As one veteran pointed out at the World War II Memorial this week, “Normandy was closed when we got there, too.” So news of wired-shut Barry-cades didn’t keep these Honor Flight vets from heading to their memorial this weekend.

Laura Ingraham and many others were at the airport to welcome the vets this morning.

The World War II Memorial is reportedly open to Honor Flight vets today.


  • John Howard

    Did Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or Dick Durbin show up? No? Not surprised.

    • TocksNedlog

      They hiked up their skirts and ran for the hills.

    • snowleopard (the true one)

      Why would they? Their hatred for the armed forces is evident across the board, as it is for the average American.

      • satcomrgr

        Snowleopard, Harry Reid said,”Why would we help a child with cancer, when I have 1100 soldiers at Nellis with their own problems”. Just saw a radio clip from Mark Levin that if any guard lays a hand on a WWII vet or arrest them, that he will bring a half a million people to march on Washington.

        • thinkingabovemypaygrade

          I’d fear for the guards. Vets are doing fine. :)

    • GaryTheBrave

      Reid should have been there. They are the Nevada contingent.

      • Their Grandma

        Really? You honestly think he’d show up? He’s probably whizzing his panties.

        • GaryTheBrave

          No, I didn’t think he’d show up but I figured his political savvy would allow him to appear and proclaim that he had no intention of keeping the people from the memorial, etc., etc.

          • Their Grandma

            I doubt he even knows what’s going on. He seems to be a bit…uh….how do you say either drugged or senile in a nice way? I guess you don’t . He’s whacked out on something, probably some bourbon you and I together couldn’t afford.

      • thinkingabovemypaygrade

        Wow. Hope his state lets him have it!

    • stanleybeardslee

      They had better stay away, they are coward anyhow

    • Lisa Green

      I believe when an Illinois flight went to DC Durbin did have the nerve to show his face at the memorial.

    • Sara B

      It’s above their pay grade.

      • 1776 Freedom Fighter

        Exactly right, Sara; these Dems should feel ashamed at stooping so low. Lower than a snake’s belly!
        Punishing our ??heroic?Vets??, who have sacrificed so much?

        Here’s a pic showing how absurd the drama has become:

        • Leslie Anderson

          I thought it was already closed due to earthquake damage?

  • silentnomore

    So proud of all, wish I could be there to cheer on! Having to storm THEIR memorial is disgraceful as a nation! We will never forget how the vets were & are being treated!

  • Andy from Beaverton

    Someone should be handing out some cutters to the vets so they can liberate these monuments.

    • JohnPSquibob

      To paraphrase Patton, the greatest implement every devised against the WWII Memorial shutdown.

      • David

        Patton promised that when he got to the Rhine he would take a leak in it. A friend of mine from the 35th Division showed me his photo of this historic event.
        In other news, Obama took a walk and went to lunch.

        • AnnieO

          No – he’s golfing.

        • Elizabeth Fisher

          Don’t forget he got in 18 holes this weekend.

          • the_Pilgrim

            Wow, so he gets around more than ol’ Bill Clinton, eh? :)

          • John W.

            Which means he got in a total of 19 holes this weekend, including Reggie.

          • Elizabeth Fisher

            Exaaaaaaaaaaaaactly John W. !!!!

        • Don

          and pissed on our constitution.

        • Richard Grow

          And played two rounds of golf, then admonished the Redskins for not changing their name.


      I got one better, get a 2500 GMC dually pick up truck with the 8.1 chevy engine & tie a chain to just one gate, then just put the truck in D1, hit the tow button & at 2 mph tear the whole barrier out all in one fell swoop from all around the open air WW 2 Memorial park !!! Congrats to all the young people helping these GREAT VETS to get to see their Memorial, like it should be !!! This CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION is closing parks that are open air parks that require no staff whatsoever, now they are closing parks the government has no control over whatsoever, WTF IS UP WITH THAT BOBO !!! Sounds like BOBO is pulling a Dictator stunt if you ask me, I believe it is time to remind BOBO he works for us NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND !!!

      • Bea Hay

        you got that right when do we start……..its time .just plain fed up………………..

      • Jeffrey Harbin

        Then drag it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and chuck it over the fence, one piece at a time.

      • tiredofcriminals

        Yes and today the Park Service is closing the Bay of Florida – told charter boards and fishermen they could not use the 1100 square miles of ocean! WTF is that about? An open ocean that the park service never administered?? now closing it?? The park service there said they were told to make it as miserable as possible and they are disgusted but keep doing Obama’s bidding. You know what happened to the Nazi’s that “did as they were told”, don’t you? They were prosecuted too. No excuse.

        • Christine Voss

          When are we the people going to demand that the park rangers refuse to do King O’s bidding? Hold their feet to the fire!

    • Mosin Nagant

      We should ALL carry these.

    • tiredofcriminals

      Yesterday a Texas representative was there with these bolt cutters determined to let the Texas Honor Flight through. God Bless him and all those standing up to dictator Obama.

    • JMW

      Local VFW members should be down there every day to make sure the vets get to see any memorial they want to… and to open up the rest areas… these guys are pushing 90 or 100 and if they have to go they can’t wait an hour to get to a rest area….. Obama sickens me.

    • thinkingabovemypaygrade

      I heard some congresspeople brought their own wirecutters to the Memorial.

  • ElbethL

    I’m so glad for the way people are supporting these men. A grateful nation is still grateful, and they absolutely earned it.

  • CobraJet428

    Mr. Obamachov TEAR DOWN THIS WALL, a$$hole.

    • Race_Ipse_Loquitur

      Trying to prevent true heroes from visiting or even seeing the sacred places built to honor them: just what one would expect from a divisive hyper political ferret that never served.

  • TocksNedlog

    Those who fought for our freedom vs. Those who would take it away.
    Mr. Obama, tear down these Barrycades!

  • Clayton Grant

    To me, this kinda says it all:

    • VL123

      they aren’t illegal..they just don’t have their documents! LOL

      • fordgal15

        Undocumented freeloading Democrats!

    • 1happy_grrl1

      My position exactly…

  • cscape

    Let’s not forget that the DNC chairwoman BELITTLED our beloved heroic WW2 veterans (my namesake gave his life in France, Nov. ’44)….. She can go to HE11

    • GreenEyedGal

      The American graveyard in Normandy has been shut down. This petulant child in the WH needs to go.

      • cscape

        just read on Breitbart that Obama has ordered THE OCEAN closed (in Florida)

        • Thale Taxurfeet

          Close the Ocean! *Snort*

          Only a megalomaniac twit would attempt to close the ocea… Oh wait…

          Never mind.

      • cscape

        incidentally…. my namesake is buried in the Lorraine Military Cemetery…. when i first read about this, i was trying to imagine what my reaction would have been, had i scrimped and saved to fly overseas for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to France to visit his grave, only to be told by some flunky (who is going to be paid RETROACTIVELY anyhow) that i couldn’t enter the premises!?…. and, you can be sure that there are dozens, if not hundreds who will actually fall into this category… basically, they (and you know who THEY are) are not only sticking the stick into the cage of the giant (known as the vast majority of the American citizenry), but they are poking into the eyes!

        • GreenEyedGal

          I keep saying I’m ready for the revolution to start, can’t do it by myself. But I really believe Obama and his administration are trying to bring the revolution about. They’re antagonizing the American people to the point where we can’t bear it anymore and when we rise up, they’ll seize the opportunity to act with cruel brutality; the media will say it’s justified and all the low-information voters will say, “Amen.” Until the brute squad comes for them.

          God help this country. Save us Lord.

          • David

            We don’t know if or when it will begin, but the criminality of the Obama administration must fall one way or another. I’m getting up there in years and have a few health problems, but if the revolution begins and I will be there.

          • Bob Maddry

            I’m the same way, David. I’d rather go out in a blaze getting my country back than lying in a hospital somewhere … and I can fight. Know how. There must be millions of us out there. They’d better think this thru (O and his minions). Know why it’s so hard to ‘fight’ suicide bombers? Because they KNOW it’s a one way mission. They need to think this thru. This ‘ain’t’ Chicago.

          • tiredofcriminals

            I’ll join you and I know many that will be there you.

          • Helena Starke

            I’m up there too David but we can load the weapons !!

          • Dirtfarmer

            And what did Andre’ The Giant say? “I am the brute squad.”
            I think I got that quote right. “have fun stormin’ the castle boys.”

          • Bob Maddry

            Unless we refuse to go down. I do. I’ll stand my ground. I’ve drawn my line in the sand. I’m done. Enough people do that and organize together, and they can’t brutalize. I’ll guarantee you … enough entry teams stacked up in front of someone’s door start having bodies pile up … the entire movement will be rethought.

          • IWantFacts

            Couldn’t agree more. He has FEMA camps all across the country and DHS has been buying & hoarding ammo. They have enough ammo for a 30 yr war.

          • TN_Lizzie

            Do they not realize that a horde of ammo can blow up easily? They have created sitting targets, and We the People can aim pretty well…

          • Christine Voss

            Sadly, I have begun to believe this is exactly what they want, and what they plan. I am moving steadily from disagreeing heartily with him to believing he is evil.

      • bakokitty

        What don’t any Frenchmen who America saved their families
        from Hitler own a pair of bolt cutters? They should be there making sure the American vets who show up have access to the memorial. That is the least they should do.

      • IWantFacts

        Many of the Vets who went to Normandy GraveYard saved years for a trip to Normandy & Anti-American Obama orders it closed.

        • GreenEyedGal

          It’s enough to make you want to start the revolution yourself, isn’t it? It really pisses me off too. That’s what I’m saying. It’s deliberate. It’s like when I was little and my baby sister used to call me “pig” and hit me when my folks weren’t around. I’d tell, she’d deny it, she’d follow me around and keep doing it and eventually, I’d pound her for it. And the law always came down on me! My folks would say I should ignore it, she was only doing it because she knew how much it bothered me. Should we ignore this? Can we? He’s so hateful. Has this country ever had such a malignant leader before?

    • Captain America’s Wife

      What did she say? I haven’t heard.

  • Michael Anderson (WB)

    So I’m 21 hours away, no PTO left and finances are tight, but if even one of these heroes is arrested for crossing the barrycades I’m putting a mob together and breaking them out. I will take it as an assault on both my grandfathers who served in WWII.

    • Thale Taxurfeet

      Like Tex, my granddad served via the USMC in a little wood in Château-Thierry, France.

      I also had two uncles who fought their way through Fortress Europe while my father fought in the Pacific with a fellow named MacArthur.

      I’m ready to throw in with the mob.

  • dogwonder

    Well done Americans, we didn’t defeat Hitler so we could surrender to the fascists demorats runniing America like Stalin.

  • conservativemomma

    I love this video from an Honor Flight a year or two ago. God Bless these men

  • AmericanMom

    Barrack Hussein Obama dictatorially “standing his ground” – while making sure the ground that belongs to all Americans is unaccessible and becomes criminal to access. Pelosi, Reid, Durbin and communist media cheerleading him on.

    • fordgal15

      Hussein is the key which for some reason, nobody could use it during his fraudulent election.

  • conservativemomma

    All this renewed out pouring of love and respect for our WW11 vets reminds me of the scripture Genesis 50:20

    20 As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people[a] should be kept alive, as they are today.

  • fcalsnoe

    My dad was a Marine in WW2 South Pacific campaign. Bouganville, Iwo etc. The folks putting up the wire are very lucky he’s passed on now.

  • JeffWRidge

    More people need to learn what Obama is trying to do here. They need to see him for the little, two-bit, tin-plated dictator that his is.

    • Republicanvet

      I like to think all those cheering are teaching those who don’t know.

  • vetgal1970

    If there has been any bright side to what has happened this week it is that more people are aware of Honor Flight and what they have been doing for these great men and women. If you have never attended and Honor Flight ‘homecoming’, I highly recommend it, the schedule can be found at the dot org. Take tissues :)

  • Lydo

    George Carlin explains the dire situation we face in a 3 minute video. Watch and pass it on.

    • Mr Computer

      Less-than-brilliant George Carlin. Defeatist George Carlin. I’ve heard better logic from a 6-year old. Contrary to popular belief there is no cabal. There are just more ever-increasingly lazy people in a country that used to be more informed and more involved. You don’t need to cheat in a race where you’re the only one trying to win. Carlin has had some brilliant monologues – this isn’t one of them.

      • Lydo

        You’ve been well indoctrinated, Mr. Computer. Our culture is set up to do that, but Deep Throat was right. Follow the money. Look at who profits. War, for example. It’s one of the most profitable ventures of all. Ours are engineered and financed with borrowed money. Who benefits? The bankers. And the contractors. Do the contractors pay off the pols to get us into those wars? You bet your ass they do. Wave the American flag and well-meaning, patriotic kids will sign up for the dirty work. But behind the scenes it’s about money. Same thing is true “at home.” Don’t kid yourself.

    • Helena Starke

      OMG did he hit the nail on the head,you would actually think he said that TODAY !!

  • Lidsamy

    this literally made me cry

    • Suzyqpie

      Me, too. Look down the aisle on the bus picture and see the veterans faces. Thinking of their memories….

    • Anthony Clay

      right there with you

  • jukin

    Looks like the start of a very bad weekend for totalitarian leftist Obama.

    • David

      Good post.

  • Sharon Kremer

    I’m not even going to mention it’s name,don’t want to take anything away from this great moment our veterans are having.Thank God someone had the conscious and heart to open that gate.

  • Crap Daddy

    American Heros flying with uncertainty of what lies ahead of them, should never be on their way to their own memorial. What happened to the country they fought for?
    Despicable beyond belief that this administration would even DARE.

    • Susancnw

      They did it before at Normandy and other sites in Europe.

  • Keith

    Its their RIGHT to visit their memorial…got that you 2 bit piece of crap in the WH.

  • Sakemoto

    In your face Barry Aborto!

  • MNWoman

    I am getting a little teary-eyed just looking at the pictures. If I were actually at the airport, I would probably be bawling.

    Such amazing Patriots.

    I thank each and every one of them for their service!

    • David

      Several years ago I had the privilege of editing The Divisionaire, a publication of the 35th Infantry Division. The stories of the courage, the bravery, honor and sacrifice often brought tears to my eyes.

  • J August

    So far, no lefties proclaiming that this is the fault of the GOP…waiting…

  • Jeff Coil

    Why doesn’t he just give up and open the memorial? He obviously cant win this. The Park Police will NOT arrest a veteran.

    • Suzyqpie

      It is conceivable that Pres 0bama knows nothing of this. He knew nothing of F&F, the IRS scandal, terrorism in Bengahzi, and a whole host of other things.

      • Republicanvet

        If he wants to claim that, then he is far too incompetent to hold office.

        • Thale Taxurfeet

          It’s either too incompetent or too dishonest. Then again there’s the probability that both descriptions are needed to cover the matter.

      • David

        LOL. You are right, but you should have truncated your post at “Obama knows nothing” . . .

      • fordgal15

        Yes, he did! IGNORED! He claimed credit for Osama Bin Laden when he was snug in his taxpayer funded home!

  • Julescat

    stick this in your o-hole, libbaggers!

    • Lindakl

      They already have that hole full of something else.

      • Susancnw


  • Lindakl

    Why do demoncrats hate our WWII vets?

    • NRPax

      Why do they hate the military in general?

  • Republicanvet

    Each one of these heroes went through and did more on a single day of action than an entire platoon of leftists could do over Barky’s entire term.

    I am so thankful for their perseverance …then and now.

    I am grateful for all those cheering these guys everywhere. It teaches those around them who, what and why they are cheering if they don’t know, with the added benefit of teaching them just how petty, childish and vindictive a tyrannical little manchild of the Democrat party can be.

    …and make no bones about it, whether there are Democrat politicians at that memorial, I will never forget who put gates around it to close it down. They may think they will not suffer for it because they make a show of being at the memorial, but they should suffer their jobs because they should be convincing Barky how bad this truly is.

  • Suzyqpie

    Pres 0bama’s handlers and camarillo blew it big time on this one. They should have hauled 0bama & Biden to the WWII memorial with the Vets. They could then act presidential and patriotic (operative word – act).

    • fanofamerica

      My first thought to your post was I’m surprised Obama HASN”T shown up yet to somehow try to position himself as hero/gate opener. But then I imagined the crowd reaction to him (hahahaha!) and realized even he might not be delusional enough to try that.

      • wylrae

        “gate opener”! Maybe doorman is a fitting position for him; he is pretty much useless at everything we have seen so far.

  • Republicanvet

    If members of the public cannot get into this memorial, then they should volunteer to assist a veteran into the memorial.
    It would be great to see 10-15 extra volunteers for each veteran going in to the memorial.
    What is Ranger Rick going to do? Pick and choose which one may be the single designated volunteer?

  • dev

    The best bestest news of the week. Thanx for standing up for our Wonderful WWII vets.

  • Republicanvet

    I just wrote both of who we have in the Senate here in Colorado…Bennet and Udall, demanding to know what they have done personally to convince the White House that these memorials should be open.

  • Christopher H Fromme

    suzanna rosanna dana [email protected] Oct
    obama wont build a fence to keep out illegals….But will to keep out vets #LetsRollAmerica #MakeDCListen”

    But the people show respect for the greatest generation

    • dan3333333333

      Thats because vets are not stupid enough to vote for this jackass and illegals are and do, all of them!

  • Richard Wayne
    • Thale Taxurfeet

      The jackasses seem to be pressing for a fight with those who have fought.

      The jackasses better have a care for what they wish.

      • Richard Wayne

        weird considering how concerned they are about ‘optics.’

        • Thale Taxurfeet

          It appears optics are taking a back-seat to bullying as this Administration continues to push. And we all know how the bully behaves, until…

      • 38Special

        Obama salivates as he awaits his chance to implement martial law.

        • Thale Taxurfeet

          There’s implementation and then there’s enforcement.

  • twinx

    I’ll be back later… I think I have something in my eye… ??

    • David

      Me too.

  • cscape

    i suppose you could just go in…. BUT, you need to know how to find the grave…. my namesake is buried along with 10,000 others in France…. but i know where the grave is (Row and Plot #)…. the information is available ON LINE at the ABMC website… and it is UP and RUNNING!!!!

  • Lydo

    It’s the message, not the messenger. Evidently you are one of the poor sods who never learned to think critically. Now would be a good time to start.

    • plaingolf

      What do you know about me? Nothing. “Evidently” you’re trolling for thumbs up. There I gave you one. Satisfied now little boy?

      • tops116 ✓Quipper

        That comment was based on a conversation you had with yourself, wasn’t it?

      • Bob Maddry

        You need to go F.O. ‘little boy’ before you realize you are on the playground with the big boys and might get hurt. I don’t use a fake on here. I can only speak for myself, but I’m done with stupid. Line’s been crossed.

        • plaingolf

          Awww. Do you disagree with me? I’m so skayert of Gomers like you. It’s telling that you didn’t add anything to the debate except your “threats”. Although Lydo got personal first I do apologize for my little boy comment. I’ve been on here for a long time and am no fake. You’re going to hurt me? Hahahaha! Yeah, just like Mr Tough Guy Road Rage the other day. When I got out of the van…doors locked…windows up.. looking around for help!

        • plaingolf

          Go ahead and “hurt” me by debating the topic! If you can’t do that then maybe you are done.

    • plaingolf

      After much thought I’ve decided that you are right. Here’s another important message from your messenger. “Religion has convinced people that there’s an invisible man…living in the sky, who watches everything you do every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a list of ten specific things he doesn’t want you to do. And if you do any of these things, he will send you to a special place, of burning and fire and smoke and torture and anguish for you to live forever, and suffer and burn and scream until the end of time. But he loves you. He loves you and he needs money” A message never more true. Heck if it wasn’t for the God people the GOP would only be worried about the private sector as am I.

      • Lydo

        You should stick to playing golf. Thinking just isn’t your forte.

      • Ana Eichenlaub

        Maybe you should learn to respect the rights of others Plaingolf; This is honestly not the forum to go on a religious persecution rampage. Being an Atheist is a right you have and nobody should persecute you for it but it DOES NOT entitle you to ridicule and demonize others that feel differently on the subject. Be respectful.

        • plaingolf

          How am I disrespecting the rights of others? That’s a little far fetched. That quote was from George Carlin not from me which you would have known had you read more carefully. The previous poster said it was the message not the messenger which is bull and you proved it. My point was that Carlin was hated by conservatives and now he’s some sort of idol? I am NOT an atheist ! I believe in the separation of church and state. I also like to antagonize people into tripping over their tongues.

  • Adela Wagner

    This is wonderful, to see the support these vets are getting and the shutdown is actually backfiring in this case.
    However, over at the Vietnam Wall Memorial, Police are denying access. Chasing people away.

  • Cracker2225

    I only wish my Dad had lived to see and go to this Memorial. He rarely spoke of his time overseas, but I know he was proud to have served. He taught me a lot and he was my best friend in the whole world. I miss him more every day. Love you Dad.

    • Thale Taxurfeet

      What Cracker said.

      • dan3333333333

        What Thale said.

    • fordgal15

      I`m with you! He gave me the strength and integrity to stand up for what is right! Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to Honor your convictions and stand up to Tyrants and Unethical!

  • VL123

    Watch out! Real Americans coming through! This is awesome stuff..

  • Mosin Nagant


  • yebbid

    barack obama, we know you hate the military & all Americans. But guess what, YOU WORK FOR US! Must be a bitch to be the lowest employee under people you hate so much. You thought it was over. Hahahahahaha

  • Thale Taxurfeet

    If they spend a bit of time talking with the locals, I’m sure they will find some Italians who will be happy to help them gain access.

    The time I spent traveling about in Europe, albeit some few decades ago, amazed me with the gratitude displayed by Europeans who genuinely appreciated the sacrifice of those Americans who fought in WWII. Not to mention the American largess provided to Europe to rebuild post WWII in the form of the Marshall Plan.

  • pajamakat

    When the younger vets of today are the age of our older vets, I hope to God that there still people left to stand up for them. The libs hate our men and women in uniform.

    • fordgal15

      Yet, these are the people who are protecting them and their Billion dollar tax payer paid homes and family. Hypocrites?

    • Mamaelk09

      There will be 😉 I will be among them, our warriors and their families deserve so much better than how they have been treated.

  • Worried

    God Bless all those who aided the Vets to see the memorial, and all those who will help in the days ahead. These are the people obama and the dems hate.

  • David

    Drudge has a report that a bus with our wonderful veterans on board rammed through the barriers erected at the Iwo Jima Memorial.
    God Bless You driver and God Bless You to the great men and women who made this nation proud.

  • Zakkwild#1fan

    How awesome..!!!!

  • ItsNotTheSameThing

    My heart is swollen! Thank you veterans, for your service to our country. And thank you to all the people who were able to be there to welcome you to your memorial.

  • George Ruark

    Freakin awesome , by far the best thing to come out of our nations capitol this week !!!

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Excellent, just excellent.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    My, someone sure is thin-skinned.

    • plaingolf

      That’s all you got?

      • Paul Abruzzo

        Naa…keep hiding behind your online name, pussy. You’re seriously not embarrassed being such a pussy? You can act as tough as you want hiding behind your online name but you’re the one who has to look in the mirror, although I have no idea how you do being such a coward.

        • plaingolf

          That’s what bothers you? My online name? You keep hiding behind your silly little “insults”. Bet you’re a computer hands guy that drives a big pickup to your computer weenie job,

          • Paul Abruzzo

            That’s what I thought. Pussy. Just like the rest of your family. All pussies! Thanks for the confirmation. As you were wuss. When you get done licking my shoes, you can start polishing them!

            Hahahaah pussy!

          • plaingolf

            I am what I eat. Just ask your mother. Hundreds of people here don’t use their real name why are you so obsessed with me? Oh that’s right you disagree with me but you’re not smart enough to explain why in an adult manner so you resort to childish name calling. You’re making a fool out of yourself.

          • Paul Abruzzo

            No, there’s no need to explain why you’re a pussy. Everyone on this thread sees it. If there’s anyone who’s making a fool of himself, it’s you, constantly posting like a pussy and hiding!

            Lol…you are what you eat? Everyone here knows you don’t get any pussy except what your mother gives you! Keep trying pussy but no matter what you write, everyone here knows you’re a pussy!

            Keep embarrassing yourself, pussy. By the way – that funny taste in your mother’s pussy? That was my cum. Hope you enjoyed it pussy!

          • plaingolf


  • sjvjeff

    They don’t call them The Greatest Generation for nothing. these people have sacrificed all to have the country we have enjoyed for generations.We are in a whole new realm of battle now,the Left is wanting to erase these fond memories from our monds.WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!!. Liberals have never been or will ever be Americans!!.

  • Betty Barker

    tks Laura, and tks to you all for your Service!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David


  • celestiallady

    My dad served in the Marines at Guadalcanal. If he were alive today he would be right there with them. RIP to my dad. God Bless all the vets and those helping.

  • David

    I believe your Dad is with his buddies today at the WWII Memorial. God Bless

  • John Alvarado

    This is just one of those times it is right to be civilly disobedient. The World War II memorial is for all and especially for those who fought and served during that time.

  • Shirley Stanford

    The wonderful Volunteers are to be commended. They must pay their own air fare to escort these wonderful Veterans.

  • JMO✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ??

    God Bless our Veterans and Military

  • Joe Barry Richardson

    Where is Obama? Oh, he is out spreading his propaganda that’s right. Then he is at the golf course. Now if that was Islamist going there to visit the Memorial then he would be right there to greet each everyone, with the press for pictures I might add.

  • ladybev


  • Lilywhiteazz

    What the Odumbocrats forget is that these WW2 guys are the fathers of
    the Baby Boomers, the most numerous generation in the history of the
    world. We TAUGHT your asses how to protest, and unlike that butt ugly
    wife of yours we have always been proud of our country, and have ALWAYS
    been proud and in awe of what our parents did and sacrificed to keep
    freedom alive on this planet. You want to arrenst a bunch of old women? Just keep them out and we will flock to OUR capitol and tear down those barrycades.

  • Tabludama

    My dad served with the First Marine Div at Guadalcanal. He passed on in 2006. What Obama is doing out of spite is a slap in the face to all WW II vets.

    There is absolutely no NEED to close the memorial. It is an open air park that would cost the government more to close and guard than to leave it open. Yet that is what Obama has tried to do. His anti American values are evident.

    • SutureSelf

      Tabludama – “What Obama is doing out of spite is a slap in the face to all WW II vets.”

      What he is doing is a slap in the face to the United States of America.

  • tp517

    And who would have thought that these vets would have to do battle with a tyrannical government one more time.

    • nanakim

      In their own Country !!! God bless them.

  • Otter2

    Wait, I have something in my eyes. God bless all involved in getting these brave men to their memorial and God bless each and every vet and their families. There’s still much good left in this country after all.

  • Nick Searcy

    Obama couldn’t stop them, as much as he wanted to.

  • JettieG

    My cousin is buried at Anzio-Nettuno. Many graves. Pls ensure you have row & plot # as cscape noted. The Commander there knew I was coming and had all the info for me.

  • JettieG

    Keep it up obama. The people are not amused.

  • Guest

    As a taxpayer, they cannot shut you out! No services, but these lands were paid for


  • charles w

    We should declare the border a National Park.

    • Cheryl Nelson

      Equally brilliant and hysterical!!

  • deathgoat

    Now it’s time for my generation the Vietnam Veterans to open theirs.

  • 38Special

    God Bless them.

  • Frances Maddox

    my husband would be 89 yrs. if he had lived….I do not want to mislead you, he did die a natural death in 2004..he would have loved to be there …he was a 20 yr. veteran.


    These men barely survived being killed in France, Germany, Italy, other parts of Europe, North Africa, and various islands in the Pacific Ocean. Their friends and families died in the same places, all to protect the freedom against fascism and imperialist terrorism. To kick them out of these memorials is a disgrace. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Turman, George Patton, Douglass MacArtuhr, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Omar Bradley, Geoirge Marshall, and even longtime friend, and ally, to the United States, Winston Churchill will all be ashamed of this atrocity.

  • fordgal15

    My Grandfather and Father fought for this Country, and I will not let this man belittle what they did, and the many others who have fought and died for our Freedom and Safety! GOD BLESS AMERICA! LAND OF THE FREE!

  • isaacoshana

    When these men were young 18 and 19 year olds, were they too young to have rifles in order to free Europe? Have you tried to answer that Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein and the rest of you liberal hypocrites? Go home, screw your families and leave our vets alone.

  • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

    The “Calm Person” by the name of Barack Hussein Obama is showing on a daily basis since reelection exactly what he’s like….Those of us who didn’t buy..the .”Yes, We Can”. scam..the .”Hope and Change” hoax…see what we thought of him years ago in 2008…but….Oprah cried….Chris Mathews peed in his pants…Chucky Todd cried….Hollyweirds built him a giant Styrofoam Greek Temple…placed a Crown on his head and Evans from the defunct Newsweek….called him some sort of a God…The Blame-me-not-for-this lame lying Media had MysticOrgasms and they kneel in his presence…Brian Williams almost kissed his feet…bending over like a glutton waiting for his first meal…whoa…How can they be this Gullible? So they keep going pushing this “frickingBigDeal down to the viewers…Lets face it….the guy is InsaneWithPower and they…. that Media…will never admit that they were duped by the largest scam ever to happen in this country…ShamelessTraitors don’t learn and/or don’t really give a Darn…And….unless the Congress have him arrested…we are stuck for another 3+ years…Pity on The US for electing such a self absorbed vindictive wannabe Despot who cannot even have the decency to respect our WW11Veterans…HE should have been at that airport greeting each and every one of them personally … .while everything else is close…either check who’s partying at the white house and/or where is the golfing party’s at? Government Camp David ?

  • Pat Mcnulty

    This week the democrats have shown that their rhetoric about how much they care about the people sure doesn’t match their actions. We are witnessing big government out of control. These parks and monuments belong to “We the People” not the democrat bullies. Pay attention people you are seeing what tyranny looks like.

  • Mackie

    GOD BLESS THEM ALL! Our greatest generation who fought and died to protect this nation from the tyranny of Nazi Germany and the 3rd Reich, and Imperialist Japan. .

    …They are leaving us by the hundreds everyday..For so many of them, Army,Marines,Army air corp, and the Navy this may be their last bus ride or their last plane ride–

    America help make it a good one and chase that scoundrel who did not have to do this out of their Whitehouse.

  • Donna Boone Howell

    This is all crazy, I know, but so amazing to see patriots gather to support our warriors. Many people had not even heard of these flights until this happened.

  • bridget54

    Anybody else get a message from FB when coming to this site? They say they think it may be “spam” – wow FB – show your colors.

  • Alice Otto

    looking at the pictures and reading the stories makes me want to cry when you think of how our Goverment is acting toward them and all American today but i give them all my respect for everything they have done to give us the freedom we have and god bless them all

  • Jean Vinyard

    no words; just happy tears of pride

  • Aggravated_American

    Reid, Pelosi, Obama are jealous of our Military. MOST Americans have great Respect for our Military, and the Military’s rating are at the top; while Pelosi, Reid’s are in the Toilet, and Obama’s ratings are heading in the same direction. They can’t stand it….

  • Green Eyed Lady

    THE GREATEST GENERATION!!!!! Thank you for your service! Honor Flight volunteers GOD bless you all!

  • Kathy King

    Salute them all. There may be hope for our country after all. I can dream this is true.

  • LaVerne Thompson

    where is Biden ??? he always have the first and last say on gun control and all of the news.

  • 914

    Harry and Nancy stayed away eh? Good. Onto the White House and chase that clown away too.

  • Keri Green

    last Obama siting. ” Zooming out of town on his Moped”..

  • Dingus

    Not sure if all of you “revolt/revolutionists know it or not but he is HOPING it happens because he automatically gets the power to: raise the debt limit and un controlled spending, pause many if not all rights under the constitution and control or take all personal firearms. And many more things. His purpose it evil and it will get him and his gang of thugs in a LOT of trouble.

  • goldsage

    Laura! Thanks for being there for them. I am sitting here with tears, wishing my father’s (dad and father-in-law) were alive to participate in this. Both passed this past year, both were my heros, as are these men who are still alive to celebrate and bring us together. These honor flights are symbolic of the strength we need to show in the face of the troubles we are seeing in government now. I just read that the gov. is trying to shut down pullouts around Mt. Rushmore. Take ’em out folks. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY – BY GOD!

  • Deborah Bolduc

    I’d like to know what happened to this great country? How can our parks be closed, and a national monument to the men and women who fought a horrible war, be closed to them? If the monument had not been opened, I would have loved to see the results because it’s about time someone or all of us put a stop to the insanity that’s taking place in our government.

  • Gubbins48

    I am…again…extremely proud, almost to tears, of our vets AND the multitude of real Americans who have so aggressively defended them as they once did us. There may be hope for America yet.

  • NamVet69

    In your face obama…like hitler …you went down smok’n…your just a big crash and burn.

  • Kimberlee Clark

    So great are our veterans now and than. I love these brave hero’s. Nancy and Harry holed up at Camp David with the dictator ccackin open a couple bottles of bleach. Oppps I mean beers. Just thinkin …………

  • john Carney

    I’m a retired Marine,,If I was there I would be honored to escort them and would go to all extremes to get them in. Semper FI.

  • American-By-Choice

    Just knowing that this is pissing off the Left makes it THAT much SWEETER!

    Well done Greatest Generation… sticking it to the enemy ONCE AGAIN!

  • neoface

    Regarding to the WWII memorial, the only thing the government own is the land, everything else was build by the donations from WWII veterans. So technically its their memorial. Obama is such a petty little weasel, he actually belongs in jail for the death of four Americans in Benghazi. The buck stops with Obama!!!!

    • Conrad Osticator

      The gubment don’t own jack squat.

      We the people own it and we’re not letting a bunch of Obozo brownshirts say otherwise.

  • Wayright2

    Guess who is now the most scared person in America..
    Obama’s food taster. Would you want that job now?

  • sandyaz

    Obama is shutting down the ocean now. He’s closed all the parks that are in International Waters……….how do you do that? What an idiot. He’s a spoiled petulant child. Worthless.

  • George Murrey

    Here’s a shot in the dark, dirty harry, nancy botox and the pres will apologize to all of our vets. Oh yeah, who wants to buy green energy plants that our gov’t started with our own money? The bidding begins in 3…2….1
    Hmmm, all I hear are crickets.

  • GotMyLoveGlassesOn

    They couldnt show up. Oblahblah was planning to announce that he was going to shut the ocean. The petty boy is off his meds.

  • Canuck Sailor

    My God! I read what you people write here and I realize why America has been the greatest country in the world (besides Canada of course, lol!). You people will win this battle against this low class scumbag in the White House, a man who doesn’t appreciate that it was and is Americans like all of you posting here who make up this country.
    My hat is off to you, each and every one of you. And I stand to salute the vets whom you are supporting.
    God BLESS America.

  • Ken Martin

    These men are getting the honor and respect they so richly deserve from the true patriotic Americans that love this country.

    Real class act Obama and Reid. Truly despicable.

    Democrats in Washington due for reelection in November 2014 should start sending out resumes. Same with RINO Republicans.

  • Peggy Drogemuller

    I wonder if they have swum over to Hawaii and closed up Pearl Harbor and the Military cemetery in the Punch bowl yet! They’re like a bunch of 5 year olds having a temper tantrum!

  • Kevis

    As one veteran pointed out at the World War II Memorial this week, “Normandy was closed when we got there, too.” – Awesome!

    Looking around at all the various “closures” and its apparent that Owe-bama is trying to deliberately impact people – while he keeps his favorite golf course open on a military base…

  • johninlongmont

    and obummer does a nixonesque stew in the white house

  • AccountantCas

    Love it! These heroes deserve the honor and respect of EVERY American! My daddy fought in WWII with so many others. He would have loved to see this! God bless ’em all!

  • Philip Millard

    The Greatest Generation is taking Washington back, one memorial at a time…..Give HELL men!

  • wabansia

    I wish my grandpop (WW II, Navy) and great uncle Tony (WW II Army Infantry) were here. They’d be there with all the others. Go Honorable Veterans….Americans love you!

  • CobraJet428


  • Doc37lives

    Did you expect any of the Jackasses to show up? They aren’t Americans they are our enemy.

  • Christine Voss

    Hats off to our vets! Hats off to all who met them at the airport and cheered for them! Shame on you, King O!

  • Kyright

    Bravo congressmen for being there to assure the vets get to visit THEIR MEMORIAL.

  • 1happy_grrl1

    ‘We the People’ have had enough, finally

  • Chris Kelly

    God bless our vets of WW2 and all wars.