Yeah, someone check that. But first, some background:

Dating website OkCupid led the witch hunt for Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich, boycotting the Firefox web browser over Eich’s 2008 donation in support of California’s Prop 8. As soon as Eich resigned as CEO of Mozilla, OkCupid traded in the pitchforks for champagne.

Eich also created JavaScript, a scripting language required for the OkCupid website to function.

Morgan Missen, who has worked for Google, Twitter and Foursquare, shared this screenshot of OkCupid code earlier this week:

And who wants to launch a boycott that’s not “easy,” especially when the bloodthirsty mob has already taken its scalp?

Does the OkCupid plan to purge every “homophobic” line of JavaScript from its site?

Sure, it won’t be easy, but it’s all about the principle, right, tolerance thugs?

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.


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  • Guest

    I’m seeing that widespread problem everywhere:

  • Maxx

    OKStupid, now what?

    • conservachick

      umm… ummmm….. ban like…. all of the internets? im not claiming to be a computer guru, but doesnt like…. EVERYTHING use java? this has been around since i was a geeky little girl with my tandy. :)

      • Ryan Johnson

        my friggin blu-ray player uses javascript.

        • conservachick

          Really? I’ve never had one.

          Omg blue ray players are bigots!

    • conservachick

      also, seriously, who uses firefox? i noticed i still had it on my computer and i fired it up yesterday, and its infested with ads, annoying popups, random words become links to stuff.

      • TugboatPhil

        “also, seriously, who uses firefox?”

        (meekly) me. I’m an old fart that hates changes. I switched to FF when Netscape went to shiite. The only add on I have is Ad Blocker and it is great for me. I see very few ads.

        I’m a low tech guy.

        • Perso Nasplit

          i used firefox too, because netscape went to crap, IE was crap, and google is becoming too powerful(i use duckduckgo for a search). Now I have no choice but switching to some practically unheard of browser(not opposed to it) or chrome

          • operanerd1986

            Opera and Safari are both pretty good, in my experience.

        • conservachick

          i didnt mean it as catty as it came out.

          i meant it more as….whats the market share of google vs mozilla? if google had hired this guy you know OkStupid wouldnt of made a peep. it just annoys the crap out of me when liberal bossy bullies bully and boss people around.

          firefox used to be great, and yeah, google chrome, while i love it, is kinda scary. :)

          • TugboatPhil

            It’s OK. You can be catty with me!

          • conservachick

            meow. :)

          • John


          • reddarin

            Firefox was already trending down before OkStupid trashed them to pander to the intellectually challenged.

            And FireFox is completely oblivious to the lesson of Chick-fil-A.

            I’ve switched to Opera. I’ll uninstall FF as soon as I get my bookmarks moved over.

          • Andrew

            not to preach. but Chrome changed my life. Google is evil… like Apple… but Chrome is an insanely beautiful browser.

          • reddarin

            Yeah, I love Chrome too but it is a bit buggy on Linux so I only use it for a few things like GMail, FitDay and Amazon purchases.

            I’ve to got say, Google kicked ass with the way they implemented browser extensions in Chrome. I went from knowing zero about how to build one to building one for myself in just a couple of days. And that includes learning some javascript, manifest files, HTML, JQuery, et. al. Not because I am brilliant but because it is just that easy to do if you are the least bit geeky. Kudos to Google for that.

          • aussieguy64

            On global desktop market share…

            Firefox is ~20%.
            Google Chrome is over 40%.

        • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

          Me too,…. only 54, but I am a creature of habit and routine, I hate constant change too. So much of it seems unnecessary, granted I’m not a tech savvy person, but is it really necessary to have technology change constantly on the consumer level…

          probably, …. sigh… hello 21st century.

        • Darth Venomous✓unmedicated

          Tug, you might give Pale Moon a try, over at

          Firefox-based, 32- & 64-bit versions available, no Chumpzilla connections that I can see, and it appears to be faster than FF.

      • Evan Dickinson

        Firefox is making big moves in developing countries by creating an OS for extremely cheap cell-phones.

        Brenden Eich himself brought this up: one of their “developing countries” is indonesia, which is the fourth most populated country in the world (237 million) and overwhelmingly MUSLIM. Thus this country will not look kindly on this move.

        So people need to ensure that indonesia gets the word that using those phones is supporting the persecution of beliefs they hold for religious reasons.

    • BlahBlah

      We should also note that OKCupid is owned by

      • Slam1263

        And is heavily supported be the antibiotics industry.

        • TugboatPhil

          Is that true? Not that it matters, but I busted a gut laughing when I read that.

          • Slam1263

            Well, the flavored lube and condom industry is coming up strong.
            I see it deflating at some point in the future, but I may not hold my stock in it.
            It may get tossed out with some of the other under performers.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      I think it is time for websites THAT ACTUALLY BELIEVE in free speech/expression to block firefox from accessing their content with said browser. Goose……..gander…… Solidarity.

    • mickrussom

      Liberals only destroy. They dont have a plan once they get power. Look Stalin, Mao, Maduro/Chavez, Castro, Obama. They win, then they destroy more than what they replaced.

    • helena handbasket

      If the Left had an ounce of self-awareness, they’d boycott OKStupid.

  • schveiguy

    The irony is delicious. Exactly the reason I refuse to make technological decisions based on political observations.


      Clearly, Firefox will have to dump Javascript itself, and stop hitting pages that use it. Or else “bigots.”

      There really is no other choice for them.

    • Fairfax51

      Same with entertainment. If you make tech and entertainmt decisions based on politics….throw everything away…ipad, laptop, TV, radio…all of it. Politics is in everything. I am only surprised my dog hasn’t learned to whine TEA Party instead of Pee.


        The beauty of it is, that works both ways. Moronic lefty is going to have a teachable moment about who didn’t build what.

        • Fairfax51

          True. Great observation.

      • schveiguy

        We must all stop using the internet, because Al Gore invented it! This will be my last post.

        • Fairfax51

          Well..Keeping the internet to spread the word that Man Made Global Warming was also invented by Al Gore, should even things up. ;o)

        • Meech204

          That might happen sooner rather than later. When Russia & China take over, that’s when the lights of the modem go out.

      • TomJB

        Not to nit but javascript and Java are not the same thing

        • Fairfax51

          ;o) No idea what either is…don’t want to know (have enough to do)….my point is politics and tolerance (?) of political left and how they are ruining everything.
          I’m a homophobe because I believe in traditional marriage is this particular leftist control freak fascist ideology. ;o)

          • Bombus

            Javascript is the thing that makes 6 million windows pop up when you go to a porn site.

          • Fairfax51

            Well, I don’t do porn, so still don’t need to know. Good for me. Any way to boycotte the thing that makes window ads pop up everywhere I go? Didn’t think so. ;o)

          • Zach Smith

            Adblock plus does a pretty good job on Firefox. There is also an Adblock for Chrome.

          • Fairfax51

            Hey, great. I have both so will check it out. Gotta feeling one of these days, if we block too many ads, we are gonna have to pay for twitter, or disqus or something.

          • Zach Smith

            I’d rather pay than be bombarded with ads, although I could easily forgo most sites.

          • Fairfax51

            Ditto…but everything is increasing by so much would hate to have to give up all my “hate speech” on the net…you know…Traditional marriage, God/Jesus, self reliance.

        • Bombus

          Java and Java are also different things.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      I love that all persons and companies can display their hypocrisy openly. Your beliefs are your beliefs, I can respect them to a certain degree. When you IMPOSE those beliefs on others…….I no longer “rspect” you.

      • CaptDMO

        Well, yeah! But with modern “labor saving” devices, (*ahem*, by “others”) they can expose themselves SOooooo much faster, to a MUCH broader “audience”, than ever before known in human history!
        Careful sweetie, you’ll put your eye out.

        • WisconsinPatriot

          Great, isn’t it. Lack of awareness is also a surprise.

  • ceemack

    OKCupid should change its name to OKHitler, if they really demand this much conformity of thought.

    And Anil Dash is…what? A bigot of one sort who uses bigotry to fight bigotry of another sort? His kind of “logic” reminds me of a Mobius twist, or an Escher drawing…

    • NewClassTraitor

      A “Mobius dick”

      • Fairfax51

        That’s “Mobius Dickus”.

        • John W.

          I know his brother, Biggus Dickus.

          • Fairfax51

            LOL..Did he have a wife…Incontentius Dickus?

    • WisconsinPatriot

      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Perhaps we aren’t “nuanced” enough to identify the brilliance(tongue in cheek).

    • TheInternetStupiditySlayer

      Especially this bit: my point is, boycotting an institution for rewarding bigotry is a reasonable practice. – Anil Dash

      Wait, what? Eich was promoted because he donated to prop 8?

  • Ghee!

    The hypocrisy of the left is one of their trademarks. Watching them justify the use of javascript because shut up, will be just more of what we already know about them.


      Twitter itself uses Javascript. They all need to leave.

    • Ghee!

      Rep. Steve Stockman with the kill shot:

      Rep. Steve Stockman [email protected] 46m

      Liberals on Hobby Lobby: Corporations can’t exercise personal values

      Liberals on Mozilla: Corporations should exercise personal values.

      • YesterdayzNewz

        Ding Ding Ding
        Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

        • Ghee!

          Brant Hadaway [email protected] 4m
          If a corporation can fire its CEO based on his moral beliefs, then a corporation can make moral decisions about healthcare coverage.

          • YesterdayzNewz


      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        When it applies a coal shovel to the face of a liberal.. reality is a beautiful thing.

        so all these cone headed liberals whining about corporation’s having moral opinions will shut up now, right?

  • Perry

    #BIGOT -> @anildash @benjy @mm big·ot·ry – .

    bigoted attitudes; intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

    • Perry

      His response, LOL!

      Anil Dash [email protected] 5m

      oh i love when people resort to dictionary definitions, the last refuge of those with no argument.

      and mine:
      @anildash @benjy @mm Unlike “progressives” who just change the meaning of words to fit an agenda. #ProgressivesHateDictionaries

      • Perry

        @benjy @mm It seems as if you may not be very familiar with linguistics and how the meaning of words evolves and is contextual?

        @anildash @benjy @mm Evolves? Like Obama “evolved” on homosexual marriage TWO years ago?

        • WisconsinPatriot

          Steaming crow, served……..well done!

        • CaptDMO

          Well…um…er…uh…”usage”, yeah, that’s the ticket!
          Um “thesaurus”…..oh, it doesn’t?
          Well…um “Wiki”…… (crap)
          But you see…selective edited context……what? wrong?
          Well…The Old White Hetro Male quill-sharpened-with -KNIVES Standardized dead tree tome says….
          “But who speaks in Latin origins anymore, you misogynist homophobe psyco(hyphen, fill in the blank)!!!!!”

        • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

          So these idiots seriously claim, they are helping words “evolve” when they twist their meaning to suit a temporary agenda?

          Right, and John Dillenger was helping antiquated laws evolve by robbing banks then..

          • Perry

            They call anyone they disagree with a “bigot”. Forget that words have meanings. They just change, add to, or totally make the definition of the word the opposite of its intended meaning.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      Don’t get THAT too close to a liberal.

      • Perry

        Should have listened to you. LOL!

        • WisconsinPatriot

          That’ll larn ye!

  • CBDS

    Uninstalled Firefox from all of my computers…Ahhh tolerance is great.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      Me too. Done with the stupid.

      • TugboatPhil

        I’ve gone back to MS-DOS 2.0. I’m also not using a monitor anymore. Typing by memory only.

        • WisconsinPatriot

          AWESOME!!! Floppy disks for EVERYONE!!!

        • Perry

          Ahhh, good old DOS. Autoexec.bat and Config.sys Edited a lot of those.

          • TugboatPhil

            I tell the young’uns, “I remember back in the old days, file names were limited to 8 characters! Now GET OFF MY LAWN!!!”

          • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

            Imagine the youngster’s reaction when they discover they have to go to an 80’s era cell phone the size of a paving brick, with all the weight. I mean if they wanna avoid any tech developed by meanies…

            ah…. feel the glorious irony…. you could drink it like booze..

          • DaPicayune

            Don’t forget those BAT files.

        • Ranba_Ral

          Piker. Real men use UNICS (pre-UNIX UNIX) or OS/360.

          • TugboatPhil

            I was late to the game. I started on MS DOS.

            I remember the first IBM our local library had. Two 5 1/4 floppy drives and you had to put a disc in one of them to run the thing.

    • Ghee!

      I am now using Opera. Good stuff so far.

      • WisconsinPatriot

        I went back to chrome. Just lazy I guess.

  • Andy Rigo ✓ᵗᵉʳʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I haven’t uninstalled Firefox yet, because I use plugins like Firebug for web design. Are there other browsers that support similar plugins? Also, Firefox is always a trustworthy browser for W3C standards compliance.

    • twistedgenius

      I like chrome, I use Developer Tools on it for web design, and there is already a tool similar to firebug built into chrome, just right click and click inspect elements. Can always test site with

      • Andy Rigo ✓ᵗᵉʳʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Thanks for the info!

      • Dean Bruckner

        I’m told that Iron, an open source version of Chrome; here’s a link: I plan to rid my systems of Firefox as soon as I can, and encourage others to do so also.

        I used to be an evangelist for firefox, but no more. I’ll be their disangelist.

  • John Howard

    How about everyone being as zealous about voting? Please!


    Political correctness is getting way out of hand and is being guised as racism!

  • BigTBoom

    Cupid used to be a name affiliated with love, but now, it’s turned to hate…

  • JLawson

    The shrieking howler monkeys, needing a new target, have found someone who’s only offense was a political donation years ago.

    And in the name of kindness, love, and toleration for all points of view, they’ve done their best to rip him to shreds.

    • Ghee!

      Has it yet been determined how they found out about a $1000 donation from so many years ago?

      • FreedomRecon

        Next they figure out whether or not you donated to Romney or Obama, and they force one to “resign”. As usual, they left doesn’t think it through to potential consequences.

        • TugboatPhil

          Next they figure out whether or not you donated to Romney or Obama, and they force one to “resign” use that as the determining factor at the Patient Advisory Panel concerning your chemo treatment.


          • FreedomRecon

            Good point, thank you sir!

          • CaptDMO

            Ooooo….all as predicted in the (sci fi) book “Natures End”?

        • JLawson

          They never do… but they never have to. Simply having the proper belief and doing the proper actions are enough – the actual results of their ideas aren’t important.

      • JLawson

        IRS leaked it, apparently.
        So much for confidentiality..

      • johnstretton

        it’s the law. All contributions over $100.00 have to be reported. The list has been out there for a while, and the donation has been known about in mozilla circles for a while. And then recently, fascists decided to make a stink about it. Welcome to the Socialist Republic of Californiastan.

    • CaptDMO

      Well, the actual heavy lifting has already been done you see…

  • Perso Nasplit

    17 trillion in debt(plus unfunded liabilities). Borders unsecure. The world hates us. Scandals left and right with NO accountability. Democrat gun-grabbers running guns and abusing women. But now I have to find a non-microsoft non-google non-fireeverybodywhodisagreesfox-browser.

  • TJ

    Why just Java. Someone has to go back to make sure the makers of C++ did not support traditional marriage in 1983. All Computers would have to be boycotted.

    • ICOYAR

      Why stop there?

      Why not go all the way back to the early 19th century and vet Charles Babbage and Ada Byron Lovelace?

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Hell, if we’re gonna go back to check into what everybody believed, and boycott products accordingly, let’s bring up ol’ William Shockley, the inventor of the transistor and the first semiconductor manufacturer in Silicon Valley in the 1950’s. Let’s just say he and Margaret Sanger would have got along famously (and possibly did, since their lifetimes overlapped by many decades).

    • Humanary Stew

      Edison wasn’t much of a winner either.

      • StateofFranklin

        Whoa… What’d ol’ Tom ever do to you?

    • Maryland_Malcontent

      Too true. If I go too far down this rabbit hole then I wouldn’t be able to own a Ford, which would mean that I could own no American car. It’d also rule out many German/Japanese automakers and I really don’t want to have to drive a Hyundai.

  • TocksNedlog

    NOT okay, Cupid.


    OkScum…you can start using Hiterscript!

  • BlahBlah

    I can’t count the times I’ve been banned from OKC. Always the same crap. I never report anyone because I never ran to the teacher either. But friendly tolerant liberals get butthurt and get butthurt often.

    • FreedomRecon

      LOL I initially read that as banned from Oklahoma City. Wow, the blonde is strong with me today!

      • StateofFranklin

        As someone who was born in Oklahoma City, I’m really wishing we can get away from using the OKC portion of OKCupid. It’s demeaning to my home city.

        • FreedomRecon

          I went to high school just outside of there. I guess that’s why my brain went there automatically :)

          • StateofFranklin

            Aha…That’s why you’re so smart…

          • FreedomRecon

            Moore Lions baby!

          • StateofFranklin

            Del City Eagles…lol

    • Dave

      I myself am expecting to get banned from OKCupid because in the questionairres that they ask you, I went off on a tangent about OKCupid’s hypocrisy in this matter bigtime. I don’t feel comfortable giving them any more of my money after this anyway, so hopefully they do ban me before i cancel my subscription myself.

    Spread it around the world as a reminder!

  • LegalizeShemp

    Remember, when you hear liberals gloss themselves as “open-minded”, they mean they don’t judge reckless, irresponsible behavior, laziness and stupidity. However, it does not include the consideration that there are people who disagree with liberal doxy and do not wish to participate in their twisted, delusional world.

    • LibertyAtStake

      Your screen name is a classic! And, yes, the tyranny of selective toleration is what the Left is built on.

      • DaPicayune

        And now morphing to ‘No Free Speech’ Fascism.

        • LibertyAtStake

          That’s a bingo! (Couldn’t resist the Inglorious Basterds ref when you brought up Fascism)

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    OkCupid should recode their site with Java, which shoud take several years and cost hundreds of thousands.

    • beebop1952

      And every straight person on it should quit paying them …

  • Bob

    Am i the only one reading this as “OKStupid” ?

  • CaptDMO

    I can’t wait til’ those touting their Rhodes Scholarship credentials weigh in.
    As seen on Tee Vee.

  • alanstorm

    “boycotting an institution for rewarding bigotry is a reasonable practice.”

    So Mr. Dash supports deinstalling Firefox?

    Sounds that way to me.

  • SammFan

    So, if I went I went through employee rosters and fired everyone who was against Prop 8, am I anti-gay? If I fire someone for supporting it, am I anti-religion? anti-christian? anti-mormon?

  • DaPicayune

    Let’s Push Back. Why not bring true ‘legal’ pressure to OKCupid, home of the ‘No Free Speech’ fascists who started the boycott against Mozilla Firefox, demanding Brendan Eich’s firing.

    If OKCupid is facilitating or enabling the spread of Aids/STDs by matching up
    aids patients who share an interest in sex,… patients who face criminal
    prosecution if they fail to notify other sex partners of their ‘death threat’,
    then file complaints with the Public Health Offices in the home state of OKCupid.

    There are many ways to skin the Fascist cats, and Mozilla is not the prime
    culprit here, OKStupid is.

  • Marvin Nelson

    Damn, I just found out that I’m a “bigot” because I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. Who’da thunk? So, my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. are also bigots? This kind of rabid closed-minded thinking is downright dangerous.

    • DaPicayune

      And known as Fascism.

  • ToyZebra

    I know it’s the stuff from movies, but I wish Brendan Eich had some backdoor way to shut down all Mozilla and Javascript.

    • Humanary Stew

      I am sure OKCupid has a back door. What no rimshot??? Come on.

  • Zach Smith

    Why in the world would anyone give a fig what “OKCupid” thinks? Did anyone even know it existed before now? What is it? A gay “escort” service?

    • beebop1952

      It is a dating website. That relies on STRAIGHTS to stay in business.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    I uninstalled all Mozilla products from my devices today. I have no dog in the fight over same-sex-marriage, I am just tired of these corps caving to pressure to conform. Six years this man has ran Mozilla and nobody said a word about his personal views…so why all of a sudden is this an issue…it isn’t like Mozilla has those views, do we need to interrogate all CEO’s of every company in the world to make sure their PERSONAL views align with our own? Idiots.

  • Texan357

    “anti-gay…” [sigh]

  • dwsmokin

    I’m normally a fan of any entrepreneurial spirit, but nothing would make me happier than to see OKCupid go under. Call it poetic justice.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    OkCupid had to launch their website to find out what’s in it.

  • Richard Nightwood


  • mrspinky85

    I believe the left just stepped in it big time. With the recent acclamation those on the left gave each other for this boycott, they have to 1) stop using Java and 2) Admit businesses have discretion on moral issues. I wonder how this will end.
    Probably with people folding to the complainers.

  • mrspinky85

    So, does every person who voted across America against gay marriage deserve to also loose their jobs? If not, why are CEOs different? Equal treatment under the law and all.

  • mickrussom

    Liberals are so tolerant of other points of view. You can be part of
    the KKK like Byrd, or Kill a pregnant woman like Ted Kennedy, or make
    your fortune selling illegal booze like Joe Kennedy, but if you give
    $1000 to prop 8 years ago, the militant liberals will crucify you. Even
    the enemy of freedom, liberty, faith and family, Dictator Obama, said he
    was for traditional marriage. Yet these scum supported him until he

  • DaveSmith

    Bring back VBScript! LOL

  • beebop1952

    I downgraded my OK account to cut off the mother’s milk of MONEY.

  • H50 ✓RAT

    Thats the thing with boycotts, you’ve got to go full boar, cause when you dont because its inconvenient, you’re exposed as the head hunting hypocrites that you are.

  • Patches O’Houlihan

    Just so I understand – If you’re a lying, serial philanderer and accused rapist, you’re given the keys to the DNC kingdom and your wife should be President; but… Dare donate $1,000 to support the traditional ideal of marriage and you’re branded for life….

    I have zero dogs in the gay marriage fight, hell, I think everyone should come to know the joys of divorce, but the blind hypocrisy of the thought policing left is just stunning.

    • in_awe

      Quiz #1: Which US President signed DOMA?
      Hint: His name rhymes with Cill Blinton

      Quiz #2: Which successful presidential candidate in 2008 supported DOMA right up to his need to solidify the gay vote in 2010?

      Hint: He is the 2nd 1st Black President

  • Bob

    I dumped Firefox.

  • polarfan

    No different than any other mafia -wonder how much they charge the company??

  • polarfan

    Forgot -go to HELL Mozilla!!

  • Reggie1971

    The cultural left loves that power word “bigot”. It allows them implicitly group someone who believes in the traditional definition of marriage with the grand wizard of the KKK.

    • AnnPelham

      And, ironically, they are bigots, too (check the definition).

    • in_awe

      All the while they embrace the political party that supported the KKK and had KKK members of their party hailed as Lions of the US Senate.

  • PeterP

    Stop flying because the Wright Brothers were opposed to gay marriage.

  • Danny Wheeler


  • darren young

    Barry Diller’s IAC Interactive (ticker: IAC) owns OK cupid via

  • Evan Dickinson

    The fourth most populated country in the world (indonesia (which is a MUSLIM country)) needs to know that the firefox OS (which is aimed partially at that country) is an anti-islamic OS.

  • Adam Johnson

    the whole thing about this is that I had never heard of OKCupid until now. So this worked beautifully as a publicity stunt, which I’m sure is all it really is deep down. If there was only a way to make it backfire. Oh yeah, quit mentioning them. Ever.

  • Danny Carlton
  • Jonathan

    Some of these tweeters are morons. Rewarding homophoboic behavior? That would mean they promoted him specifically because he was “homophobic”. They actually promoted him because he is a giant in the industry and more than capable of holding the job. They rewarded qualification and technical know-how. Something most dumbasses in this world don’t understand.

  • dev

    OK Cupid, you’re so stupid.

  • Alexis Bannister

    While those opposing liberty claim that intellect magically begets knowledge, knowledge is actually gained through imitation and experience.