Yuk, yuk, yuk. Get it? BIGOToni.

George Takei’s Twitter feed is usually pretty entertaining and he once insisted that he writes all his own Facebook commentary.

For a guy proud of crafting his own commentary, his swipe at Barilla for its chairman’s stance on traditional family doesn’t seem too original. “Bigotoni” was done to death by the progressive herd yesterday.


Pasta wordplay aside, apparently Barillia’s apology wasn’t good enough for Takei:



Actor BD Wong hops on the Barilla boycott train

Rep. Jared Polis trolls ‘extra-double lesbian loving’ Barilla chairman over ‘traditional family’ comment

Chrissy Teigen says goodbye to Barilla pasta over chairman’s ‘traditional family’ stance

  • Hyork Dench

    Quit being such a wet noodle, George…

    • 2ifbyT

      Wet noodles are limp. I see what you did there.. :)

    • therantinggeek


  • Jessica

    For Barilla’s age and background I would think that he’s actually quite progressive. I wish I had something to be fake outraged at…

    • therantinggeek

      Would the series finale of “Breaking Bad” count?

      • Jack Deth

        Be happy. You got to see Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) don his peeled off “Terminator face” before expiring so deeply in character last season.

  • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil ✓Mate

    Would he change his mind if they had a pasta called Fa**otoni?

    • Unicorns and Rainbows

      How about these: Aidsotoni. HIVotoni. Unprotected-anaI-sexotoni.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      If they announced the product with a video showing a bunch of gays standing around a Viking stove cooking it, he’d love it.

  • Maxx

    There’s a lot of s**t going on in the world today and frankly, I couldn’t give a fat rat’s ass that liberals are miffed at a pasta manufacturer. Keeping within the food group, there’s bigger fish to fry.

    Maybe Obamacare will provide for their counseling.

    • Still Determined

      Agreed – go have a Starbucks and relax!

    • Richo

      it took a few seconds out of his life to tweet about “bigotoni”, probably the same or less time than you spent talking about how you allegedly don’t give a fat rat’s behind.

      • $7610427

        Which is nearly equal to the amount of time it took you to make no point at all.

        • Richo

          Actually I did quite clearly make a point, sorry if your reading comprehension skills are not up to snuff. And at least I am honest about caring about the issue, not spending my time proudly proclaiming about how little I care about something, as if that is really an accomplishment.

          • Jill

            Hmmm, a man who mocks the comprehension skills of their peers generally endeavors to use proper sentence structure.

          • http://www.coreyspofford.com/ YEROCDROFFOPS

            Richo came back two hours after his other post to see if anyone commented on it…lol, who’s the one wasting time now? Did Maxx pay per hour or flat rate to live in your head?

          • $7610427

            Says the guy who apparently considers a pasta maker’s commercial ad choices to be of equal importance to…saaaay…peace in the Middle East.

          • Maxx

            Bingo, we have a winner. Comforting to know there are those who clearly understood my message. Meanwhile Richo, the rent is due on Tuesday.

  • peteee363

    so because barilla does not cater specifically to gays we need to boycott them? I say add them to the list of must buy goods and services. chick-fil-a, hobby lobby, and now barilla. due to my current diet I don’t eat pasta, but when I do I will make it barilla. I love it when I can enjoy something while making a liberal’s head explode!

    • bungopony


  • Unicorns and Rainbows

    I wish Barilla hadn’t apologized. I wouldn’t have.

    • bungopony

      A simple GFY would’ve sufficed!

      • NRPax

        And they could have offered a good pasta selection to go with the GFY.

        • bungopony

          No,just GFY.

          • NRPax

            No, no, think about it: There’s nothing wrong with them trying to sell product towards people that don’t like them. -:-)

          • Unicorns and Rainbows

            Agreed but bowing political correctness is destroying this country.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            GFY…with new Barilla tube stuffers.

          • NRPax

            I can hear the announcer’s voice in my head already.

          • bungopony

            Hmmmm-you mean,like,rammin’ it up their a**es?Or down their throats?

          • NRPax

            Nah. Just presenting it to them with a cheerful demeanor.

  • http://politicallyincorrectcanadian.blogspot.ca/ Reverend Ken

    I’m going out of my way today to buy a case of Barilla’s fine pasta and I don’t even eat pasta!

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    So that’s why you made that funny Pasta comment yesterday on Facebook, George….You people boycotting Barilla, be glad you ain’t in the Mafia #TheSopranos #Vito You know what you would get… #BuycottBarilla #RightWard Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Keith

    I’m a Ronzini guy but I will buy me some Barilla to offset lib asshats

    • Jack Deth

      Their Angel Hair Pasta is a great, near impossible to screw up place to start.

  • jukin

    You will tolerate our intolerance you bigots!!![/homos]

  • Joe W.

    The world would be a much better place if the whining, hissing gays would kindly slither back into their closets and shut the hell up. We do not care what y’all do in your bedrooms. Just quit rubbing our noses in your perversion.

  • Susan Holt

    I like George Takei, but I will continue to buy Barilla products. He can call me a douche bag if it makes him feel better. :)

  • Clete Torres ✓ᵈⁱˢᵍʳᵒⁿⁱᶠⁱᵉᵈ

    Apparently the left HASN’T run out of things to whine and bitch about.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    .@GeorgeTakei I hear Takei is developing his own – Intolerini.

  • Tama

    Another boycott

  • Jack Deth

    His argument needs some starch.

    I thought those who share George’s lifestyle shy away from carbohydrates.

  • LibLieExposer

    I’ll enjoy nice Barilla pasta while I boycott Broadway, show tunes, Liza Minelli, Bette Midler & Cher, and all other heterophobic bigots & their supporters.

  • https://youtu.be/h82D5ZvcALM CrustyB

    You have to be in favor of weirdos who like coating their schwantzes in each other’s fecal matter getting married or else there’s something wrong with YOU.

    • MrSnuggles2k2

      And eventually you will like coating your own schwantze in fecal matter or you will be labeled a bigot!

  • NCRelite

    Barilla makes a good product, the roasted garlic marinara is molto buono

    • objectivefactsmatter

      I prefer fresh sauces but I haven’t tried theirs. The dry pasta is the world’s best. At any price. You have to get fresh pasta to beat it and even then some times Barilla dry is superior.

  • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

    I’m tired of the media always gunning for people with traditional values. This is a typical hit job just like with Chik-fil-A.

  • Pinetree

    The LGBT community is so silly. Not all people are ever going to agree with your lifestyle choices. Get over it and do something productive for the world.

    • unknown

      Then those who don’t should be made to or be eliminated /sarc.

  • http://www.nleomf.org/officers/ FlatFoot

    Jeez. Not even children’s treats and dessert are safe anymore.

  • Allan Craig

    Well, it looks like George is gonna have to find another noodle to put in his mouth,

  • notenoughtime

    It’s pasta and the last time I bought Barilla at the grocery store it did not come with a side of social views. My advice to George is to buy whichever pasta suits your agenda and find something else to occupy your time.

  • MrApple

    “Oh Myyyy!”

  • Guest

    When I go food shopping tomorrow I’ll make sure to buy an extra amount of Barilla.


    • OrionElectra

      Excellent! I did the same during the Chik-Fil-A “boycott.” Gays and their sanctimonious supporters just don’t seem to remember that owners of companies are allowed to have and personal opinions. They seem to think that when the opinion is stated, they are declaring a POLICY their company follows, and this is clearly not the case.. EVER.

  • Craig Swinson

    GT barely wites his own stuff, he is absolutely a reposter of stuff and even quit paying a guy who wrote a lot of his stuff. I think the guy was paid $10 a tweet/FB post.

    He’s just crafting an “image” the whole It’s Ok to say Takei was done by a comedy writer for him.

    I like him well enough but trying to say he does all his own writing is complete BS, which then makes me question his integrity as a whole.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    I sure hope George gets a thank you note from Barilla, when their sales go through the roof thanks to all the free advertising & the extra sales from people who just want to spite the bullying gay rights activists.

  • Ben Ghazi

    I will buy Barilla exclusively from now on.