Here are screencaps of filmmaker Spike Lee’s two retweets:

The address has been re-tweeted hundreds or thousands of times, and some of those tweets include threats to Zimmerman’s safety:!/TheNotorious_/status/183339247401578496!/ezjay1968/status/183380980877377536!/KleencutChuck/status/183297898203709442!/If_ItAint_B/status/182605285855199232!/iTalk_SHXT/status/182599004536840192!/Simply_Reiona/status/183566108203302912

Correction: an earlier version of this post stated incorrectly that the address tweeted by Spike Lee does not exist. The address does exist.

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  • westside_resident

    Bunch of tough guy thugs using a blue bird tweet. I love irony. Spike Lee is a douche.

  • elcampeador

    Reblogged this on et cetera* and commented:
    Howz about the address of your bros torchin’ that white boy, spikey !

  • Mr Writing III

    Did blacks just declare war on hispanics?

    • K Mac

      Nope, because blacks WANT him to be white. No matter how much it’s repeated that he’s Hispanic with black heritage to boot, they don’t want to hear it. 
      They WANT a race war. 

      Zimmerman’s rent-a-cop mentality ruptured a gigantic pressure cooker.

    • MARK

      No, they think he’s white.

      • something2say

        He’s not  black, either. Hispanic is a ethnicity, not a race. You wouldn’t say a white Irish, would you?

        • Tony Alphonse

          head lice, robot.

    • something2say

      No on George Zimmerman, Sanford Police, FL legislators, NRA, ALEC, and Jeb Bush

  • Jack Peterson

    What a tool.

  • silicon5

    Spike Lee did not RT that.. So twitchy will just make up stuff? This is why you have less than 5000 followers. Nobody expects the truth from you.

    • Trippin60

      Yep, he sure did. Look underneath the first 2 tweets and it says ‘Retweeted by Spike Lee’. But I don’t stop there, I went and checked his time line, and Yep, it’s there too.  Just making stuff up?

    • Jesse Malkin

      He did RT it. Those retweets are screencaps from his Twitter feed. Look at the screencaps where it says “retweeted by Spike Lee.” 

      The retweets are still in Spike Lee’s timeline, so you can go look for yourself (for now).

    • AJCalvarese

      Um… Yeah he did. So you just make up stuff why?

  • $270502

    Look on the bright side: Every minute Spike Lee spends whipping up a mob is a minute he’s not working on a new movie.

    • Stephen

      Sorry Jim, he’s presently ruining the great Korean crime film “Old Boy” by attempting a remake. This won’t stop him from ruining the movies. too.

      • strictnein

         He’s remaking Old Boy? You’ve got to be f’en kidding me. That movie is awesome and awesomely disturbing.

  • rdbrewer

    He tweeted “Edgewater”not “Edgewood.”

    • Jesse Malkin

      Our bad. Correction has been noted.

  • PhilipJames

    Good to see the black racism out in open finally. Been there all the time…  but now its out front and in the face. I guess we can anticipate Obama and his operation and friends to fan the flames and get blacks rioting and burning…  but what about the black boy that killed two whites… trial on right now in same town as this incident? Will we hear anything about that? Hey, Al and Jesse… can you yell about that?  Face it, only British press will be carrying any news about that killing…

    • Jade Grande

      This terrible incident, where a Florida teenager appears to have shot two British tourists, did not take place in the same town. There is a difference between Sarasota and Sanford.
      And this case isn’t being flogged in the media because the accused has been arrested and is likely to be found guilty. The police did their job, got reluctant eyewitnesses to describe what they saw, and as the trial begins we expect justice to be served (as best as it can be when you innocent men were murdered.) But the Trayvon Martin case has required a national outcry, without which the police were satisfied with Zimmerman’s excuse.

      • Newby3

        Exactly. Interestingly, this kid was arrested immediately AND the police pressed, and pressed, and pressed, until they got the information they wanted from the witnesses. But none of that persistence in the Trayvon Martin case. 

        • paul h

           I wonder if those 2 British tourists were punching the black kid who shot them and were slamming his head against the concrete? Maybe he can use self defense as a reason also in his trial.

      • Mike

        You have to open your mind to the idea that just maybe the police did there job and Zimmerman is not guilty.

        It not what they think or what they know but what they can prove in court.

        Let the investigation(s) finish before you make your mind.

  • marine37

    Does anyone know spike’s home address?  Let’s post his address on the web. I’ll bet it isn’t in the hood. 

  • mtpwolverine

    If Zimmerman was black, this would be a non-issue. If he was white, There would be rioting. The black hatred towards hispanics is now out in the open.

    • MsUnderestimated

      The media is intentionally omitting Zimmerman’s Peruvian heritage so they can stick to their “evil white devil” template.

  • MattiMuck

    Not many people seem to be making the distinction between white and hispanic…I wonder why…

    • rushter

      Maybe because Hispanic is not a true race. Hispanic is only a ‘race’ for government purposes.

  • Jack Bee

    The press keeps asking why George Zimmerman still has a gun. SEE TWEETS ABOVE. Heck, I’d ask for police protection. By the end of this thing, this guy may wish he’s in prison, solitary of course, away from GP. 



    • rushter

      I would say anyone he uses his gun on now would probably also wind up as a self-defense homicide.

  • mrtapeguy

    Maybe they need to watch the news so they can learn Zimmerman is Hispanic.  Everyone would like justice to be served by preferably not by a lynch mob.

  • Rulz

    Yeah….it’s a real good idea to threaten someone who has already shot someone allegedly in cold blood by those making threats and now these mommy’s  basement racist tweeters are gonna go after him?

    Give me a break!


  • Conrad2010

    Ah the hypocrisy of it all.

  • locomotivebreath1901

    I’m not surprised. This is Spike Lee’s SOP: fanning the racialist flames of hate.

  • FlatFoot

    Updated photos are starting to hit the interwebs in side-by-side comparisons with the ones used by the MSM insinuating he was just some little innocent ‘child’. I’ve seen several, some by far better than this example, but this is the only one I could recall where I saw it so I was able to get the link.

    Wish I could afford a golden gangsta grill. Not that I desire the grill… just the cash.

  • LouAnnWatson

    racist label, who cares?…if someone comes after me because i’m a certain color , they’re going to get a wild west lead injection courtesy my friend ruger. they’re not going to do anything, it would totally deflate their cause and it would be open season on perceived black criminals as a result.

  • Tina Ovaitall Rasoul-Johnson

    he who kills by the sword shall surly die by the sword. As much as we all wnt Justice for Trayvon let the Lord deal with George Zimmerman. He will get wats coming to him in the end

  • Erick Brockway

    So, murder is once again “hip” in his circle of friends.
    Lawsuits are as well, and if Spike likes money as much as he seems to like thuggery, he’s going to hate his future if anything happens to Zimmerman. Same lawyers that are drooling to make bank off of the kid’s death will be doing the same for Zimmerman.

  • jsn2

     What is Spike Lee’s address?

  • saltwn

    Those are people tweeting S Lee. Those are not his tweets or retweets. He calls for  sanity!/SpikeLee

    • another_engineer

      If they were tweeting him, they know he’s “for the cause”… so am I,  bring it on. 

  • About a Goy

    Not to worry…I’m quite certain Florida’s prison system can handle as many sociopathic, punk-assed wanna-be thugs as they’re charged with locking up.

  • CB Turns out these guys are screaming for the head of an innocent man.

  • Carol King

    If I was Mr. Zimmerman, I’d be filing a suit against Spike Lee.

  • Corpsvett

    @SpikeLee just tweeted that these are two good addresses as well, you can make your anger known there as well:
    721 Broadway
    10th Floor
    New York, NY 10003

    S Elliot Pl
    10th Floor
    New York, NY 11217-1207

    Oops… my bad, those are addresses for Mr. Lee.

  • MrRocking

    Instead of link baiting and leaving the correction as an afterthought, change the headline.

    Or doesn’t responsibility mean anything to you?

    • Jesse Malkin

      what are you talking about? we made a minor error and promptly corrected it. 

  • Guest

    If Zimmerman is killed, Spike Lee should be charged with incitement to murder, as should all of those who participated in that tweet.

    • Troy von Epic

      It’s called Accessory, and they should be charged NOW. That’s how the law works, or rather, they only want it to work certain times, and not work other times.

      Oh well. :

  • TheRightWingM

    Barack Obama, Spike Lee, The Black Panthers and Jesse Jackson all want to feign outrage over the Treyvon Martin death when there is zero evidence of racism or homicide.  It is sad that this boy died, yet where is their outrage when young black males murder, rape or rob innocent people causing all Americans to be fearful, paranoid and vigilant. Innocent people in Seminole County Florida have a 1 in 150 chance at being a victim of a violent crime.

  • Allen Pike

    Actually the address is not a house number, the address only exists in Google Maps, also the real address is miles away from the one shown.

  • B

    Wow, seems kind of dangerous to be passing around information like that…

  • Dale Greenly

    hmm, how bout we try this: INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! How about posting Spike Lee’s address? these publicity hounds need to quit race baiting..remember, George has a gun, if anyone attacks him, he does have the right to defend himself…keep THAT in mind…

  • samazf – not looking so sweet and innocent here.

    • Guest

      thats not Trayvon Martin of Florida dumbass. That dude is from GA 

    • Guest

      That is Trayvon from GA not Florida. dumb ass

  • J.P. Travis

    Spike Lee is a creep.  If there was any doubt before this, the doubt is gone.  He’s a no-talent race-baiting legend in his own mind.  He should concentrate on watching Knicks games and refrain from inciting violence in matters beyond his ability to comprehend.

  • TugboatPhil

    So these guys were all ok with blacks being dragged out of their homes and lynched without a trial.  Cool.  At least we know where they stand on “justice.”

  • DoubIenaughtspy

    I would advise you to blur the address.

  • ab

    Uh, Lil’ Duval is a comedian.


    I think I prefer the whole “Justice” concept over the “tie him to the back of a truck” thing. #justSayin

  • tcbinc

    13 yr old boy set on fire REAL HATE Crime Jesse,AL media anybody care??

  • Roadster

    Pressure must be put on Spike Lee to not only apologize, but make a big effort to let people know it is the wrong address.  If something happens to this elderly couple, Spike Lee should be held criminally accountable. Do the right thing, Spike. Apologize and put them up in a hotel the cross hairs are removed from their heads.

  • Meghan M

    Anyone who retweets this is just another Zimmerman. Out to be a wanna-be cop/cowboy and take justice into his/her own hands… without all the facts, I might add. Because what we need is MORE violence.

  • sniperboy

    Thanks for the address and phone number.