• ed

    perpetually stupid

  • skydash

    They’ll just end up burning down their own neighborhoods…then blame George Bush.

    • Tiffani Mills

      Of course, theyll blame anyone but themselves for their wrong doings, but hey like leader like follower…look who is their savior…

  • Mackie72

    Trending this morning on Twitter:  #IfTheyRiotAgain” — People were tweeting items they’d planned to LOOT if there’s a Trayvon riot.

  • Botzilla

    They are going to loot and riot anyway, that’s what they do.

  • LL1885

    Welcome to Racism under Obama.

  • dafactsjack

    This is what the left breeds..soon there will be more of these sick peeps then us.. 

    • $7421226

      never. that’s why Real America is heavily armed NOW.

  • tazman2

    Either way they’ll riot.  They’ll just call it a party if he was to be found gulity. Just sayin…  Hope the jury sees through the government garbage and aquits him.  Then they have to show their hand. 

  • richard

    Nothing like having an excuse to go rob those rich store owners! morons

  • FlatFoot

    AGOTUS Eric Holder hardest hit… because when all is said and done Zimmerman will be acquitted and the DoJ will have to prosecute Zimmerman for federal civil crimes and get a conviction with a stacked jury in order to soothe the savage beast — all that hard work he and his office will have to do     *sigh*.

    But maybe that is the plan from the get-go. Riots in the streets over so-called ‘race issues’ can do nothing but help POTUS Barack 0bama get reelected or bolster his presidency if the trial doesn’t start until after he is reelected. He and his administration will come to the rescue and put Zimmerman behind bars via a federal courtroom and save the day… with no double-jeopardy rule to contend with.

    • Gerald Nelson

      everything is in place for the riots if they happen so the prez can call marshal law. thats what its all about!

  • Rulz

    Keep this page handy for law enforcement. They’ll be interested to know should riots start.


  • kateorjane

    So like bratty kids they’re going to throw a temper tantrum if they don’t get their way? 

    • $7421226

      “holder’s people”  were more than kneedeep in Katrina’s flooding and they were still looting every New Orleans store they could get into.  how many drowned under the weight of a 56″ tv set.  HAHAHA.

  • Kevin Miller

    People shopping a bit early. Hopefully store owners are well-stocked. I mean well-armed.

  • William L

    And it’s any surprise people have been saying this? I’m certainly not. This is typical of the race baiter cry babies, they don’t get exactly what they want and they start a riot. Happened in LA, and with #OWS. I think that’s the big reason why Zimmerman was indicted in the first place.

  • Keys Man 70

    No Riot will happen. The Florida National Guard will ready and waiting.

  • jimforbes

    If “riots” are so good for a race, why not have some just for the fun of it? Light up Detroit, Chicago or DC.  See if we care.

  • Xplodeit

    The police need to start shooting looters on sight right from the beginning to discourage that activity.

  • Tiffani Mills

    I think some are just hoping he is aquitted just so they can have an excuse to justify their hate and discrimination even more. Someone mentioned they already know what stores theyll riot at? So if some dont get what they want, they want to threaten violence and start burning towns down….aint that something? Animals… Heres something to riot about. Go research all the hate crimes on other races just in the last month…then we will talk about facts. Leave it to the true racist to act like a bunch of fools. Pathetic…terrifying that these kinds live among us….but they forget they are the minority(racists and hate fuelers), so maybe rethink what should be common sence to some and human kind. If my kids have to live in a world full of filthy animals acting like this and spreading and fueling hate and threatning harm, you can bet, I will be one to retaliate yalls BS…..bring it around my children or family, I will self defend ourselves too, youll be carried out on a stretcher heading to the morgue. Ive had it with the true racists popping out of the wood work like crazy, since this tragedy. Zimmerman is only being charged now because prosecutor and others caved in, probably dont want bounties on their heads either or family in harms way. They probably just want the torture and murders of innocent people being attacked through out the US, thats gone on just in recent weeks, stopped, but they are dealing with it the wrong way.  Can understand why the cave in, but people like me, and theres a quite a few, we all just been quiet, will take a stand, if this occurs. Might want to think about backing down, acting like a human being and not a wild animal. Theres discrimination in every race, hate crimes. No one is free from being a target, ask the NBP when they targeted blonde blue eyed caucasians days ago stating a blood shed was fixing to occur. This blonde blue eyed caucasian will blow you away targeting my life. Make better choices before yall cause a war! Curious to know why the NBP havent been arrested for publicly putting a bounty on a human life, that is a crime, go look it up. federal crime if not mistaken. So who really are the criminals? They only apologized when they gottheir way. Who are the ones getting away with crime by putting fear into people? SMH

  • Don Bailey

    Yawn.  Yeah, yeah, we know.  We’re ready for you.

  • $7421226

    that rabid obama needs “holder’s people”  to riot nationwide so he can stall the Nov elections, if there ever will be any ever again.