From the Washington Post:

On Tuesday, below the fold on Page A3, The Post ran a story from its reporter on national financial and fiscal matters, Lori Montgomery, about a new study of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, derisively called Obamacare but known among policy wonks as the ACA.

The study, by Charles Blahous of the free-market-oriented Mercatus Center at George Mason University, put meat and numbers on the bones of a Republican argument, made since 2009, that the act will add to the deficit. Blahous said that it will add at least $340 billion, and perhaps as much as $527 billion, to the deficit over 10 years.

This is contrary to what President Obama, and the nonpartisan analysts on Capitol Hill at the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), have said — that the act will cut the deficit over the first 10 years by a modest $132 billion. Indeed, that was one of the selling points of the law… Putting the story on A3 was the right judgment for a print publication. Montgomery urged her editors, correctly, not to put it on the front page: it wasn’t worth that.
  • marine37

    Why would the American people want to know about the cost of obumacare?  Do you think being a citizen of this country counts anymore?  Remember, when you vote in November your vote will probably be cancelled out by two dead people and five non-citizens.  

  • Larry James Dungan

    Odumbascare costing more then Odumba said it would, well once again nothing new,every time the dumbocrats “say” it will cost less & save money, you can depend that it will be the complete reverse!

  • IronButterfly

    Shocked I tell you!  Shocked!  Now what reporter in their right mind doesn’t want their column on the front page?  Oh, yeah a reporter that wants to be loved at the next meeting of the commissars. 

    What would be really shocking would be if they really did put that on page one above the fold.