This Occupy America movement brought to you by the Spite House.

But it’s curtains for President Stompy Foot’s shutdown theater.

Families from around the nation have tossed aside cones at Badlands National Park, jumped the Barrycades at Zion National Park, and now, they’re soaking up history at Gettysburg National Military Park in defiance of the Obama administration’s politically-driven obstacles.

Over the weekend, one Twitter user snapped photos of Americans taking in Gettysburg memorials and monuments. The note in these pics reads “Catch us if you can.”

Go 1863 Inn of Gettysburg!

A look at some of the Gettysburg Barrycades:

Take that, Spite House:

  • TheOriginalDonald

    I think the Tea Party needs to adopt the Jackalope as their symbol #QuickAsCanBeYoullNeverCatchME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bobbie

      LOL Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Slugglife

      I like it. What a bunch of chumps. So the park police is now part of bobos security force.

      If there are park police around to throw people out, why aren’t the parks open? Does it cost the govt money when people look at a monument?

  • itsatax

    This BS of blocking pull-outs that are in the state hwy ROW needs to stop immediately. In addition to everything else that’s childish and stupid about it, it’s a potential safety hazard.

    • snowleopard (the true one)

      Agreed, its only going to be a matter of time before someone gets hurt, and I can easily see it being done by a government law agent. So how long until they simply up and arrest people en mass?

      • Giant Bryan

        Or shoot an un-armed woman with in DC

        • Dusty Thompson

          Being behind the wheel of a 4000 pound vehicle is hardly “unarmed”…

          • Trudy Graf

            Well then lets open fire on everyone, that’s driving erradically. The woman was mentally ill, going off your meds these days should carry a death sentence? What if they shot the little girl? They didn’t even know who was in the car with her, because its shoot first ask questions later.

          • topcat1957


          • BillClintonsShorts17

            If your vehicle is now considered to be a ‘weapon’, and we let pretty nearly everyone drive one, then where is the logic behind the prohibition of everyone carrying a sidearm?

          • happyscrapper

            A car is a weapon if used as one. Like that woman did.

          • Unsooper

            Her family is asking for an investigation by someone besides the police. Eyewitnesses say police removed the child from the stopped car and then fired on the woman again when she tried to get up.

          • happyscrapper

            Let them investigate. The woman tried to back up over some troopers. Then she went forward and hit a couple of them. Then she sped away at reckless speed. In the video, I saw no child being removed from the car. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. They should investigate and get the truth. To me, she looked like she was crazy and out to hurt someone. If she had gotten out of the area and on to a freeway, who knows what innocent lives may have been lost?

          • LadyGunfighter

            You were there?! Please tell us all what she looked like!! All I’ve seen is a smiling young woman. Did you watch the video when they FORCED her car into the barricade? The WHOLE video where they shot at her 7 times when she was on the move with a park full of people? Who is crazy?

          • Worship Dancer

            EYE witnesses report that there was NO DAMAGE to her vehicle and that the police reports were WILDLY exaggerated.

          • Don Iverson

            By that definition “A gun is a weapon if used like one. So as long as it’s holstered or being used responsibly then no issue.

          • happyscrapper


          • BillClintonsShorts17

            So, since anyone could use a car like that, we trust them with cars. Right? Why don’t we also trust them with AK-47s????

          • Worship Dancer

            i guess we need to ban all cars then.

          • fishaddict

            And so is a hammer, knife, ax, or firearm. Not sure what the difference is. I know a guy that collects cars. Not the new ones but the big, heavy, leaded fuel, 5 mpg, no seatbelts types. I collect and carry assorted knives and such for work and as a general rule. Another friend collects and carries various types of firearms for work, hunting, showing off, etc. What is the difference?

          • Lucy

            EXACTLY! There is NO logic. Everyone SHOULD be able to carry a sidearm!!! Thank you for making this point.

          • Doc

            DT…That’s one of those “bless your heart” statements (said instead of calling you an idiot).

          • mark abrams

            so you can be shot for driving your car ?

          • Casey

            No, bonehead, you can be shot for driving like a maniac and running over people.

          • LadyGunfighter

            She put ONE cop on the hood, he wasn’t hurt. The Cop car you saw trashed did that all by himself when he lost control and hit a barricade. THEY SHOT AT HER WHILE SHE WAS MOVING!!!! Or did you miss that. They forced her into the barricade or did you miss that too???

          • Casey


            When she fled from that initial encounter, rather than drive into a
            random neighborhood in Northwest Washington, she drove straight to the
            Capitol. There, with several police cars in pursuit, she drove onto a
            sidewalk and right up to another barricade before suddenly backing into a
            police car and nearly striking several officers.

            Would any reasonable police officer not be even more inclined to believe an attack on the government was taking place?

            Even then, after being fired upon as she drove away (about which,
            more later), Carey did not continue north on First Street NW and away
            from the Capitol and the surrounding government buildings as she could
            have. She instead turned east on Constitution Avenue, skirting the
            Capitol grounds and bringing her past the Senate office buildings and
            within a block of the Supreme Court. This behavior fit the profile of
            one who had made a list of specific targets and would press her attack
            until she either succeeded or was stopped.

            So. A woman fled from police near the White House. As Jack Dunphy points out, she behaved in a manner which could lead first responders to believe she was a suicide bomber.

            You self-evidently have a problem with the fact that ” THEY SHOT AT HER WHILE SHE WAS MOVING!!!!”

            As Dunphy later asks, what should they have done? In the real world?

        • itsatax

          Whether that shooting was justified or not, I’m amazed that it hasn’t become a cause on the scale of Trayvon. A black woman with a baby in the car and no gun gets shot by police and no backlash? Is it that lefties were just relieved the their God was unharmed and forgot to get outraged? I don’t get it. The people who usually get outraged by such things are completely quiet.

          • RightyFeep

            When a black person threatens another black person, even when the perceived threat was against a black president, there is by definition no racial incident. So there’s nothing much for the media to be upset about, since it can’t be speculatively spun against whites, Republicans, or conservatives.

            Now, had the woman been white, it would have been seen as racial & there would have been all kinds of speculation that she was a member of the Tea Party.

            And if she had been black, threatening a white president, her shooting would have been seen as racial, & the cops (who are honorary whites no matter what their race) would be under assault by professional black racists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

            But black on black? No way to spin this against white people. Nothing to see here. Move along, please.

      • Reverend Ken

        Ask the Vietnam vets, it has already happened.

    • Elaine

      If the place is closed due to gov’t shut down because of money, why are so many park rangers WORKING to keep people out and who paid for all the new #barrycades & the cost to put them up? It’s a joke….. on hard working tax payers!

      • itsatax

        Everything about it is obviously dishonest. I don’t think the MSM is going to be able to cover for this BS. If the Obama Campaign expects them to carry the water, they should at least give them a plausibility bucket.

        • UpNorth2

          They won’t cover it, Itsa, that’s the whole point. For the alphabet networks, if they don’t mention it, it didn’t happen.

          • Republicanvet

            The only way around this is for two people to do something, with the second person video taping how the thugs act. A few viral videos usually gets action.

          • Netmilsmom

            The Alphabet networks will cover it as, “Republican government shutdown leads to arrests” Ugh

      • JLawson

        Hey, it takes a lot of money to wash all the eyeprints off those statues and monuments each day! #dontlookatthem!

      • Trudy Graf

        Great point

      • James Castle

        everything about obumer is phony.

    • RichJ

      Childish, stupid, hateful, = Obama

  • Republicanvet

    This jackassery is getting crazy. If illegal alien lawbreakers can get permission to rally on the national mall and these thugs look the other way, then a citizen should have no problem on any federal park.

    • snowleopard (the true one)

      That is it in a nutshell. Our veterans are denied access to monuments, as the citizenry is to national parks, and yet illegals and an illegal immigrant rally for amnesty (Obama supporters) ARE PERMITTED.

      The leftist media says nothing about this other than to continue blaming the conservatives for Obama and Reids actions.

      • D-dubs

        Maybe we should declare our Mexican border a National Monument?

        • Deborah Hallsted

          Good one

    • Christian Felanopolis

      From here on out, we may no longer call them “illegal aliens.” The Obama administration has renamed them “unregistered Democrats.”

    • OppressLibs

      Would love to see the illegal immigrant rally be crashed by thousands of vets.

      • Frank Newlin

        Well it just might happen as their is a Million Veteran march on DC in the works, as a veteran I would love to be their but all I got is my SS and the Muslim seen to it that we don’t get hardly anything after working for almost 50 years so I don’t have the money to be their in person but will be with them in Heart and soul.

    • Dusty Thompson

      Illegal aliens get Drivers Licenses and can practice Law.

      This corrupt UNCONSTITUTIONAL Govt is the MORTAL ENEMY of ALL Americans..

      • George Simons

        That’s only in California. They can’t do either in the rest of the US. I wish I could go to DC, as a vet, I’d crash their party, and get on to TV doing it.

    • happyscrapper

      No other country in the WORLD allows this! In other countries, if you sneak in you are thrown in jail and they throw away the key. No schooling, no benefits, nothing. We are patsies!!! Or should I say, the socialists in DC are patsies!

      • Stan D Mute


        EVERY European country, Canada, and Australia are just as overcome with this third world illegal immigration. What have all these places in common? And who would be behind destroying them?

    • RichJ

      It clearly demonstrates how the leftists – Obama and the alphabet news media – all despise the the people who support the values that founded this nation

    • Slugglife

      ou have to be part of the lefts protected class or potential voting block. bobo and his band of @holes dont want to piss of the mexicans.

  • Edwina

    Having been born and raised many years ago in Gettysburg, this makes me absolutely sick. At that time many of the guides were volunteers from the community and only got what patrons tipped them. I’ll bet that is not the case today. Our government STINKS!

  • andso

    I believe people should be free to continue to visit federal sites that were previously open 24/7 and unattended. But, I think even as an act of civil disobedience it is foolish to go into any backcountry areas if registration is normally required. There are some places (obviously not Gettysburg, the National Mall, or scenic pull outs!!) where it truly is a safety issue if people go there when there are not park personnel available to help in an emergency

    • Peakview

      It is called personal responsibility. Most of the places aren’t terribly dangerous. If you aren’t willing to study up and prepare for your hikes you shouldn’t be going anyway. If you are worried about rescue carry a satellite beacon and insure with a private rescue company (not all that expensive either). To hike a Colorado 14,000 ft. mountain you write your name yourself in a trail log. The parks should be open with a use at your own risk posted.

      • andso

        Those are good suggestions for responsible hikers. But every year I read about rescue missions taken at public expense for people who go into these areas unprepared or those who get injured. My comment is more directed to those who are moving barricades as a political statement. I support that but want people to be smart about it.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™ ✓ certified

          These people aren’t hiking the Grand Canyon… Or the Rockies.

          • andso

            Probably not, but not everyone post pictures to show where they are going.

        • PFPorlock

          “…rescue missions taken at public expense….”

          I can’t choose to buy you health insurance and then command you to stop smoking. The government can’t choose to rescue people and then tell them to stop needing to be rescued.

          • andso

            That’s not my point. My point is that if accessing federal lands is being done as a political statement, then you should be politically smart where you go and not be the cause of some story that the media uses to trash you and everyone who makes a similar statement.

        • Kay Headley

          The cost for these rescue missions is charged to the person believing rescued.

        • IBXNJ

          Has NPS closed the Appalachian Trail??

    • Drewdxbarry

      Hmm, it’s harvest time in the national parks. Will the rangers be stopping that?

  • Get Real

    The camel’s back is now broken….This was the last straw!!!

    • Eliza

      I agree, you don’t piss off Americans. It could get really ugly out there.

      • crookedwren

        Which is why the schools — social engineering ghettos — are teaching our children to fear guns and “getting hurt.” Football is out; nerf balls are in. A child can’t point a finger, thumb up, and say, “Bang,” without getting suspended.

        As to shutting down the govt., what was the arrival deadline for those DHS armored vehicles? Just wondering.

        • binky354

          I believe the deadlines were October 1. Here’s one to ponder… Pentagon warns to expect changes in government soon.

          • crookedwren

            It’s the disturbing tension beneath this govt. shutdown.

          • Frank Newlin

            Yes I wonder how those DHS armored vehicles will do against say an MA1 Adams tank or even a Marine with an anti-tank weapon?

          • SkyePuppy

            The EU Times is not a reputable news source.

          • binky354

            You’re probably right. But it does give one something to think about given all we’ve seen in the past 5 years.

          • SkyePuppy

            Yeah, I think this falls into the category of “I wouldn’t put it past him,” but I’m not about to buy/sell investments based on the article.

          • Reverend Ken

            Everybody should read this and be warned.

  • The_Livewire

    The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. Someone needs to tell Obama about the “peacably assemble” part.

    • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

      And also about who already PAID for that land. And in Gettysburg, it was the blood and lives of some 50,000 Americans! That’s almost the number killed in Vietnam, but all during a 3 day battle.

      And Park Police, your mindless following of unconstitutional laws make you no better than the President, who is at this point, a criminal against the nation.

      We have elected the enemy…twice.

      • Reverend Ken

        We have allowed the fraud twice you mean.

    • BobDD

      They let the occupy movement camp out in parks, defecate on police cars, burn holes in the lawn, rape, attack passersby, etc. all with the full-throated approval of the media. Now they won’t even let us park our cars next to national monuments!?

    • Deborah Hallsted

      He has children practicing editing that out.

  • 24601

    The attempts to close open-air monuments are laughable to me.

    • crookedwren

      I know what you mean, but I find it horrifyingly fascistic.

  • Andrewpalandrew

    What a slap to the presidents face @barackobama . His shutdown is not stopping anyone. Rave on America!

  • Eliza

    What they don’t understand – you know the idiots in Washington – is that they are making the American people mad. You do not piss off an American, the repercussions could be really bad for you and really ugly.

    • crookedwren

      They know that. They do understand that. It’s what they want to do. Make no mistake. Evil is not stupid.

    • Christine Voss

      I think this is exactly why many people wonder if King Obama is deliberately provoking, hoping to push us to revolt so he can declare martial law. He’s either that stupid or that evil, to be doing these things.

    • moses

      He understands what he is doing,he has been working on this sense he was put in office the second time to piss people off the call martial law…….he wants riots!!!!

  • stellatruman

    I find it disturbing that park rangers are considered essential federal employees during a government shutdown . If people can’t see that this is a deliberate attempt to make Americans suffer than we have a bigger problem than people are aware of

  • Robin Arnaud

    They’ve spent a lot more money funding SPITE than they’ve saved in the “shutdown.” Park Rangers who enforce this political stunt are unprincipled cowards.

    • Republicanvet

      I would like to hear Congress announce they will be investigating what was spent on this stupidity, and agency budgets reduced accordingly if it continues another day.

    • Deborah Hallsted

      National Park Service had enough money to make islamic videos, so…guess they’re flush with money for some reason?

  • George Murrey

    Ok, ok. Do we really need all those park rangers, can’t we walk around at our leisurely pace? Let’s just have a few guards. Can you imagine how much we, the American taxpayers, can save at all those open air monuments?

    • petroliapete, we can’t walk around anymore. We don’t live in a free country anymore. This is proff positive.

  • ToyZebra

    Hey all you soldiers who died for freedom at Gettysburg, never mind.

  • juliusstahl

    Citizens should defy the Barrycades. If arrested the House GOP should DEMAND amnesty for them to end the #shutdown.

    • Drewdxbarry

      And for those who will not sign up for ACA.

    • Christine Voss

      Think Amnesty International will stand up for any conservatives beaten by King Barry’s thugs? Oh, wait…ha ha…never mind.

  • A.P. Dillon – LL1885


  • norbertjstpierre

    Shutting down the National Gettysburg battlefield is the height of racism. Lincoln said we would not forget what sacrifices were made there. maybe the sacrifice of freeing the slaves was a mistake. Anyone who hates the ones who freed them “must” be a racists.

  • TheDarkHelmet

    If the parks are ‘closed’ what are the rangers doing there?

  • Deserttrek

    I expected nothing less from barry boy the gangbanger in chief. he sees the world as his hood, and he is the shot caller.
    take back the senate from reid, impeach barry boy and tie biden to a chair. the USA may make it.

  • cubanbob

    If only the respective governors had stones. They could declare the parks a disaster area and use eminent domain to temporarily take them over. Since this is a spite measure by the democrats the republican in the house should insist on no back pay for the national park service staff when the “shutdown ” is lifted. If both actions were done the NPS drones would cut the nonsense.

  • Drewdxbarry

    As a long time x-liberal, I remember, in the nine- seventies and eighties we would have been all over this. Protesting the evil government while strolling through the park. It must be awful for them now, watching non liberals having all the fun.

  • Speichera

    Except for Route 30, I think most of the roads running through Gettysburg are state-owned. Governor Corbett should have state troopers out there to arrest park rangers who block those roads.

  • AccountantCas

    American ingenuity.

  • AccountantCas

    Government of the people, by the people, for the people?

    • binky354

      No more, but I hope it’s not never more.

  • seemorejustice

    If those damn Yankees thought of that Barrycade in 1863, there would be no Gettysburg Memorial Park to close down, right?

  • JackSheet

    He is overplaying his hand

    The monument foolishness plus the ACA horror stories will be the trickle that busts the dam

    People are finally waking up

    The end of Obama’s Reign of Error

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Mine eyes have seen the horror of the coming of the sword,
    But the MSM has figured that their audience is bored,
    So they do not show the evil of the man that they’ve adored,
    His madness marches on…

    • Deborah Hallsted


  • Republicanvet

    I found out last night from a HS classmate that his 80 year old father went fishing, and was told by a game warden that he had to leave.
    The warden claimed the bridge was federal, and I have since been told the fed claims jurisdiction over the entire river …and since the government was shut down, no fishing was allowed.

    • Squirrel!

      The Buffalo River is off limits where I live.

    • itsatax

      I hope people remember this crap every time there’s a proposal for a “scenic river” designation, a national monument or anything else involving the Federal Vogonate. Say no. Keep them out.

      • Republicanvet

        That’s what I was thinking last night. How many will think a new national park proposal is a good idea the next time some tree hugging nitwit suggests it given the way these thugs have acted?

      • vetgal1970

        The Clean Water Act.

        • happyscrapper

          Actually, I believe the Clean Water Act was originally one of the few good ideas! Not sure how much it has been corrupted by now.

          • vetgal1970

            It was a good idea, who doesn’t want clean water? But when they have expanded it to the point that prairie potholes come under the jurisdiction of the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers, there ‘might’ be a problem. There have been several cases where they have tried to stop people from building on lots designated as wetlands, which are surrounded by existing homes. They have tried to use it to interrupt mining operations in various states. They have even attempted to regulate stormwater runoff as a pollutant in Virginia. Of course there are regulations in the Act that are helpful for keeping our water from becoming poison, but lately it has been used as a tool to limit activity that ‘might’ harm, not IS harming. They aren’t even consistent in the application of these ‘opinions’, which frankly is the hallmark for all of the regulatory agencies these days.

          • happyscrapper

            Absolutely agree!

    • Christine Voss

      THIS IS DISGUSTING!!! Thank God people are walking right through these barrycades. How long before it gets more serious, a real uprising? What makes this insane man think he can do this in America? What made him think he was a king? NO MORE KINGS! Shall we call start calling him George?

      • stuckinIL4now

        I’ve long suspected that Baraka could be the reincarnation of KGIII come back to get revenge on the unruly, ungrateful colonists.

        • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

          More like the “Mad Mod” #TeenTitans #Revolution Jawamax 8<{D}

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        Y’all know what I call him.. KING FINK OBAMA! Jawamax 8<{D}

        • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

          For M’Lady @PennyRobinsonFanClub #WizardOfId Jawamax 8<{D}

        • vetgal1970

          Lol. I call him something altogether different, but it does have ‘KING in the title.

  • Not Right

    These parks take a great deal of stress just from everyday use. Now there is nobody to pick up trash, help somebody when they get hurt, make repairs, or prevent vandalism. There is a great deal of damage done every day just from people doing stupid things like climbing on cannons or monuments. These parks are not just for you. They are for the people that come after you and for generations to come. All you are doing is encouraging vandalism. Don’t make things worse.

  • texbarb



    Guarantee it costs more money to close places and patrol them, that it costs to keep them open.

  • Deborah Hallsted

    That strange sound you hear is of both armies rolling in their graves.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    We need to TAKE BACK OUR PARKS, MONUMENTS, and HISTORIC SITES! NO excuses, no “negotiating,” and NO COMPROMISE! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Keith Gilbert

    Anyone else as tired of this creepy, poser, POTUS and his bull shit as I am? Well, we can be as disgusted as we, all of US, want but as the old saying goes; you have the government you deserve, that’s what was voted for…by some!

  • Adam Weisshaupt

    Get out of the King’s Royal Forest Peasants!
    Who do you think this is, the commons, where you have as much right to the land as everywhere else? Your Lord and Savior King Obama has decreed all of his holding off limits to his serfs and vassals.

    If you are in the park service and obey these orders, you are a traitor to your nation and the people you serve. You aren’t “just doing your job” – you are Nazis just “following orders” and you should be treated as such.

  • Teresa in Fort Worth, TX

    What are they going to do once the government is in charge of everyone’s healthcare, post guards at the entrances of hospitals, telling them they can’t get in because the government is shut down?

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      That’s chilling… Jawamax 8<{D}

    • Christine Voss

      This point needs to be pounded home over and over and over: REGARDLESS of whether people think this is the Democrats’ or Republicans’ fault, to see ANY government leader wield this kind of power against the American people ought to make them turn screaming from the concept of putting those same people in charge of their HEALTH and LIVES.
      King Barry Stompy Foot is proving exactly why government health care is a very bad and dangerous idea.

      • happyscrapper

        Right on!!

    • happyscrapper

      This cannot happen. It MUST be stopped. Right now it is crashing and burning. Keep praying that it continues to self-destruct!

    • stevhp

      Yes. Why do you think they want to control our healthcare? Every election, health-care spending will be a political football, just like social security is now.

  • stuckinIL4now

    These ridiculous situations have to be hammering home the point as to how out of control this federal government is. Truth is–We The People OWN this country, the land, the parks, the roads, the waterways, the mountains–you name it here, WE own it, not the government. The government was tasked with caretaking. The government works for us and the states, is funded by us and needs to start listening to us and taking direction from us and if it’s not going to listen then it’s time for massive uprising to make it listen–OR ELSE.

    • happyscrapper

      Absolutely!!!! This is a fact that continues to be overlooked. They may think they have POWER, but that power is given by the citizens and it can be taken away. All federal land is paid for by you and me!! Obama is an egotistical jerk bully and he needs to be called on it.

  • Jeree K Gamble

    Our governmenis the laughing stock of the world. They are losing respect from us, the citizens, and with world leaders. To our govt….. get to work on important issues and stop putting up cones.

  • GuardAmerican

    America’s second civil war may just start at one scene of it’s first.

    Toss those Barrycades!

  • Moneyrunner

    Don’t the park rangers live in the area? Won’t they be identified as the locals who actually “followed orders?” I would suggest that they may want to see if they are not too sick to go to work. I hear that there’s a bug going around.

  • rbeccah

    I would be running over those orange cones. Sure, we taxpayers would have to pay for new ones, but it takes time to get them.

  • MickMcMick

    Cut the Park Service budget to nothing. Declare the Federal lands they are on to be public property, with no restrictions. Enter at your own risk. And fire all these brownshirt fascist enforcers. They are traitors. And impeach their Marxist overlord.

  • Night Owl

    Was just there with my daughter a few months ago, actually stayed at the 1863 Inn. We went to the Flight 93 memorial too. I wonder if that is shut down as well. Obama really sucks.

  • Dingus

    I think that more people need to mass around all the monuments. HUGE numbers. Location after location. And if the park nazi’s try to stop you or talk to you ignore them. ESPECIALLY if the offending monument was paid for by private or donated funds.

  • Robert Ellsworth

    Nice to see Americans finally strapping on a pair and resisting the spiteful little bastards.

  • The Jackal

    To Hell with Obama and his Brown Shirted Stormtroopers.

  • happyscrapper

    It is a small, low consequence stand to take, but it is a START!! WE THE PEOPLE are starting to wake up and understand what we are dealing with here. Bullying by our “leaders”. They have huge power and are abusing it! That is tyranny. I don’t take that word lightly. But what else can you call it?

  • bicentennialguy

    Just went there in April. I wondered if they would try it there too. If you’ve never been there, the whole place is wide open fields…..for miles. We took one whole day and just walked the battlefield. Great time. Best trip I’ve ever been on. It’s disgusting that they would even attempt to block access. The whole town is pretty much reliant on tourism.

    • happyscrapper

      And that is another point…they are shutting down tourist areas that rely on that money to operate. Of all things to shut down, the money-making operations should be LAST. This is a deliberate act of bullying and intimidation. Also shows that this POTUS wants the country to fail!!

  • Nancy Phelps

    Taking down the barrycaides!

  • petroliapete

    Do all of these park rangers telling us we can’t go here an can’t do that remind anybody else of the stories we used to hear about eastern european police states (& other more nefarious governments in histroy) controlling our moves. Next, they will be wanting to “see our papers”…

  • Jacqueline Muny

    you guys ROCK!!!

  • texas_suzie

    One has to wonder how much those cones have cost the American taxpayer.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      I’d say they pay through the nose and out the @$$ for them…Even though they buy them in bulk… You know, “Government Spending”…Jawamax 8<{D}

  • LeftistsStink

    Wouldn’t surprise me that the brownshirts are getting hazard pay for this abuse of the populace.

  • SayanNeviot

    I’ve got mixed feelings about this. My concern is that, in the past, there HAVE been vandals who have defaced and destroyed monuments, stolen irreplaceable artifacts, torn up the landscape and left garbage strewn about.

    This hallowed ground is a piece of our national heritage, and as such it should be open and available to all Americans… but it is also a historical treasure which is deserving of respect and protection. It is my sincere hope that these displays of political defiance (ALSO a central part of our heritage!) do not degenerate into something uglier.

  • Paul Lewis

    We are all Lincoln. Four hours and seven minutes ago, our neighbors brought forth on this battlefield a new nation: conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men thinks our government sucks.

  • FaithColeridge33

    Wouldn’t it be funny if, in future years, they can track down the start of the revolution to an orange traffic cone?

  • © Sponge

    Welcome to The United Communist States of Soviet America. Free countries do not do this. Tyrannical dictatorships do this. I expect this in Russia or China. Not The United States. WE own this. The PEOPLE. Not YOU, Owebama, you jackwagon. OUR money pays for it, not yours. YOU HAVE no money without the CITIZENS.

    • American-By-Choice

      It does give you a ‘sense’ of what to expect, were they to actually gain the ultimate power which they seek.

      Understand that the vindictive idiocy you see them demonstrating now is NOTHING to what they would do, IF they had MORE POWER.

      Simply take this as a warning from Nature… Who is giving you what you need to understand as you consider the question: Should I endure the pain of fighting them NOW or save up and fight them later.

      Fighting them NOW presents an irritation, an inconvenience wherein one must endure a nasty argument.

      Fighting them later will require you take up arms, determined to kill those who stand with them, forcing you to lose everything which you now know as your world…

      I don’t really see that as much of a choice… with the understanding that people all over this country WILL TAKE ONE OR THE OTHER, with their ignorance of the consequences, being wholly IRRELEVANT.

  • Zohar Khan

    Remember this nonsense people one year from now – November 2014 elections. And don’t be snowed by the Dems’ BS: These outrages were brought to you by the Dem party and their Dear Leader, BHO! For NO good reason whatsoever they have corrupted OUR Federal agencies and made OUR civil servants into gang thugs. If you take this crap you will deserve all the rest they have in store for you.

  • Suzie Arnaud

    Its time for a Catch us if you can grassroots movement… I am done with this crap! Our soldiers fought and died and deserved nothing but a salute and open gates and doors!!! National Park Rangers… it is time to stand down!

  • happyscrapper

    What disturbs me is the possibility of the DNC using these pictures and blaming republicans for the shutdown…in their campaign ads. They can make them look like the blame belongs to the republicans, as most of their ads are dishonest!

    • American-By-Choice

      Well, they’re LIARS and such a fraudulence is what one should expect from those who use deceit as a means to influence their constituency, OKA: The Ignorant.

  • andycanuck

    Next thing you know Obama will be seizing pic-i-nic baskets, Booboo!

    • lazypadawan

      Yogi and Booboo plan to defy the NPS, as per usual.

    • Fungi2bewith

      That would be Michelle! LOL!

    • Jay Currie

      Beat me to it…A Nation of Yogis

  • David Johnson

    Arizona governor told Obama the State would foot the bill for the Grand Canyon & was told NO. How many obamacare staffers were furloughed so far?

  • jeanie6

    Gettysburg is an iconic symbol of an era when government was malfunctioning in the extreme. Need to get together, smash barriers and overwhelm the area. Power in numbers. Is Obama unable or unwilling to control the NPS? Which?

  • bittman

    I think Glenn Reynold’s recommendation that the National Government needs to turn over all parks to the States is something that needs to be pursued.

  • Hcon1

    That could be the high water mark of Socialism!

    • American-By-Choice

      It could be, but it won’t… It’s going to get worse. And it is going to get much, MUCH HIGHER.

      • Hcon1

        That was a little war of Federal aggression reference.

        I’m not sure if anyone got my quip about the #Barrycades and #Spitecones stopping Ewell….

        I am really wondering what those folks from back then would have thought of all of this.

        • American-By-Choice

          It seems that history shows us what they would have thought, given that such is a battle field.

    • Fungi2bewith

      Gettysburg: high water mark of the Confederacy! I get it!
      Lately I have heard someone speak the words of Jefferson Davis at his Inauguration: ”All we ask is to be left alone,”.

      • Hcon1

        Thank you.

        I figured I throw out that little dig at Ewell, hopefully I won’t rile up any General Ewell fans out there.

        And yes, I do believe Stonewall would have acted differently on that first day of the battle.

  • American-By-Choice

    Folks, this little exercise, gives you a ‘sense’ of what to expect, were the Progressives to actually gain the ultimate power which they seek.

    Understand that the vindictive idiocy you see them demonstrating now is NOTHING by comparison, to what they WILL do, WHEN they have MORE POWER.


    Simply take this as a warning from Nature… Who is giving you what you need to understand as you consider the question: Should I endure the pain of fighting them NOW or save up and fight them later.

    Fighting them NOW presents an irritation, an inconvenience wherein one must endure a nasty argument.

    Fighting them later will require you take up arms, determined to kill those who stand with them, forcing you to lose everything which you now know as your world…

    I don’t really see that as much of a choice… with the understanding that people all over this country WILL TAKE ONE OR THE OTHER, with their ignorance of the consequences, being wholly IRRELEVANT.

    For those who wonder, ‘who would choose to stand with them?’, I submit the Park Rangers who are choosing to Keep Their Jobs, over what THEY KNOW IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. And as the Economic means of the US decays from socialist policy, the “NEED TO KEEP THE JOB” will only grow and grow exponentially.

    You’re taking a side right now…

    This is how cultures are lost.

  • Dusty Thompson

    Not sure what World you live in but Park Rangers are the nastiest, dumbest most incompetent army of National Guard rejects the Country has ever seen. Whats worse is that the GOP armed these imbeciles. These idiots truly believe THEY own the parks and it bothers them to no end that they have to even let us into their kingdoms. This excuse makes this army of Fascist smile very broadly.

    They are ALL fired. This crime syndicate posing as a Govt is all of our gravest threat.

  • Dusty Thompson

    Its time to encircle DC and arrest then hang these traitors…

    • Raptor Jesus

      You’re crazy. I hate them too, but have you seen the 800 FEMA camps, the 1.7 billion rounds of hollow point ammo, the armored cars, the military training in cities across the country?

      Give these monsters an excuse for martial law and this country WILL BE GONE FOREVER.

      I’ve assumed for years that’s the end plan. I’m waiting for the last big false flag.

  • hoganson

    Why were cops so much more lenient with the Occupy slackers? Heaven knows they were nastier.

  • Steve White

    Excellent. Remember, don’t trash the barry-cades — they’re government property and we paid for them with our taxes. Just carefully move them to one side.

    You can use wire-cutters to cut the wire, however :-)

    Good going at Gettysburg! We need to do this everywhere.

    “Catch Us If You Can!!”

  • lazypadawan

    Gettysburg National Park is massive. There’s no way the Ranger Ricks can keep every visitor off the property.
    Would be funny if one these ghost hunters picked up some EVPs of “Catch Me If You Can” on the battlefield too ;).

    • Granny Gertrude’s Goiter Glue

      I think they hired extra rangers for the shutdown.

  • Shane Falco

    …the moose out front shoulda told ya…

  • Fungi2bewith

    And if they are this spiteful over a Continuing Resolution, how are they going to treat you (as a dissenter) when you need a kidney transplant?

  • Flyover Conservative

    Frankly, I think we should have a national “Storm the Barrycades” day. Across
    the nation the people should take our monuments back. Storm the campgrounds with tents, highway pulloffs with cars, war memorials with veterans. Overwhelm the National Parks Socialists with citizens exercising the freedom of assembly on our land. Maybe on Columbus Day? Time to “rediscover” America…..

  • Guy Cocoa

    The federal government is at war with its own citizens. Instead of defunding Obamacare we should be defunding the federal government by repealing the 16th amendment. Since no Congress, even a Tea Party Congress, would ever defund itself, it is time to go another route. We need to get our state legislatures to petition Congress for a constitutional convention to repeal the 16th amendment. Please write and call to your state legislators to demand such a petition.

  • Fungi2bewith

    “If a law is unjust, a man is not only
    right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” – Thomas Jefferson

  • Steve Sykes

    The stooges at the NPS are acting as if the Federal Land belongs to them, or to “the Government”. They fail to grasp that the Federal monuments and parks belong TO THE PEOPLE – and the government has just been allowed to exercise stewardship over the property of the people, by common consent. If the NPS employees are not assisting the people – the OWNERS of the property — to enjoy that property – then they have no function at all – and have no business being employed in the first place.

    There was an Arab Spring against oppressive Middle Eastern regimes. There needs to be a American Patriotic Autumn – against the oppressive autocracy of the Obama regime. .

    • derf

      Agreed. It’s one thing to shut down a federal park gift shop and a complete other thing to close down an otherwise unmonitored and open trailhead (or open air monument or traffic pullout or privately owned farm or attraction or…or…)

    • NCMountainGirl

      The problems with the NPS began long before Obama. It is threefold. 1) Stewards commonly come to believe they own what they have merely been charged with protecting. 2) Because National Parks are federal reservations the NPS has police powers.and a trained police force. 3) The NPS mission has shifted from providing a nature or historical experience to as many people as possible to the preservation, restoration and expansion of wilderness areas, often by limiting access by taxpayers.

      We now know that a large NPS workforce trained as police combined with the self righteousness of many who work in environmental related areas is not a good trend.

  • AD_Rtr_OS

    Wow! Free cones.

  • Dennis Hibbard

    Anything that cost Money, Don’t Go! the Silent Treatment!

  • Daisiemae

    Remembrance Day is coming on November 23. I don’t care what the federal government does, I WILL be placing flowers at the North Carolina and the Virginia monuments in honor of two great great grandfathers who were part of that battle. I’ve been doing this for years, and I don’t plan to stop just because these greedy blowhards in DC can’t play nice in the sandbox.

    The great great granddaughter of these two soldiers has the same opinion of the federal government that they had.

  • goldsage

    Gettysbury is not the only place they are trying to get away with strong-arm tactics. It was extremely embarassing in Yellowstone this week when foreign tourists were barracaded into Old Faithful Inn and not allowed outside by ARMED guards, then forced out of the park and not allowed to stop for anything!

  • djm1992✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ¹⁰⁰﹪☭⁻ᴴ⁸ᴵᴺᴳ ♎︎

    “Park rangers are out in droves in Gettysburg telling people they can’t park or walk around grounds. ”

    Jeebus. It’s costing more money and racking up more debt just to have extra rangers out patrolling and pulling this BS in an open area park. IF this was a true shutdown, all they would really have to do in these open area parks would be to cancel guided tours, close visitors centers and concession stands, reduce ranger patrols, and put up a sign at entrances saying something like: “park closed. reduced ranger presence. enter and use at your own risk.” But no, the Obama Administration has to go and transform NPS rangers into the Bitter Barry Brigade, and send them out to annoy, harass, intimidate, threaten, ticket and arrest people for doing nothing more than going out and walking around in open area monuments and parks that have virtually no “moving parts” that need active government worker staffing. Gee, it’s almost like this administration is a bunch of thugs from Chicago or something……

    I do feel bad for these rangers. I’m sure there are some who are loyal partisan Democrats that are relishing the opportunity to serve as Bitter Barry’s Badasses, being sent out to kick Tea Party ass and show the average Joe Taxpayer who’s boss. But I’d be willing to bet that many, if not most, think this is all a bunch of petty, vindictive crap and they don’t like having to be this way. But, they will never speak up about it or protest, as the Obama Administration is so mean and spiteful, they’ll end up getting fired -and the normally hyper-protective rules that make it exceedingly difficult to fire a federal worker won’t shield them from Barry’s wrath.

  • Tom DJ

    Just claim that you are an undocumented resident of the park and no one will bother you.

    • Richard Jefferies

      Yes. Just say “no hablas” when approached.

  • John

    Transfer it to PA and FIRE THE PARK RANGERS.

  • aliswell

    Lol at the repeated “Catch us if you can” notice! Love it!

    Keep defying this thugocracy, fellow Americans! Civil disobedience en masse is our best weapon against tyranny (for now).

    Stand and defy ~ never comply!

    • TheOracle

      It worked in East Germany…

  • Artful Dodger

    Does ANYONE, regardless of your political affiliation, need any further proof of OUR government’s utter contempt of its (taxpaying) citizenry?

    No, I didn’t think so………..

  • Joe

    I invite all who live within a short drive to meet at Gettysburg this Sunday for civil disobedience in the park. We will remove all Barrycades and drive walk and jog through he park that has not one entrance.
    We need to show this fascist in the Spite house who is boss.

    • dwpittelli

      Bring big signs and a megaphone. Then you can claim a 1st Amendment right to protest. Like the illegal aliens today on the otherwise closed National Mall.

  • wahomeschoolmom

    I think it is time for a second American Revolution! Think about it. Each state should start the process of gathering Americans who are sick and tired of this and don’t want to take it anymore! Then proceed to show the Federal Government what we are made of. The brave souls who left England to come to America were in the same spot as we are today!

  • Diane Yociss

    Revolution is underway! Remember the “Boston Tea Party” and the “Revoluionary War”

  • Richard Jefferies

    People need to start taking pictures, video, and audio of these
    Sturmabteilung whenever possible.

  • Shawn Ryan

    All I have to say is, you people are idiots. Turn off Faux News and Rush and just do some research. This is NOT a legit site for correct information. I did enjoy reading your posts though………hilarious.

    • pursang

      To quote the great David Burge:

      You are an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks.

    • Polish Rifle

      Yet you’re here, in all your glorious stupidity.

    • dwpittelli

      Please tell us what in this article in inaccurate. Otherwise your ad hominems count for nothing.

    • djm1992✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ¹⁰⁰﹪☭⁻ᴴ⁸ᴵᴺᴳ ♎︎

      No. I’d say the idiots are people like you, who more than likely voted for this ham-fisted, spiteful POTUS, not once but twice………

    • Vox_Clams

      The news source here are people who were at Gettysburg – the Twitter posts were from real people, not brainless Democratic party robots like you. If you are going to troll, please keep the post on topic (or waive the fee you charge the Dimocrats who pay your troll tolls).

    • drw

      Shawn, Shawn, Shawn, can I call you Shawn? Look Shawn, here’s the deal, Some of us go through life seeing the world as it is, some of us as it should be, and the rest of you see nothing but what you’re told to see. You have a very rude awakening ahead should those of us who actually see fail in our quest. You won’t thank us when we are victorious because you refuse see to what the current path leads. But, you will know now because when we win you can remain the small, sniveling, ignorant, deluded person you are. You’re welcome.

    • Neanderthal

      Useful idiot….

    • DocScience

      The old joke, CCCP TV1 had the official news, CCCP TV 2 just had a screen that said turn back to CCCP1.

      It seems that FOX is the new shibboleth of the left. The mere utterance of the word can make unpleasant facts disappear.

      So Shawn, what exactly has Fox gotten wrong? What have they made up? What have they failed to report?

  • Jeffersonian

    It is time for the American people to declare their independence from King Barack and toss aside the barackades erected by a spiteful, vindictive, petty monarch. Take our national parks back! Thank you veterans, truckers,& citizens for taking a stand.

  • Vox_Clams

    Republicans fared well at Gettysburg in 1863. Glad to see the spirit lives in 2013. Joshua Chamberlain would approve of the protests (and not be surprised at a President who belongs to the Democratic party acting like an idiot).

  • Gethriel

    Those are not park rangers, clearly they are Commie Pinko Rangers.

  • Bruce

    Bill Clinton, 1995: We’d better negotiate…
    Barack Obama, 2013: Make it hurt…

  • [email protected]

    You people are idiots. These rangers have no desire to lock us out and are only doing what they are ordered. This issue is over their heads. It’s a job for them so they can put food on the table for their families. Give’em a break. They don’t show up at your job & harass you because they don’t like what you’re doing…

    • shoshonite

      No!…Where on earth do you come from…East Germany? What they do now is seriously alienating americans and will lead to a greater sense of lawlessness. The less respect the rangers have and the less they show for the citizens who pay them the worse it is. This is not stupidity, it is to make us all concede to a “zookeeper mentality”.

    • DocScience

      Ya, just following orders I believe is the phrase.

    • marylou

      Hitler’s brown shirts said the same thing as they rounded up the Jews for the gas chambers!
      It CAN happen here!

  • keith walker

    Nobama administration blocking national parks with PAID rangers and truly vital service employees furloughed? conspiracy and good reason to IMPEACH the bas**rd.

  • keith walker

    so many rangers at these national parks that are open places. SINFUL and they should be hounded by all who know them personally. As they have no soul or morals.

  • No-myth

    Republican Rep.
    Brenda Barton of Payson compared President Barack Obama to
    Adolph Hitler on her Facebook page Monday in a post
    urging county sheriffs to revoke authority from the National
    Parks Service “thugs” who are enforcing the federal shutdown on
    national parks lands.

  • No-myth

    I’ve been told rep Barton is correct about the county sheriffs able to revoke NPS authority. Everyone call your local sheriffs and NICELY give them encouragement!

  • LaNell Koenig Wilson

    LOVE IT!!! Thank you for your patriotism

  • Moejoe

    I am diggin’ the insurgents! Way to go, you rabble-rousers!

  • ApplePie101

    That’s the spirit!

  • Carrie

    Love it!