Today the Justice Department’s civil rights division objected to a new photo ID requirement for voters in Texas on the grounds that many Hispanic voters lack state-issued identification.

Here’s is an excerpt on the report from Reuters:

The state law approved in May 2011 required voters to show government-issued photo identification, which could include a driver’s license, a military identification card, a birth certificate with a photo, a current U.S. passport, or a concealed handgun permit.

The Justice Department said that data from Texas showed that almost 11 percent of Hispanic voters, just over 300,000, did not have a driver’s license or state issued identification card, and that plans to mitigate those concerns were incomplete.

“Hispanic registered voters are more than twice as likely as non-Hispanic registered voters to lack such identification,” Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez said in a letter to the Texas director of elections outlining the objection.

This is the second state voter identification law blocked by the Obama administration, which earlier objected to a strict new law in South Carolina that it prevented from taking effect. South Carolina then sued in federal court seeking approval of its law.

The Twitter reaction to DOJ’s move has been overwhelmingly negative:!/NeilJEdmondson/status/179242218475884544!/JayAyS/status/179242763441799168!/MarcBrumbaugh/status/179242873294831616!/WEMcCormick/status/179242359979122689!/MadonnaWarwick/status/179243593645559808!/BlackstoneCr8iv/status/179245879520280577!/ranKismet/status/179246373894500352

On the other hand, a minority of Twitter users celebrated the DOJ’s move:!/morgmeneshets/status/179245704772993026!/garak99/status/179246769463504896

  • etters

    We have to show our photo ID for beer and cigs, surely voting is a more important need for photo ID.  Obama administration is just trying to cover for fraudulent voting so they can win.

  • HARP2

    Obama won`t even show us his B/C

    • garak99

      He has shown both the short and long form- Did you ever request any of the other or White Presidents to show there’s that sounds like it might be a racial request

  • garak99

    Voter photo  ID is only to suppress the poor and minority vote nothing else. Question for Texas residents who do you vote for fools like Perry, Gohmert and Poe there Bleeping Idiots Perry said he is the most pro life (230+ executions) WTF ?

  • jubenile

    democrats. unlike we of the Sane & Normal, they hardly have need of listening to a Higher Authority. they just shake a box of rocks and bend an ear.