launched nine days ago, and we’ve been overwhelmed by your readership and positive response. Our motto is: “If it’s news, we’re on it. If it should be news we’re ahead of it.” And the Twitchy team has delivered. Here’s a quick rundown of some of our top scoops:

  • At 3:01 am ET on the morning of our launch, March 7, Twitchy posted this story about the Joseph Kony viral video. Huffpo followed at 9:41 am, Washington Post at 11:49 am, and CNN at 1:03 pm. This story has received widespread MSM coverage in the days since.
  • Yesterday at 11:02 am ET, Twitchy posted about the twitter spat between football players Jeremy Shockey and Amani Toomer.  The Star-Ledger was on the story just five minutes later, at 11:07 am. AOL Sporting News had it at 11:19 am. Yahoo! Sports followed up at 11:38 am.
  • Yesterday, Twitchy posted this story at 1:25 pm ET about DeSean Jackson’s guarantee that his team, the Philadelphia Eagles, will win the Super Bowl within the next five years. The Philadelphia Inquirer followed at 2:05 pm, CBS Sports  at 6:40 pm, USA Today late last night.

Twitchy has published many stories that have been completely overlooked by the MSM:

  • this story about Cher’s Twitter rampage, which resulted in our first Drudge link;
  • this story about Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley’s mis-tweets;
  • this story about the #DJBreitbart tweet-a-thon;
  • this story about Twitter user @Mermaz’s research into CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien’s Derrick Bell love tweets;
  • various hashtag roundups (see, for example, here, here, here, and here);
  • and many more!

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  • FlatFoot

    I don’t have a Twitter account (or Facebook or MySpace or etc ad nauseam), and I am glad I do not. So much snark and and lies and deceit and drama. It seems like Twitter is filled with middle-aged and/or old people acting like tweeny-something girls arguing over a boy, or some other slight offense assumed to have been committed with malice aforethought. It reminds me of the lunch tables in the quad during lunch break back in High School. Drama, drama, drama.

    But! …

    Twitter also seems to be populated enough with actual mature adults divulging little nuggets of truth and little gems of intel that disseminate actually useful information, and allows some access to ‘behind the curtain’ in many ways as well — which is what intrigues me. This is the stuff that interests me.

    That is the stuff that provides — access to divulged truths. Access to actually useful information. Access to what some people are really thinking and really doing despite the squeaky clean shiny veneer of their ‘public image’. There’s plenty of snark, too, and sometimes that is very entertaining. And, all of it rolled up into one tidy easily navigable repository making a site well worth visiting — even for those of us who shun those fad websites like Twitter and Facebook, etc.

    Often imitated, but never equaled — Michelle Malkin and her posse are a force to be reckoned with.

  • mymonkeyishuge

    Snark……so tiresome