Reebok, the struggling athletic shoe/apparel company, has a new ad campaign: billboards proclaiming “cheat on your girlfriend, not on your workout.”

Alas, it does not seem to be going over well:!/0402sgrl/status/181182909309386752!/AmandaA_Gibson/status/181090267762397184!/Rachael_Marcus/status/181776704128303104

Someone cared enough about this to set up a petition you can sign to protest the ads.

Exit question: What does it mean in Reebok-speak to “get after it”?!/Reebok/status/180805867220910080

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    Reebok ad for dems:  Cheat on election day, not your workout.

  • Zoila Sabucedo

    they are not lying

  • Sonnid

    A girl friend is not a wife.  A boyfriend is not a husband.  How can you cheat on someone you are not married to?  Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go.  Spouses are forever.

    • Shelly

      Well before you become a husband or wife your relationship is first built as a couple. Boyfriend, Girlfriend is what it’s called. If you can’t build it from the root than how can a spouse be forever.

      • saara caradine

        I don’t see the point of dating. If there’s something you want to know about the person, ask. Dating can end up as lost time.

    • Nock4Six

      What are you? New? Cheating is cheating.  A piece of paper proclaiming you’re “married” in the eyes of “god” means squat. And if spouses were “forever”, divorce wouldn’t exist. Y