth would still spin and eventually recover as if nothing ever happened.

  • sok82

    I’m celebrating earth day by emulating Al Gore’s daily carbon footprint.

  • Rocky

    Liberals like Al Bore are hypocrites. You know, save the earth as long as it doesn’t interfere with his private jet use.

  • Jack_Kennedy

    4/22…….. just another  LIBERAL HYPOCRISY DAY

  • Hannah Abbott

    Let us not forget, “Earthday’s” founder was the libel icon, IRA Einhorn. . .   

    the filthy murderer of Holly Maddox. ..

    All you ignorant liberals should be proud to celebrate the day and this man. … .idiots

  • U.Space

    CELEBRATE Earth Day / KILL many HUMANS / SAVE the planet * #senryu #p2 #tpot