Earlier today, Under Armour distanced itself from Phil Robertson’s religious beliefs, but signaled the company would not discontinue sponsorship of “Duck Dynasty.”

Christian-based truck suspension company Skyjacker distinguished itself by offering full-throated support for Robertson, God and country.

Skyjacker told TMZ it was “an easy choice” to stand with the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch after he was suspended for remarks about homosexuality. Robertson’s supporters find it an easy choice to stand with Skyjacker.




Tolerance bullies have yet to go after Skyjacker. But then again, they haven’t had much time to Google “truck suspensions.”


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  • Republicanvet

    Unless they make lifted suspensions for a Prius I don’t think they have anything to worry about.

  • WhoDat

    Skyjacker is a West Monroe company. Going against the Robertsons would be fiscal suicide.

    I wonder what a Camry with a Skyjacker kit would look like.

    • drw

      Yeah, cause we’re certain they can’t possibly agree with Mr. Robertson’s views or truly feel that he has a right to express them. I mean, that’s simply inconceivable.
      The above was intended as sarcasm, in case you misunderstood.

      • WhoDat

        I don’t doubt they agree with Phil. I’m just saying if you want to stay in business, siding with the one who will give you the most business is brilliant.

        • drw

          That’s why your phraseology insinuates their only reason is fiscal. Got it.

          • Orwellian_Dilemma

            WhoDat has spent most of the day strongly supporting A&E in all this. What else would you expect?

          • drw

            More of the same. Sometimes though, my OCD won’t allow me to overlook blatant hypocrisy.

    • Archer305

      I wonder what freedom of speech looks like. Or freedom to support whom we wish looks like. Maybe they are Christian too? Or, and this is crazy, I know…. But just maybe they think that the Robertsons should be free to believe and say what they believe because it is their right as defined in the Constitution?

      Phil seems to believe that anyone can do anything (in this case, anyone) they like… It is just between them and God, not his place to judge if you read the whole interview. THAT is what Libs believe is a “sin” –> free will/thought

  • Al’s Not So Sad Grampa

    If I drove a truck, I’d equip it with a Skyjacker suspension kit. I wonder if they make a kit for a Buick Regal?

    • AZGunslinger

      Sell the Buick and buy a Ford truck….. then you can get a Skyjacker lift kit for it.

      • Al’s Not So Sad Grampa

        Well, I don’t own a truck for two reasons:

        1. I don’t like trucks. They just aren’t my thing.
        2. If I owned a truck, I’d get too many calls from everyone I know to help them with runs to the county landfill, move to their new house/apartment, intimidate Prius drivers, etc. I don’t mind helping others, but my goodwill towards others only goes so far, ya know? :)

        • AZGunslinger

          1. To each his own….but a Buick?
          2. I used to get those calls until I started charging (Union rates of course) by the load. Charged extra for weekends and nights and absolutely no requests were tolerated during hunting season.

          • Al’s Not So Sad Grampa

            Yes, a Buick. My bro-in-law works at the dealership and I got a heckuva deal.

          • http://www.FunDMental.com TheRealJackpineSavage

            I used to have a bumper sticker on my old truck that said
            1) Yes it’s My truck, and
            2) No, I won’t help you move.

  • Republicanvet

    Do they make lifted suspensions for bandwagons?

  • bo1921

    I predict Skyjacker is fixing to be moving on up..

  • WhoDat

    Take a wild guess what is being shown on A&E at the moment.

    • Archer305

      A show about good people that they f****d over but still milk the cash cow out of blatent hypocrisy. $ > principle?

  • stdog

    The non conformists punishing non conformation.

    people have a right to listen whomever they want.

  • Harry G

    When I start my next Jeep Project; guess what’s going under it??? Kudos to Skyjacker for taking a stand. Great product too…

  • H50 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Perfect, no song and dance, no equivocations. Just we support him.
    Now I know where to go if I ever need a new suspension for the truck,

    • Archer305

      It would be nice if the rest of the world were as loyal and moral rather than focusing on CYA…

      • H50 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        The pendulum is starting to swing back I think. If A&E planned another Paula Deen slow death and ruin, they are in for a disappointment.

  • Calcat36

    WHAT? A corporate sponsor thanked a bigoted racist? (sarc)

    Liberal heads explode as boycott fails. I guess God has intervened on this matter!

  • Little Tujunga

    I don’t need any truck lifts so I can’t help skyjacker, but I do eat lunch, Chick-fil-a tomorrow!

  • Charles Hammond Jr

    You cannot destroy your worst enemy’s freedom of speech without destroying your own.

    You cannot defend your own freedom of speech without defending that same right for your worst enemy.

    In the end however… it is better to have that right than not. Rights are given to everyone or they aren’t rights.

    • http://www.FunDMental.com TheRealJackpineSavage

      I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death, your right to say it. ~ Voltaire

  • Charles Hammond Jr

    On a side note… I wish I had a truck that needed new suspension.

    Heck… I’d settle for a truck that had a working one.

  • http://Twitter.com/jkerrysforehead John Kerry’s Forehead

    The left is all up the MB’s arse…Christians simply disagree with the LGBT lifestyle per scripture but the “word” in the Muslim “holy book” teaches hate and death to LGBT…yet there they are, Obama and his lil army of basement-dwelling bloggers, fully supporting the MB.

    • http://www.FunDMental.com TheRealJackpineSavage

      No one ever said lefties had to make Sense.

  • Skevvy

    A rare display of corporate integrity! Way2go Skyjacker! But….isn’t it ironic that a suspension company is supporting a suspended “actor”?

    • http://www.FunDMental.com TheRealJackpineSavage

      You could say they were trying to Lift him up

      It’s bad pun day. :op

  • Joninwm

    Considering that Skyjacker’s Corporate office is less than 2 miles away from the Duck Commander warehouse, did you expect anything different? Several of their kids and relatives went to high school together while i was at WMHS as well.

  • closedpress.com

    Every liberal had to go look up what skyjacker actually did.

    • lainer51

      yes and one can assume most of the 26 y/o “on Mommy’s insurance plan, basement dwellers” were shocked to find out it didn’t mean that a big ‘ol bully could order you out of the sky.

    • NRPax

      Not a truck owner so I’ve never heard of them myself.

  • dogwonder

    It’s a sad day when a company has to support Christians publicly, it use to be a given that the good guys got public support sadly slime stream media prop up the gay supremacists sense of “Victimhood”.

  • Kingofthehill

    I typically stick with Rancho but looking at the 4-5″ lift on my Ram im looking at Skyjacker now. Way to go Skyjacker! There are millions of us that A&E is just crapping on and they will give in or be fiscally very impacted in a negative way based on their decision.

  • GulfPundit

    They’re really going to offend the gay segment of the lift kit market.

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