Transcript: “The choice in this election is between an economy that produces a growing middle-class and that gives people a chance to get ahead and their kids a chance to get ahead and an economy that continues down the road we’re on.”!/keder/status/191548334526304256!/keder/status/191561686942093313!/EWErickson/status/191570164733587458!/emzanotti/status/191566143000031234!/StrokesofCandor/status/191583734196224001!/StrokesofCandor/status/191588324044062720

  • Pat Bateman

    LMFAO Twitchy actually fell for a KEDER troll! Check the rest of that guy’s Twitter feed & check your vid again.

    Then think hard about that guy who was president for 8 years before Obama, and how the economy is picking up now, and kick yourself hard for falling for this #fail.

    • Stephanie Mayfield

       The economy is picking up? I miss it.

      • SharpestJim

         I kinda missed it myself.

      • Anon E Mouse ن #TGDN

         Ya – more peeps on FoodStamps & Welfare… didn’t Pelosi say that’s economic stimulus? Ya we rollin now… (downhill maybe, but rolling)

        • andrew wild

          cutting benefits to those that spend every dime of it never helps the economy. neither does raising taxes. we as a society need to choose whether we want to fix the economy or our debt and deficit. can’t have both.

      • andrew wild

        the economy would be great without the de-regulation of the financial sector by repubs

    • reachrenee

      Are you talking about the US economy? I think you kicked yourself stupid if you think that.

    • Buckeye27

      Yeah the economy’s growing so much that people are struggling to find jobs. When people withdrawal themselves from the workforce it’s always a safe bet that the economy is a run away freight train. Unemployed for more than a year under Obama, previous best unemployed for 4 months. By the way I lost my job during the last “recovery summer.”. If the economy gets much better I’m going to have to declare bankruptcy.

    • Misfit

      Skaught<< supports BHO, I can't think of a lower insult than that. Pathetic. 

    • Lauren

      Take a look at who controlled Congress the last couple years of the Bush Admin. There’s you’re answer. Those weren’t Bush policies. Those were the left’s.

      And ANY drop in unemployment is because people have STOPPED looking for jobs and aren’t a part of the statistics any more– NOT because they’ve FOUND jobs. DO SOME RESEARCH on your own instead of blindly believing everything you hear.

      • Ken Lord

        So by your logic, given that republicans have controlled the house for the last two years, these have been the right’s policies?

        • ltd_2012

          The republicans control ONLY the House.  To get their policies passed they would also have to control the senate.  Harry Reid tables every budget the house passes and sends to the senate.

        • d2lv

           How can they get anything passed that idiot from my state, Harry Reid?  The last two years of W’s term, they controlled both the house and the senate.  What was the unemployment rate in 2006 when they took over both houses?  It was 4.6%.  Did Obama ever vote against any expenditures?  I think not.   Whenever Obama says Bush did it, he was right there voting along with him. 

    • $7977616

      @Skaught. To the extent that it is, the economy is “picking up” in spite of Obummer, not because of him. And it faltered because of Obummer’s buddies before he ever even got to the White House (

    • rippersnort

       holy crap – what side of never land did you get up at today. Wake up and smell defeat…

    • lainer51

      wow 8.2% unemployment (that is reported) $4 plus for gas and foreclosures out of control…. it is exciting to see the economy picking up!!   Seriously?

  • Amusing Bunni

    Alexdouche just endorsed MITT for President!  Lord help us if we continue down the road that his creepy boss oblahblah has set these past 3+ LONG YEARS!

  • radjahshelduck

    What’s up with all these Axels saying strange things lately?  First Axl Rose then Axelrod!

  • marine37

    Our government or regime is loaded with nothing but morons!  Yes, the President is the biggest moron of them all. 

  • $7977616

    romney?  ha!  Axelrod endorsed Palin in that comment. Romney is the next stretch of pavement on the road we’re on.

  • The Oppo Man

    Liberal debris have been sticking their foot in there mouths a lot lately.  Even the secret service can’t keep their pants on.  Hmmmm…looking like Clinton White House all over again.

  • Sonny Grunt

    Wow. The Stupid is thick in this country. The same idiots think Obama can control the price of oil. The same idiots want to go to war with Iran(they won’t be fighting). The same idiots thought it was great to go into debt for 10 years to go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan. We get it. HE’S BLACK!! and you crackers can’t handle it. He’s only 1/2 black and you ignorant rednecks are after his scalp. WHAR BIRF CERTIFITCATE ?? WHAR!?

    • DSSMN

       Yes, you’re right. It’s impossible to find legitimate criticism of a black president without it being racially motivated.

      You want to know why racism still exists today? People like you.

      • Sonny Grunt

        Ha! Show me legitimate criticism of him then. Obama is right of Richard Nixon, the guy who started the EPA. Remember that? He is a center right Democrat, and would have easily found a place in Eisenhower’s Republican party. He is burdened the worst Congress to have ever been elected. So now, please… me LEGITIMATE critiques of him. Not Birthers or Teabaggers.

  • BwBarrnone

    Look at one hand and watch the other….What’s up their sleeve?

  • BwBarrnone

    OH now I get it – HBO = BHO

    Oh wait; that’s another story.  My fault.  

  • Charles M

  • Fritolay

    Still campaigning against Bush. Seems to be the only rally call that polarizes the uninformed.

  • Fritolay

    Four years after the election the team is still campaigning against Bush, and he was never on the ticket to begin with.  I guess it’s the only way to polarize the uninformed.

  • andrew wild

    not journalism

  • d2lv

     Name a center right person that would take over the car industry and give it to the UAW. 

  • Libertyship46

    Finally, David Axelrod got something right! Trust me, gang, we really can’t afford four more years of this.

  • gadgetcoder

    Skaught –

    Pull your twitchy out of your tweeter. “This road we’re on..” is of Obama’s Making. It is “HIS” economy after three years. He cannot keep blaming Bush for what’s happening. When BHO entered office, unemployment was at 7.2% having gone UP from ~5% since the Democrats took over Congress. It is now come DOWN* to 8.2% (* the REAL NUMBER IS MORE LIKE 11-17%). In 2008, gas was at $1.82, NOW, it is approaching $4.10 – and going UP, which is EXACTLY what Obama wants! Furthermore, he has very simple tools to solve both gas prices and unemployment by allowing the Canadian pipeline to be built; and to by allowing US to drill for our own oil (“His Highness” stops us drilling, but sells rights to Brazil, China and others…).

    He continually violates not only the spirit, but letter of the Constitution as well as his OWN Publily-stated policies….He continually attempts to wrest control of every aspect of our lives – all unilaterally. He is an Imperial ass and a national disaster.

    It is a HISTORICAL FACT, that Attempts at government control of business, no matter the industry, causes it to drop. As soon as government gets out of the way, it flourishes. This is true in the US, and it is even true in China!

    Get a clue!


  • frecklebandit

    This was not an endorsement of Mitt Romney!! TheRepubs/Teabaggas choice does not intend on supporting the “Middle Class” coming back to where it was in the ’60’s and part of the ’70’s because of the many minorities who want the same things. They will continue to close the gates like they have continued for over 40 years!! Keep their companies overseas(away from the unions), and hide their money in off-shore accounts(no Buffet Rule)!! 

  • frecklebandit

    All of you idiots who persist to accuse President Obama are “Full Of Shit”!! The Repubs./Teabaggas from the start of his Presidency knew what kind of strategy they would go with as soon as he took office. And that spelled “Grindlock”!! Along with “Blue-Dogs(Dem. White Guys from the south) who couldn’t believe that a brown-skin man was the leader of their party went along with the “Right” in putting up roadblocks at every turn for this President!! The Manifesto that went out on this President was racially motivated and inciteful to idiot White folks who believed the Crap! But all of you who were too stupid to read between the lines got your comeuppance when the Repubs/Teabaggas tried to throw all of your asses out of your comfortable city and state jobs!! Now who’s sorry Now?? Thanks to Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow from MSNBC, You all have to walk the plank and get a grip on who’s really on your side.