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Did they let the Daily Kos crowd out of their moms’ basements for the Nelson Mandela memorial service in South Africa today?

And yet, George and Laura Bush remained classy and respectful as always with a standing ovation for President Obama’s eulogy.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was also reportedly booed during the memorial. Nah, just kidding.

Bush’s work in Africa speaks louder than any chorus of boos.

  • waltermitty2012

    I’m wondering if Obama plans to speak at the service for Fidel Castro when the time comes.

  • Jimni27

    And the GOP is racist? Wow. Low class. At a memorial no less.

    • Doc Farmer ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Gee, don’t you remember some years ago when a Democrat was killed in a plane crash, and his Republican colleagues came to offer their respects and sympathies, and were promptly (and loudly) boo’d by the crowd (or should I call them a mob)?

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        And the memorial was turned into a cultish campaign rally. The left is ignorant of even itself.

        *Edit * See therealfauxguy post just below. Great minds and all that…

    • V the K

      I am reminded of Isaiah’s warning about those who call good evil and evil good.

    • MC12

      Racist? What do you mean?

      • Shubi

        Hey, dimwit, there’s this thing called a dictionary. Ask one of your dads about it.

      • Jimni27

        Because when you are disrespectful to the president, that’s racist! (or so I’ve been told 😉

  • gregl311

    What a bunch of morons. They are just sheep doing what they are told. It doesn’t matter that Bush has done more for Africa than the African in the White House. I don’t care how you feel about someone. A memorial service is not the place to boo anyone ever.

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      (*Ahem*) Paul Wellstone, anyone? Don’tcha know memorials are supposed to be political events?

      • gregl311

        That’s right. I totally forgot about the Wellstone memorial service debacle.

        • Apostic

          Ah, hell. I’ll never forget that ghoulfest.

      • Juan Pablo

        To the chants of “we will win! We will win!”

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      This is why Bush when visiting various African nations, gets the kind of warm reception you’d expect for a loved member of the family… and Obama’s are purely functionary political events, cold even..

      Obama slashed African AIDS funding..

      and Africa knows it..

      The dolts booing him were leftist drones, not at all representative of Africans at large.. I remember seeing here last year, Bush was treated like a hero during his African visit.. People, average people, were not the only ones at the memorial.. many were purely political..

      • URGR82

        Exactly. ..all leftist political elitists ..socialist have to boo people down them names..its how they recruit other haters

  • Zathras11 @B5

    You can believe this fawning media hype, or you can learn about the TRUE man that he was!

    “According to the Human Rights Commission it is estimated that during the Apartheid period some 21,000 people were killed, however both the UN Crimes against Humanity commission and South Africa’s own Truth and Reconciliation Commission are in agreement that in those 43 years the South African Security forces killed a total of 518 people.

    The rest, (some 92%, or 20,482) were accounted for by Africans killing Africans, many by means of the notorious and gruesome practice of necklacing whereby a car tyre full of petrol is placed around a victim’s neck and set alight. This particularly cruel form of execution was frequently carried out at the behest of the ANC with the enthusiastic support of Mandela’s demonic wife Winnie.”

    Search Google for “Mandela proven communist”, “Mandela terrorist” and “Mandela necklacing”, then go to you tube and search “Mandela: Speaking to reporters after singing to kill whites.” and watch that video for yourself. He is an old man, so there was NO change of heart. Once a Communist and Terrorist, always a Communist and Terrorist!

    • terfull

      Love the Bush Man!

  • Apostic

    Well, at least nobody threw a shoe this time… PS: I haven’t looked at the eulogy the POTUS delivered. How much of it was about him instead of the guest of honor? No one seems to be snarking about this yet, so I’m wondering if he behaved this time.

  • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

    So the intertrashional left was well represented then….

    The biggest thugs and hate mongers on earth, who cheered Palestinian reps, while Hamas rains rockets on Jewish hospitals..schools..

    says everything you need to know about them… murder inc…

    That they didn’t boo Obama shows just how much they think he’s on their side..

  • Jill

    Bush, not Clinton, was the man to ultimately remove Mandela from the US terror watchlist. Obviously, to the Mandela sycophants, that is an ‘inconvenient truth’

  • forgetyoutooo

    Another “landmark” speech given by the Obama teleprompter…YAWN.

  • Brother bob

    those in the audience are part of the liberal fringe..dont’ expect any cheers. the actual people that Bush saved are living in huts and can barely make ends meet. it’s like attending a party of privelidged libtards here in the US.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      That may be, but they have the “megaphone.”

      • spaceycakes


        • Markward


        • nc ✓s & balances

          I had to look that up, and so now I stand corrected. Thanks!

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      You can find the truth if you look….

      The left wing media lied all through his presidency, just as they lie now.. But you can’t hide in this age, and you can’t change the fact, Africa loves George Bush, for the lives saved, and futures ensured..

      This picture shows what no crowd of jeering socialists could ever take away..

      He’s a good man who saved lives when he didn’t have too.. It would be nice, if for once, the left held back it’s snarls and smears, and just acknowledged the good works done in our name..

      just once..

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    The only reason (I think) these idiotic people booed Bush was because he is a Conservative…Stay classy, World Community! Jawamax 8<{D}

    • nc ✓s & balances

      It would be nice to see some evidence that your statement is wrong, but so far, I can’t find any.

  • Rosalie

    Since I’ve read all the bad things about Mandela, I can’t understand why he’s being placed on a pedastal. The Bush’s have always shown class; there’s no comparison between what we have now and what we had then. What I don’t understand is why Jeb and Barbara Bush had to make snide remarks about Palin but say only nice things about Hillary. Hillary can do no wrong with that family and Palin can do no right.

    • Brother bob

      Hitlery is their adopted daughter..the ugly one

    • Shubi

      It’s a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world……

  • Janice LEE

    Proving that no good deed goes unpunished. President Bush is an honorable man who did the right thing no matter the ingrates judging him.

  • Jack Deth

    I guess the Tribal Troglodytes would rather have Com Bloc AKs and RPGs than the slow death of AIDS.

  • PatriotRG

    He didnt say it was not primarily a Christian Country.
    Like in most African countries Christianity or Islam runs parralel to primitive tribal beliefes (like raping virgins to cure aids and other stupid ideas). He also got the fact correct that aids is all over SA. Just under 12% of South Africa’s population of 48 million. So it looks like the only idiot here is you.

    • Sharon

      Here’s a right wing informed
      who has FACTUALLY information. Christians form 40% of Africa’s population, with Muslims forming 45%. . . crawl back in your hole!

      • Brian Morrill

        You guys are all so far off base. The bottom line is they booed Pres Bush. That’s it. No leaders from any country have done more than the US. Regardless of the administrations. They should be cheering regardless of the president in power. It is almost like t owe them something. Take away what the US does and the AIDS issues will be 80% of the populations.
        You all need to sit back, examin what you say, how you say it and why you say it. I guess you all seem to reflect our issues in Washington. Instead of all of you being extreme right or Extreme left, try to come to the middle so we can fix this country.
        Political ideology, I smell one in this thread.

        • Juan Pablo

          Naive assumption that “the middle” will fix the country.

          There’s nothing wrong with outrage at backwards people who have run their country into the ground but have the audacity to boo someone who’s done more for that country than most africans

        • Infinite_Indeterminism

          Actually, in many ways it’s more about being right or wrong.

          Letting people run their own lives, on their own responsibility, is the right thing to do.

          The left object – strenously.

          Letting business have a reasoned, limited set of regulations to govern their behavior, with the general principle being that they sink or swim of their own accord, would be the right thing to do.

          I actually don’t think anybody any longer knows just how many thousand pages of regulations the various Obama-led departments are making… (and a bunch of RINOs through the ages have always prided themselves of being business-friendly, when they should have been market-friendly).

          Respecting the Constitution by keeping Federal hands off things they have no business interfering with, is the right thing.

          Current …”thinking” in the administration and Senate, is that unless they decide everything, it will all go to hell in a handbasket…

          So, no, it’s not really about extreme left or right (to the extent that line even makes any form of sense), it is about sensible application of the subsidiarity inherent in the Ninth and Tenth Amendment, as opposed to the overwhelming urge of lefties and Rinos to govern all and sundry from the offices of DC, even if those in DC have no idea what they’re talking about. (Guam tipping over, anybody ?)

      • Guest

        and so ? whats your point ? i may not even dispute your fact. Not sure what your point is other than showing your rudeness Shaz. Elaborate.

      • PatriotRG

        i think you replied to the wrong person Sharon

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Report to your master for re-programming. You aren’t towing the left-wing line, or you’re just stupid. What the hell would Christianity have to do with it?

  • junkbondtrader41

    Oh, he didn’t give ENOUGH AIDS relief to Africa, is that it?

  • Walknot

    Carter nor Clinton were boo’ed so to bring them up would be silly.

  • V the K

    Didn’t even the New York Times say the Clinton Global Initiative is nothing but a moneymaking scam

    • Clete Torres

      In fact, yes they did.

    • falling321

      Exactly! And a way for the Clinton’s to launder their charitable deductions into tax free salaries for themselves! They donate tens of millions of tax deductible dollars to the CGI and then cut themselves a check in the same amount they donated as payment for their work done via the initiative! Pretty slick way to get a lot of money without paying any taxes on any of it.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Obama will probably increase aid to them 10 fold as a sign of thanks.

  • Le Chiffre

    YOU people!?
    Why is everything a “right wing line” in your deluded leftist fantasy?

    • Stevo Hein

      I don’t consider myself left-wing actually. You see unlike you insane neocons (and frankly Americans in general) I am not obsessed with politics and all the tribalism involved.

      • Le Chiffre

        Neocon? I thought the progressive groupthink claims that we’re “teabaggers.” I’ll be easy on you because you’re new here. HURRY! THE REPLAY OF THE DAILY SHOW IS ON AT 10a.m.! BETTER WATCH IT SO JON STEWART CAN GIVE YOU TOMORROW’S TROLL TALKING POINTS!

      • Clete Torres

        Neocon is no longer en vogue. Try a different meme.

        • marylamb72

          So passe’

        • JamesMc

          Hear “neocon” being said usually by conspiracy cranks and anti-semites nowadays. Probably European.

        • Tom Armstrong

          Unfortunately, meme is no longer en vogue either. Obama has appropriated for his own exclusive use. He pronounces it “Me, me.”

      • badbadlibs

        And yet you have how many reply’s just on this thread?
        If people like you would just wake up.

      • Kulcuda

        Then how about just giving it a rest and get of the site you moron

      • marylamb72

        If it poops thru feathers, waddles and quacks it’s a duck. You can deny it all you want. If you don’t want to be called a left wing whacko stop acting like one.

      • nmfd72

        Really? An you expect anyone with a brain to believe your nonsense?

      • William Force

        Please leave, now…

      • $50127121

        You sound pretty obsessed to me….

      • Hard Boiled

        actually, the only ones who use those words are extreme left wing libtards.

      • A-Train

        yet, here you are on Twitchy, badmouthing a man who did more for Africa than Obama could ever dream of.

      • Guest

        Here’s a right wing idiot who has FACTUALLY information. Christians form 40% of Africa’s population, with Muslims forming 45%. . .

        • PolkaDot

          According to the 2001 national census, Christians accounted for 79.7% of the population. This includes Zion Christian (11.1%), Pentecostal (Charismatic) (8.2%), Roman Catholic (7.1%), Methodist (6.8%), Dutch Reformed (6.7%), Anglican (3.8%); members of other Christian churches accounted for another 36% of the population. Muslims accounted for 1.5% of the population, Hindus about 1.3%, and Jews 0.2%. 15.1% had no religious affiliation, 2.3% were classified as other and 1.4% were unspecified.[21][22][23]

          African Indigenous Churches made up the largest of the Christian groups. Some believe that many people claiming no affiliation with any organised religion adhered to traditional indigenous religions. Many people have syncretic religious practices combining Christian and indigenous influences.[24]

          Muslims are largely found among the Coloured and Indian ethnic groups. They have been joined by black or white South African converts as well as immigrants from other parts of Africa.[25] South African Muslims claim that their faith is the fastest-growing religion of conversion in the country, with the number of black Muslims growing sixfold, from 12 000 in 1991 to 74 700 in 2004[25][26]

          The Hindu population has its roots in the British colonial period, but later waves of immigration from India have also contributed to it. Most Hindus are ethnically South Asian but there are many who come from mixed racial stock. Some are converts due to the efforts of Hindu missionaries such as ISKCON.

          Other minority religions in South Africa are Sikhism, Jainism and Bahá’í Faith.[22]

          Source: Wikipedia

      • Sharon

        Here’s a right wing who has FACTUALLY information. Christians form 40% of Africa’s population, with Muslims forming 45%. . . crawl back in your hole!

        • Dorothy Steglich Kashata

          Where do you people get all your facts about South Africa’s religion. I was under the impression Mandela was a Communist, or am I wrong on that, too??

          • genann59

            You are correct. He was a communist and a terrorist and genocidal murderer. And Obama was a supporter of him back at Occidental College according to an article I read the other day made up from the few public records of his time there. And he was attending on scholarship via affirmative action using the name Barry Obama, just to put to rest some of the rumors of foreign exchange status. They even had photos of him attending an anti apartheid rally in his freshman year there. He apparently transferred to Columbia, again using affirmative action since he felt there were not enough blacks in attendance at Occidental and he felt he needed more that he could identify with. Occidental at that time was striving to attain more diversity but uphold educational standards, and according to the article, Obama only got in on his skin color and the school he had attended in Hawaii, although not with good grades. He also belonged to Marxist groups while there, as Ayers correctly presented in the books he now admits he ghost wrote for Obama.

          • A Lee

            Oh anyone in college at the time thought Mandela was super cool! I wouldn’t think about that too deeply. Obama has a lot of problems just simply being a weak president. Who cares about his friends in college at this point. I am even Tea Party and I really don’t care at this point. I care more about his policies now not the weed he smoked with his Commie friends. Even I had some questionable friends back in the day and thought multi-culturalism was super awesome! Then I moved overseas for a while and grew up!

      • $22639970

        “I don’t consider myself left-wing actually.”
        Well, you’ve already established what you are so your farcical efforts to re-brand yourself is simply another reflection of your tenuous grasp of reality.

      • therain

        stevie-BOY, you seem comically left-wing to me.

      • Stacy Commiekiller Lives

        you SHOULD pay might comprehend who has done what for whom! dip shit!

      • timmeister54

        Well, now you’re just lying! As you continue your hateful rant, a typical reaction when liberals start losing their arguments! Go away Troll…

      • spaceycakes

        vol kak

      • Guest

        You probably don’t consider yourself to be an asshole, either.

      • Finrod Felagund

        You probably don’t consider yourself to be an a$$hole, either.

        • Tman95

          Not taking sides, but hey, we were ALL thinking what Finrod said. LOL!

      • trixiewoobeans

        Word soup. Educated does not equal intelligent, as you are amply proving.

      • pabarge


        George Bush dedicates himself and America to help Africa with AIDS, manages to give more $$ than any other world leader, and in doing so convinces Lefty charity leaders to change their minds about Bush, and the crowd in South Africa boos him, and you call … wait for it … America tribal.

        Do you have even a nano-gallon of self awareness?

      • Dominic

        You must also be a liar as Obama is because you are obsessed according to your vacuous comments .

      • Richard Nixon

        Of course you’re not obsessed with politics, because you obviously do not know what you’re talking about! lol!

      • A Lee

        The way you trolled sounded more like tribalism to me! Ooga booga teatard booga booga!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • jetch

        neocons?? yeah, the only people that say that are obsessed with left wing politics. sorry, you just outed yourself. the only thing missing is your “tin foil hat” reference which is sure to come next…

      • Chris Collins

        Then why make an inflammatory comment attacking a political party on a political thread about very political subject matter… Don’t you have more important things to do… I mean if you are not that interested in politics then why join in with your insults… Didn’t you think that it would provoke a response… Isn’t this more effort than you wanted to exert… I am sorry but my country is going through some shit right now and I will not apologize for attempting to follow the ball…

    • V the K

      It Is easier and more fun than dealing with facts.

      • Le Chiffre

        Apparently! That and there are more pictures. Reading are hard 4 deez unedutatcded.

  • Le Chiffre

    Thanks for the inspiration, troll.

  • spaceycakes

    south africans are officially ridiculous.

    • JustLikeAnimals

      Let’s just fly a B-52 over Johannesburg and play a big ‘ole game of “knockout.”

      • spaceycakes

        I’ve got in-laws near Joburg, but otherwise I think it’s a good idea.

  • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

    Kerry?… really?… f*cking REALLY?

    I don’t know a vet who served in Vietnam, who doesn’t hate his two faced lying @ss.. Winter soldier anyone?.. He lied, he brought proven fake vets up to testify to war crimes they “witnessed”… it was all a giant left wing dog and pony show that smeared an entire group of Americans as war criminals and baby killers.. I had family there.. I enlisted just after the war, and STILL couldn’t walk through an airport without some leftist douchbag giving me a hard time..

    You want despicable?.. buy a f*cking mirror.. the idiot left cornered that market when spitting on war vets became your sport of choice in the 60’s..

    My uncle came home escorting the body of a man in his unit, and got spit on in the San Diego airport.. he carried that scar with him to his grave.. the liberal left has put politics over country ever since..

    • NickGranite

      Thanks to you and you’re Uncle. I was “raised” by Vietnam vets so to speak when I went into the Navy in 1978 as a teenager.

    • joepoli

      Mark, I agree with you. I was disrespected when I started college in New York City after I was discharged. But, since I was a big guy, no one dared say too much. My Army friend, on the other hand, was attacked when he went to the Harvard Natural History Museum in full uniform during the war.

    • mk

      my brother served in viet nam (God rest his soul) and when he came home he got spat upon at the airport in new york!!! I feel like crying every time I think about that!!! (mk)

    • marylamb72

      BRAVO!!! And thank you and your family for serving. What this country did(leftists did it but Conservatives did NOT scream FOUL) to our Vietnam Vets is a BLIGHT we should ALL be ashamed of. Forgive us.

  • ernst1776

    Like most Africans, and those of Africans decent, are ungrateful people.

  • CrustyB

    Booing Bush = social commentary.
    Booing Obama = racism.

    America is a stupid country.

    • Clete Torres

      No, America is great. Leftists in America are stupid.

      • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

        You just got….
        Up Voted 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

        • Clete Torres

          Thanks, Oll.

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            Facts are facts, Clete! You be most quite welcome!

  • nickdqwk

    Okay so we are to praise the work of Bill Clinton for Rwanda?

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      And we shall praise him for lying to a grand jury…the dry cleaning bill of a blue dress?
      Is that what the Oval Office is about?

    • A-Train

      or Samolia

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Ahem…Soooo everything is swell for Barry’s homeland…
    Source: 6/29/2013
    Africa Senegal cheers its president for standing up to Obama on same sex marriage

    …ooooooooh another one…

    Source: 6/27/2013
    Obama Pushes African Leaders On Gay Rights, Rebuked By Senegalese President Macky Sall

  • NickGranite

    If you have a problem with the swiftboat issue, take it up with some of Kerry’s former shipmates. Still waiting on those medical records Kerry promised to release by the way.

  • spaceycakes

    so, you are aware that the ‘majority’ may self-report as Dutch Reformed, Anglican or whatever, but you decide to ignore the fact that tribal Africans still believe that having sex with an infant will ‘cure’ their AIDS?

  • Juan Pablo

    I’m an idiot because I pointed out its the rape and murder capital of the world and people think raping virgins cures aids? Perhaps you should pick up a book. THough that requires you learn how to read, since I never brought up whether it’s a Christian country

    • watcherofolde

      You cannot reason with such as Hein. Logic and common sense are not in them. Idealogues all.

  • Jens Christian

    How much is the left paying you to post your pathetic putrid rhetoric? Not enough I suppose as your attempt at sounding intelligent is falling short. You are making no sense at all only in your racist dimwitted mind. LOL, you are rather amusing I must say, silly but amusing. YOU NEED A BIT MORE EXPERIENCE BEFORE YOU CAN BE CALLED A TROLL, BUT I’M SURE WITH HARD WORK YOU’LL MAKE IT. I couldn’t resist the capitals in case you don’t understand what I’m posting.

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Did you drink your breakfast?

  • Kracker Hoe

    Bomb throwing ignorant Stevo Hein. Just another liberal hater they’re a dime a dozen.

  • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

    says the guy who assumes we have some secret “narrative” and “rightest fantasy”….

    You’re a bad joke of a parody of yourself..

    You come here spouting and hissing straight line party narratives… but we’re supposed to think you’re a centrist?

    LOL… that fails the smell test up front..

    You’re another leftist hack.. Your fellow leftists booed a man credited with saving over 3 million African lives…

    and YOU are p*ssed off anyone would be offended that he got booed by your fellow hacks. When the truth is very very different from the narrative you love so much.

    THIS is how Africa remembers George Bush.. and it just kills you inside.

  • Conrad2010

    Ppl aren’t in to class now days.
    Don’t know what it is or what it means.

  • notenoughtime

    The uneducated on clear display in every corner of the world.

  • badbadlibs

    Are you saying that the NY Times didn’t say Clinton’s Global initiative is nothing more then a scam?
    How about engaging in the facts instead of name calling? Any chance, *cough*?

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    You appear to be alluding to some things that are with out facts.

    Conspiracies are true or false.
    Who, is conspiring to do what?
    When, is someone conspiring to do something?
    Where, are they conspiring to do that something?
    How, are they conspiring to do that something?
    What, is the conspiracy?

  • Maxx

    Someone once threw a shoe at him. Well, I would throw myself in front of a train for him. All who booed can kiss our collective —.

    –USN (Ret)

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      That’s why you were in our nations service, and so many others were not.
      We Thank You!

      Semper Fi and Army of One

    • dareisay

      Several shoes need to be thrown at the big O.

      • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

        Whoa, on the s e v e r a l…We’d start with an approximation of the U.S. population to start…
        318 million pairs would be 636 million shoes…And then, and only then can 0 say ouch!

  • spaceycakes

    you are so deurmekaar

    • Moonbeam

      Jou Afrikaanse gebruik van “deurmekaar” is nogal slim. Baie oulik.

  • Justwaitinforchange

    Let all their aids ridden asses die – then there won’t be anyone left to boo….
    Only kidding – but, stupidity and ignorance spans many continents.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Well, THAT’S going to be an interesting flight home.

  • Socrates

    Wear it like a badge

  • JustLikeAnimals

    F&*%k Mandela, and Africa.

  • PatriotRG

    Jimmy Carter , Bill Clinton were not booed – you do get that right ? So there was no need to bring up their work as they were not publically disrespected.

  • PatriotRG

    Thats right i’m brain washed in to thinking a man who does good should be respected. Its an insiduous right wing brain thought that infects all people of the right.

    • TundraThunder

      It’s sad to think that people like Stevo Hein might actually believe what they type.

      • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

        Gives folks the queazies, too.

      • PatriotRG

        He certainly adds commedy value to the conversation.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    For the same reason everything in your world is a rightist fantasy. I didn’t mention any plots or ACORN or the commie obongo, you did. C’mon, you leftists are hive minded so yea, report for re-programming lest you fall afoul of the left and they try to destroy you.
    And please don’t gloss over that you were wrong.

  • digitalPimple

    They boo’ed because of certain aspects of the war at one specific point Mandela criticized during Bush’s term. Thats all.

  • Ray Adams

    What do you expect from a bunch of communist hodlums?

  • Raymond Cism

    What do you expect from animals.

  • GEORGEW1776

    Low information crowd boos President Bush who did more in the area of helping Africa combat aids.

  • PRA53

    Lord forgive them for they are Stupid !!!!!!

  • Linda Joy

    It shows such ignorance in the people for what Pres and Laura Bush have actually done for the people of Africa! Actions do not speak louder than words in this case!

  • Rpokeytruck

    They should have booed obama, if they only knew.

  • Ted

    Hey Steve Hein, you should realize that when you are on your period it is best to not speak your opinions…especially your really dumbshit ones like the one you puked out. Come back when you are not on the rag, Asshole.

  • Macsen Overdrive ✓re-rolled

    Dude. There is an entire state in South Africa that is majority tribal religion: KwaZulu Natal. It’s also got a 4-in-10 HIV rate.

  • BrocinChina

    Didn’t Bush orchestrate more money for the AIDES relief fund in Africa than any other person in history? Man oh man, populist opinion is really stupid.

  • mk

    All I know is George W. and Laura didn’t deserve such uncouth behavior from I would expect muslims!!!!!!

  • jtflash49

    George W. Bush has done more work for the well being of Africans than anyone else on earth. He is revered in many parts of Africa but I guess in Communist South Africa he is a threat. To make sense of what is going on in the world these days I just expect the opposite of reason and goodness from the world and that way I don’t get surprised or disappointed. Case in point: Obama was elected to the Presidency TWICE. Also more people vote on American Idol than in elections. We are lazy and stupid. We are doomed.

  • Spray Tanning

    @ Steve What did Clinton to for Africa? Oh that’s right, He didn’t do anything except ALLOW 1 Million people in Rwanda to be killed. He didn’t do anything because he would have lost in 1996.

    President’s Aid’s initiative in Africa SAVED hundreds and thousands of lives. Sorry if FACTS get in teh way of your Brain Washed thinking.

  • dareisay

    Perhaps because he is white! See, we can lay that charge too!

  • g-main

    Stevo-jackass, you start off with an insult “Yet another rightwing idiot”, then you get butt-hurt when your insults come back to you. Yes, many tribes (and I’m black, so don’t go “there”) that haven’t been educated about the spread of AIDS have taken to raping boys and virgin girls as a cure. Dubya is STILL doing more for AIDS in Africa than any of your demon-cratic gods. Save your righteous indignation and Bush-derangement syndrome for The Daily Kos where you’ll be more appreciated.

  • timcooper62

    Why did George Bush even attend the funeral of a communist/terrorist? People tend to forget that Nelson Mandela a communist, founded a terrorist group that tortured people with flaming tires around their necks.

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      George Bush tried, to change the mind of the sick people- Communist, as all people are born free and should live free of Tyrants!

    • TundraThunder

      Try bringing up that truth on any forum site and see how many people will call you a racist liar, and a plethora of other names.

  • Jeff Beisker

    Show the lack of understanding of how much this man did for Africa when he was president and afterwards. He and his wife are a class act.

  • lcky9

    well what would you expect if they were in this country they would be for Obama ,,they have no more interest in the facts than they do here.. maybe it’s in the DNA and I am by NO MEANS a BUSH fan quite the opposite.. but on the same token I am not an Obama fan either but when it comes to class and social graces the BUSH’S have it hands up on the CLINTON’S .. CARTER’S.. AND OBAMA’S From someone who comes from Chicago., Obama is the one who should be boo’d

  • Kevin Groenhagen

    Where did he mention religion, Skippy?

  • Ralph Mouth

    Because he is white as he has done more than any other politician for S. Africa re: AIDS. Dumb Africans.

    • Don Bailey

      “Dumb Africans.” Redundancy defined.

    • MC12

      Race-baiting loser.

      • Ralph Mouth

        You must’ve typed that while looking in the mirror.

  • Marty West

    hahaha Have you ever been there?
    You are so full of shit. YOU are the one that doesn’t have any facts.
    Rape is so common there that it isn’t even a crime, it’s not even reported, it happens every single day in the middle of the streets.
    Murder is also a part of every single day. White women and children carry fire arms every where they go to “Try” to protect themselves.

  • Spasmolytic

    1. Are South Africans aware of all the good Bush has done for that continent?

    “George W. Bush’s Legacy on Africa Wins Praise, Even From Foes”

    2. Mark my words, the scumbags at MSNBC will no doubt laugh about this.

  • kmasitti

    Really? Clinton is right there with him, are they sure it wasn’t the Clinton’s getting boo’d?

  • Marty West

    Left wing morons have never known a fact in their life. Other than the fact they must destroy all that is good.
    I can’t stand GW, but he has done more in Africa to help than any other President. Far more than Mandela the terrorist ever done.

  • elton123

    Those people keep forgetting that O’s mom was white

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      we remember, does he?

      • Don Bailey

        Well, he did recall that his white grandmother was a “typical white”

        • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty


  • michael hamilton

    Re Kerry, read “Unfit for Command”. You will find as the rest of us have the John Forbes Kerry (how he wishes it were Kennedy) was a joke and fraud as an officer and has been nothing but a phony since.

  • PatriotRG

    like when you said i was brain washed ?

    Last line of your post…

    “….oh no of course not, nothing that doesn’t fit your brainwashed narrative.”

    So thats not a conspiratorial comment Stevo ? Pot Kettle Black

  • Dr_Chambers

    Funny how all the communist/leftist leaders showed up enmasse to this funeral. When was the last time you saw that at the funeral of an American president?

  • Michele McGlone

    I am utterly sick to my stomach.

  • PatriotRG

    Did you just get a little upset when some one disrespected an ex President who does charitable work ? You do see the rank hypocrisy in your behaviour yes ?

  • MovingToNevada

    I guess the low info voter goes beyond our borders.

    • MC12

      Or maybe they just don’t like him. Deal with it.

      • Shubi

        And, right on cue, here comes the witless wonder, MC12. MC, YOU are PRECISELY the type of low info voter MovingToNevada is referring to. Deal with it. (That is, if you are even old enough to vote. If not, then you’re just low info in general.)

  • John Singleton

    this is the biggest insult to the american president that gave more aid to africa than all the other us presidents combined -ignorance and stupidity are also present at memorial

  • JustMyOpinion

    did berry bring OFA with him, is that them swooning over him? ! George W and Laura volunteer in Africa trying to make a difference, sad they were Booed while the grifter was not.

  • Markward

    Haters gonna hate.

  • Obozo_Must_Go

    you need to consider the source, who is there commemorating the carcass of the murderer, racist, communist Mandela ? A bunch of nigga lov’in Demo-Dopes.

  • twoedgedsword

    Stevo Hein sez “oh no of course not, nothing that doesn’t fit your brainwashed narrative.”
    Wow – All the mirrors in your house broken? Or did you simply remove them to make living easier.

  • Glitter

    The world has gone to heck in a handbasket.

  • cloudshe

    bush is a villain and the swiftboat people lied? when did the delusion F up yr brain? when the gummint blew up the WTC?

  • Daniel E West

    Wasn’t the time or place to boo anyone. But it speaks volumes to the lack of intellect in S A . Evedently Mandela failed to give credit to Bush for sending more money to fight aids in Africa than ANY president past or present. Maybe we sould start cutting back on monies being sent there as well. Let the rest of the world share in their welfare.

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Yeah, we know its a deluded rightist fantasy: That you would educate yourself (ves).

  • rambler

    True class, social graces and moral fiber are not part of the lib/prog world. Crass, disgusting, deplorable and hate filled rants are all part of what is acceptable when faced with those who oppose their ideology. It’s all part of the multiple personality disorder that the lib/prog group suffers from. They tolerate the intolerable and yet won’t tolerate anyone not fully and completely agreeing with them.

    • Cross67

      Well said!

  • G.b. Tippin

    that is because they haven’t done shit compared to Bush. NO president has spent more money and created more programs than Bush. Obama has drastically cut the funding and programs that Bush set up so shut your liberal hole.

  • Robert Kinder

    Bush had Madela removed from the terrorist list. Stupid people

  • A-Train

    way to jump to a conclusion, moron.

  • Riordan Kynes

    I personally wouldn’t take this insult too seriously given the fact that this happened in one of the Rape Capitals of the world.

  • lamerican

    It’s because he’s white and its not the character of a person, or the significance and consequence of their actions that matter.. but the color of their skin.

    • MC12

      How do you know?

  • Grace656

    I know they don’t do their good works for adulation (unlike some), but they didn’t deserve this. For those who like to lecture others on civility, progs are the least civil people I know.

  • KIdGallahad

    Stupid comment. Christianity has done nothing to dispel those myths created culturally over there. If I may analogize to virgin / AIDS cure topic: its like Christians elsewhere in the world who throw salt over their shoulder to ward off bad luck after spilling some by accident, or they who simply celebrate Hallowe’en traditions. Stop makiing hateful, stupid comments.

  • fafhrd

    New York Times is normally very supportive of liberal causes. So if they are declaring Clinton’s Global Initiative as a moneymaking scam, there just might be something to it…

  • Ameck

    President Bush had done a tremendous aid in Africa than any other leading US
    presidents! Being booed? Showing they’re ingrates and ignorance!!

  • ajhnson

    Le’s just say that hell is probably a little fuller today with the soul of Nelson Mandela.

  • Sompopo Pepper

    It is really a shame the world is so divided. Humans had their chance and blew it big time.

  • [email protected]

    Mr Hein…
    What has former Presidnts Carter and Clinton ever done to help rid Africa of this dreaded diseases of Aids?. booing President Bush just showed many of this nation this selfishness and ignorance. Like many citizens here ignorance is at pandemic llevels. President and Mrs Bush have tried to help. This nation and he’s booed? .Sorry to me that shows selfishness a d ignorance and hate. WE need to cut off funding to these nations who just use this country to our tax money. Our country is trillions in debt but we give to enemies of this country and to ungreatful ignorant nations like South Africa. time to keep,our tax dollars home. No more foreign aide except to true given allies. Signed … A Mom Against Obama in California…

  • Richard Wellman

    Why does SA care about George W. Bush anyway? Not one SA soldier was a part of the “coalition of the willing” in Iraq. And what does South Africa do for its fellow African nations? nothing.

  • firespirit3

    What abunch of loser scum!! Bush sent more money and aid to africa to help poor and those inflicted with aids!!!! CUT THEM OFF

  • therain

    Idiot mandela supporters.

    • nilobee

      More like Bono and Oprah fans than Mandela supporters.

  • Brett the Brit

    There’s no shame in being booed by a bunch of Marxists.

  • Sherry Mitchell

    Don’t read the comments…don’t read the comments..LOl Sorry, just reminding myself…….:)

  • TxnCo

    Since Bush was boo’d, it’s time to stop all AIDS research for them. Done! Cut them off and out!

  • james

    I feel that no matter who it is speaking at a memorial, It shows no respect for the family of the person that pass away.

  • Joe Clements

    obama, bill, hillary and all liberals are the most sorry excuses for a human being to walk this earth. if you have half a brain you can see through their bs. if you cant, then you are an idiot or just as evil as they are.

  • PJ

    Of course he was booed. For 8 years, the mainstream media bombarded the world with anti-Bush headlines in an orchestrated fashion.

  • twoedgedsword

    Steve Hein : In every reply, you take some statement then comment in an incredibly exaggerated way with personal projection on it and THEN ask “Why is everything a “left wing line” in your deluded rightist fantasy”.

    How is it that you miss your own clear contradiction? So there’s your answer Steve-O. Because where you are concerned, everything IS as “left wing line”. This isn’t a shot at you dude…. it’s just the state of affairs and it’s not a new thing.

  • Mike in Virginia

    That’s because they hate white people, situation normal, nothing to get upset about.

  • Cross67

    South Africa is still divided by race but it is the white South Africans being persecuted now. Bush is white, they only see black, thus their response. So pitifully sad…..can’t believe the praise a mass murderer has received from so many “respectable” people. Sickening….

    • MC12

      How do you know?

      • Shubi

        Hey, MC12, think you could try writing in complete sentences? That way, you might make a little more sense; people might actually understand what you are asking. For instance, you could have asked, “How do you know South Africa is still divided by race?” Or you might have gone with, “How do you know Mandela was a mass murderer?” Perhaps you could have said, “How do you know they don’t like Bush because of his being white?” But, no, being the lazy, liberal, teenaged slacker you are, you couldn’t be bothered to form a complete thought. Try again, bozo. You are welcome.

      • Cross67

        Doesn’t hurt to do a little research. There are other resources also, you just have to want to know enough to dig ;-).

  • marylamb72

    Whys is everything a deluded right wing fantasy in your world?

  • Robert Cribb

    heins is a true dem for sure . one more member of the liars club.

  • munacra

    It is because of GWBUSH that PEPFAR even exist. A program that if it had not put in place by the Bush Administration there would be massive death from AIDS in Africa. Many a black person in Africa owe their lives to this man. President Bush has done more for the African continent than any other President in American history.

  • Craig

    Actually Stevo, his facts are straight. He didn’t say that SA wasn’t a Christian country. He said they are a bunch of savages who rape virgins. Here is a quote from the 25 July 2013 NY Post that bears out his opinnion. SA has pretty much become the rape capitol of the world.

    In the year to April 2012, more than 64,000 sexual offences, including rape, were reported among South Africa’s 50 million people. Of these, more than 25,000 were assaults on children.

    In 2010, South Africa recorded 132.4 cases of reported rape per 100,000 population, by far the highest among countries that reported statistics to the United Nations, compared to 27.3 in the United States or 2.1 in Uganda. Reporting rates and definitions of rape do, however, vary sharply from country to country.

    • jpeters3270

      And this is Mandela’s legacy that our Dear Leader is so hot to follow.

    • Markward

      It also stands to point out SA has very strict Gun Control, surprise!

  • Thomas Cosenza

    Republicans will never ever get the credit for what they did for Africa, especially what President Bush has done .. sad

  • Msgtdubb

    It seems the South Africans like a conniving lying poser more than a person of class.
    So what else is new?

  • praymorenow1

    So it’s pretty much what happened at the Coretta Scott King funeral…..
    I don’t think Bush cared, nor will it matter much in the long run.
    It’s not about him anyway. It’s not about Obama.
    It’s to pay respects to a 95 yr. old iconic leader on a troubled continent, in a troubled nation w/ hope….and turmoil.
    It’s a mass funeral, tens of thousands, and lots of hysteria….and thankfully, no one seemed to get hurt at this thing.
    I have no idea what mendezjb is writing about, other than possibly being a bot blogger meant to give the left some jabs to take at the right….which is not unheard of. I hope that’s what it is. If that’s your real mentality, buddy, you need to back off the coffee and get some sun and therapy …and grow up a bit.

  • Dorothy Steglich Kashata

    If they booed anyone at a funeral, they are an ungrateful country. That is despicable. How can that be possible. They cry, carry on about their great President Mandela passing away, and then this?? That is, well, I will quit here. Sorry about that.

  • PolkaDot

    I have to congratulate Stevo Hein. He deserves a special prize for the stupidest comment (and competition is fierce) that caused most smart replies.

  • NewWest 123

    George Bush spent so much money caring from his “heart for these ungrateful bastards! This is sickening!!

    • PolkaDot

      Whose money did he spend, by the way?

      • NewWest 123

        It is not the point and let us not talk about who’s money he spent…. How about the current goon…. More than any other President combined!!!!!

        • PolkaDot

          IT IS THE POINT. It is very easy to be generous with somebody else’s money. I will not disagree that the current President has spent even more of OUR money than the previous one on multitude of mostly useless projects. This does not justify careless spending by his predecessor, the second biggest spender in the US history. This is why the Federal Government should take care of the functions that are specifically delegated to it.
          I will repeat my point from another post: booing anyone at the funeral shows lack of class, and is first and foremost disrespectful to the deceased. It also shows an absolute lack of self-respect.

          • NewWest 123

            Yes he did spend out of control at least in 2006 when the libs took control of both houses, and yes he should have vetoed much of these runaway spenders but we are not talking about spending per say as this is about these disrespectful #^%*}€ all over the world who do this because George Bush was not a socialist. They all want our tax payer money and have no respect or appreciation for it. This is and was my point. Obama is ten times worse and gives even more to these terrorists. Nation building is a joke and always has been cause they hate us. It is always gimmi, gimmi and we should be looking after our own not them. The money never goes to where it is supposed to… A lot like here!!

          • PolkaDot

            Once again, we are in agreement on disrespect, but please, stop being an apologist for W. Reckless spending started when Republicans had majority in both Houses. This was one of the major reasons why Republican party lost in 2006, 2008 and 2012.

          • NewWest 123

            Hmmmm…. It sounds like you may be supporting our current President…. Not sure. Like I said, this president has spent more than ALL the previous presidents combined and has three years to go…. I say this one and his supporters need to take responsibility after five years of this grief and stop blaming Bush or anyone else for that matter!

          • PolkaDot

            I am not quite sure what do you mean by saying that aren’t present I spent more than all the previous presidents. If you are talking about accumulation of debt,you are factually wrong, O is responsible for (roughly) $7 trillion, W for $% trillion, and the rest of them for another $5 trillion. If you mean annual spending, then yes, it is at unprecedented level. So let me try to bring my point across once again fifth: Federal Government (please pay attention, I am not mentioning either of major political parties) has no business spending your and my money on fighting AIDS in Africa, buying helicopters for security forces of corrupt Afghan government and myriad other projects. None whatsoever.
            PS: Which part of my previous post made you think that I support current President? Just curious…

  • pabarge

    This is why we need to cut all foreign aid to Africa. Cold turkey. Now. Completely stop the flow of funds from America to Africa. Stop giving to charities that work in Africa. Africa fails or thrives on its own, with nothing from us. Nothing.

  • steppingstone

    O course , look where he was, All africans dont like whites just like USA!!! All the so called african americans in the usa dont like him either. they had rather have a black Hitler for pres. like we have now!!!

    • PolkaDot

      Did you meet all Africans? How do you know all of them hate whites? None of my African (from Africa) friends do. Your statement is at par with Stevo Hein’s.

    • onegoodnathan

      take your meds

    • spaceycakes

      Well, there ARE white Africans. So, there’s that.

  • Dominic

    Look in the mirror if you want to see an IDIOT .

  • janet

    It is not our responsibility to combat aids in foreign countries… we have starving children and abandoned children and homeless heroes(veterans) and millions of unborn babies being slaughtered… we should not be funding aids relief in other countries…. Bush was a great President much better Than what we have now.

  • PolkaDot

    Stevo, just admit: you saw number 72 in front of the word “virgins” in mendezjb’s comment, didn’t you? Ah, those islamophobic right-wingers…

  • AbdullahtheButcher

    SA may be mostly Christian, but how do we know that Christianity doesn’t coexist with superstition? If I’m not mistaken, there are indeed cases of raping virgins in the assumption that this will cure AIDS.

  • Phillip Woeckener

    I like Carrie Underwood’s comments about stupid stuff like this, “I will pray for them, because mean people need Jesus too.”

  • Bob Young

    Bush is a class act, Obama is an embarrassment.

  • Eagle 77

    President and Mrs Bush have done more for Africa, especially women, while in office and out of office than either his predecesor or successor, combined. How many women are provided anti-viral and other AIDS medicines due to the US Citizen as well as the Bush’s philanthropic activities?

  • blujkts

    One day it will be Obama we are memorializing. One day…

    • yankg

      Memorialize our present resident of Our WH. Not I. I hate that SORRY POS with every atom in my body.

  • OwlCreekObserver

    There are South Africans and there are nitwits. But I repeat myself.

  • Freddie King

    STFU. You know nothing of South Africa, nor of any where else in Africa. GWB has done more for the people of Africa than all the democrat presidents combined. Try talking to some of the people there and you would know, you fuc*ing progressive prig moron.

  • Albert Hanifan

    South Africa has no respect for anybody or anything. While the rest of the world listened to Nelson Mandela’s messages thru the years, and responded favorably to him,his own country couldn’t respect him enough to maintain a respectful presents at his funeral,by booing the very president who has gone out of his way to help that country,even after his term as president,our present president hasn’t even come out against the booing.Pull our tax dollars out of south africa and see what non-respect cost them

  • Richard Nightwood

    Dubya didn’t care nor should he, getting booed by the South African equivalent of OWS is no big deal.

    How do you say “Down Twinkles!” in Swahili?

    • spaceycakes

      well, they speak Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana, Ndebele, Sotho etc in South Africa, but anyway.

  • John J. Virden

    But not so sure it was the majority booing either,

  • Tman95

    So, are they’re going to give back all the money and support George Bush provided for a major campaign to fight AIDs in Africa?

  • Sandra Stone

    A lot of angry white folks here. Sorry, but I had to giggle a little. I had no idea white people were so oppressed.

    • Shubi

      Perhaps if you did a little less giggling, and tried a little more thinking, your posts might make a little more sense. Probably not, but it’s worth a shot. Let’s have a look: Sentence #1 – displays an unfamiliarity with the concept of righteous indignation and unnecessarily injects race into the discussion. Verdict: you are both ignorant and racist. Sentence #2 – has you laughing at your own intellectual deficiencies. Verdict: you are a vacuous mental midget. Sentence #3: comsists of a silly non sequitur. Verdict: your reading comprehension skills are sorely lacking and/or you are completely incapable of presenting a coherent argument and are reduced to spouting gibberish. Summary: you are a pathetic fool who should avoid posting your drivel on the internet for all to see and laugh at. You are welcome.

  • American-By-Choice


    Hey~ How come President Bush wasn’t immediately arrested the second he left US Soil?

    I guess ANOTHER of the emphatic Leftist assertions, regarding GW, is proven HYSTERICALLY ABSURD!

    And it serves reason that Madella’s crowd would BOO GW… LOL! He was a Communist and as such is quickly becoming a Communist Iconic myth.

  • Raymond Smith

    That’s because he’s not a foreign born muslim communist n******r like our “president”

  • Raymond Smith

    douchebag liberal without a clue

  • Guest

    Mandella apparently nationalized bullying and crude behavior along with everything else in South Africa.

  • Gary Iampaglia

    So, instead of saying something substantial, you name call. That is sad!!!

  • joedaddy27

    The world to the USA: We hate you…now hand over the dollars of your taxpayers.

    • al707

      my thoughts exactly

  • Kenny Ray Oxenrider

    Tell them we want a refund on the billions of dollars President Bush sent to Africa during his terms. Ungrateful non-thinkers.

  • yourmamatoo


  • OwlCreekObserver

    Mandella was nothing short of a violent, hardcore communist and the world is better off without him. Clearly, the world would be better off without his sorry excuse for a country as well.

  • Larry Rappaport

    Unreal……this is what will get Ron Paul supporters votes. Pull that money back, our money back NOW! People, no good deed goes unpunished and after 5years of this BS as an American I’m past tired of it. We have our own fight right here at home with 30% at least of the 49% who refuse to get up in the morning. The unfortunate aspect of all this is those precious donations from our country should be appreciated and it’s obviously not. My wallet is closed.

  • A Lee

    Even if you were left wing you should defend an ex-president when he wrongly gets booed overseas. It is called having class. If you are wondering what that means it is the opposite of booing an ex-president when he is a guest in your country. Who cares about Christian/Muslim? It is called having class and honor.

  • Drew12

    No, that’s not racist. The audience is predominantly black so they can’t be racist… right??

    • Juan Pablo

      We’re racist for being mad

    • Lauren

      White South Africans dislike Bush more than black South Africans

      • PolkaDot

        And booing Pres. Bush is their (Bush haters’) way to pay last respect to late Pres. Mandela?

        • Lauren

          I didn’t hear anyone boo Bush myself.

        • Lauren

          But Mandela stood for peace and Bush didn’t….

          • PolkaDot

            Oh my…I will not mention that Mandela spent time behind bars for terrorism. Even if it were true. Which it is. I will not mention that under current peace-loving administration United States were involved in more wars than under previous one. Even if it were true. Which it is. Just try to follow me: ANYBODY who boos during ANY funeral at ANYONE has NO CLASS. Zero. Zilch. Wrong time. Wrong place. Wrong thing to do.

          • spaceycakes


  • Maxiest

    The President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR/Emergency Plan) was a commitment of $15 billion over five years (2003–2008) from United States President George W. Bush to fight the global HIV/AIDSpandemic. The program initially aimed to provide antiretroviral treatment (ART) to 2 million HIV-infected people in resource-limited settings, to prevent 7 million new infections, and to support care for 10 million people (the “2–7–10 goals”) by 2010. PEPFAR increased the number of Africans receiving ART from 50,000 at the start of the initiative in 2004 to at least 1.2 million in early 2008.[1][2] PEPFAR has been called the largest health initiative ever initiated by one country to address a disease. The budget presented by President Bush for the fiscal year 2008 included a request for $5.4 billion for PEPFAR.[3]

    The massive funding increases have made anti-retrovirals widely available, saving millions of lives.[4][5][6] Critics contend that spending a portion of funding on abstinence-until-marriage programs is unjust[1] while others feel that foreign aid is generally inefficient.[2] According to a 2009 study published in Annals of Internal Medicine,[7] the program had averted about 1.1 million deaths in Africa and reduced the death rate due to AIDS in the countries involved by 10%

  • Paula Dalene Zuniga

    You can’t buy class, you have it or you don’t

  • jetch

    and the u.s. is a majority Christian country so does that mean YOU adhere to Christian principals??
    connecting two unrelated facts together makes you look silly and ignorant. please don’t do that.

  • thorgodofthenorth

    Stop helping those that will hate you no matter what.. How about all those borrowed dollars go back to China and reduce our debt. So Bush gets credit for helping African aids victims, we get the bill and he gets the boos, Absurd!!!

  • JJBuggerton

    If the American people had the option to really choose what to fund with their tax dollars, the military would be one of the only things to receive any money. Funding programs in Africa is a huge waste like the NEA and would receive the funds it deserves, none.

  • John Urban

    That’s the thanks he gets for wasting $30 billion of our tax dollars on African tyrants — oh, I’m sorry, I mean to “fight AIDS”.

  • Bill_Fan

    So….the Huffington Post and Think Progress have made it all the way to SA…

    • PolkaDot

      No, it was the other way around

      • Bill_Fan

        Either way…

      • Bill_Fan

        What I am getting at is the left wing on-line rags are destroying the minds of impressionable South Africans with disninformation.

        • PolkaDot

          I got it :). And, unfortunately., not only impressionable South Africans, but also North Americans.

  • Thomas

    If I were President Bush I would find a new ride home.

  • Lauren

    I didn’t see that but South Africa has never really loved Bush

  • PolkaDot

    Booing anyone at the funeral shows lack of class. Wrong time, wrong place, whether one agrees with the person or not. And, irrespective of my opinion of Pres. G. W. Bush’s policies, South Africa, being the country with very high (possibly the highest in the world) rate of HIV, should be thankful for $15 billion of US taxpayer’s money spent in Africa fighting this still VERY deadly disease.

  • locosmom

    I predict an black uprising in South Africa now that Mandela is no longer there to preach peace to them, because, now they will want to be the next Mandela, starting as a terrorist and becoming a beloved leader and peacemaker. Whites look out!!! I also predict that every speech from here on out, obozo is auditioning to be the leader of the UN. Love them or hate them, the Bushs have more class in their little toe than the obozos will ever have.

  • Woody66

    Those who booed, entirely miss the point of Nelson Mandela’s life, message, legacy! Ignorance from people who will always be part of the “have nots”, and who can’t understand why their destiny has been – so far – what it is. Hmmm…(scratching my head).

  • Old Fortran guy

    Do you think those booing President Bush know of his dedication to hands-on charity work in Africa and Haiti?

  • H50 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Goes to show that ignorance knows no borders.

    Seriously, booing Bush. Most of you slobs wouldn’t be there if not for his work in your country. Work that no one else could be bothered with.

  • jkpalmdale

    Screw them. Cut off any help to Africa, they do not appreciate the help

    • kateorjane

      can’t expect that since they fawned for BO. And no doubt the libs here see nothing wrong with it.

  • Pirate Ship USA

    Let the idiots boo. Bush has stronger shoulders and more integrity than either of the idiots in the WH before or after him.

  • hashimoto

    Ungrateful Africans !!!!…

  • Joel A. Edge

    No good deed goes unpunished.
    And I honestly don’t see why we even bother to try.

  • JubaDoobai!

    South Africans should be ashamed of themselves. Obama offers words, but Bush gave them tangible assistance with AIDS. Ingratitude us wires than witchcraft.

  • Guest

    Unfortunately, ignorance is world wide.

    • MC12

      Not everyone has to like Bush.

  • Cliff Williams

    How many of these dumb fucks booing would be dead if Bush hadn’t invested millions in Africa to alleviate their suffering from AIDS – something their Kenyan brother hasn’t done.

  • Craig

    How can we have a meaningful discussion with Stevo if he keeps deleting his own remarks?

    • spaceycakes


  • Juan Pablo

    Twitchy deleted my original comment that those people Are uncivilized in booing I assume because I called them savages which is a synonym for uncivilized. Depressing if they censored me to be pc

  • Pacificrk

    @EthanLRivera “George W Bush was booed at Nelson Mandela’s funeral? Nevermind that Bush has done more than any politician on earth for Africa.”

    Yet he and First Lady Laura were the first people to stand up and give
    Obama a standing ovation for a great teleprompter read. And nevermind
    that GWB was LOVED by the African people, and by Nelson Mandela for his
    unprecedented humanitarian efforts in Africa, and nevermind that he was
    always treated like a god for his work, and managed to stay humble
    through it all.

  • Shubi

    Gotta say, I’ve lost a little bit of respect for Bush for even attending that feces-fest. And then vigorously applauding an idiotic speech by the America-hating-racist-in-Chief? Pathetic. Who could possibly be surprised by the reaction Bush got from the degenerates attending such a farce?

    • Infinite_Indeterminism

      It’s about doing the right thing, come hell or high society.

      And I consider it a very funny way of annoying the twerps: The decent among the throngs present won’t mind him – the others deserve the pain (for them) of his presence. You might call it a sprinkling of poetic justice…

      • Shubi

        While I can appreciate the idea of “annoying the twerps,” I don’t view Bush’s actions as “doing the right thing.” This whole immortalization of Mandela is a complete fraud; and Bush’s affirmation of this farce is not the right thing to do. I see Mandela’s fame/reputation as being synonymous with Obama’s: both are nothing more than the creations of leftist media, the deification of two undeserving, low-class reprobates.

        • Infinite_Indeterminism

          Two points:

          1. There’s a time and a place, and the funeral ain’t the place for a thorough walk-trough of the whole subject matter.

          2. The actual educational process of future generations is something that will take quite some time, regardless – and will involve research, books, reports, etc., all of which takes time to do properly.

          Oh, and one more thing: O’bama is a paper tiger, Mandela actually did some things, good or bad. So, in his case there is some substance to make judgments about – in abject contrast to the nothingness that currently infests the Spite House.

          • Shubi

            I hear you. My point about Mandela, however, isn’t that he never “actually did some things;” it’s that the things he did aren’t worthy of the baloney that is being served up lately. I find this portrayal of him as some sort of legendary, saintly, healer-of-the-world figure to be pretty sickening. But I do agree that there is more substance to Mandela than Obama.

    • MC12

      Feces-fest? Are you five years old?

      • Shubi

        Man, are you lame. It’s called an epithet; and you WISH you had HALF the wit it takes to come up with such words. Got anything approaching intelligent to say? Didn’t think so. Back to the drawing board, junior.

  • $84598387

    Even after he did more for Africans with AIDs than any president or leader before him! Ingrates.

  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    So sad. Shows that IGNORANCE by the attendees over there is similar to the IGNORANCE of many over here. Pres GW Bush spearheaded a MAJOR AIDS program to help Africa (guess noone told them)…Pres GW Bush (for most of his two terms…had a higher employment rate for everyone in the US(black or white). Pres. Bush had MANY minority officers in his cabinet…probably more than anyone before him. But IGNORANCE and SUSCEPTIBILITY to propaganda is not limited to the US population.

  • Jibber

    Guys, I’m pretty sure they were saying, “Buuuuuuuuuuuuush”

  • $3838536

    If Bush had any class, he would not have gone to S. Africa like a pandering political ponce.

    • The Working Man

      Just who is he pandering to? He running for office again? Ever think he went out of respect for Mandela. Then again, judging by your ignorance, I’m assuming, no.

      • Shubi

        You have trouble spelling “Mandela” and exhibit poor sentence structure in your post. Plus, you left out a question mark in one of those poorly composed sentences. Yet, you have the nerve to call Stoneyjack ignorant just because you disagree with him. Good one. (BTW, I’m not agreeing with Stoneyjack; I just find it annoying when someone calls someone else ignorant while displaying their own ignorance.)

        • Guest

          Whatever. Actually, more annoying are the pretentious, self righteous, grammar asshats trolling the comments section. How’s THAT for “sentence structure”, a-hole?

          • Shubi

            Not bad. Did Mommy help you with that one, li’l guy?

    • Jim Denney

      He has too much class sometimes, in contrast to Baracky Boy. Just last summer GW & Laura took time out from their AIDS work in Africa to grant the Chicago Grifter a photo op aboard AF-1. Michelle was reportedly really pi$$ed that they had to interrupt her $100 Million taxpayer funded African vacay to play politics.

  • MT Poquets

    hey we voted Obama 2x I guess maybe it’s us who should reflect on our inability to see our mistakes as well as those booing President Bush.

    • World B. Free

      Who is “we?” I didn’t vote for that buffoon.

      • MT Poquets

        wrong choice of words…how about the majority of voters?

  • laura

    its because he is white…

  • DallenH

    Maybe they forget that it was under BUSH in 2005 that Mandela was removed from the terror watch list?

  • Stevo Hein

    How I am I supposed to reply to the mountains of insane drivel if I have been blocked? Oh yeah that was the point.

    • Shubi

      You should probably think of it as someone trying to do you a favor; trying to keep you from embarrassing yourself any further. Just say, “Thank you,” and be on your way.

      • Stevo Hein

        No thank you, I wish to address the pile of straw men, non-arguments (e.g. “u r libtard!)accusations of anti-semitism (neocons and the jewish race card, probably because it says Jebus loves Israel in the bible or something) and flat-out lies. Given the majority of responses, it is clear that neocons do not believe in facts or rational discussion, not that I didn’t know that anyway.

        • redbirddeb

          Poor Steve. Give it up, will ya?

        • Shubi

          Oh, I get it now. In order to be considered “rational discussion,” one’s posts must include terms such as “neocons” and phrases such as “…it says Jebus loves Israel in the bible or something.” Gotcha. Somehow I don’t believe your understanding of the words “facts” and “rational” are the same as what one might find in a dictionary. Maybe you could go look them up?

          • Stevo Hein

            No, I think your irrational love for Israel, your belief that government is too large and is a bad thing WITH THE EXCEPTION TO THE MILITARY WHICH MUST BE AS BIG AS POSSIBLE, your disdain for science and evolution and education in general and the preference for straw men and insults in arguments as shown here are not examples of rational discussion.

          • Shubi

            I find your complete lack of self awareness hilarious. More! More! You actually have the nerve to accuse ANYONE of having a “preference for straw men and insults in arguments as shown here?” You probably don’t realize it, but all of your posts are chock-full of both. Of course, projection IS a serious problem for all liberals; so I guess I can’t fault you too much there. Neocons? Anti-science? Anti-education? I hope you don’t truly believe your own nonsense – that would make you even more foolish than your posts make you appear. Try again, Bozo. (Yes, that was an insult.)

        • spaceycakes

          still waiting…

          • Stevo Hein

            Well I am still waiting for a rational argument

          • spaceycakes


          • Stevo Hein

            Wow, you can google South African insults

          • spaceycakes

            wow; you can respond with nothing!

          • Stevo Hein

            What are you on about? You are the one who responded with some meaningless phrase

          • spaceycakes

            you’re the one who came to the Argument Clinic. Unfortunately, you came unprepared.

    • spaceycakes

      here ya go. Knock yerself out

  • Judy Anderson

    Africans should kiss the ground George Bush walks on! He has done more for Africa than any other President!

  • right_on

    Don’t you just love the gratitude that people who have received financial, and political support from the United States show, at times like these? Clearly the people at the memorial who booed Pres. Bush have very short memories. I hope the next conservative POTUS rethinks foreign aid, and remembers the lack of gratitude from the “handout crowd.” It’s one thing to waste tax dollars at home, but quite another when they’re handed out to human beings who don’t deserve our charity.

    • Arkuy The Great

      The people booing aren’t the ones helped by George and Laura’s efforts. They aren’t even in the stadium! Those folks are the ones that the ANC-led government in Pretoria forgot.

  • NE146T9

    What else did you expect from those pro-communist clowns. They can’t wait to lick Obama’s feet in hopes he destroys the Great Satin aka: The United States, and it looks like he is on his way to doing that even when he leaves office. Just look at all his legal appointments to just immigration

  • Cory

    I’m not even a big Bush fan, but he definitely should receive a big cheer for one all the work he’s done in that continent in terms of AIDS and number two being a Texan.

  • Beth Rose-Acor

    What do you expect from ignorance? These are the same people who hailed the killings of whites, christians and jews. Of course they applaud Hammas leaders and boo Bush.

  • buckeyebubba

    Maybe it was a mistake to spend billions on this cesspool of a Continent. Wasn’t it Bush who has spent more money help AIDS victims in Africa than anyone else? Beginning to think that was a mistake too.

    • Infinite_Indeterminism

      Fighting infectious diseases is in everybody’s interest. Especially in this day and age, given travel and migration.

      • Matthew

        what losers go to africa?????

        • Infinite_Indeterminism

          Their identity or social qualities don’t matter. The fact that people travel by jet plane is every epidemiologist’s nightmare.

          And kindly remember that this kind of disease could also travel via, say, a German tourist, or a Belgian diplomat. There are some sub-groups of a population that can be considered relevant for special attention, but no segment of the population can be excluded from consideration in such matters.

          And one other thing, I think you’re forgetting that it is a big continent with diverse conditions. It’s not all Sahara, or all famine, or all Nigeria…

    • MC12

      So now you’re bashing the whole continent? Ok….

      • Shubi

        One of these days MC12 is going to come up with something more than a vapid, one-line post, taking the form of an inane question. It will most likely be a vapid, TWO-line post, taking the form of an inane question. Good luck, MC12.

  • rbennett

    Just shows who the Obama President alignes with – with his cheers…… Everyone else in the world knows it except America.


    Typical of the left wing assholes who went a terrorists funeral to listen to Obama spew his bullshit on the rest of the planet. I hope those near the President were given umbrellas to protect themselves from the shit that flew our of his soup cooler.
    Of course, Bush did more than all of those assembled combined to combat AIDS on the continent of Africa.

  • Determined

    He also got in trouble with his wifee for talking it up with a hottie at the party!

    • spaceycakes

      Desmond Tutu looks like he wishes he was at home having his butler wait on him.

      edited later: how prescient. His house was robbed whilst he was away (btw–this has happened more than once.)

  • redbirddeb

    All I can say is dammit. There’s Class, then there’s class. LESS. Smh again.

  • Ashley McGeorge

    Who’s undignified enough to BOO at a funeral anyways? No matter who they’re booing at. It’s not a concert. It’s a funeral.

  • Gerry Box

    Were they all Obama’s relatives or cronies? George and Laura Bush are the epitomy of grace. Obozo is the epitomy of stupidity and narcisism. The Clinton Arkansas trash are not much better than Obozo.

  • Sandy-lee Stevens

    President Bush did more for Aids and South Africa than Barack Hussein Obama has ever even considered doing. That is what the statement represents when they say “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.

  • lazypadawan

    Like El Rushbo said, this brought together the world’s commies and criminals.

  • Micki280

    I am surprised George didn’t get blamed for Mandela’s death! To spite Mandela’s teachings and the legacy he left his people they learned nothing about the class Mandela showed. Shame on them!

  • Bklynnygirl

    The crowds cheering Communist, tyrants, mass murderers and despots from all over the world.

    The leftist/Communist (Christiane Amanpour) in this country are having orgasms.

    Bush being booed at Mandela memorial while Abbas, Mugabe and Obama is cheered.
    Wear that as a badge of honor President Bush.

  • FORC

    Marc and Ethan, you are fully right. Pres. Bush did great things for Africa and is still doing that through the Global Health initiative of the Bush Insitute. The booing is extremely undeserved and must have been very disappointing to this compassionate former president.

  • fireandreamitchell

    I know Dubya was just trying to be respectful, but he should have never bothered attending the Communist/Terrorist funeral in the first place.

  • John Lacharite

    See? This is the thanks we get for helping others. He has given more money to Africa to fight aids, to promote womens health, and he was just there a few months ago promoting his causes and helping people out…and those ungrateful bastards respond like that?? They are the one’s who arent bright enough to keep their dick where it belongs, and they reproduce like fruit flies, with no food to feed MORE children and they spread aids like they dont have a care in the world. They should be ashamed of themselves. They are nothing but a bunch of ignorant savages who deserve whatever they get. NOt to mention we here in Maine have loads of Somali so-called refuges sucking off the government tit..They have no sense of gratitude, instead they have a mentality that they are OWED something by the people of the U.S.
    Screw you Africa…..try, just try getting by without the United States line of credit and see how far you get!!

    • MC12

      Screw you Africa? You don’t have to hate the whole continent just because some people started booing at Bush.

      • Shubi

        Awww, did someone’s widdle bweeding-heart feewings get hurted? Go ask one of your dads for a hug.

  • Mario Robert Guerra


  • Dave

    Screw South Africa. Asses are clueless.

  • John Kasian

    You wonder why Americans get Boos. Just listen to the Media Types. Bringing it on themselves!


    Bush should pull out of Africa completely along with all the billions of dollars in aid that he has funneled into that country…but then the innocent will suffer and he is too good a Christian to step down to their level.

  • hollywoodron

    The Left media and politicians continually blame the Right Wing and America… and so we always get booed on the world stage. Evil loves to blame others for its actions and speaks the words people want to hear.

  • PaleAle

    Never mind the fact that W directed $3 bil. in aid to African countries to fight aids. These people are ungrateful pigs.

  • Oneinformedvoter

    It is unfortunate that President Bush was booed. However, those attending this event are not the ones being helped by Mr. and Mrs. Bush. They shouldn’t be punished because others are ignorant. Keep up the good work President Bush.

  • Bklynnygirl

    Folks….Here’s our news media at work covering for their messiah.

    Via NBC News:

    On his way to the rostrum, Obama also shook the hand of Robert Mugabe, the strongman ruler of Zimbabwe, and hugged Dilma Rousseff, the president of Brazil, who has stridently opposed spying by the National Security Agency and criticized the U.S. government.

    UPDATE: NBC quietly deletes the Mugabe reference, no correction noted.

    • spaceycakes

      heh; and calling Mugabe the ‘strongman ruler of Zim’ is like saying Stalin tried to help the Ukraine.

  • fredschnaubelt

    Booing Americans is what the communists teach in universities, even American universities (and shouting down opponents). They are terrified of people who are not drunk with power and they try to intimidate and censor anyone with an alternative viewpoint to their craving to rule other people. Don’t get upset, it has been going on for centuries, under different names. Think of the hundreds of Greek and Roman Imperators and other authoritarians since who have been assassinated by one side or the other.

  • mtshark

    This funeral was attended by numerous Communist, Socialist and Theocratic world leaders along with many terrorist leaders and those linked to terrorism. When these types of people boo you, it’s a good thing, it’s when they cheer you that you know you’re on the wrong side of History.

    • gracepmc

      They recognized their own with applause for Obama.

      • Infinite_Indeterminism

        In that particular case, it can also be some of the “local boy makes good”-effect…

        They do consider him to be of Kenyan descent, after all…

  • Richard Nightwood

    Hang in there, Dubs.


    Just goes to show the depth of inane ignorance that permiates this world. Satan has done an outstanding job on his minions. Remember, Obama was given the Nobel Peace prize as was Mandella, one a communist one a socialist. One having done many things one having done nothing at all but destroy and tear down hundreds of years of prograss. And they call themselves progressives to boot… People like to be caged and owned and that is saying nothing of slavery….

  • NWaff

    Class and dignity

  • LochGates44

    Africans dying of AIDS doesn’t matter to the far left extreme who advocate population control.

  • mharper42

    So Africans are ignorant and ungrateful. Who is surprised?

  • floridavet

    George Bush had two things going for him that Barry-Boy Hussein Obama will never have – he had class — and he never claimed to be God.

    The reason GW was booed is because low-lifes don’t recognize class because they’ve never had any.

  • draftfan

    so much like the Paul Wellstone memorial….rather pathetic….

  • Absolom Humblebug

    Too bad Qaddafi is dead. He used to show up at these events and get treated like a rock star. It would have been instructive and embarrassing to see the contrast between the welcome given to him and the shameful treatment of W, as well as the similar adulation given to Obama.

  • Guest

    You cannot bribe true South Africans, Bush tried but we are the Mandelas here we fight for freedom and justice. We don’t celebrate murderers

    • draftfan

      LOL- Mandela never murdered anyone during his early days of guerrilla warfare with the ANC????

      • tpradebe

        Mandela used his mouth and brain as a weapon, he trained but was arrested before he could even finish

        • spaceycakes

          so, you ARE just stupid

      • Shubi

        tpradebe is either someone posing as a South African in an attempt to make South Africans look like the fools most of them probably are; OR he really IS South African and wants to show everybody what complete fools most South Africans are. The truth is difficult to discern.

      • tpradebe

        Mandela never killed anyone, he was arrested before he could finish training

    • NCRelite

      maybe not but you celebrate hate

      • tpradebe

        Booing is not a celebration. Booing is an act of showing displeasure for someone or something. It says nothing about celebration

        • Wayne Dorniels

          No problem, just give us back all the money Bush gave to Africa and we’ll call it even.

          You failure scum from a continent full of failure scum.

        • spaceycakes

          ag, shame.

  • John Smith

    Why is he at that communists funeral anyway? Tire and petrol necklace anyone?

  • Brent Smith

    Mr Bush has done more for Africa than Obama ever will. The Bush foundation is a hands on program he and his wife use to build schools, clinics and other facilities in impoverished Africa. He is 100 times the man fakeBama is and I salute him for his service.

  • Socialism/Communism Sucks

    ungrateful bastards dont get the fact that Bush helped rid Aids from their Continent IDIOTS

  • Its_My_Fault

    Aren’t most countries we try to help ungrateful? Yet we keep on on throwing pearls before swine.

  • $24698634

    So you’re upset GWB got booed and BO didn’t? Pretty small potatoes. Do any of you cranks have a life?

    • Hi This Is My Username

      Yet, you have time to make such a comment. That says plenty about your life.

      • it’s my opinion


    • Shubi

      And in the “Lack of Self-Awareness” category, the prize goes to: kellyslane. Congratulations, you dolt.

    • HJD

      I think it’s all really telling who was booed and who was cheered. If I didn’t know better, it feels like the late 1930’s all over again.

  • Hi This Is My Username

    What do you expect? He was surrounded by goons. I have a feeling the people he has helped and continues to help, would disagree with the booing.

  • Cheryl Meinke

    That is pathetic, Bush did more for AIDS and Malaria victims in Africa than any other President, still works over there a lot, doing wonderful things. Bush always represented our country with class as did his wife, Laura. Not so much with Obama, he’s frequently embarrassing. Any bets it was people who love Obama doing the booing?

  • Gary

    Stark contrast: class and the lack thereof.

  • laurie66bay

    Leftists are just pavlovian. Picture of Bush comes on screen and they reenact the 2 minute hate scene from 1984.

  • Matthieu Guibert

    that dumb ass should have never gone to the funeral in the first place, Mandela considered him a criminal and an idiot…he’s lucky he wasn’t arrested for war crimes… piece of shit!

    • BobGuy

      Yes, that is true of Obama. He is a criminal and an idiot.

    • Northohio

      Well, then they would also have to arrest the entire congress since they voted for it.

    • Shubi

      Psst! Hey, Matt, your stupid is showing.

    • PolkaDot

      As with your other comments, you show deep knowledge of the subject and high level of intelligence.

  • it’s my opinion

    Bush is booed and Obama snaps a picture of himself. Both are ignorant and rude.

  • it’s my opinion

    NBC actually reported about Obuttzo taking his own picture.

  • MichaelG23

    Communism and socialist are pigs. What else can be said.

  • truthcraver

    Booing of President Bush? This, while our CURRENT President was “smiling and taking selfie shots on his cell phone” during the memorial
    service. Outrageous immaturity and irreverence, Mr. Obama – your true personality came to the surface – shameful!

  • Larry Mickelson

    I don’t for the life of me know what Bush was doing there. Of course he would get booed, just think about the crowd that Mandela’s funeral would draw. Like fly’s on S#IT !!!!

  • playamoth

    The booing was for the wars he waged, the lies he’s told and the lives lost be it American or another. He is lucky as he could have been arrested for crimes against humanity.

    • Shubi

      And YOU, my friend, should be arrested for crimes against intelligence and common sense.

    • unclebarb

      You should know that more lives of American troops have been taken since the advent of Obama. His rules of engagement have caused more death to American troops than ever happened under Bush.

    • HJD

      The wars he waged with total support from both houses of Congress, and the international community. Speaking of lies, how’s your health insurance, or are you one of the many who are getting tossed into Medicaid? As for crimes against humanity, please spare me.

  • BobGuy

    Well… Giving such high honors to Mandella, who was a murderer and a terrorist, just shows you how goofy folks are. Booing GW was pretty stupid based on his massive resume’ of achievements and ongoing work specifically benefiting African people.

  • Larry Mickelson

    For the life of me I don’t know what Bush was doing there. Just think about the crowd that Mandela’s funeral would draw. Like fly’s on feces!

  • Larry Mickelson

    For the life of me I don’t know what Bush was doing there. Just think about the crowd that Mandela’s funeral would draw.

  • AZGunslinger

    Just goes to show US taxpayer $$$ to battle AIDS in Africa was wasted on ungrateful slugs.

  • David Fuhrman

    All they know is what the press tells them and, the world press follows in lockstep with what the American press puts out.

  • tessaprn

    This is what one receives when they do what they can to improve another’s life in another country. I would be petty enough to tell them to piss off for any future assistance but the Bush’s will continue to work with them and for them!

  • Worried

    of course they booed Bush, he is white, Africans are noted for their bigotry

  • David Silva

    Perhaps Mr. Bush was booed because of the fact that his war conglomerate, The Carlyle Group is the largest private company on earth. That makes he and Dick Cheney/Halliburton, who made $39 billion in blood money off the Iraq war, the two largest war profiteers of all time. Add the fact that Iraq war was based 100% on lies, and the big surprise is why Cheney & Bush are not in the Hague for war crimes. Being booed is the least of their problems.

    • Voltaire’s Ghost

      1. The Bush family left the Carlyle Group in the 80’s or early 90’s.

      2. No member of the Bush family has ever been the head of the Carlyle Group. The founder and primary beneficiary of the Carlyle Group has always been George Soros.

      • YouGoGirl

        David Sliva could care less about this, since it doesn’t make look George Bush particularly bad.

        • Voltaire’s Ghost

          It also exposes George Soros for the war profiteer that he is.

  • F. Richard

    Now, why doesn’t this surprise me one bit? It’s not like he fought to help the suffering of AIDS patients on the continent. Yeah, he deserved to booed.

  • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Abbas is not a Foreign dignitary or head of state. “Palestine” is not, and never has been, a country.

  • Kurt White

    If they want to boo people that actually help them, then I am all for the USA pulling its support and money from that country! We could certainly use those funds back here!

  • Lindakl

    Seems like blaques everywhere only cheer for skin color, but they are not racist?

  • Sylvia Sparks Simpson

    President George W. Bush always represented our country with dignity and class. Barbara taught him well. I can’t even imagine him laughing and taking his picture with a phone. How embarrassing that the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania doesn’t possess the same qualities. It’s true, some things can’t be bought

  • ted

    I booed him for wasting my tax dollars to fight aids in Africa.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Let the international idiots boo. What do they know–they were suckered by Obumuh’s loads’o’crap. Bush’s standing O has to be classified as classy because I’m sure Obumuh’s speech sucked so to give it a standing O was a huge gift.

  • DrSamHerman

    Paul Wellstone’s funeral redux.

    • PolkaDot

      You are absolutely right, same level of self-disrespect and disrespect to the deceased.

  • $36562119

    Well, he’s in the belly of the beast. Many of his AIDS initiatives have succeeded in saving lives through treatment. But the aid on condition of “abstinence- focused” prevention programs have put far more lives in jeopardy.

    • DixT

      Doesn’t say much for those people who refused to remain abstinent, does it? By Golly NO ONE is going to keep them from going from sexual partner to sexual partner—they have RIGHTS, you know!!!

      (And, yes, that was sarc!)

      • sharinite

        DixT you do understand that males still rule in Africa and that they have the same disrespect of women in their culture as the Muslims do in theirs…rape is common but it is never called rape there…girls murdered all the time. No more sarcasm please…

        • $36562119


      • $36562119

        DixT – You should really learn about the culture in Africa before you make such an ill informed statement and the true victims of HIV and Aids.

  • Kenneth James Abbott

    They should have boo’d him. Nelson Mandela was a terrorist and a communist–why would Bush want the ~support~ of people like that?

    • Bustin Cheeto’s Everywhere!

      Ya, I understand why the Obama’s and Clintons went, but why Bush?

      • sharinite

        Respect! You do the obligatories…decent people with manners do. We have become so jaded and unable to be fair minded that we can no longer understand words like responsibility, respect, decency, goodness,…we have become a planet of hate filled whiners.

  • Bustin Cheeto’s Everywhere!

    Obama booed at college basketball game

    This is only the beginning…as his poll numbers keep crashing lower and lower the boo’s will follow him everywhere he goes.

  • DixT

    I believe the funeral consisted of mostly Marxists and Communists, anyway, so not much of a bad reflection on President Bush!

    • Bustin Cheeto’s Everywhere!

      Boom!! You nailed it!!

    • Bob Boren

      You know, I think you are right. Being booed by those idiots is probably a complement. Thanks for the observation!

  • Darlene Dennis

    More proof of the sad, dysfunctional degenerate state of the world. We salute celebrity and boo real Philanthropists and Leaders like President Bush.

  • Red Menace

    Stupd stupid people. If they only knew Obama was polling at Bush levels.

    • sharinite

      You make an assumption that they even have a clue…they do as they are told, still, centuries, centuries later.

  • DixT

    Just another reason why the U.S. needs to keep our money HERE AT HOME!

  • Jean-Luc H Ulmer

    Neocon is definitely en vogue, and if you think they’re not, you’re more than likely a neocon. Now go vote for Chris Christy in 2016. While I have fun being an anti-semetic/liberal/conspiracy theorists, or whatever you just made up. I’ll go vote for Rand, and the other libertarian “nut-jobs.”

    • sharinite

      And that, Jean-Luc, is why Americans thank Rand followers are nutso! Your post proves the point beautifully…thanks for that!

    • SPCAndyJ

      Libertarians: The Montreal Expos of politics…

  • marlio

    They were not so stupid that they would have done that. If anyone was booed it should be been bozo!!! he tried to make the event all about him and was flirting with some woman, much to michelles displeasure.

  • H J

    another reason to strengthen our resolve. truth and decency will win the day.

  • plomaman

    How ignorant and rude… dont they know that GW Bush has done more to stop Aids in Africa than any other President?

    • Wayne Dorniels

      They don’t care…they’ll boo but then stick their hand out for more aid. And we’ll stupidly give it to them.

  • mohammad.felafal

    if George bush was black arrogant and incompetent he would not have been booed.

  • sharinite

    The media all around the planet are progressive democraps nee marxists that have spewed hate for over 70 years and hate America but always have their hands out for our aid…let them all go to hades…no more help!!!!!

  • SPCAndyJ

    This is why we shouldn’t give 18 billion dollars to people who don’t give a sh** about America…ungrateful scumbags.

  • terfull

    I think they were booing the Clintons.

  • Doug Wotton

    With any luck they will all just stay there now that would be the making of a truly merry Christmas and a happy new year :)

  • $29520529

    Because Africa is so progressive and self sufficient without the US. Not. Let them count on themselves for everything and let’s take care of our own.

  • Texan for Life

    Bush has spent his life and HIS MONEY helping Africa with AIDS. The ungrateful commies. He has more class in his little finger than all of Africa.

  • Bert Duane

    What do you expect in an arena full of communist??

  • pj4me

    Booing Bush and not Obama shows the deteriorating condition of the world — it’s lost. Obama has brainwashed too many human beings. Poor stupid people. They don’t understand what they’ve done to our America.

  • awillems

    What is left is right and what is right is left. So basically nothing makes sense anymore . Obama is a total narcacest jerk and acted like a total juvenile at this memorial and Michele’s face showed it. Bush has made a lot of mistakes but he has done more for Africa as far as Aids fund raising and Barack has done nothing. I am so sick of this total liar in chief but I guess the world is as screwed up as half of America, no sense anymore just total idiotic chaos and denial .

  • moi2u

    So….do you think Bush will pull his donations and sponsorship of the AIDS foundations he set up and continues to sponsor now that he knows he’s hated there??? Amazing how ignorance breeds hatred and how the Marxists keep peddling ignorance in S. Africa. The idiots. I’m assuming Bush will continue the work he began there as president of the U.S. as he and Laura are much classier individuals.

  • DailyKenn
    • ProgDestroyer

      Great! Finally a picture that backs up the statement that preezie bowed to another tyrant. This guy is such an azzclown.

  • DailyKenn

    Booed by a crowd of leftists, communists, and terrorists? Is there a greater honor?

    • Hugh Jaskock

      Thanks. I really wasn’t looking at it like that, but you are absolutely correct.

  • Delphinus13

    Wow!! A low-class crowd. Wasn’t it President Bush who pledged Billions to fight AIDS in Africa? Guess that’s what happens when you attend an event filled with Communists.

  • Luis Larmonie

    Progressive’s and Marxism don’t have a limit in their morals. Their only plan is to destroy the Democratic system on all cost!

  • Guest

    People keep saying how classy GWB is. Personally I wish he would stop being so “classy” and speak out about the fact that the present president is shredding the constitution.

  • Tyrconnell

    Hmmm, can’t reply to comments on this subject, now this posting has the reply tag, but other threads don’t, so I can’t reply

    • spaceycakes

      I noticed that too–I wonder if it only applies to those replying to an original post that has been deleted?

  • jondaly

    wow. think of all the south africans who are alive today because of W’s AIDS work. and yet the boo.

  • The_Questman

    Leftists started booing Pres Bush in 2000 and have never stopped. The only Left Wing person who stopped booing him was someone who saw first hand the good that he has done… That person is Bono.

  • johnkay

    Bush did more for Africa than all previous presidents combined

  • Hans Switzer

    Just goes to show that the only reason to go to Africa is to shoot things. I think we should cut off all the aid and give them a reason to be ungrateful.

  • TheBerean

    Classless, Star Wars Bar Scene at this event.

  • NotAReaderYet

    Sick, sad, ignorant world

  • cathy

    I miss George!

  • JZX

    uneducated dicks everywhere in this comment section

  • John Rose

    They should have praised him for all he has done for that country, scandalous .

  • Socialism is Evil. Organized.

    Attention students: This has all the arguments for decisively defeating your liberal teachers and professors:

  • Locutus O. Borg

    Bush could spit on the sidewalk and Malkin would call that classy.