Actor James Woods is a shining light of conservatism in an industry that demands lockstep liberal allegiance … or else. Spirited, fearless and brutally honest, Woods refuses to compromise his principles or strap on a Hollyweird muzzle, “consequences” be damned.

When that Twitter follower asked Woods if he worries about losing work due to his out-and-proud conservatism, he explained that he doesn’t expect to work again. But his country comes first and he’s willing to put his career on the line to stay true to his ideals.

Woods has the support of another bold and outspoken Hollywood conservative — actor Adam Baldwin.

Silent no longer.

Gary Sinise, Patricia HeatonKevin SorboDean Cain, Nick Searcy, Clint Eastwood and Stacey Dash are among the Tinseltown conservatives putting country first. Will others follow?


James Woods, Ken Wahl: ‘Silent no longer!’ Wahl: More ‘closeted’ conservatives will come out

Full Twitchy coverage of James Woods

  • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

    By 2016 we may not any of us be working.

    • pajamakat

      Isn’t that the plan ??? I see nothing but a wasteland coming. And to James Woods, a true patriot – your comments gave me goose bumps. God bless you. Please stay safe. You are on Obama’s “list” now for sure.

      • Vicki Danielle

        I think he’s been on 0blahblah’s list for a while.

      • TroyGates

        And the IRS’ list

      • Nelida Quesada

        BUT MY LORD will PROTECT HIM!!!!!!!!

        • Derrick Washington

          There’s no Lord lady. Sorry.

          • Nanaof3kids

            Sorry for you You will find out on judgement day, but it’ll be too late for you then.

          • Darci MacNeil

            Lady…I will never worship a god that allows such evil to rein over mankind…ignorance is bliss. Wake up! Sheeples are going off their cliff and I am headed in the other direction.

          • Nick Battistella

            Darci get god will ya

          • Bruce

            Darci has a “God” but she doesn’t know that….everybody has a “God”

          • JeffreyFuller

            God allows us free will, we create and carry out evil.

          • Swagner

            “Ugh, I could never worship a god that lets people make choices, I mean, how awful is that?”

          • Neil Parker

            I only pray that someday you will change your mind, I did and I have never regretted it one day since!

          • Swagner

            (Um, in case anyone is missing my point, I was sarcastically imitating Darci. I understand how hard it is to convey tone of voice over the internet.)

          • Lucy Findley West

            So you’d rather be an automaton? With no heart, imagination, joy, feelings, or relationship? How would you feel if your mom and dad, or love interest told you exactly how it is going to be and you had no choice in the matter, good or bad? No creativity allowed. ?? It’s all about freedom and relationship. Choice and love. Not force.

          • Alan C Rohner

            Isn’t that what is in the White House?

          • Tyllor Parker

            You mean this god that claims the earth and all plant life on it were created the day before the sun and moon? Your god obviously doesn’t know anything about the rules it supposedly created.

          • Bruce

            What are you talking about??

          • GeorgeinParadise

            That’s what I was going to say Jeffrey. Derrick needs to know that. God does not allow it. The Lord of this world, Satan allows it. God gives us life and a choice to do good or evil. Where do you stand Derrick?

          • Neil Parker

            Lady God does not allow it We DO!!! God gave us a choice to believe and serve him or to believe and serve ourselves and evil and this nation has chosen the latter. So don’t blame God for this nation and others stupidity and lack of faith!

          • Sheree

            Guess no one ever told you there is a Real live devil – read the Bible you’re spiritual eyes are closed. The world is in a ‘Spiritual Battle’ evil vs good .. one doesn’t even have to be a Christian or know God’s Word to figure that out!

          • msgreat

            Darci, God does not ‘allow’ anything. He only loves….so much that though it must pain him, he gave us free will. Enough of us can accept His love to make a difference….it just takes time. But don’t worry, you are His child, and he loves you too, and has made provision for you in His kingdom.

          • Faye Davis

            God does not cause evil man does. Americans have kicked God out of their lives. There is evil and good if majority of the people prefer to follow the world and not the Bible then we are allowing evil to rein.

          • Jim

            Darci, That is your choice to follow what ever you want. Would you rather have freedom of choice or have God control every aspect of your life? God wants us to choose him instead of God forcing you to love him.

            Man chose evil over a relationship with God in the Garden of Eden. It’s man reaping what he has sown. Man keeps choosing evil over God. Just look at what comes out of Hollywood. Your are even running from God to Evil right now. Yes, there is bad things that happen, that is the condition of a sinful broken world. In the beginning,Before Man choose Evil, God’s plan was for mankind to live for eternity, in peace on earth, with a relationship with God. I hope that sheds light

          • Alfonso Ponce-Enrile

            ….you too! I can tell you have no desire to worship a God you do not know, now who’s ignorant?

          • beebop1952

            How come God is always the reason for the “bad” and never gets any credit for the good? You, my dear, miss the joyful release from judgment we call faith. Or? Government is your god.

          • commcowboy

            God did not bring SIN into the world; Adam did that by disobedience to God’s commandment. Unless you repent you will be held accountable for your SIN. This life is a vapor; HELL is forever….Is your SIN worth eternity in HELL?

          • Kathy-Jean Moore

            God does not cause evil, He does allow evil to be done by creatures who
            possess a free will. He created man in His own image free to choose between
            obedience to his commandments, or disobedience. And since God will not take away
            that freedom, he will not prevent man from sinning, even though sin is the root
            source of the ills of this world. So, it was man who has brought
            upon himself the multitude of evils that abound throughout the world. While God does not will or cause evil in itself, He does allow it, because
            in His infinite wisdom and mercy He can cause a greater good to come from it.
            And for this same reason he does justly inflict punishments. Your statement is an excuse to not believe in God… I will pray for you.

          • pajamakat

            There are no atheists in fox holes.

          • Scott McEuen

            He gave us free will to chose our path. those who do not believe are the ones that “allow such evil to rein over mankind” He created us not to control us but to love us and hope for our love in return. He could have made us robots to do his will but he didn’t.

          • reggie_gabr

            Worship Obama, the same way some worshipped Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara etc…worship the ideology of lies, ideology of fantasies that leads to a path of destruction….«Hell is paved with good intentions»

          • usaok59

            Mankind chose the evil. God always gives us a choice of doing good or not…too many decided they want what THEY want and to h*ll with everyone else. Greed and power, those are the gods for too many.

          • Lucy Findley West

            So by default you live for the god of destruction? One or the other buddy. No fence straddling. Who do you think is responsible for the destruction you hate? God gave us a choice Life or death. He gave you free will to make a difference in this life. We aren’t puppets, you know. Hell is real. Eternity is forever. It’s not cute to see sleepers pretend there is no God. It’s dangerous.

          • lynprice

            God does not allow evil to reign Men choose evil and good people sit back and complain instead of acting…. It is better to have faith and trust in something good and better in man then true ignorance and lack of faith in anyone. God brings peace to your very soul and hope to your lives. WIthout Him you have neither.

          • pat francese

            men make sin idiot not god.u must be related to the other atheist bill maher

          • Craig M

            Only mankind allows themselves to be reined over.

          • Tony Chops

            talk about ARROGANCE! Why should God protect our country after we forced Him out?? Don’t blame God because you asked Him to leave and He did to some extent.

          • disqus_Vgs7lsZdNR

            So Darci the evil you are alluding to is Obama!!!

          • susan hill moore

            It is called freewill.. and was given to us by God so that we would make our own choices and NOT be ” sheeples”. Those who are going off the cliff are doing so because they chose to follow the evil. one, Satan. Why take a chance with your eternal soul and choose satan over a loving God? That IS the ” other direction! I don`t judge you. I care about you.

          • Stefanie

            Blah, blah, blah!

          • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

            Stop. Please.

          • Evadne Saltsman-Douglas

            Satan is the Prince of this world, but only until Jesus returns for his own. Then Satan will be cast into the place prepared for him: hell. Satan and his demons are working extra hard to deceive people as he knows his end is near. Take the time to read the Bible, maybe start with the book of John in the New Testament. Sent with love.

          • Tyllor Parker

            You might as well give that silly crap up sometime before your ignorance actually guides us all into civilizational collapse and we find no Jesus to relieve us of responsibility afterwards.

          • So you say

            I love how religion brings you lib POS out of the woodwork.

            Practice safe sex and go F yourself!

          • Deane Cooper

            Now THAT”S funny!! LMAO!

          • Tyllor Parker

            Do you always sound so idiotic or is today just your off day? Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it isn’t reality.

          • susan hill moore

            Now THAT was really a classy thing to say.Showed your intelligence. ( or lack thereof)

          • James Nelson

            Derrick you must have no thought process at all or just a punk 20 year old kid. Look around, are you blind?

          • John

            Show me an atheist who wouldn’t applaud Communism and I’ll show you a unicorn.

          • Bluesman125

            Here’s one. Atheist, and a movement conservative since I cast my first-ever vote in 1980 for Ronald Reagan. Cold Warrior in uniform for 20 years, and 7 and counting as a civvie. I have been killin’ commies and terrorists on your behalf for longer than I wasn’t, and I’m nearly as deadly to stupid liberal ideologues that try to beat me in the arena of ideas.

            BTW, what’s the bag limit on unicorns, and when does the season open?

          • Byron Shutt

            Thanks for your service……and there is still time for your redemption.

          • dubh45

            69, over that and you have to sign up for socialized medicine

          • gene guess

            The Devil is loose in this world until the Lord returns soon, my friend. Infantry! Hoorah!

          • falling321

            Here’s a second one. I am an American loving, Constitution supporting, mother of a vet who spent four years deployed in service of our country. I’m also an atheist. But I do NOT believe Christians should be silenced, I DON’T believe that IN GOD WE TRUST should be removed from our money, being wished Merry Chrismas does NOT cause me to faint, in fact I think Christmas music is beautiful. I firmly believe that people who think differently than me have the right to be heard, not insulted, but I also reserve that same right for myself! So like Bluesman, this conservative, NON Communist applauding, Atheist would like to see the unicorn…and can I bring a camera and my bird watching binoculars? :)

          • Sean Barrentine

            lol And this is why you shouldn’t shoot your mouth off in a crowd, especially in discussions involving politics and religion together. Thanks kindly for your support of the right for me and others to believe as we will without mockery. I can’t say I quite understand how one can believe a universe as complex as ours came into being without a designer, but I imagine my belief in my God seems just as strange to you. Thanks for the laugh with the unicorn bit, also, and the same to Bluesman. Reckon we’re gonna need everyone that loves freedom on board with this craziness, never mind religion for now.

          • americanreal

            Please look outside and see all Creation give evidence to a Creator

          • Beadbabe16

            AMEN to THAT!!!

          • msgreat

            As a God loving and believing Christian, I respect you and whatever you believe. It is not my place to bring you to my Lord God, but His. I trust in Him that He will do that, as I would like you to feel my peace……..but it is between you and Him.

          • commcowboy

            God does not believe in atheists; therefore, they don’t exist.

          • falling321

            LOL Atheists do not believe in God; therefore, he doesn’t exist!

          • Loangirl

            Thank you for your kindness! I, too, believe we should all have the right to believe what we want as long as we do not hurt others and acknowledge one another.

          • Tyllor Parker

            It takes a certain kind of idiot to think that we can ignore our way into the future without any regard for our effects on the systems that make our society possible. Do you know what a world looks like when it ignores reality to the point where reality refuses to allow our continued existence? This is a world that has ignored reality and pretended as if there is an infinite supply of fossil fuels waiting for our consumption. There wont be any Jesus coming back to relieve you of responsibility for your ignorance.

          • susan hill moore

            Your obvious hatred for anything God- related speaks volumes! We don`t have, or want to put you down, Tyllor. We are sad for you.We pray for you to know.

          • Michael Rice

            Not in the White House, no there is not.

          • Z_He_Lives

            J4CK455 ALERT!


          • gene guess

            Just a few chromosomes away from being real Jack-asses!

          • Swagner

            “Oh look, another opportunity to show how smart I am by saying ‘You’re wrong’! I’m so brilliant.”

          • Debbie Boucher Sorenson

            why did u find the need to comment on someone elses faith. This conversation isnt about that. Its about the goverment.

          • Tyllor Parker

            Because your faith is interfering in the advancement of progress in that your faiths prefer to get gas prices cheap enough to drive back to the 50’s before climate change and gay rights. If your solution to the energy crisis is to drill more oil wells and mine more coal, you really have nothing smart to say and should go find a church to pray in. Leave the voting to those of us that understand the concept of progress.

          • marylou45

            Yes there is, because right up to the time Glen Beck told the people, The only thing that can save our Country is Prayer, Please get on your knees everyday and pray to God for his help.
            Right up till that time Obama was winning, Now it seems like everything Obama tries to do just turns to dust in his hands and that is what’s called .. Gods Work.

          • Tyllor Parker

            Prayer isn’t going to insure the poor or bring us a new energy infrastructure. Prayer isn’t going to do a damn thing. Considering your bible says that all leaders are chosen by god I would think long and hard about your logic or lack thereof.

          • Scarlet LeMay

            I believe this is true. People are sticking together finally. Close our parks, do whatever, just go away and take your death plan with you!!

          • Neil Parker

            You may chose not to serve Him but that does not negate His existence nor will your lack of faith stop His judgment one day!

          • Alfonso Ponce-Enrile

            ….for you there’s no Lord that’s clear, but for us JESUS IS Lord!

          • John Hughes

            I have herd people before say there is no God. Where do they think they came from? Nothing crawled out of the ocean and became them. Believe me, when death comes knocking, you atheist will start searching. The Bible says, “seek and you will find”. Your sole never dies, what do you believe is going to happen to yours? JFH

          • susan hill moore

            You will see. Someday.

        • Eddie Cara Rice White

          Romans 8:31, “If the Lord be with me, Who can stand against me?! The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure. Thomas Jefferson

        • BreinigsvillePA

          And just what do any of these asinine comments have to do with James Woods? Absolutely nothing. Go spout your religious dogma somewhere else. It certainly does not belong here. Plus – most of you can’t even spell! GO AWAY!

      • Debbie Hall

        Love James! and love your response!!

    • Squirrel!

      Anyone working will be working for the gov’t. I pray we get through this in one piece.

      • HaHa

        Scary thing is, eventually the government will have no money to pay anyone since no one will be working. Everything here in the US will be owned by foreign company’s. We will end up having to learn Mandarin Chinese to be part of our new rulers. Thank you Obama. God Bless you James Woods.

        • Squirrel!

          I figure it’d be we work for them & they provide us with the minimal to survive. No actual pay though.

          • Z_He_Lives

            Been a big fan of James Woods since way back in the day, now he’s showing me why. It’s funny, but nearly all the actors I actually liked growing up have spoken out against Obama in recent times.

            You are awesome,James Woods, and I’m going to make sure everybody I know gets a copy of Videodrome.

          • usaok59

            Or all the women here will be wearing burkas.

        • cltcat

          Yep we have been feasting for years, and now it’s time for the bill. Unfortunately we’ll need a translator because it’ll be in Mandarin. Maybe they’ll let us wash some dishes. Lord knows we need the jobs

        • RememberKathrynSteinle

          As They Used to Say in the USSR: We Pretend to Work and They Pretend to Pay Us

        • james cousins

          Not eventually right now, every American owes an iou of $50000 to pay off debts to foreign countries. this admin has caused us to lose all the super power we ever had.

        • Robert Hutson

          Not those working in the private sector. We have been on our own paying for the rest of you for years. This is our chance to get out of thumb of tyranny!!!

        • Hefailed

          Ni hao. Wo jiao shenme?

          • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

            Wakarimasen, gomen nasai.

          • Hefailed

            Ah, Japanese!

          • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

            Hai, honto!

          • Liam Gallagher

            Ni hao, to you! Or hello to you

        • Tyllor Parker

          What kind of idiocy is this? HaHa you should maybe look a bit harder at reality and maybe you’ll realize that a lot of the things you claim are just a bunch of bullshit.

        • Jim

          Actually, It is the Muslims that we need to worry about. They are immigrating here in record numbers and having large families. Eventually, they will have a majority and try to install Sharia law. We have a big example of a Muslim, in the White House now. We will not have the chance to learn Arabic because as a Christian the enemy of the Devil/Allah , we will be targeted for death. In fact as Christians we already are targeted for death by Muslims. Here in the states they are more devious, but they are planning for those days.

      • Michael Benson

        O. W. O., One World Order! Where the Billionaires are the Kings and Queens, Millionaires are the Noblemen and all others are Pawns, used for work and entertainment as like Gladiators!

    • Cleatus Van Damne ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      A key component of the global progressives’ plan is to systematically implode the economy. With mass unemployment, the People will look to government for salvation. That is how you take over a nation too powerful to be conquered militarily- economic warfare. Just ask George Soros.

      • Medicinewoman2

        Ask Hitler!

      • vdetillion

        Some day soon Jesus will come back evil will be done away with and the meek shall inherit the earth thanks everyone for all you are doing to bring this about even more quickly. The more you push for one world government the faster we are moving toward a Theocracy.

        • Derrick Washington

          Hold your breath and wait on that.

          • Nanaof3kids

            God is and always will be in control.

          • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

            No need to be offensive.

          • Mo Ducks

            Please hold your breath, I will wait on that too.

          • Vitiosum

            Were you raised in a den of vipers?

          • Swagner

            Nah, this is what happens when parents let the internet raise their kids.

          • Vitiosum

            Well, his wittiness does remind me of a basement dweller. The parental units need to cut the cord.

    • Soulphoenix

      Oh, we’ll be working … at assigned jobs with government “minders” armed with cattle prods and assault rifles. This is how socialism ALWAYS progresses – overpromise to capture support, consolidate power, collapse the system, then suspend liberty and force people to work where you “need” them to. And kill/imprison those who resist.

      How many times do people have to SEE this before they understand it? Oh, that’s right – teach them “alternative” history and all will proceed according to plan.

      • Bytor

        I’m going to resist just so they know ahead of time. The sheeple have been blinded. They believed the promises.

    • lee martell

      Catherder, I hope you’re wrong, but would not be surprised if we edge close to that for a year or two. By the way, the way you phrased your remark sounds very British (we may not any of us). Are you from the land of the Beatles or perhaps it’s southern cousin of Austrailia? Just wondered. I miss having money to travel.

      • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

        Nope, southeast Texas I ain’t sorry to say.

        • LisaG

          I understood you perfectly. I speak fluent southeast Texas. 😉

        • Wiki David

          Just watch out for the valley and the border… it’s turning blue. And deep in the center of Dallas and Houston. If we are not careful here in Texas we will be in for a fight.

          • Pastor Greg Young

            We are in a fight and with pinko rhinos like joe strauss we better wake up.

          • ShanG

            Wait, I thought all the liberals were only allowed to live and breathe within Austin city limits? Texans let them escape?? This must be rectified forthwith!

            You’re slipping, Texas! lol

          • Wiki David

            Ur right. I missed one haven, probably one of the largest.

        • Elizabeth Lipp

          Pray Windy Davis loses. I am a fellow Texan (Dallas) and we have to defeat her or our state is doomed. Vote Greg Abbott.

          • lonestarlet

            Wendy hasn’t a snowball’s chance of winning the governorship of Texas. She may be believing some hopeful people, but that’s not my Texas (I live but blocks outside her present state cong. district). I will be very interested how she plays with the hispanic community as they are not very pro-abortion. She knows it, too, as she has recently expunged the mention of abortion from her official biography now.

          • Elizabeth Lipp

            She is an embarrassment to women. I hope she fades away. Quickly. I think the Hispanics will vote for her because of her liberal views on immigration and entitlements. Those two issues trump abortion. It is how Obama won twice.

    • Eddy MacDonald

      In that case we’ll match Washington DC perfectly. That hasn’t been working for years.

      • Wiki David

        United States of Detroitistan.

    • Bill Baar

      Maybe a gig helping Julia tend that garden?

      • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

        I’ve been meaning to ask around, but what does the Julia thing refer to? Tried googling it but I got too many answers and I can’t tell which of them is right.

        • SturJen

          “Julia” was Obama’s ideal woman: A woman who spends her life sucking at the teat of big Government while either keeping another welfare brat, or aborting the next one. She’s the poster child for all that is wrong with this country.


          Or better yet, The Blaze’s take on Julia:

          • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!


        • Wiki David

          Julie is the fictitious person created by the White House website to illustrate the greatly improved life of a person be born into a utopia provided by Liberals. It follows “Julia” from birth to grave and the benefits she would receive if only the evil conservatives would let her live her life without interference from the Right.
          Of course, this is utter BULLSH*T! (caplocks got stuck,sorry).
          1st, she has a great chance of being aborted.
          2nd, if she survives 5 parents, gun-free zones, SNAP, drones, obamacare, 30M illegals, and free contraceptives, she probably wont have a brain to think.

          She will be a no-information-voter. Shorter a democrat.

          • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

            Got it, thanks a bunch!

    • Bob Wynne

      Oh, we may be working, but we might not like the conditions.

    • Jerry S.

      A Japanese man was boasting about how his country had such advanced medical technology.

      He said, “We take the lungs out of a man, perform an operation, put the lungs back in, and in 4 weeks, the man is looking for work.”

      An Englishman said, “We are far more advanced than you. We can take the heart out of a man, perform surgery and have him ready for work in just 3 weeks.”

      The Irishman says, “That’s nothing! we can take a kidney out of a man, put into another man’s body and have them looking for work in 2 weeks.”

      The American says, “Well hell, that’s nothin’. We had an idiot taken out of Kenya, placed it in the White house and now half the country is lookin’ for work!”

    • Guest

      We’ll be working in 2016 If hillary is prez…At a FEMA camp that is….

      • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

        Avert the omen.

    • Michael Lawrence

      Sad, but possibly true…

    • lubmykitties

      Your prose is beautiful!! Many of us are already “not working”. Not because we don’t want to, but because we were too old when we got laid off to get hired anywhere else…..

    • Peggy Drogemuller

      or living!

  • DixieAngel_76

    I always like James Woods. I read that he has an IQ of about 160, and we need more smart conservatives to come out and defend what’s good about the USA. Who cares what a bunch of whiny liberals think?

    • Detective Sam Milos™

      I think it’s a safe assumption that the median IQ shifts to the right by 20 points in proportionality to the conservative leanings of the demographic group.
      Need proof? Consider the viewing audience of “The View”!

      • rivers

        Matches my anecdotal experience, that’s for sure.

      • PatriotRG

        you can subtract 40 points from the median when considering the hosts

        • Detective Sam Milos™

          Joy Behar is not a member of Mensa?!!!

          • Mike Simpson

            Change the “M” to a “D.”

          • Jimmee41

            “Dimsa”!!! drip…drip…drip!!!

          • bungopony

            Obviously,her invitation got lost in the mail!

          • AmericanMom

            Not even if she cheated on the tests.

          • PatriotRG

            no golems allowed as far as i know

          • PatriotRG

            more like weight watchers

      • Justwaitinforchange

        What horror’s on The View, in every sense of the word – how could any straight man could be a lefty?

      • bungopony

        That’s(almost) perfect!I attribute my Dad’s watching it to indifference&laziness-He likes to say,”Oh,I don’t believe that,”whenever I give him an(other)example of Obama(spit!)’s corruption.Either that or,”I don’t care,I’ll be dead!”

      • Fred Toft

        And Liberals arrogantly think that they are smarter than everyone else. How they justify that in their lame brains is beyond me! They are so locked into their Liberal dogma that they can’t reason like even a normal IQ can.

        • lonestarlet

          What you say is so true Fred. Just recently I asked an acquaintance a rather boring political question. Her answer to me was, “I am a highly educated woman and I choose not to engage in conversations about politics. I will say that Obama has been the most pleasing president during my lifetime.” She is 50, so you can figure out who the un satisfactory presidents would have been. I think those in PhD programs have just heard too many times how smart they are. Too bad they never demonstrate that intelligence out in public for others to see.

        • Scarlet LeMay

          They lead sheltered lifestyles, especially the young spoiled white Liberals that had parents that sent them to really good schools etc… Most of them would never walk through Harlem alone at night.They don’t have a clue. They feel so guilty about their upbringing. They should be ashamed of themselves. The poor or hard working middle class know the real sting of overtaxation and rascism towards being white via affirmative action etc…I respect all hard working Americans, black, white ,Latin, etc…As long as they don’t buy these Liberal lies than end up hurting everyone in the end.

      • Sa Poplick

        Television reduces intelligence significantly!

    • John

      I love when Lefties try the tired strawman, “Only *intelligent* people think like we do…”

      Then I smack them with my Physics graduate degree.

      • Jenn Oates

        Yeah, I do the same with my degree from Cal. :)

        • Guest

          I smack ’em with a whale!


      • SturJen

        Or that it’s only “Rich white guys” That’s when I skew the whole thing all to heck. Poor white EE Student who thinks like James Woods.

        Their widdle minds just pop around like that corn popper toy that I used to pull around as a kid.

    • SkyePuppy

      The whiny liberals think that all the smart people are Democrats. Of course, they have to check their IQ at the door to be libs…

      • bungopony

        It’s got b*gger all to do with IQ-you need a vast capacity for self-deception-and at least a touch of evil.

    • aPLWBinAK

      180 actually, on an IQ level, he is in rarified territory

      • DixieAngel_76

        I don’t doubt it.

        • aPLWBinAK

          After opening the link, if you scroll all the way through to the bottom, you see that he makes the list of the 10 smartest people alive today. I’m not on twitter, but keep his feed on my search list because I enjoy checking in on him every day or so and seeing the gems he’s been posting. I’d love to see him debate Feinstein or Boxer…that’d be a hoot.

    • The Penguin

      180 actually…yeah i know, friggin’ 180 !

    • Michael Beck

      Actually he is in the top 10 of smartest people in the world. His IQ is actually over 190. He went to MIT where he caught the acting bug and dropped out. James Woods is a great Patriot and an excellent role model as well as a story of the American Dream.

    • Mike Zee

      On the same token, who cares what a bunch of fear-mongering, paranoid, conservative clowns think!
      BTW, I’m not a “Whiny liberal.” I wish the whole lot of you (liberals and conservatives) would just crawl under a rock and die!

      • ForTheRepublicOfDave


        Sorry, that part where you claimed not to be a lib, then proceeded to mock conservatives was too funny!

  • vanbratch

    I wanna be the first to say: Woods/Baldwin 2016! 😀

    • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

      I assume you mean Adam, not Alec. :-)

    • peteee363

      and what about searcy?

      • steve

        Give Searcy Kerry’s job…Sec. of State.

        • Wiki David


      • Mr_Wrestling_XIII

        If Breitbart was still alive, press sec!

  • Richard J Sunkle

    There are some good conservative film projects out there. They may not pay what Hollywood does but he seems to enjoy doing the patriotic thing.

    He should see if Colony Bay productions is working on any more Courage New Hampshire episodes.

    • Hiraghm

      I keep saying I want him for Ragnar Danneskjold in Atlas Shrugged part 3, but nobody pays attention :(

  • JeffWRidge

    Right-wing actors need to band together, pool their money, find outside investors, and start their own production company. As long as they worked to put out good entertainment, instead of political statements disguised as entertainment, like the lefties do, I believe that they would make money and be a success.

    • Richard J Sunkle

      That’s why I suggest Colony Bay productions. Andrew Breitbart had a small cameo role in Courage NH.

    • ked5

      the more success they have – the more the leftists in hollyweird would pressure the theaters to NOT air their movies. that would leave them distributing straight to dvd.

      • JeffWRidge

        Is there some reason that they couldn’t start up their own theaters?

      • Droidzilla

        So I can pay $10 to view a movie on release day at home streaming through Amazon or whatever instead of $11 for me, $11 for my wife, and $35 for a babysitter for the privilege of waiting in line to sit with a bunch of strangers and $15 popcorn? Sign me up!

  • michael s

    I hope he never works again. Interesting how this conservative was silent on white liberal presidents. Attacks Comcast on “bigot’ Al Sharpton on homophobic,racist remarks,yet has no problem with Comcast for Alec Baldwin’s homophobic,racist remarks. Take Searcy with him.

    • Detective Sam Milos™

      I guess me asking you for a donation for James Woods exploratory committee for a Senate run would not be prudent?

      • tops116 ✓Quipper

        Mikey would have to have an actual job to donate money… as well as competent writing skills to fill out a donation form.

        • TexasMom2012

          He could always ask Mommy for some donation $

    • Fredrick

      That’s because before 9/11, James Woods considered himself a liberal. His view changes after riding on a flight one week before 9/11 and saw several suspicious looking Arab on the flight, only to realize later they were the 9/11 terrorists staging a “practice run”.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      “I hope he never works again.”

      Yeah, that’ll show him for expressing his opinion! What, does he think America guarantees free speech?

      “Interesting how this conservative was silent on white liberal presidents.”

      Oh right, the “every criticism of Obama must be racist” argument. How typical of Mikey. Can’t actually counter a viewpoint, so call someone a racist. Well, once again, I noticed you were awfully quiet when Obama was banging the war drums against Syria or as Obamacare imploded last week. That’s a rather implicit admission that while you lacked the courage to say it here, you nonetheless disagreed with what Obama was doing. By your own standard, that makes you a racist.

      “Attacks Comcast on “bigot’ Al Sharpton on homophobic,racist remarks,yet has no problem with Comcast for Alec Baldwin’s homophobic,racist remarks.”

      So, you support Sharpton making homophobic, racist remarks? That’s… interesting of you to say so. That goes back to the whole “you being a racist” thing, in case you weren’t clear… which you probably weren’t.

      “Take Searcy with him.”

      Woods and Searcy would be an excellent team.

    • Chevypowered

      Maybe because those “White liberal Presidents” never worked as hard to turn the American people against each other, screw the military, and rip this country to shreds like this half Black president.

      Tell me michael and be honest. Isn’t there anything…anything! That ever troubles you about this president or are you that hard core leftist that it’s all going as planned?

      I support a lot of conservatives, but I never have a blind “love” for them. From Sara Palin, Ted Cruz, Allen West, Mark Levin etc… I respect them and what they do for conservatism, but I don’t “love” them. Even those who I just mentioned have some opinions that differ from mines in some aspect and I, like others publicly voice it.

      As I stated. I don’t “love” them, adore them, turn all “zombie.” When their very name is mentioned, but I respect them because they respect us. Obama supporters on the other hand, is almost possessed. You scream, stomp, foam at the mouth, and yet he does nothing for you. Sure he talks a great game, but when it’s “go” time he provides nothing and blame others for that failure.

      What about ACA if you are working, and your premiums do increase. Will you get rightfully upset or roll with it because you just don’t want to be seen as a boat rocker? See Conservatives would excoriate a GOP president if he pulled this stunt and demand his head on a pike. Obama supporters…well not so much.

      Look if you want to support the pres that’s fine but like BSA, JMG and others. When do you put your foot down? When do you say, “Obama I voted for you and all but, this is wrong?” “I still hate those right wingers, but you dropped the ball on this.” However, it’s always that blind loyalty. That “No matter what you do obama I got your back, because you are absolute goodness incarnate!” attitude.

      • DixieAngel_76

        Well said.

      • Squirrel!

        I think the correct word is “worship.” There is definitely something wrong. Whether they can’t see through him, can’t admit they’re wrong or really want the destruction & division he’s doing.

        • DixieAngel_76

          In most cases it’s likely they just want free stuff.

          • Squirrel!

            Yeah, who cares about the country & fellow countrymen as long as there is free stuff, right?

        • journogal

          I believe it’s the idea that he is really going to help them and cares about them. They honestly believe he is going to provide them with everything. Democrats tend to play on the victim-mentality of “it’s not your fault, it is the fault of that rich, evil person.” “It’s not your fault, you are a victim of circumstances.” And so on. It’s almost like an abusive relationship in some ways.

        • SturJen

          Remember when they would show David Koresh speaking to his cult? Those zoned out eyes that were hanging on his every word. It was creepy and this dude Michael s is doing it. Except his messiah is Obama. Totally creepy.

          I’ve got In-Laws like that. Makes me wonder if that same look will be on their face when the death panel recommends their expiration. Or when they are strapped to a gurney watching the IV drip that kills them….will they sing their messiah’s praises even when he kills them?

      • cherykie

        I’ll love government when King Jesus returns to earth and sets up his!

    • Squirrel!

      Hey did ya hear? AP reports Obama’s approval rating at 37%! LOL!! Sounds like you guys have lost some support!

    • The_Livewire

      You know what they call someone who blames everything on the colour of a person’s skin?
      A racist. Thank you for showing your true colours mikey.

    • Bear1909

      Who’s to say, Miguelito, which half of Ogina Wood’s is confronting? The white half or the African half? the front end or the rear end?

      And while we’re on the subject of standing up, who and what are you confronting with your status and resources? What are you risking these days?

      Fess up. How many windows do you have in that glass house of yours.

      Being denied work “ever again” (which happened to me for standing up to good white Progressives in Vermont back in the 90s while HO HO Dean was goveror) is a life and death matter.

      Who are you to decree a death wish on any American taking a moral stand aganst tyranny— real or imagined?

      I can hear your crickets chirpin……

    • Hiraghm

      I have a question….
      How can you see to type with that big-arsed mirror in front of your face?

      • michael s

        Voice recognition software.

    • 1NonPermissive

      That leftist tolerance in action, all BS!

    • Mr_Wrestling_XIII

      Do your research before making sh*t up. Woods used to be a liberal.

      • michael s

        So . He still being a racist towards our black president and Sharpton. This website has commented on Sharpton and alec Baldwin. Where’s woods on Baldwin?

        • Mr_Wrestling_XIII

          Do you have any concrete proof that Woods is indeed a racist, besides the one you made up in our head?

  • BrookeM

    So refreshing to see more and more actors and actresses going against the Hollywood lefty trend and thinking for themselves.

  • Demoivre

    James Woods confirmed for badass.

  • Brandt

    Shorter Twitchy: Wealthy Hollywood actor James Woods is a victim.

    • Richard J Sunkle


      I realize the liberal mindset thrives on victimhood but Woods isn’t claiming it. What he has is integrity which is just as alien to liberal thinking as victimhood is familiar.

    • keyboard jockey

      Nope it’s called self sacrifice that concept might be a foreign one to you. Obviously you come from the gimmie-gimmie generation.

    • c2

      Exactly what are you disputing? That Hollywood is filled with Leftists who punish those who step out of line?

      James Woods is far more than a master of his craft. He is a great man who loves his country enough to put it first.

      Now that is something to admire.

      • Brandt

        I agree with many of James Woods’ tweets. That doesn’t make him “a great man who loves his country enough to put it first.”

        • c2

          We can disagree on what kind of man he seems to be, but I guess I’m trying to understand what you have against him.

          What – does your wife think he’s hot or something? Did they date? It sounds personal for you.

        • TexasMom2012

          WOW, the idiot is strong in this one.

        • DixieAngel_76

          I think it does. Do you have any idea what kind of wealth and opportunity he’s leaving behind?

        • uninformed_electorate

          “I agree with many of James Woods’ tweets.”

          No you don’t. Not only are you a moron, you are also a liar.

        • Bear1909

          So what would, Brandt? He’s risking his livelihood…. and he’s using his status to elevate a point of view that isn’t just unpopular— it risks political persecution by extalegal means through Ogina’s government operatives in the IRS and elsewhere.

          That’s not imaginary risk. What are you risking these days Brandt— besides missing out on donuts in the conference room?

          • Brandt

            His biggest earning years are behind him, and I’m pretty sure he’s got little to lose at this point in his career.

            As for what I’m risking, I’ve lost quite a bit of $ in the stock market since the GOP went tilting at windmills on its extreme long-shot “defund” Obamacare mission. Who wants to bet that the government eventually gets reopened without “defunding” the program or delaying the individual mandate?

          • rosetta_stoned

            I’ve lost quite a bit of $ in the stock market


          • Bear1909

            Tell that to DeNiro, Eastwood, Voight, Hoffman, et al…. still earning and still going strong. Boomers still go to the movies and we have long memories of who’s got talent and who is Ben Afflecky cheese ball posers. So point one has gone down in flames.

            As for point two— I feel no sorrow for anybody who “lost quite a bit since the GOP….” Do you really believe what that overpaid broker has told you as to why you are grabbing your ankles?

            Losers lose money in the stock market because they 1) invest money they cannot afford to lose; and, 2) they get more out of their self-pity emotionally by losing money than they do ramming home winning trades and building a fortune whether the market is up or down (u should read my book LOL).

        • The Penguin

          Not like you right? Please, share your many stories of selflessness for the greater good of the American people…and then…bite me.

    • Chevypowered

      What does his wealth have to do with his opinion? Would it have been better if he was “poor” James Woods is a victim?” Then again I suppose you would have changed gears to “White James Woods is a victim.”

      • Bear1909

        You miss the point of the individual’s personal choice to take a stand and risk his future employment.

        Wealth is relative to each individual’s station and chosen direction in life. I was an educator. I took a principled stand once and lost everything; was even blacklisted in my profession.

        It cost me a half million in salary and a pension. Wealth? To me it was. Victim? Never— I opened other doors and have done well. But I paid a price.

        Woods is no victim. And his wealth is relative. But, there is no argument from me that he has farther to fall than I did….i lost a half million over 18 years. James will lose that in what, six months?

        Use your head. We’d like to think we can talk to you sensibly and not remedially.

    • DebsFriends

      You wouldn’t know a statement of fact if it smacked you between the eyes. If you want to know the definition of victim, just look in the mirror and at your liberal walk-in-lock-step friends. Your dependency on others to support your status in life and give you self-importance is pathetic. Grow up.

    • DixieAngel_76

      I didn’t hear him complaining. More than likely he’s probably managed his money really well and he doesn’t have to work if he doesn’t want to.

    • Bear1909

      Brandt— Woods understands what he has to lose. Do you understand anything besides how much you need that next bag of Cheese Doodles? Loosen that tie of yours— it’s cutting off the flow of oxygen to your brain.

      Is that lactic acid I see running out of your nose?

    • wwbdinct

      He didn’t say he was a victim neither did Twitchy. But you go ahead and keep making up shit as you go along so we can laugh at you.

  • tifosies

    “This President is a true abomination. To have barricaded the WW2 vets, but allow illegal aliens privilege”
    ?? What “illegal alien privilege?”

    • SkyePuppy
      • tifosies

        They were in an area closed for security reasons.
        Was the Pelosi group?

        • keyboard jockey

          Security reasons?

          • tifosies

            Security. You know, to prevent things like the green-paint defacing of the Lincoln Memorial, to prevent potential acts of terrorism, to prevent removal of any part of the memorial, and restroom employees for sanity reasons.

            You’ve been there, right?

            You know the “non-essential employees” are furloughed?
            Call your Rep and tell them to put our govt back to work, do it for the Veterans! (not just for the Memorial, but the benefit checks, SNAP funds, etc.

          • DixieAngel_76

            Aaah, now I get it, the snap funds.

          • tifosies

            And lots more. You do know thousands of our nation’s veterans receive SNAP, housing, health, and other govt benefits:


          • uninformed_electorate

            Dems better get on to funding them then huh?

          • keyboard jockey

            The washington post? Why don’t you just link to The Nation you know you want to LOL!

          • tifosies

            The information and links are wrong?

          • keyboard jockey

            I wouldn’t click on the washington post if I was paid.

            But you keep on enjoying that kool aid.


          • tifosies

            How about veteran’s themselves writing about Repub Vet policies?

          • keyboard jockey

            I hope you are getting paid well by OFA.

          • tifosies

            For that matter, what have the Republicans done to benefit anybody in America in the last half-century?

          • wwbdinct

            Civil rights legislation? You know – that little thing that so many D’s were against in the 1960’s?

          • tifosies

            Good answer!!

            It’s quite hilarious that you have to go back that far~lol!
            (Note: nobody ever has a different answer :)

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            While you’re on the subject, why doncha list what the democrat party has done. And sorry, social welfare programs arent benefitting anyone. They create slaves. so what do you have?

          • keyboard jockey

            Martin Luther King Jr was a registered Republican. Are you stating that Martin Luther King Jr’s contribution to civil rights was no benefit to the U.S.A.?

          • tifosies

            Actually, King was expressly non-partisan because of his role at SCLC,
            but, seriously, nothing since?? at all?? LOL!

          • keyboard jockey

            Actually you are a liar. Martin Luther King JR. was expressly a republican he didn’t belong to the party that wrote the Jim Crow laws aka Democrat party. And if you think civil rights and getting rid of the democrat’s jim crow laws wasn’t important – we all know what that makes you.

          • tifosies

            “Expressly” meaning that he made statements, inc. “I don’t think the Republican party is a party full of
            the almighty God nor is the Democratic party. They both have
            weaknesses … And I’m not inextricably bound to either party.”

            While he never stumped for a particular candidate, he voted Dem. Source below also includes: “”In the past I always voted the Democratic ticket.”


          • keyboard jockey

            Expressly means: He was a registered Republican (documented) otherwise he would have “Expressly” registered as a Democrat.

            Claiming anything else is a bald faced lie.

          • tifosies

            Did you read the quotes in his own writing?
            In his autobiography he said he voted for Kennedy.
            He expressed complaints about both parties.

            You’re entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts.

          • tifosies

            He voted Johnson and Kennedy.

            Where do you see he was registered Republican?

          • tifosies

            My replies keep disappearing.
            he voted all dem.
            Where do you see he was registered R?

          • tifosies

            He voted all Dem per his auto biography.
            Where do you see he was registered R>?

          • tifosies

            He always voted Dem, per his autobiography.
            Where did you see he’s registered R?

          • Bear1909

            R_E_A_G_A_N gave America the tech boom of the 90s, the peace dividend of the “arms race” that bankrupted the SOVIET Union (thank you Dr. Jack Wheeler for that strategy— he also founded the college republicans back in the day)….and so many more things.

            So, Fairybrain, you were saying? When you’ve finished blowing your hole about whatever it was howsabout filling us in on Ogina’s achievements as El Presidente.

          • tifosies

            You forgot his amnesty bill, so point taken :)

          • keyboard jockey

            Right – security, because when there wasn’t a shutdown -someone still managed to vandalize monuments.

          • tifosies

            Is the monument your only concern about Veteran’s benefits during the shutdown?

          • keyboard jockey

            My spouse is a veteran. And once again my spouse is happy to sacrifice for our country

          • tifosies

            Congrats, and thanks to him/her. Guess he/she’s one who’s employed, not elderly, dependent on the medical, food, financial benefits that are impacted by the shutdown.

          • Guest

            None of those are impacted by the partial government shutdown. My spouse is still getting full benefits, and that was after #Shutnado went into effect.

            But you keep humping those false talking points.

          • tifosies

            Security. You know, to prevent things like the green-paint defacing of the
            Lincoln Memorial, to prevent potential acts of terrorism, to prevent removal of
            any part of the memorial, and restroom employees for sanity reasons.

            You’ve been there, right?

            You know the “non-essential employees” are furloughed?

            Call your Rep and tell them to put our govt back to work, do it for the
            Veterans! (not just for the Memorial, but the benefit checks, SNAP funds,

          • Bear1909

            Hanks is a moron. He said he would vote for Ogina in 2016. Hanks is as “old and in the way” as one can get. A total meathead.

          • keyboard jockey

            That’s why the meme is so priceless- and in one of his most famous roles.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Holding a rally in an area that was allegedly closed down because of a shutdown, perhaps?

      • tifosies

        They weren’t in an area closed for security reasons.
        btw, you mean the rally that the 8 Dems from Congress were arrested?

        • TexasMom2012

          They were in an area closed to WW2 vets but apparently not closed to people illegally here…. double spit. they were in an area closed for SPITE to genuine Americans but NOT to non citizens who came here illegally… I cannot express how angry this makes me. If it had been my father trying to get to the WW2 memorial and been denied I would have burned those damn barrycades. By dad didn’t serve until the mid 50s.

          • tifosies

            Are you as angry that the GOP have cut benefits which feed thousands of Veterans?

            btw, here’s a live feed of the effects of the shutdown on Veterans, disgusting.


            And watching Bachmann and other GOP cheering the shutdown is Disgusting!

          • uninformed_electorate

            I thought the House passed spending bills to fund the vets? Why won’t the Democratically controlled Senate take them up?

          • DixieAngel_76

            Honey, you should really put down that koolaid, I think you’ve overdosed on it.

          • tifosies
          • uninformed_electorate

            Own it. Own the Democrat/Obama shutdown. This is what you voted for isn’t it?

          • Bear1909

            Believe what you want Pixiedust— entitlements are privileges not rights. They are granted through a political process— and veterans understand quite well that their commander in chief has politicized their well-being. They know that he told our military to stand down in Benghazi— and men paid the ultimate sacrifice. Stop making vets your poodles to score poltical points. Same goes for the poor. My parents grew up poor and never took squat from the feds or the state. They picked on farms in the Sacramento and Central Valley in the 40s and 50s. Stop using the poor as your poodles to score political points. They need you like a boar needs teats.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Now please post a link to where this democrat administration is denying death benefits to the families of fallen soldiers.

          • DixieAngel_76

            I get that, and btw thank your Dad for his service if he’s still among us, but it still makes me mad as hell. These are a group of people who served and paid for our freedom in many cases with their life, limbs and blood. The ones alive today can all tell some real horror stories, and they did it for us future generations. Now to have their faces spat in, while seeing the red carpet rolled out for these lawbreakers who have the nerve to protest for their ‘rights’ (while waving the Mexican flag) just makes me want to see some political heads roll.

          • The_Livewire

            I wonder if the gadfly is confused. The bills to fund the veterans adminsitration, the NIH, the Parks and countless other things have passed the house (despite democrat opposition) and are currently awaiting the Senate to vote. Clerly he must be mistaken on who is blocking the bills from being passed.
            I figure it has to be lack of education, since he’s unable to post anything but talking points.

    • Bear1909

      was a reference to the “Dream Act” march on the Capitol Mall.

      • tifosies

        He was referring to a march? Was it the rally that Dem Congressmen were arrested at?
        A Veteran’s march could occur too.

  • BlahBlah


  • AmericanMom

    Cutting off death benefits to soldiers is the ultimate in leftist hatred toward the military, shaded by President Stompy-Foot at the Spite House by his budget refusal.

  • Lmg

    This would be a dumb move by the Hollyweird elite. James Woods has ALWAYS been one of my favorite, if not my very favorite, actors. I think there are more conservatives in Hollyweird, and hopefully more will “come out”.

    I have MUCH respect for James Woods, Nick Searcy, Jon Voight, etc…….those who have been brave enough to come out and state their love of Country & Constitution, and put that ahead of the PC BS in Tinseltown.

    • TexasMom2012

      Don’t forget Patricia Heaton! See came out while on a wildly popular sitcom, Everyone Loves Raymond and went on to star in another sitcom Modern Family.

      • lazypadawan

        “The Middle.” You know, the much funnier show that gets none of the accolades or respect awarded to the overrated “Modern Family.” 😉

        • Bear1909

          Modern Family makes me gag.

  • GeneralQuarters

    The Spite House has fubared the whole country and it is going to get uglier unfortunately. Harder everyday to keep the faith!

  • truckee22

    It seems like this site attracts a lot of trolls but I wonder; is it a bunch of different trolls or just a few using multiple screen names?

  • tifosies

    Here’s a live feed of testimony occurring regarding the effects of the shutdown on Veterans:

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      oooh ooh, please post a link to the effects of liberalism on the black family.

  • DebsFriends

    I think James Woods will be just fine. He is talented and smart. People have known about your conservative attitudes before this….come on. lol

  • 24fan

    Even hollywood has a few good men and women who hold their love of country higher than fame. God bless them

  • Chip

    Wish some of the celebs would move to blue states and run for office. Libs would vote for the kitchen sink if it had been in a movie.

  • walterc

    Let Eastwood know you’re available for his next project.

  • Walter

    Integrity first. Opportunity will find you, Sir. All the best, and “Thank You”.

  • satwell53

    One of the few Hollywood people with common sense and true love for his country and fellow countrymen. Thank you for restoring my faith in people when most in your position are corrupted by money and fame. I agree with you on obama and hope we can kick obamacare out or at least the portion that does not have anything to do with healthcare. If the shift in power to the executive branch goes through no one will have any input. obama will go from president to dictator. Largest shift in power in our history ever. He will not have to answer to Congress, abide by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will be dead. God Bless America and deliver us from this present evil.

  • © Sponge

    “Gary Sinise, Patricia Heaton, Kevin Sorbo, Dean Cain, Nick Searcy, Clint Eastwood and Stacey Dash are among the Tinseltown conservatives putting country first.”

    I’d say that’s a pretty salty cast. One would think there’s a script and money for this lot.

  • notenoughtime

    We all appreciate an actor who speaks in support of our beloved country and our wallets are just as important!

  • Guest

    That is okay Mr Woods I don’t expect to ever spend my hard earned money on a Hollywood movie again, either at the theatres or purchasing a dvd

  • RblDiver

    Sounds like he’s taking a leaf from the Founding Fathers. ” And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

  • j p✓ʳᵉᶠʳᶦᵉᵈ

    In the celebrity world you are considered “courageous” if you “Come Out”. Of course diversity does not extend to their definition of coming out.

    • Bear1909

      I guess it takes a certain amount of “courage” (or stupidity) to expose one’s genitalia or oral cavity to traces of fecal matter or e. coli. Isn’t that what one is admitting to doing when they admit to engaging in man-on-man sexual penetration during “gay sex'”?

      • j p✓ʳᵉᶠʳᶦᵉᵈ

        A bit TMI on this thread of discussion; the comparison of who the media calls courageous was the concept I was getting at. What Mr. Woods is doing takes loads more courage than someone saying they like homosexual sex out in the filmdom.

  • Murray

    Our lives, our fortunes and our Sacred Honor… A pledge not many are prepared to make. Mr Woods, you Sir, are a great American.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Mr. Woods, don’t give that worry another thought–you WILL work again. I promise.

  • alan greene

    Way to go Jim. A true Patriot who has some guts. I hope you are an inspiration for others to stand up against tyranny. Good luck to you. BTW, loved the character in Ray Donovan. Silly girl shouldn’t have made that call to mom, eh?

  • alan greene

    Jim, now that you may not be working, why not run for office????

  • ked5

    a man who has risked his life knows that careers are worthless,
    and a man who will not risk his career has a worthless life.”

  • John LaRosa

    Frankly, I’m surprised that uber-douche liberal Seth MacFarlane hasn’t killed off the James Woods “Family Guy” character yet. Only a matter of time before “Brian” runs him over with a Prius.

  • junkbondtrader41

    Probably an overstatement. If Jon Voigt, the previously harshest Obama critic in Hollyweird found solid work (indeed, Voigt started WITH Woods in the excellent series Ray Donovan) Woods will be fine!

  • BronxJo

    At Least you have poker to fall back on @RealJamesWoods my brother Joe says you are a good player.

  • Lurker

    Was James Woods always a Conservative or was it after 911?

  • Christopher Fulton

    I think Mr. Woods has Charlie Brown syndrome. Actors being kept from work because of their political beliefs went away in the ’70’s. Sinese, Voight and Eastwood are doing just fine. They are also well liked in the Hollywood and philanthropic, raising money for Americans less fortunate than themselves. Didn’t I just see Woods and John Voight on Showtime?

    • jim1965

      Exceptions to the rule. The ongoing prejudice is well-documented.

      • Richo

        Those are three pretty darn big exceptions, I guess then it must be not too difficult to come up with about 10 or 20 cases that prove this “rule” you speak of. Names please. Not just vile nobodies calling Stacy Dash names on Twitter but actual consequences of stars being blacklisted and never working again because of expressing conservative viewpoints.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    If Rush can get on Family Guy, anything is possible.

    He’ll be ok.

    • Mike Rogers

      James was in Family Guy too.

  • kleduz

    Wow…so there IS a principled person in Hollywood after all.. refreshing! :)

  • cscape

    you’re work is out there in abundance james…… and we are still FREE to be able to view and enjoy it…. and the more of us that do that, the more likely it will be that you WILL WORK in the future

  • Go Bolts

    Mr Woods, please have your house in order, the next knock you hear will be an IRS auditor!

  • MominNV

    Soldier On, Mr. Woods.

  • merlin215

    The guy is great ! Live in a swarm of liberals and I feel his pain ! ( Massachusetts where it gets worse by the day as they pick on small groups that they know they can tax the you know what out of ) . I loved your movies and I will always be a fan of someone who sticks up for this country !!!

  • mcgirv

    Right on James! Country first!

  • Mike Blass

    I see an IRS audit in Jame’s future.

  • markdeanda

    Mr. Woods, I have always been a fan of your talented acting. And now you have my utmost respect. You are a true patriot and I thank you. I’m sure you will never cease to find work as an actor.

  • cscape

    James Woods is not simply a “Conservative”, but is also a PATRIOT…. This clip from the Bill O’Reilly Show a few months following 9/11 is illustrative…..

  • BasementWarrior

    For years, since this country turned to social engineering, the true conservative voice has been majorly sidelined if not silenced, and conservatives, particularly women, have felt trepidation about voicing their beliefs. If you were for conservative values, you were either “not understanding” or “radical”, or “stupid” and ostracized or called names. It is true, much of Hollywood has admitted that being conservative leads to belief discrimination and could spell the demise of an actor. But, the time is coming. There is the beginnings of a swell of conservative pride that will endure and eventually overcome the bullying.

  • oldag22

    Straight up!

  • nancyb56

    I would now see every movie this man has made.

  • Vicki Danielle

    Add Janine Turner to that list of Hollywood Patriots.

  • Sandra Y. Freeman

    Mr Woods ~ You are a Breath of Fresh Air!!!

  • irishalaman

    How can you not respect the Dive to Hollywood Oblivion by Woods.
    God Bless you and yours for all eternity.

  • Ray Riley

    Mr. Woods, don’t worry you’ll be working again. As a matter of fact there are a few conservative people in Hollywood who won’t succumb to the pessure liberals place on them. Even if you don’t sir you are working right now to expose the villian we currently have in the Whitehouse. On a side note I have always been a big fan of yours. I thought your two best roles were in “Holocaust” and “Best Seller.” You are an incredible actor and a true patriot.

  • TeeLee

    It is the truth, I imagine there are a lot of celebrities that realize this and they just don’t have the spine to say so, when all is and done a lot of folks are going to be embarrassed and ashamed of them selves!

  • debi

    Your a man with insight. Integrity is what we need. Obama will cause his own demise. You rock James Woods.

  • Sharon Wilson

    It is funny. I have a high IQ. Sometimes people say “You only think that because you are smarter than me. ” My question is, if you think I am smarter than you, why then don’t you listen to me and why do you reject ideas I put forth.

  • sdc63

    Is it not ironic that an Industry that lives on the First Amendment could be expected to do this to someone? James Woods is a patriot and many of the rest out there are sheep. Remember when Hillary said that Dissent is Patriotism. Well, it seems that changed in January 2009. Shame on them if they feel the need to punish a great actor for his freedom of speech.

  • Bob Andrews

    Have you e we thought old running for office? We need someone who cares.

  • Stephanie Nelson

    Mr. Woods, you have my utmost respect for standing up for our country and our people! Thank you and God Bless you and yours!

  • Plunky

    Anybody can act, no offense, but it takes real courage to step out amongst the sharks in your business to stand for what is right for our Country. GOD Bless America and GOD Bless You.
    Harry P.

  • Joe E Castro

    Glad to hear that the some of the Hollywood elite have maintained some common sense and aren’t scared to speak up.

    • ELC


  • Spasmolytic

    Its just a matter of time before liberals call him a racist because in liberal Bizarro world anyone who disagrees with Obama must be a racist.

  • Arthur R Penticoff

    It’s great to see that that not all the Hollywood actors are liberal nut cases.

  • Rbjk Rbjk

    You tell ’em, Woods. He’s a VERY intelligent, white male, so, stating the truth here in the USA will get him shunned.

  • Richo

    Of course neither you nor he has any proof of anyone in Hollywood facing any consequences for expressing conservative views beyond a few nasty tweets from anonymous nobodies, but hey, I guess that gives you another chance to be melodramatic martyrs, so rock on!

  • FlatFoot

    I twist the truth, I rule the world, my crown is called deceit,
    I am the Emperor of Lies, yet still you grovel at my feet.
    I rob you and I slaughter you, your downfall is my gain,
    And still you play the sycophant, even while you wallow in your pain.
    All my promises are pandering lies, professed love of country is really hate,
    I am the Supreme Politician — and I decide your fate!

    Blaming the King of Fools should not blind anyone to the vast Confederacy of Fools who’ve made him their King — and our President — twice.

    The real long-term danger to America [and the rest of the ‘Free-World’] is not only a nefarious and U.S. Constitution loathing President Barack Hussein Obama and his clown-car cavalcade of sycophants and lickspittles — but even more so a preponderance of the American electorate citizenry that is actually capable of entrusting the type of person(s) such as Barack Hussein Obama and his ilk with the Presidency in the first place. Again — twice.

    It will certainly be far easier to mitigate and undo the follies of this unprecedented perpetual abject failure of a President than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to select and elect such a despicable, Constitution loathing, self-serving incompetent pathological liar for their President — multiple times..

  • scompton14

    He’s rocking his part in Ray Donovan…. hope it stays that way.

  • Christine Ferrara Fernez

    YOU are a WONDERFUL actor but you are a GREAT AMERICAN PATRIOT! we the people NEED more like you to speak out !GOD BLESS YOU !

  • lisa marsiglia

    James Woods, Clint Eastwood, Gary Sinise, Patricia Heaton, Kevin Sorbo, Dean Cain, Nick Searcy, and Stacey are all REAL AMERICAN HOLLYWOOD HEROS, in my book.

  • 1NonPermissive

    You mean all that magic negro stuff was just BS? You mean descent isn’t patriotic? But why then did that man with the hairplugs, and that woman with the cellulite and cankles say it was? You mean they lied? The special people weren’t telling the truth? You mean the Dinglebarry has an enemies list like richard nixon? You mean he’s not any different then anyone else? The seas didn’t move? I’m shocked and stunned! Where have all the flowers gone…………………………………………………………….puke!

  • ee1774

    I should get a Twitter account just to say ‘Thank-You!’ to Mr. Woods……
    Hell, I think I will!!!!

    • ELC

      Come join us on twitter. You’ll enjoy the experience and definitely add James Woods to your following list.

  • Ernie Seagraves

    Why do we not accept each other, judge and attempt to control? Accept each other or perish.

  • ELC

    I’ll keep repeating…James Woods is my hero and a patriot. More Republicans from left leaning Calfornia should have the balls to come out like he has and said what he feels. Not cower under their furniture like scared mice. As far as Odumbo is concerned, he is giving the American people the middle finger and that includes his own party also. Its either his way or the highway. Our leader, is a 3 year old having a gigantic temper tantrum. I want to thank the Democraps for electing him not once but twice. You all deserve what you are getting.

    • Life

      His way being the elected law that was passed by 2/3 majority? This article is a joke and so is your comment. The Tea Party shut down the government to try and stop a LAW that they’ve previously tried to stop over 30 times and have failed. It’s been upheld by the Supreme Court.

      You’re a fucking idiot. Sorry that I can’t hold that one back, but fuck, how the hell do you throw that on Obama?

      • Corey Dennison

        ^^^Kids…this is what happens when you snort habanero peppers and decide to post on the interwebz.

      • Tom

        Wow, if you don’t understand you are truly clueless. The tea party didn’t shut down the government. They are a minority. Only 18% of the government is shut down. Bills by the house have repeatedly been given to the senate which would fully fund the government and were rejected. They then piece by piece passed bills to fund parts of the government and the senate has ignored them. They are not trying to shut down the government. The democrats lead by Obama have chosen to shut the government down. The republicans are asking to delay the penalties to the individuals for not having ObamaCare just as Obama illegally permitted Big Businesses.

  • FourQ

    More paranoid victimology from the Goobers.

  • Bridget Laack

    And Obama’s response: Mr. Woods, thank you for your request, your audit is on the way.

  • Justanaveragejoeinmd

    I never cared for him as an actor. But now he is on my “A” list.

  • Brother_Man

    More Hollywood types should come out of the closet…in a morale way that is. Thanks James!

  • metalfinishart

    You have my respect.
    When I think of Obama all I can think of is a man who be the first King of America.

    Obama the king of the finger pointers. But the buck never stops at his door step. Obama is willing to negotiate with (Syria, Iran, Russia, but not Republicans). So why is that?

    • SturJen

      What puts a smile on my face is my remembrance of the French Revolution. The Sun King thought he was a God, right up until that Guillotine chopped off his very mortal head.

  • Michael Graziano

    I can’t believe these JAG-OFFS closed all the memorials in Washington to veterans, and then opened up the Grand Mall to all those illegal aliens. THAT SUCKS.

  • Richard StJohn

    It is a rare person indeed who will stand up in public and be the lone voice of dissent. Liberal logic is a group mentality that does not tolerate dissent well at all. I so admire Mr. Woods for his courage to speak his mind at risk of personal economic loss. He demonstrates great moral character by doing so. If only this could be duplicated by members of congress

  • Linda Johnson DeHaan

    You are a real hero and someone we can tell our children and grandchildren to model themselves after. Thank James.

  • rick jones

    Hope some or all will follow your ideal. Hollywood you’ve got to get on board and feel the middle class pain that we are going through. That’s why I respect the hell of what James Woods has said.

  • NYoutsos

    Ohh, piece of candy! Go @RealJamesWoods

  • L R

    Well James, there’s always room in politics for you to launch a career!

  • Daniel Ike

    I wish others would step up and speak their minds so we can impeach this guy for all the actual scandals he has been apart of. It’s going to take a larger movement to get the Senate to go along as they are just as guilty of the corruption and lies as the President. Thanks for taking your unselfish stand for what is right. You know your in good company in Hollywood. It might be a small group but some of the best actors have the moral clarity to stand up when needed. Thank you.

  • judy bell

    I agree 100 % – with James Woods – NoBama is only hear for one reason – well two-to get all the vacations for free- and we the people have to pay for them and the other reason is to destroy that United States and we the idiots – put him in – and I stand proud to say I never voted for him one time- must less the second ! We need more men like James Woods ~

  • Cristi Carmody Frost

    Guys, this is the same guy who noticed thr 9/11 hijackers in the month before the attacks. The authorities didn’t take him seriously then, we can only hope he’s heard now. (I hate snopes, but it has additional links)

  • Hi This Is My Username

    And this is why James Woods will always be a bad ass.


    mess at Japan’s Fukashima could take us all out before November. They are going
    to start moving the fuel rods out of the damaged building they are in. Usually
    this is done with computers that know the exact location of each fuel rod so
    they can precisely be removed. But the computers were destroyed by the
    earthquake and typhoon so they just have to use a crane and hope they don’t bump
    one of damage one in some way or else it could explode and release
    plutonium…etc etc..

  • Eudaimonia Rick

    It looks like the Atlas Shrugged movie people just tweeted James Woods an offer!

  • barcroft

    It just shows that in the movies, you’re NOT ACTING! You are really the strong type of guy! You have my admiration!

  • jesse

    Well here goes an IRS Adudit

  • chieftj

    Mr. Woods, I must congratulate you on your honesty and integrity. It takes real guts to go against the grain, especially in high powered, left ruled Hollywood. You are a welcome rare voice.

  • Ben Ochart

    Not everyone in Hollywood is a Libertard. Unfortunately liberal logic is that we should all be treated equally BUT ONLY IF YOU AGREE with their wacky la-la land where unicorns and rainbows provide us all with food and healthcare. Kudos to James Woods.

  • ajhnson

    James Woods is a patriot!

  • Southern fried

    I agree with Mr. Woods sentiment. However I am not sure that he would have ever worked again anyway. I have to admit I don’t care for his acting. The only thing I liked him in was Family Guy.

  • $28125632

    HuffPost would never report this. Unless it was a celebrity praising Obama.

  • Julia Devonney


  • Mike Zee

    All of you idiots don’t even begin to understand that it’s not just Obama who’s at fault – the WHOLE government needs a massive overhaul!
    How is it that the word “Revolution” isn’t on the hearts and minds of the American public? WAKE UP!

  • bob

    good for you james, if hollywood wants to be un-american, and support obama regardless of his treasoness ways, at least half the country will support you james,

  • Chris Watts

    Bless you for standing up for what is right

  • Camden

    Now that is “The Boost” we needed to hear… that there is still hope, even in Hollyweird.

  • Roadster73

    Just like the Founding Fathers who not only risked their fortunes but also their lives. So far our generation has had the good fortune to only risk the former, not the later…….yet

  • Iceman00767

    GOD bless you Mr. Woods. I do hope that you have a good accountant and have all of your tax records in order since you KNOW you’re about to be audited!

  • Rodney Watts

    Screw Obamy

  • huluvaguy

    God bless you Mr. Woods You are a patriot…This president and his cabal of socialist ideologist is out to alter the fabric of American culture in order to usher in their totalitarian utopia = Tyranny. They must be stopped. Hillary is aire apparent to Obama’s throne.

  • Robert Hutson

    New respect for the man!!

  • Helena Starke

    James you were always one of my favorite actors and I was disappointed when Shark went off the air but knowing that you are a true patriot makes me love you more. So glad we have SOME people in Hollywood with a brain because I’m so sick of the loony liberals that don’t know enough to keep their big mouths SHUT about how great that phony in the WH is.

  • Frank Vingiano

    Gives a different meaning to, “Once Upon a Time In America”, doesn’t it, Noodles?

  • magnolia3

    This is fantastic…It is SO good, and surprising, to see someone in the Hollywood community who has integrity and intelligence, and who is willing to speak the truth about this president and his administration, and about the damage that they are doing to this country. I hope Mr. Woods knows that he has a lot of support, and that there are many who feel exactly the same way that he does. Woods likely won’t be winning any awards or popularity contests in the entertainment industry anytime soon I’m sure, but he is fighting the good fight….I hope he hangs tough and keeps the faith.

  • $8515856

    James Woods a true blue American in an industry that breeds vipers.

  • Kelly Kelso Sanders

    I actually never liked you much as an actor…not your acting abilities, just the roles you played.. I am a fan now!

  • Gene Butmankiewicz

    I have always known James woods is a true patriot and have respected him both as an actor and human being. I wish more of the hollywood set would grow some like he has. James woods has said nothing really surprising. Most intellgent americans I am sure feel the same way. He is a rare commodity. An american with sincere honesty and integrity AND one who is not affraid to show it in the hollywood lime light. Mr. Woods I salute you and thank you for saying what millions of americans feel.

  • daisy_mae

    Mr. Woods I don’t know that you’ll see this but I want you to know how very proud I am of you for speaking out about the presidential imposter and speaking up for our nation’s finest!

  • Noneya

    Join the unemployment line with half of the country who don’t even have a choice.

  • rttrucker

    God bless you James Wood. There certainly not very many Patriots in California, that is sad. So glad you are standing for your principles.

  • LookAtThisIdiot

    It is nice to see Twitchy finally stop pretending its anything but a conservative mouth piece.

    • SutureSelf

      When did Twitchy ever purport to be anything other than conservative?

    • suqsid4

      Got your panties in a bunch, libtard?

  • Hefailed

    Like Mr. Clooney, Mr. Woods is entitled to his opinion. The difference between the two gentleman is that while Mr. Clooney supports an individual (like much of Hollywood), Mr. Woods supports the concept of a Republic and his country and demonstrates a great deal of courage in doing so. I truly hope he is wrong about never working again, but in any event, I admire and thank him for the tenacity to speak his mind.

    This rally, by the way, is not about real immigration reform – it is about illegal immigration reform. In California, the governor has now made it legal for someone in the country illegally to obtain a driver’s license. The insanity spreads.

    • suqsid4

      Socialism isn’t about the individual. It’s about managing the masses. It’s treachery. I doubt Clooney has the wherewithal to comprehend the importance of the poor man’s sense of liberty.

  • Derrick Washington

    It must be slow in James’ agent department. This usually happens when they’re career has drained.

    • Hefailed

      But when George Clooney does it, it’s inspirational??

  • Paula Noakes

    I figure he and Nick Searcy can always work together, right? I’d be watching!!

  • Royal Starkey
  • Greta Faulkinberry

    Proud to call you a fellow American.

  • Axelgreaser

    JAMES WOODS NEEDN’T WORRY. Commiewood looks at the bottom line and we know well over 1/2 of America, WELL OVER, are grateful to this man for speaking out so eloquently against the regime and would gladly support his films. I would go and I’ve self-banned Hollywood since discover how treacherous these people are and from reading and listening to their ABUSE of fellow American’s. I’d go see a James Woods film out of pure spite! On the other hand, the Boogie Woogie Bugling and Moo’struck Hollywood hags we see most often on Twitchy and Twitter tweeting their spew can go pizz up a rope. I wouldn’t buy a CD, book or watch any film these Brides of Obama are in. Hollywood must be feeling this animosity at the turnstiles by now. God bless James Woods, Ken Wahl, Gary Sinise, Jeanine Turner and others. There are MANY others who have been cowed and bullied into fearing for their livelihood, which is exactly what happens in a dictatorial movement.

    I’ll take James Woods and his patriotism anyday who said above: “My country first..” On the other hand, President Barack Obama, and I quote blogger ‘Wintery Night’ from a 2010 post: “Obama, known for his lectures to others on civility, saw fit to use the obscene and derogatory term “tea-baggers” in a book interview with author Jonathan Alter in 2009.” It is important to note that Barack Obama coined that hateful, divisive epithet which has been since used extensively in the most vile manner by Obamabot’s since then. Furthermore Obama has recently called Americans who disagree with his horrific ineptitude as a President advised his zombie-like base to ‘vote with revenge’ and recently as he was spitting on Veterans, called Americans ‘hostage takers’ an ‘terrorists.’ Why Barack Hussein Obama, a race hustler who obviously is mentally and morally unfit for his high office (he lies with impunity), is allowed to remain in office simply based on his ‘color’ is both astonishing and nauseating. He is a disgrace to that noble color. In short, most of America supports the James Woods and Dr. Ben Carson’s who risk Obama’s ‘punitive’ misuse of power to shut them up, but only a fool would ever believe ‘targeting’ patriots and whistle blowers will shut them up is proof positive they are unfit for office and when did bringing that to the fore ever become forbidden in America? That is precisely what the Constitution Obama so obviously hates INSURES. After all, as stunned Senator Kevin Brady (Texas) said recently in Senate hearings as the scope of the allegations of the IRS Tea Party horror blossomed before us in in what Obama first decried and then in a 90 degree turn called it the ‘phony IRS scandal’, “Is this still America?” I’d say yes, as long as we can count on someone with the powerful position and resolve of a James Woods.

  • Ron Schutz

    If the immigrants wanted to really impress the country they should have be there backing the WWII Vets. They should spend more time showing how much the love this country, instead of bitching about not getting enough free shit.

  • Guest

    He’ll work again, he’s too good an actor and his conservatism has been known in Hollywood for years. Recently he was in the remake of COMA acting opposite ultra-liberal Richard Dreyfus so these things are kept somewhat separate. I think he was just being witty. Also, casting agents and producers are not all liberal.

    • suqsid4

      His appreciation for liberty will certainly attract viewers.

    • Basset_Hound

      I’ll give Dreyfus credit for one thing. When Charlton Heston was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Dreyfus wrote a VERY kind, VERY respectful tribute piece instead of launching classless cheap shots like Looney Clooney did.

  • Janet Collins

    GOD bless James Woods, Gary Sinise. Clint Eastwood.. Great actors, True Patriots

    • Basset_Hound

      Now if only we could get more actresses to “come out of the closet” as well, instead of airheads like Scarlett Johansen and others too numerous to name.

  • jim grant

    You are being a good american. Nothing wrong with that. The dummycrat is doing his best to destroy america. Everything is wtong with that. What did we do to kenya for them to send their favorite son?

  • Teresa

    It’s nice to see someone from Hollywood speak the truth for a change,My husband just retired in Sept. after 21 yrs in USAF It’s a shame what Obama is doing to our Military, past, present and future. America better wake up.

  • faydralove

    I am so happy he had the Balls to Speak the Truth he is a Brilliant Actor I have always liked him and now I even like and Respect him so much more…All these Actors are really something the way they are supporting this Train Wreck of a President,, I am sure there are a few afraid to say how they really feel in fear of not getting any work.. Talk about holding some thing for Ransom

  • Hot_wings

    So be it . Thank you anyway Mr. Woods for proving not everyone in Hollywood is an empty-headed dunce.

  • Keith Patton

    Behind you 100% James. Keep on keeping on Brother!

  • neoface

    Love to see more citizens from Hollyweir come out for their country instead of loons like cher, Bette Midler… Oh too many to name.

  • Christopher Fulton

    If it is ‘well documented’ please share that with us. You are setting fire to a straw man. Good actors find work bad actors don’t. James Woods is working. DUH

  • William Skrainski

    He’ll always get work from Seth MacFarlane

  • Kim King Stout

    I will buy tickets for myself and a dozen friends for the next movie he is in. Very proud of Mr. Woods.

  • Margaret Ulbin

    God Bless you James Wood we need more people like you to speak up Our Country is going down the tubes Maggie Ulbin from Warwick RI

  • vino veritas

    If anything, he’ll start getting work up to his eye balls & then some because we all know his popularity is about to skyrocket. The only thing they REALLY care about in hollywood is the bottom line.. the almighty dollar! Everything they say (politically or otherwise) is unadulterated crap and meant to bring controversy since controversy is what sells. Woods is the exception to this rule and God bless him for it!
    With his popularity/earning power, I don’t think he’ll ever have to worry about unemployment as long as hollywood itself remains viable, but that’s a whole other story.

  • cfraun

    LOVE James Woods and any other Hollywood Conservative who has the guts to speak out against Obama, who is clearly the Worst President Ever!

  • Whinerssuk

    It’s pathetic that an actor can go to prison for heroin charges and be welcomed back and given the opportunity to be very successful ( Robert Downey Jr. ), or you can, well, pick from the list of incredibly stupid s**t Carlo Estevez ( Charlie Sheen ) or Lindsay Lohan has done, and you can say whatever the hell you want about G W Bush but if you say anything negative about Obama, the Liberals Savior, then you are ostacized from the group for what you have done. I have always liked James Woods work but, for a man to risk his livelyhood for his beliefs, he has gained mt respect now.

  • Verona Keller

    We need more well known people to speak up.Thank you James Woods!

  • heebie123

    Love you James! Thank you for your honesty.

  • Eddie Cara Rice White

    I think it was Patrick Henry that said, “Give me Liberty or Give me Death!” I’m glad we have another to add to that quote now, James Woods actor/ Patriot,”I don’t expect to work again. I l think Barack Obama is a threat to the integrity and future of the Republic. ,”MY COUNTRY FIRST!” This shall be the defining moment in this countries resurrection once more. When the far left took us on a bridge too far, and overstepped their constitutional boundaries to try an force feed us their dogmatic view of America as a socialist nation! MOLON-LABE [~]

  • atillathehunney

    I really liked Woods… wow, I just fell in love!!!

  • BeJebus

    lol i don’t think anybody really gives a shit, jimbo. go ahead and work all you want, or don’t.

  • Deane Cooper

    “Gary Sinise, Patricia Heaton, Kevin Sorbo, Dean Cain, Nick Searcy, Clint Eastwood and Stacey Dash are among the Tinseltown conservatives putting country first. Will others follow?”
    Add Bruce Willis to that list as well.

  • Manbehindthecurtain

    He will always have his Family Guy cameos.
    WTG James. Glad to see an actor put his convictions first.

  • LCM☝✊


  • jim grant

    One thing we might try, term limits. 12 yrs local (county & below. 12 yr state.. 12 yr. Federal. Fresh people means fresh ideas.make a ceiling of one million dollars per congressional office, including the senator or representative. Dump all unnessassary goveerment employees, espescially the white house. Make the supreme court twentyb years instead of life. Jim grant

  • Micheal Brown

    woods for


  • Charles Hammond Jr

    One more person to add to the (short) list of decent people in this world. I tip my hat in your honor James Woods!

    Can I buy you a drink?

  • MeJane

    James Woods is putting it all on the line for our country, this is what we all should be doing – risk taking for the cause!

    • AnneCameo

      It IS what our forefathers did, and our veterans: “some gave all”, and to save this country for our next generations, I believe it is worth it.

      • MeJane

        Absolutely, they gave their all, everything they had so that we could live in freedom. Now that that freedom is being attacked and eroded, we need to make a stand now while there is more of us than there are of them and while we are able to bear arms.
        “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson.

  • Karen Jesnowski

    Yes unfortunately you are on the LIST! You can’t doubt he has his own PRIVATE DIRTY DEED DOERS force, that is how he has gotten away with all the DISRESPECT to Americans, and pure ugliness to this country and our constitution. He is a sick man. O B A M A – OneBigAssMistakeAmerica. Thank you Mr. Woods !

  • Friend

    Mr. Woods, you have always been one of my favorite actors and now you are one of my favorite Americans.

  • Peggy Drogemuller

    Thank you, James Woods – you are a true patriot, and a hero!

  • Michael Benson

    James, don’t worry about working in Folliewood. With you and others in your field, I think seriously that can start a whole new filming industry and being much better. With help from all that thinks this, we can pull together all the production needs. I have 5 scripts rolling around and yes, needs help with a hardcopy but I think it can be done. Besides, you would be great in a couple of them, one being a FBI Director!

  • The One Who Knocks

    For a guy that has a genius level IQ, he sure is narrow minded.. or severely biased. Obama the one who is a threat to our country? Really? Not the group that wants to hold the country hostage because it’s all their way or no way? Guess IQ doesn’t say much about wisdom.

    • benched42

      So, who’s the one who said “I will not negotiate”? Hint: His current address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.

      • AnneCameo

        Yes. “he will not negotiate”? He’s not the king. It’s how our gov’t works. I don’t believe Obama is that dumb; but he must think his followers are.

      • The One Who Knocks

        He doesn’t have to, need to, nor should he. the ACA is a law. It’s been judged to be constitutional. That is THE bottom line. It was put in place fair and square. You don’t run a democracy by giving in to political extortionists who want to be whiny little snot nose brats because they didn’t get their way.

        • benched42

          All funding bill start in the House, if you read the Constitution. If the House chooses not to fund something, there’s no way to pay for it. And personally, I’m very happy with the fact that they are NOT funding the ACA.

          Oh, and the last time I looked, we do NOT live in a democracy; we live in a representative republic. And giving in is what the Democrats have done in each of the previous government shutdowns. And for the record, most of those shutdowns were started by Tip O’Neill, Speaker of the House and a Democrat.

          • The One Who Knocks

            >Oh, and the last time I looked, we do NOT live in a democracy; we live in a representative republic

            Oh good lord, loook, by popular usage “democracy” has grown to mean a government that gets its power from the citizens and is accountable to them. When you look at it that way yes, we’re a democracy for all intents and purposes. I understand what you’re trying to say though, but don’t split hairs with nonsense technicalities that do nothing for the argument either way except make you come off like some fat neckbeard in a fedora thinking he’s better than everyone else because he one upped someone on a technicality.

            >And for the record, most of those shutdowns were started by Tip O’Neill, Speaker of the House and a Democrat.

            Strawman, no bearing on the situation at hand, Tip was before my time.

            >All funding bill start in the House, if you read the Constitution. If the House chooses not to fund something, there’s no way to pay for it. And personally, I’m very happy with the fact that they are NOT funding the ACA.

            The house can choose not to, doesn’t mean the Senate will allow it. In case you haven’t noticed, the GOP currently has a 28% Gallup approval rating over this nonsense. What does that tell you? Obviously the poll is rigged though, right? Fact is, the majority of the people in this country right now think they are making the wrong move and need to grow up.

            Congress killed the GOP’s attempts to defund the bill the past 42 times they tried, do you think it’s going to happen now?

          • benched42

            OK. So using your definition of democracy, they should do what we want. And in the latest polls, only about 39% of US citizens are in favor of the ACA. Do what we want?

            Strawman? So history has no bearing in what’s going on now? Why not? I believe it was George Santayana who said “Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.” Well, apparently our President and our Senate have not taken history.

            And your same Gallup poll has the Democrats at 43%. So neither is doing well. And by the ongoing Gallup poll, Obama is at 44% approval. So I guess ALL of DC is down.

            I don’t know if the ACA is going to be defunded now. But I sure hope it is.

        • Who Fatwahed?

          And there you just contradicted your original comment. That didn’t take long.

          • The One Who Knocks

            What the hell are you even talking about?

        • Jrad

          You’re forgetting that it was Obama that changed the law, the house just wanted the change for ALL, not for only those who obama sees fit to grant a waiver. The constitution provides equal treatment under law, so to exempt one person from the law and not others is not legal, the republicans are simply demanding that this be done properly and legally.

    • AnneCameo

      Get real! Hostage, terrorist, anarchist, forcing shut down, “war on women”, racist, white rich, blah…blah…
      The GOP/House has been negotiating – that is have submitted CR’s, which were not accepted, and changing their demands. The President and Dems in Senate HAVE NOT MOVED, will not agree or negotiate; they will be the ones to chose the shutdown.

      Obama says: let’s handle clean CR and then we’ll negotiate? What leverage would the GOP have? It’s how negotiating works, i.e. give and take. And, if real cuts in spending, or delay, or DC staff should not get “subsidies” they don’t income-wise qualify for… if it CAN’T BE DONE NOW, WHEN? WHY NOT NOW? Are they really too busy to do it now? Does Obama think the Americans are so stupid, as to think they’ll fall for another empty promise? What crap.

    • $18912735

      You should twitter your concerns to him directly. I’m sure he’d be willing to take you up on a discussion about his narrow mindedness.

    • Who Fatwahed?

      Who was it that said he would not negotiate?

      • Jrad

        Obama and harry reid said they won’t negotiate. This guy has his facts reversed, probably gets them from msnbc lol

    • Jrad

      The ground that is holding the country hostage, changes the ACA without congresional approval but refuses to let the other half of the government have the same concessions. is the president and the democrat controlled senate. All they had to do is make some small concessions to give everyone the same 1year grace period before forced to buy obamacare, and obey the same rules they force on us. All of which is very reasonable, but they would rather shut down the government.

  • Ely Ramos

    Thank God we still have people like you James Woods. I am just appalled that this President cannot compromise. Where are we really headed ?

  • ron whitton

    hey James, I’ll go and PAY to see anything you are in, a lot of others will too

  • Jayray1259

    Thank you James Woods. Start your own production company and we true Americans will pay to see you and any movie that you make. Three cheers for a PATRIOT!

  • Danny Meeker

    I find the hypocrisy of Hollywood stunning, and not just in their far-fetched liberal beliefs. This is the same Hollywood that cried foul over 50 years ago during the Red Scare. The blackballing of several Hollywood elites over suspected Communist ties caused a major uproar, ultimately leading to the dethroning of Joe McCarthy. One would think that Hollywood would’ve learned its lesson and kept DC far away from the entertainment industry, instead of becoming the liberal elite’s mouthpiece.

  • gene guess

    Thank you, Mr. Woods for having a spine and voicing a true patriot’s opinion! …Hollywood fell into the Pacific Ocean years ago.

  • NPDeeDee

    James Woods earned a college degree and is a smart guy. Probably prepared for the future and as far as working again–there are closet conservatives who will hire him. but as Catherder said–maybe no one will be working in 2016!!!

  • harold solomon

    mor like you as an or standing upe factor I love you more for standing up you and Clint ROCK!!!!!

  • GeorgeinParadise

    James Woods, you are one of the finest actors ever. When I watched “Once Upon a Time in America” I thought you were the greatest! Not many people outshine Robert DeNiro, but in that movie, you were so convincing! Anything you do is professional and outstanding. To mirror the other people…they are fools to blackball you. In the end, they will be the ones screaming for a job while actors and actresses of principle are the majority.

  • pjstevenson2001

    Love you Jimmy! Thanks for standing strong! Get ready for the IRS Audit coming your way! Ask Dr Carson.

  • David Bryant

    At some point we must all draw a line in the sand and when it’s crossed, we must hold our ground. Good on you Mr. Woods. I don’t now if the pettiness that is Hollywood will lash out at you, but I’ve always enjoyed your work and will only be further motivated to buy a ticket to any projects you take on in the future, based upon your courageous outspoken value statement! Thanks for your patriotism.

  • Debbie Hall

    I always did love his acting and now more than ever I respect and love his patriotism and his truth about seeing the evil this President represents! You go James! We are behind you all the way!!

  • NewWest 123

    I have a feeling, more of Hollywood will start speaking out about this disaster of a President. His arrogance and complete disregard for this office will have him in the history books as the worst President ever!!

    • $18912735

      I wish I had your optimism regarding the people in Hollywood…

  • Ronnie Tan

    my hats off to you Mr.Woods!

  • Cheryl Ortega

    You speak the words of so many American’s. The problem is, no one listens. I thank you for speaking out. You are a highly respected man that will out shine the weak and cowards that refuses to see what is happening to our great country. Thank you so much…

  • PJ McFlur

    Who wrote this? I gotta know the cheerleaders name to get the video online. Its like ESPN politics. I bet she tells funny dick jokes in person.

  • spookym

    The President barricaded the WW2 vets?!!! What have you been smokin’, Jimmy?

    • Richard Stickles

      You live in a cave?

      • dan3333333333

        No, that would be where your presidents buddies live!

        • Richard Stickles

          You can’t blame me for this pres… I didn’t vote for him!

      • Guest

        No, I pay attention to the facts.

    • Jrad

      I guess you don’t follow current events huh

      • Guest

        Yes, I do. That’s why I know Jimmy is full of @#$%.

    • Donald Wilson

      El hefe barricaded the WW2 memorials, El Hefe did not want anyone to visit those memorials. However, later that day/week he allowed a large group of illegal immigrants access. I call that discrimination. Good day

      • Guest

        Thanks to the GOP propelled government shutdown, the vets were kept out. Passed the joint to Donald, hey Jimmy?

        • Jrad

          Are you really stupid enough to believe what you just typed? The obama administration ordered the monuments barricaded and the Republicans joined the crowds and physically removed them. Please stop drinking the kook-aid that the news media is feeding you

          • spookym

            You really are one stupid @#$%. Have you even heard about the government shutdown or are you too busy boinking your sister? WW2 memorials are run by the government, therefore they are affected by the shutdown i.e. the GOP shutdown. Why am I even bothering? It’s obvious your parents were siblings.

  • Clementius

    Don’t be surprised James Woods, jobs will be looking for you! My respects for your patriotism.

  • Who Fatwahed?

    Very admirable, to take such a risk, in order to be honest, in one’s belief. That takes some stones.

  • Don Hilburn

    Mr. Woods; you’re gonna be just fine. Hang in there. I’ve always been a fan like others but now, like others, I respect you and support you.

  • Mick_Pearson

    James Woods is still a working actor?

    I thought he retired so he could twit on the twatter.

    • Jrad

      You, your comment, and obama deserve about as much respect as the object I just said goodby to as I watched it swirl down the drain as I flushed…

      • Mick_Pearson

        You are aDORable!

  • Alfonso Ponce-Enrile

    ….ever wondered about the multitude of people complaining about the sad state of affairs in the country? Guess what, at least 51% of American voters CHOSE Obama in our last 2 Presidential Elections. America got what she wanted that’s very clear. It is also very clear, Americans do not know how to CHOOSE well….have a nice day!

    • Donald Wilson

      Don’t count me as part of the 51% I voted for none of the above. Neither party had an individual worthy of my vote. I voted for someone more worthy. Good day

  • Ed Thornton

    Obama= fraud, Obama has to go he is destroying our country! lets get the party started!

  • Chrissy the Hyphenated

    I will watch anything this brave American appears in. Got that, entertainment bean counters? Anything. The Progressive Left represents less than 1 in 4 Americans. The Conservative Right represents 2 in 4. Do the math.

  • PapuaNewGuinea

    I would love to see New York, California and other ultra-liberal states succeed from our nation. Let them harbor all of the illegals coming into our country and let them figure out how to take care of them. The rest of us can work and prosper and help those in need the right way. (Teach them to work and act as members of a community). James Woods is right. Our nation is slipping into a nation without integrity, not following the laws that govern our country. Obama is treating those of us who have worked hard and our families who have been here for generations like the crap of the earth. He is seeking revenge for something that happened a long time ago without my or your assistance.

  • PapuaNewGuinea

    oops succeed is secede. I was typing too fast. Sorry

  • Walter

    James Woods is one of the few courageous, patriotic actors in Hollywood. Let his popularity, and support of viewers, be a lesson to Hollywood producers in the future.

  • Caneman

    The craziest part is that we take it for granted that he will be ostracized and yet we accepted that as OK or expected? It is the very fact that he will be demonized for his “thought crime” that we should be disgusted by. Anyone read 1984 anymore, or is that book now banned to education? The same (general) Hollywood group that blathers out “tolerance speak”… but alas it is only for their beliefs. Not that the rest of our society doesn’t do the exact same thing… No one listens and respects opposing view points any longer (regardless of the degree of disagreement), this in itself is an act of cowardice. Talking over one another has become an art now.
    I applaud your courage of honesty in the face of what will most definitely become adversity. Blessings to you Mr. Woods

  • John Marsh

    God bless you bro… for having the reality in you to be real in public… I think you’ve just gained fans… Christ so richly and abundantly bless you with favor…

  • $76426467

    Hollywood exploits women while they’re young then dumps them when they’re old. The movie industry is one of the most cruel, bigoted, obscene, and immoral institutions in American history.

  • Norma T, Brown

    Obama has inspired this nation’s Patriots to stand up and be heard. Our voices will not be silenced !! we are gaining strength and nothing will hold us back! The silent revolution has begun!!

  • Marc

    I have always admired your work. Now I admire you personally. Thanks for standing up for what is right.

  • josh

    We will soon be in the true “Deathlands”.

  • TimboT

    It seems most of the actor/actresses in Hollywood only care about “SELF” which is why when one who has real talent comes out telling it like it is they deserve all our respect.

  • Dan Hudspeth

    You just became my favorite actor James Woods. Thank you for standing up for our vets.

  • Timmmmm

    James Woods was on a flight from Boston to LA when the 9-11 attackers were doing a dry run and noticed the notes they were taking, the things they were looking at, ect… He reported it to the FBI. Ever since then he has been a changed Man. You could say he has seen the light. Long before then I remember him defending Oliver Stone for a movie that took liberties with history, no surprise there like a good liberal. Indeed he is correct. Country first.

  • Dennis Carr

    James Woods “According to rumor, he scored a perfect 800 on the verbal section of the SAT and 779 on the math section of the SAT, yielding a total score of 1579.” I would rather listen to a smart person than to a Mulatto any day..

  • virginia gascon

    Good to see that someone speaks the truth…

  • Catherine McLaughlin

    Can’t agree with you more, keep up the fight we are doing the same in our household!

  • Dan Fitzgerald

    A true Patriot ! A real man! a stand up American! HOLLYWOOD has turned into it’s own little hate group. I like this dude, and more what he is standing for! It takes balls to stand up and tell the truth especially when your among sold, spoiled, self centered ego maniacs……there’s a good reason most have lost all respect for the too kool Hollywood group and alike….THEIR FULL OF HATE!

  • Lucy Findley West

    Impeach the POTUS already! Thank you Mr. Woods for having a backbone.

  • [email protected]

    Thanks man, sure appreciate your support

  • Guest

    It’s funny how James conveniently forgot to mention that the shut down was caused by congress, primarily the republicans for putting a gun to the head to the dems. ( Either they remove funding for the affordable care act, or they will not sign the bill ). The anger should be pointed toward congress.

    • Criticus Rex

      No. Was caused by spending out of control, too much government interference in business and ramming ACA down this country’s throat. ENOUGH ALREADY!

  • Craig M

    Just for giggles, how about trying this. If one individual from each of the 50 states were to file a 1 million dollar lawsuit against Pelosi for failure to comply w/ her fiduciary responsibility, in not properly vetting the Democratic Presidential candidate, possibly there might be at least one State Attorney General whom would seek the release of any sealed information, that might bring to light Obamas once holding duel citizenship, declining US citizenship- for the purpose of foreign student funding, or seeking school funding from a foreign nation (which would bring to question his right to seek the Presidency and Commander in Chief authority without allegiance to any nation other than the US) too justify the basis of the lawsuit (or they themselves be vulnerable to the same type of suit).

  • Barry Fothergill

    Always been a big fan James!!! You also nailed it on our President!!!

  • billmar42

    its good to see some people in hollywood with big testicles

  • metalfinishart

    Obama the first American King!
    Obama the king of the finger pointers. But the buck never stops at his door step. Obama is willing to negotiate with (Syria, Iran, Russia, but not Republicans). So why is that?

  • TXgnnr

    I find it fascinating how comment after comment get posted after one or two individuals post an anti God or anti Christian comment. WHY does ANYONE pay any attention to them. If that is how they fell, let them feel that way. Good honk. None of you will suffer the consequences of their decisions. So, go on with your lives and let them suffer the consequences or reap the benefits of their beliefs/decisions. Another thing….STAY ON TOPIC!

  • Jim45acp

    I wonder how religion effects Mr. Woods. Did he see through the POTUS because of the love of God, or the love of the Constitution? They report, You decide, — the truth.

  • Niles Aronson

    Awesome. He is an awesome actor, a true patriot, and has a higher IQ than Einstein.

  • Don

    James, this old soldier salutes you, Major US Army, always liked you, like you more now

  • Herta M. Bellefleur


  • susan hill moore

    I thank God for you and your willingness to speak out!

  • Stonegold

    James Wood is a idiot. This country is not going to fall. For all
    that said Obama is the anti-Christ then you are not very christen
    people. For all those that said that the bible is law then you need
    to read your bible again. There is only one rule in the bible and
    that is do unto others as you would have done to you. So when killers
    kill that is what they want to have done to them. Also answer me why
    god has only communicated with profits in the beginning and then all
    stop on talking to profits. I have been baptized into 14 different
    religions and I think they are all crack pots. Organized religion is
    about getting money to by churches to get more people to get more

  • michael spurlock

    have faith everyone.

  • Jing Yagunazie

    Would the Secret Service stop obama from committing suicide?

  • lindaspy

    James Wood,,,watching too much Fox Noise,,Republicans have abused the filibuster to historical proportions. caused the recession Obama inherited.They helped create and employ the sequester and shutdown the government sir,,,and then had the audacity to go GRANDSTAND at the WWII Vets wall!! Get your facts straight before tweets! Wake up and smell the coffee James, and throw away the tea bags!