Food stamps aren’t just a hot topic on Capitol Hill and among presidential candidates. They are also a much-discussed topic on Twitter.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, food stamp trafficking is illegal:

One of the most common forms of food stamp fraud, known as food stamp trafficking, involves the illegal buying or selling of food stamp benefits for cash, drugs, weapons or other items of value. Unlawful possession or use of food stamp benefits in an amount of $100 or more is a felony; less than $100 is a misdemeanor.

Yet many Twitter users openly discuss the purchase or sale of food stamps:!/GoodIntentionZ3/status/193010312667074560!/jay_marae/status/193038855719497728!/BB_STONE/status/193035188899553280!/yungnbright/status/193023225322676224!/SheNice614/status/193033685799403520!/Suck_My_Sarcasm/status/192961798956261377!/UZURI_MICHAELS/status/192814575782084609!/brainsxbeauty/status/192783670208241665!/MariyahsDad/status/193021169207742464!/omghesaidthat/status/193007488654782464!/HennySypr4Lyf/status/193007141043449856!/TAMPA_DREADHEAD/status/193028352670568448!/Ardor69/status/193011428553277440

If you think the above tweets are isolated examples, take a look at the “Related Tweets” widget to the right of this post, above. In all likelihood, you will see many more Tweets discussing the purchase or sale of  food stamps.

Meanwhile, David Wessel of the Wall Street Journal points us to a Congressional Budget Office analysis showing that one in seven Americans is now using food stamps:!/davidmwessel/status/193028722759176192

Those one in seven Americans will be pleased to read Tweets like these from Congressional Democrats:!/RepJimMcDermott/status/192241341730783232!/RepSpeier/status/192403626159902721!/repsandylevin/status/192668080390946816

As for the six out of seven Americans who do not use food stamps, well, they may still have some misgivings about the program:!/vetteeee/status/193030443686309889!/FML_Dx/status/193028991773458432

Finally, no food stamp round-up would be complete without this little tidbit:!/AP/status/192427533889835008

  • Harbinger

    Thank you President Food Stamp.

    • teamfrazzled

       Didn’t you know the left insists calling Obummer the food stamp President is a racist comment?  They are the real racists for assuming most on food stamps are black when the vast majority of recipients are white. 

      • BartNJ

        Yeah, and this article obviously picked a random sample of tweets from all races (not)

        •!/sarahbellumd sarahbellumd

          we picked tweets based on who was tweeting about buying/selling food stamps. that’s kind of how twitchy works, see. we look for tweets related to the topic of the post. we could care less what race anyone is.


    ATTN US House: Wanna cut Food stamps $$$$.  Just eliminate the fraud.

    • Truckerjim

      Can’t get the Democrats to stop voter fraud with voter ID.  How in the hell are they going to stop food stamp abuse?

  • NeoKong

    There seems to be an underlying common denominator here but I can’t quite put my finger on it.  #TruDat

  • Bev

    Food stamps sales have been going on since they started being issued.  It’s just more people are on them and have no respect for doing the lawful thing.

  • Brian Bonner

    The trafficing is mostly likely  happening in ghettos and it makes sense that it would be used as barter as it has value & they have created their own society that does not follow the rules of our society. They live on welfare so food stamps is not about helping people make ends meet.

    • AlphaPrime

      Trust me, it ain’t only in the ghetto. Some people ‘choose’ to be poor. Learning how to use the ‘system’, is less hassle than getting a job, and all that crap.
      I know some of these people….. 😐

      • libknot

        Food stamp fraud doesn’t just happen in the “ghetto”….I’m turning in a friend of a friend who gets $850 mo in food stamps…as we speak, she & hubby are at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun.  The dumb heffer is all over FB flaunting pics of the luxurious accommodations!  This same upstanding non-ghetto couple went to the Bahamas last Nov on all of us chumps!

        • BartNJ

          jealous much? Mind your own business  and do something positive, rat

          • libknot

            Jealous?  Are you kidding?  I travel enough with my own money to be jealous of a leech.  Rat?  Really?  Did I hit a nerve?  Possibly you defend a leech for a reason?  Comradery among thieves?   FYI, it IS my business…my large tax bill says so.  

          • gnemalie

             Jealous that people are literally STEALING from us? No, it’s called pissed off, not jealous (as jealous implies you want to do it, too). It’s bull for someone to get foodstamps when they don’t need them.

  • Ben O’Keefe

    I can almost guarantee you that each of these people own at least an iPod or smartphone.
    Please check out my new blog on why food stamps need to be cut now!

  • Sigivald

    How do you sell “food stamps” off an EBT card?

    • dadavis65

      They sell the cards. If they were made to show their ID to match card this would end this, but that would make to much sense. Could use same ID to vote.

      • William L

        Actually, way back when i worked in retail you had ‘those’ people who would come in on the 3rd or 4th of the month with their EBT and buy candy or soda or some other junk food, cash out the rest of the card and go three buildings down and use the cash to buy ‘smokes’ and play the lotto. Same people, EVERY month. It was disgusting.

        • Taxpayer1234

          Yep.  I used to see the bums at the grocery store buying up cases of store-brand soda at about 25 cents a can.  They’d dump out the soda in the parking lot, then cash in the cans at 10 cents each to buy booze.

      • Reese

        Ms. Davis, what incentive would a merchant have to check ID?  None.  Instead, every incentive to complete the sale. 

    • TugboatPhil

       What Debbie said.  Then they go back to the EBT folks and tell them they “lost” their card.  It’s almost always reissued with no questions.  State of Mass proposal from their few Rep. legislators to track EBT users for fraud.  Dems shot it down because the $7 per person, per month was more than they could handle.  Never mind the thousands of $$$ fraud each month.

  • robcrawford2

    Are people reporting them? Their real identities are tied to their Twit handles…

    • Taxpayer1234

      Now THAT would be some sweet justice!

    • Adjoran

       Yeah, Obama’s USDA will get right on it . . .

  • rbeccah

    Those are the kind of people who would call my husband and me chumps for working like dogs all those years to feed, clothe, and educate the kids, and provide for our retirement.  I call them blood-sucking parasites.

  • cuchieddie

    You’re all fucked and need to be in prison

  • Libertyship46

    Well, there’s a fast way to stop this. Just don’t give out anymore food stamps. And when people scream and cry about that, show them all the people that are abusing the system. Give all the money to charity organizations like the Salvation Army or Churches or especially food banks, and have people get the food from there. And if the people don’t like it, well, there’s always working for a living.

  • JohnSkookum

    Work or starve, you lazy vermin.

    • Taxpayer1234

      The Bible says much the same thing!

  • cscape

    THIS is “fundamental transformation”….. Happy now America?

  • TomsRight

    The Invisible Hand strikes again. It has been common practice for Food Stamps to be sold at 50% of face value. That rate goes back for decades. If you’ll notice, the one “tweet” above that indicates a price is 25% of face value.

    The reason?

    The Market. When supply increases (the HUGE increase in Food Stamp beneficiaries), the price falls.

    By-the-way, Twitter is not alone in the Food Stamp “trade” game. Its quite common to see the same thing on CraigsList.

    You know what OTHER Felony is regularly advertised on CraigsList? LOTS of people are stripping their foreclosed homes and selling the “parts”. I mean ALL the parts. Its not unusual to see ads inviting one to come to the property and remove the LANDSCAPING…for a fee, often “dirt” cheap (pardon the pun).

    It irritates me no end that this Felony Theft is completely ignored.

    Ever since The King chose to “Change” bankruptcy laws in the Chrysler/GM “bailout”, it seems no one cares about the rule of law.

    “Wonder” why that is.

  • Kathy Biederbeck

    As one of the taxpayers paying for this program, it makes me sick to see how it’s being exploited.  I cannot wait ’til November.

  • Benny Bennett

    For my part, it’s Theft, from the citizens of the US who actually pay taxes, and anybody caught needs to be put away where they’ll get fed-for working on the durn chain gang! I don’t  care what color you are, what language or culture you are, it’s wrong, and I would LOVE to catch some of you lowlife scum sucking lumps of pig waste.

  • jsn2

    Instead of food stamps maybe the fraudsters would enjoy their President’s favorite dish, I’m sure there are plenty of the free range variety in their neighborhoods.

    • William L

      Many of them own hand held sized “meals”. They even have a specially carrying purse.

  • ECM

    This sort of thing has been going on* since I was in college in the Dark Ages of the early 90s, but I guess it’s news now thanks to the obscene amount of people trading ’em like baseball cards.

    *And I’m sure loooong before that.

  • William L

    I don’t have a problem with giving those who legitimately need help assistance. You know, a HAND UP, not a hand out.  
    If you want to keep programs to help those in need, lets go to a system like WIC. It helps those children who need it and it can ONLY be spent of healthy foods. 

  • Kelly Walters

    Do away with foodstamps altogether. Open warehouses filled with nutritional food and allow qualified families to go shopping there. That would cut down on the fraud and only people who were really and truly in need would go to the trouble.

  • Ed Dodt

    what needs to be done…is to use old school buildings…make dorm rooms and put a big sign on the building “POOR HOUSE”…serve food in the cafeteria…shower in the locker rooms….put the employment office in the building….and if the people don’t like it they can get a job like the rest of us….

  • Rulz

    Oh, I can’t wait for another shot at dumping Sander Levin.

    It’s really too bad anti-Rush Karl isn’t up this year, too.

  • Richard Ludwig

     i am on food stamps and i use a smart phone. it is a slightly older model(from 2008) – BUT – i paid for it by way of walmart layaway around christmas – so it came out of my own money

  • Taxpayer1234

    The only reason people are buying food stamps is they sold their own earlier in the month.

  • Albert Dailey

    I’s got to gets me some of thats obama money food stamps too

  • Laurie

    I was recently behind a couple in line with 2 shopping carts full, they each had their own “snap” card, several checks from WIC or something, and got mad when they had to pay less than $10 for their $700 worth of stuff.  They had a hard time getting their point across to the cashier, b/c they didn’t even speak English.
    I eventually had to switch lines, since this all took so much time.
    I am amazed that people can come here and get all of these freebies, and not speak our language.
    I feel like a dope for spending all my time clipping coupons and working 2 jobs.

  • dollar

    Wake Up

    It’s Free Swipe Yo EBT


  • Thomas

    Looks like our little friend at the top @SheSoDamBadd got her account suspended.  LOL

  • Mary Graney

    As a EBT consumer..can I please defend the few honest recipients of this porgram who are actually law abiding and grateful for the assistance? I am SO releived to have the help with food costs and wouldn’t dare part with the money on my EBT card for cash value..I need the food more!! And may I also say..I DO NOT get my nails done, I dont have a cell phone, and my purse is a thrift store messenger bag. Cost me 3$. My truck is 12 years old and looks the part. We aren’t ALL crooks and bums.

  • MShingleton

    In Baton Rouge, LA, a woman is spotted purchasing large amounts of food at a grocery store – calling out to acquaintances at the store and inviting them to her Christmas party, saying she has everything covered “don’t bring anything”.  She has already purchased large amounts of liquor (available at grocery stores in LA) with cash and repocketed remaining cash.  Her EBT card cannot cover her food purchases and cashier asks “Would you like to pay cash for the rest of your groceries?” Woman replies, “Hell no, I ain’t paying for food with MY money!”.  What an insult to those who are truly struggling with hunger in our country.

  • MShingleton

    Thank you for posting – I think those who truly struggle and need/appreciate the assistance get forgotten in these debates.