Something stinks in Elizabeth (more than usual). Twitchy readers, meet moonbatty Democrat Chris Bollwage, the mayor of New Jersey’s fourth largest city.

When will the GOP’s nefarious “robot calling” of the “affordable healthcare computers” end? Hey, guys, he’s just “askin’ questions” (sans question mark … and sanity).

That they do. If it’s not the Kochtopus keeping the Obamacare website down, it’s those pesky GOP robot callers. Get that man a Build-a-Burger for lunch!

He’s all yours, Obama.

Exit question (complete with question mark):


Mayor Bollwage has sneakily deleted his tweet.

It disappeared into the Twitter ether. Fortunately for us — and oh-so-unfortunately for him — Twitchy is forever. Muahaha!

  • ceemack

    And fire can’t melt steel! Google it!

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Sadly, Rosie O’Derpal probably DID actually ponder the mayor’s “query” seriously.
      (Somebody, slap me! I’m just being too cute today!)

    • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Damn lying welders

      • John Q Public

        Acetylene fuel is far different from JP-5

        • Scorpion

          I’ll say.

          • John Q Public

            Thats usually what you do, yeah?

        • Nicholas D. Wolfwood

          Let me say this the 100th time. You don’t have to melt the dam steel. It was heavily loaded, so you only have to heat it to its yield point which is not glowing hot… temps you can attain in a house fire.

          • Tony Holmquist

            I worked in the oil refining business for 31 years. I have seen, with my own two eyes, a few times, fires melt steel girders, I-beams and piping to drooping spaghetti. Load that up with concrete and everything else that goes into a building, for multiple stories on top of it, I GUARANTEE IT WILL GO DOWN!!!

          • John Q Public

            Will it pancake at the speed of gravity?

          • OpenTheDoor

            Nick, I, as a misanthrope, pretty much have given up on J.Q.Public, they never get anything right.

          • dkrhino

            These are the same folks who probably do not understand why Liberty ships were sinking in the the North Atlantic without getting torpedoed (kind of a tangent, but applicable). I agree with OpenTheDoor.

  • Jennifer

    Don’t forget the Koch brothers sabotage. That’s all over Huffington Post.

    • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

      As much as the libs throw around their names, I wouldn’t know either of the Koch brothers if I passed them on the street. George Soros on the other hand, I can’t forget him even after many tries.

      • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        “Joe New York” probably knows David Koch– he’s probably seen Koch at the theater at Lincoln Center named for him. (How that must rankle all the Limo Libs, to have to attend a performance there!)

      • Ralph Trout

        just ask any dem if they know how many economies the koch brothers have destroyed on purpose and then pocket a cool BILLION or so LIKE SOROS their answer will be something along the order of ‘you racist moron’..

      • SturJen

        We refer to him as Darth Soros.

  • Your favorite Clete

    My phone tries to call computers all the damn time. I have to lock it in a box to keep it from misbehaving.

    And also explain to it that it can’t call a computer, only other phones.

    It then slinks back to it’s charger, all embarrassed and stuff.

  • LJPJ

    Honestly, those of us who want to #defundit are too busy working to pay the bill for it, we don’t have the time or inclination to firebomb it. sucks because it was poorly planned, poorly executed and poorly tested, if it was tested at ALL. I’m sure the contractor (who didn’t go through a bid process..probably got the gig because they know someone or something ) got ALL their money up front vs. upon successful delivery of the product. No right-winger would EVER do business that way….because we actually understand business. The people who get elected to public office never cease to amaze me with their capacity for stupidity.

    • nickdqwk

      The “Affordable Healthcare Act” sucks, because it is socialism.

      • HatakeMegumi

        And it is the opposite of affordable. I have have insurance through my employer, but if I signed up for the government healthcare my premiums would triple. How is that affordable? I live in Maryland and no one has explained this to me yet.

  • Garrett Gripling

    Ever since Republicans sold him ocean front property in Nebraska, he’s caught on to all of their tricks.

    • BlahBlah

      You’re saying it like there’s no ocean front property in Nebraska.

      • IBXNJ

        Which ocean????

  • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

    Um right…couldn’t be that it just sucks.

  • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

    YES! It’s true, all of it! MUAHAHAHAHA!!! WE’RE ALL IN ON IT!

    Now, I wants a shrubbery. Or the dog gets it.

  • ConservativeTexan

    I think I hear a “It’s George Bush’s fault” coming.

  • BlahBlah

    Is it possible that I was abducted by aliens last night? I was at this bar and then… I don’t remember anything. But I woke up and I had free health insurance, a new cell phone and an EBT card.

    • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

      nope. That would mean you’re an illegal ‘alien’ now. Which is way cool. Or an undocumented citizen or some sh*t.

      • BlahBlah

        The word “citizen” has been declared offensive 3 months ago. Please to not use it.

        • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

          Please excuse…Comrade Blah.

          • BlahBlah

            You should be more worried about the Commissariat’s reaction, not mine.

          • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

            I’m just as worried about that as you are Blah 😉

          • BlahBlah

            Then why do I hear click-click-click then heavy breathing every time I hit submit? I HOPE NO ONE IS LISTENING

          • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

            Didn’t say they weren’t listening. Guess we’ll see April 15th. Or sooner.

          • BlahBlah

            I guess Merkel found out today. They will probably audit her too.

    • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

      No Cadillac? What a ripoff.

      • BlahBlah

        It’s right outside. But the production line misspelled Cadillac (inorite Detroit) and so it says “Yugo”.

        • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

          Detroit still makes cars?

  • Chevypowered

    Is this the launch of the “It was so effing awesome but those damn Republicans sabotaged us to deny you this life giving health care” campaign?

  • Marcy Cook

    Oh Dearie, if only we had that much power you wouldn’t be sitting there making idiot tweets, we would have already sent you packing…..hopefully out of the country.

  • keyboard jockey

    Except the volume of web visits dropped off dramatically when everyone figured out it was a clusterf2ck, so the answer is NO.

  • Steve Rizzle

    he should go check with NSA. I am sure they have phone tracings.

  • Sim

    Yes, and the democrats where moving around Saddam’s WMDs so we couldn’t find them. What a moron!

  • Scorpion

    The Republicans convinced R2d2 and c3po to clog up the system. That’s a new one.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      “May the Schwartz-er,Force be with you!” XD Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Julius500

    I”d have to consider moving.

  • nickdqwk

    Of course the Republicans are clogging the system, why it’s almost as easy as rigging elections.

  • Zathras11 @B5

    “Is it possible the Repub party is robot calling the affordable healthcare computers…”

    LMAO, they aren’t on a dial-up modem, libtard.

  • M F Scotto

    @MayorBollwage Is it possible the Repub party is robot calling the affordable healthcare computers and phone lines in order to tie it up so results dismal


    • IBXNJ

      I used to live in that God forsaken town(Elizabeth NJ) So glad I moved!!! Elizabeth is deep in the heart of Sappranos Country, where the old school political machine is alive and well!!

  • M F Scotto

    Apparenly the GOP is so savvy, they started robocalling during the testing process and made it fail then too.

    • Brian Johnson

      Wait — there was a testing period?

      • M F Scotto

        The sad part is that the answer is “yes”… it failed repeatedly and they rolled it out anyway. Sebelius begged them to upgrade to FrontPage 2000, but those private sector capitalists forced HHS to use FrontPage 1998 instead.

        • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          Come on now, they created it in notepad and were confused because they couldn’t find the wysiwyg editor.

          • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump


          • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            62% geek, thanks. I used to be 60% geek, but then I got a little too excited about QR codes, so it raised my geek quotient.

          • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

            Obviously, they’ve forgotten how to use the “<==" (Backspace) and Del(ete)

          • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

            buttons. Jawamax 8<{D}

      • Lindakl

        Yes and it failed but no one told O hole.

  • Republicanvet

    You nasty gopbaggerthugarsonisterrorists should know this life saving benefit provided by our glorious leader is for those who support him, so stop gumming up the interweb signals, pay your taxes and shut up!!!11!!

  • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

    I thought the government was supposed to be behind the conspiracy theories, not the victims of them.

    • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

      Spin cycle Stephen. Wash.Rinse.Repeat.

  • Phebelyn

    “Robot calling”…..LOL LOL!


  • M F Scotto

    I assume the “Robot call” went something like this… “Danger! Will Robinson!”

    • Republicanvet

      Depends. If it were calling college age or younger girls, it may have been “Carlos Danger, Will Robinson”.

  • Marvin Nelson

    This dude is as crazy as an outhouse rat. Probably wears a tinfoil hat so that the evil Republicans can use mind control on him. Oh, wait, . . .

  • DaMello ®

    The desperation is so thick.

  • HanaFiveO

    It does not occur to him that out of the over 1/2 million folks who got their insurance cancelled and need to use the exchange….might be Rs? Idiot.

    • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

      That would be an interesting statistic: The Ratio of people who have lost their jobs (and insurance) due to Obamacare to the number of people signed up under the Obamacare website. What is the Net Number of Insured?

      • HanaFiveO

        Unfortunately, that is a question that they refuse to answer. What I know for a fact is that my insurance got cancelled b/c it was not ACA compliant. Now I’m one of those R-robots scrambling to get insurance.

        • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

          I’m one of those criminals who refuses to comply. I cancelled my insurance the day after the Supreme Court decision.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Question:How did Elizabeth get STUCK with this #MoonBat #DipWad #Idiot for their Mayor?

    Oh yeah, they elected (Selected?) him….Make him a part of the Turnpike! Jawamax 8<{D}

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Right next to Jimmy Hoffa XD Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Michelle ✓classified

    It is such a sad sign of the times when a person #ThatF*ckingStupid gets into an election position.

    • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

      That is it Exactly! Thank you Michelle.

      • Michelle ✓classified

        He’s right up there with what’s his name who worried about Guam capsizing and also worried about the supply of helium because “that funny voice is near and dear to our hearts.” Seriously, to the people who elect this level stupid, f*ck you.

        • redheadgrl

          That’s Hank Johnson, who replaced Cynthia McKinney. It is a gerry-mandered district where only a D can win.

  • David Johnson

    Why doesn’t he say what he really means “Bush is Robot Calling Obamacare Lines”

  • Lindakl

    I hope this idiot doesn’t have children.

  • Texan357

    Those darn sneaky “GOP ops”

    • no_more_deceit

      not the black ops though, right? 😉

  • Red Fred

    Okay, okay, we admit it, we screwed your little website down. Call Anonymous.

  • Randy Adams

    Conservatives are WORKING! We don’t have time for such nonsense, and Obamacare doesn’t need any help from us to implode. In less than two weeks, O will magnanimously declare a one year delay in implementation, prompting the masses to line up to kiss his ring, and Dem pols to breathe a sigh of relief, thinking that this might help them next November. If this is not the greatest conservative landslide in history, this country deserves no better than this bunch of losers, including the loser in chief!

  • HeavyMetalPolkaMonkey

    And in other news: Dizzy with success and not wishing to bogart all the credit, Obama renames his wildly popular healthcare mandate to HillaryCare

  • operanerd1986

    As of 5:12 PM Central Daylight Time, it looks as though the mayor deleted his tweet, not realizing that Twitchy is forever. I kind of wish we had the power these nutcases think we have.

  • Buffalobob

    We’ve been exposed, hope no one tells him we’re all racists.

  • HWGood

    She has to be right. The message was beamed directly to her from the Mother Ship.

  • ToyZebra

    The heavy traffic is likely from identity thieves who see this as a gold mine.

  • E Quilibrate

    If the vast majority of those of us posting these sites were to just ignore the
    postings of derps like marylandman et al. they probably would ultimately meet
    their only possible fate. Out there in the ether playing with themselves and
    leaving the adults at the table to converse uninterrupted.

  • Richard Nightwood

    Cripes a’mighty, the GOP also managed to change the very coding of the law itself which doubles everyone’s monthly premium and quintuples their deductibles, the nefarious bastiges.

  • WisconsinPatriot

    Redsteeze nails it…….nothing really left to say.

  • MaMa1

    It’s amazing how these illiterate, redneck Teapartiers keep outsmarting the Dems!

  • sb36695

    I wouldn’t access the unsecure site. So it’s not me!

    • Johnston2

      Wait. The Obamacare site is not an Https site?

  • Pat Barrett

    This man is the Mayor of a large town? He can’t even spell? Is this what our country’s leaders are now? I can’t believe this. God help us all.

  • EdinColorado

    Democrabs are so use to cheating, backstabbing, lying and being dishonest that they think other people do it also… HEY, FAT GUY BOLLWAGE, we’re Republicans, we’re at work… and don’t have the time….

  • Timothy Western

    Dude, the president mentions the number on national TV. and you don’t expect the lines to be jammed? Wow, just wow. It’s called a point load, which any performance engineer, or even slightly educated tester would know about.

    • logic,please!

      You give them too much credit, Tim!

      • Timothy Western

        The President, even mentioned that they were not busy, but that was before he gave it out on national TV. So he was aware of what he was doing I think.

    • Johnston2

      They create a system where everyone is required to sign up then fail to allocate enough resources for everyone to sign up at exactly the same time. The crap won’t actually hit the fan until the deadline. You think the lines are jammed now? Wait until the day before the deadline. They better reallocate and train the entire postal service to answering questions about Obamacare.

  • Gwyndolen Boudicca Benghazi Be

    I wish I knew Twitter talk. I just don’t have the time to try and learn a new language.

  • H John Massey

    I’ll bet George Bush is behind the whole thing. 😉

    • CJ Chadwick

      Yes, still waiting on MSM to declare that the official narrative!

      Twitter: @chadwick_cj

  • Jose CUnha

    ..yes ladies and gentleman another brain trust brought to you by the Democratic Party. Tomorrow he will ponder if aliens actually caused the ACA problems, we all know those spacemen are all Tea Baggers. What a freakin moron….

  • Gordon Waite

    I scream when I see crap like this! It’s like my little kids blaming someone, anyone else for their screw ups. I guess that blaming Bush would be too way out there!

  • Mark Jackson

    Oh-Oh the Mayor caught me. My robot has been calling constantly since October 1st, and boy is it’s finger tired.

  • Scotty G.

    You ain’t seen nothing yet Mr. Mayor. Just wait ’till we release the sharks with frickin’ laser beams on their heads.

  • Gordon Waite

    Wow, who is this marylandman and what liberal assembly line he, or she, fall off of?

  • JustMyOpinion

    He is a liberal … that explains it all.

  • TomfromWB

    Repubs are the proud owner of the biggest “I told you so” in political history… for an encore the Dem’s will next nominate the lady who engineered the Hillarycare disaster of 1993…. got to love it….

  • Bill C

    @MayorBollwage no, we’re all AT WORK being PRODUCTIVE CITIZENS and not drains on society, unlike those who will use #Obamacare

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    What will WH leak on Friday to distract MSM from the Obamacare disaster?

    • DixT

      Good question.

  • Leenie Vunghn
  • Ralph Trout

    so does this mean also that the several hundred who tried it days before the first official day were all republicans..that day it CRASHED and they knew it sucked before the very first day???? dems are the biggest bigots in the country!!

    • AcecardZ

      Dems are easily the biggest bigots and it’s not even close.

      • Ralph Trout

        they’re bigots..they’re biased..they’re liars or should say they repeat liars like the liar in chief…they’re hypocrites and have used the double standard provided by them by a media that has lost all pretense of being a 4th estate there to protect us FROM govt…..and perhaps most of and listen to them..THEY ALL DO EXACTLY what they try and tell us that we do….add to that INTOLERANT…don’t believe about GRAYSON”S use of a burning cross to insult millions of people. many of which LITERALLY saved the world in the early 40’s. we will NEVER ALLOW THEM to bully us into silence again no matter how much ass’s like mccain and graham do,. and we WILL save this once great constitutional republic by any means necessary.

  • stewedhamm

    How does one “robot call,” I wonder…
    I bet you have to do it telephonically

    • MyrmidoNOT

      Utilizing POTS?

      Plain Old Telephone Service?
      President Of This Sh!t?

      We have a ‘new’ acronym!!!

  • Michael Rice

    Wasn’t there a show called Robot Chicken?

  • Michael Rice

    Isn’t it possible this administration is just flat out inept?

  • CasualMeyhem

    So show me the forever tweet! Give me a working link please?

  • rssllue

    Let’s all say it together: He is most definitely a moonbat! There, that feels better.

  • Tom Montz

    Democrats are just brainwashed idiots and what is scary is they breed as well

    • AcecardZ

      Not only do they breed they breed at much crazier rates than conservatives. See the single welfare mom with five kids if you don’t get the point I’m trying to make.

      • drw

        But hey, the “good” news is that we all get to pay for birth control and abortion in our “new and improved” health insurance policies. The bad news is the single welfare moms won’t use it.

  • Nicole Coulter

    That’s actually a great idea. Unfortunately, the GOP would never do anything to hurt the Democrats. So, great ideas like this will never happen!

  • native son

    And the best tweet award goes to…………….Hammy!

  • Danny Meeker

    “When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the plaintiff.” — Cicero
    It’s also become the DNC’s strategy for their incompetence.

  • Michele Pullara Allen

    Ever wonder who these polls are polling? I mean…..if they use phone numbers in the book, most of us don’t own a home phone coz we can’t afford it anymore. I just don’t believe that TEA party members and Repubs are so disliked….who are they asking? The folks that sit at home with government issued HOME phones? I am proud of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee!!! So that’s ONE “for” the conservative movement…I have a visceral dislike for democrats that believe that killing babies is a choice and making people slaves of the state is optimal and that taxing hard working families into poverty is the American way. That is ONE down vote for the democrats. Last point, tonight I heard that Obamacare is going to cost us 1 TRILLION $$$$$….. Who is going to pay this??? That’s right, those of us that sill can find a job!! Obummer s policies are NOT working!!! Can we at least TRY something else like CONSERVATISM??? Ok, I’ll hush!!:)

  • DixT

    Immanuel Kant said there can be NO “enlightenment,” until people start thinking FOR THEMSELVES, rather than allowing others to think for them. He said people become lazy and cowardly, when they allow others to think for them. Boy, if Kant were around today, he’d be totally flabbergasted by all the sheeple in the liberal Democrat Party!!!! And he would announce that “enlightened reasoning” IS DEAD!

  • Leigh Van Horn

    Drunk tweeting? Sounds like it to me. Idiot.

  • Leigh Van Horn

    I am a lower-middle class American that has seen my life change drastically since 2008. My husband and I were very comfortable middle class. Rented a nice house, had nice cars, owned a restaurant. Had good jobs. Could take an occasional vacation. By 2010 we were in dire straits. I am now unable to work so my husband, who lost his job, has had to resort to hard physical labor to support us. There is nothing we can do to change things. We are both older and no one wants to hire older workers. Or if they do, they aren’t willing to pay what we are worth in experience, reliability and work ethic. This ObamaCare will be the end of us whether we join the program or opt-out. Because we can’t afford either option. Where is the good part here? Feels liked damned if we do and damned if we don’t. And if someone wants to attack me because I’m a Conservative, go ahead. I am too worn out and stressed these days to care what anyone thinks about my views. No one gives a damn anyway. The whole attitude is, “if you disagree with me, then you are the enemy”. I don’t need a damned ivory tower. I just want some happiness again.

  • 3am

    “Is it possible the Repub party is robot calling the affordable
    healthcare computers and phone lines in order to tie it up so results
    dismal— Chris Bollwage (@MayorBollwage) October 19, 2013”
    Yeah, because we’re so well known for using Dem tactics.
    Those people eat drink and sh!t this stuff night and day, I swear!!!

  • Edgar Castelo
  • AZWarrior

    Are all Dimwitcraps taking assclown pills? They are the most unbelievable collection of dumbasses ever assembled.

  • MyrmidoNOT

    Wow! My Roomba just ‘called’…
    it successfully enrolled.

    Damned thing must be a Republican… 😉
    (Or would that ‘make it’ a deNOcrat??)

  • MikeTX62

    @MayorBollwage deleted his Obamacare truther post!! WHAT A COWARD!! #moonbat #libtard #Obamacare

  • Bruce Smarjesse

    Actually, it is the dems robocalling to sabotage it and making it out to be the gop that is doing it. wait, what? I don’t have time for this I have to go to work.

  • Mike

    Those must be some great jersey drugs

  • kerryjameshamilton

    So I guess he’s saying Republicans aren’t welcome to use the President’s “really good product.” Asshat Mayor sounding like our Asshat President.

  • Grandma_of_Four

    This one gave me a BIG LAUGH! “O”BLAME”R” and his cohorts are nothing but USED CAR SALESMEN and this commercial is an especially BAD ONE!

  • Phyllis T West

    What a moron! Hard to believe he can find his way home.

  • Susan Fuchs

    awww, the poor batshit….. why are people so mean to you…. bat shit is good, especially for fertilizer!!!!

  • Montesquieu

    Hussein Obama is very delusional.

  • spaceycakes

    my tea kettle got signed up somehow. It is demanding a new ‘cozy’

  • Texan1

    Here’s an idea…everyone call the mayor’s office and tie up his phone. We will be doing a real service for the people of Elizabeth!

  • Michael LeBlanc

    They always find a way to blame repubs…They still blame Bush for the failed economic policies of Obama…This is what they do!

  • Taylor Lake

    Superstition is one of the Seven Major Negative Emotions that Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” warned against indulging in, and which form the core of liberal thought and expression (the others being Fear, Anger, Hatred, Greed, Jealousy and Revenge).

    Bollwage’s remark is a classic example of liberal superstition, blended with a dash of hatred — typically when they speak or write, you’ll find libs mixing a cocktail of two or more of the Seven Majors.

  • billeeblue

    We were waiting for something like this to be said, and dammit, here it is.

  • Michelle ✓classified

    I replied to his tweet with this:

    Michelle [email protected]
    @MayorBollwage The folks who elected you should be utterly embarrassed by how stupid you are.

  • vdetillion

    oblamer in chief is at it again.

  • Brian Boyle

    Here’s the latest reason for failure. They didn’t have enough money to set up the website. The Republicans wouldn’t let them spend the money needed to do it properly. HMM could anybody out there in the IT world tell me what kind of website I could get for 3/4 of a billion dollars?

  • Brett Weir

    Here is what I do not understand. For 361 days out of the year, we are told that Republicans are complete and utter mo.rons. But, a couple times every year they put together an unbelievable, genius plan to fool the Dems. Like this robocall overload, or the time Bush fooled congress into voting for war, or the time they created a hurricane and let the water inundate NO.