How ’bout that?


After late-term abortion defender Wendy Davis’ pink-shoed filibuster in the Texas state Senate, the Associated Press proudly tweeted out the #StandWithWendy hashtag.

The July tweet has since been deleted. While the AP later acknowledged that it “violated policies on steering clear of opinion or advocacy,” the news org did not issue an apology.

The AP seems to have a strange new respect for “steering clear of opinion or advocacy” now that Sen. Ted Cruz is holding an epic filibuster on the U.S. Senate floor. No #StandWithCruz, AP? No #MakeDCListen? No virtual tampon pom-poms for Cruz?

Turning over a new leaf, eh AP?

Will “policies” get pushed to the wayside next time AP journos swoon their way into left-wing hero worship?

Stay tuned.


Snark-tastic and poignant: What’s the difference between Cruz, Rubio and Wendy Davis?

  • RblDiver

    “Will policies get pushed to the wayside…” Does a bear sh*t in the woods, and does the Pope have a funny hat?

  • Roberto

    How suprising.

  • lesterwink23

    They don’t call it the Administration’s Press for nothing

    • USAPatriotSC

      Administration’s Propaganda

  • CrustyB

    Cruz filibusters for the freedom of Americans. Wendy Davis filibusters to keep a trail of body parts and blood flowing out of the vaginas of whores.

    • Kevin Scott

      You ripped that last part from a John Denver song, didn’t you?

    • Vennoye

      Wouldn’t ever expect AP to support Ted Cruz like they did Abortion Barbie!!

    • kinopio

      Old men telling young women what to do with their body is your idea of freedom? You realize Planned Parenthoods scan for cancer and give out condoms that PREVENT the need for abortions right?

      • b_truit

        you or anyone else for that matter telling God screw you and your commands, im killing my kid. Hells hot bud

      • Wiki David

        STFU stupid. Blames old men then reminds me of that song,”vaginas of whores”.

      • TexSizzle

        No. We know that PP claims to do mammograms when they want our money, but admits they do not do mammograms when pressed for details on how many.

      • MartiniShark

        You realize that what the old men are calling for is a stop to government money going to PP, they are not banning anything?

        You realize that the bill Wendy Davis wanted to block called for safer standards for the female patients inside abortion clinics?

        You realize that as women are calling for politicians to leave their body alone they contradict themselves by demanding politicians fund their bodily preferences?

      • Ryan Johnson

        It was old men that upheld Roe vs Wade in the first place, hypocrite.

  • puggish

    A spent a better part of my night last night on the interwebs spreading Cruz-friendly hashtags far and wide. Screw the AP and the rest of the MSM – who needs em.

  • snyper77

    Get ’em Uncle Teddy!!

    • Wolf Moon

      “Aren’t YOU glad you were born there?”

      • kinopio

        Its too bad 25% of Texans don’t have health insurance, the highest in the nation, so that baby is likely screwed. Republicans only care about babies before they are born.

        • Public_Man

          And Democrats only want to kill them before they’re born. #yaaaawwwwnnnnn

        • TexSizzle

          You follow your role model Herr Goebbels well.

        • Ryan Johnson

          …until you find out about the women’s shelters and pregnancy resource centers that are run solely off generous donations, unlike a certain well-known abortion franchise clinic.

  • MartiniShark

    Most revealing: Wendy was filibustering to block a bill favored by a majority of Texans, Cruz is filibustering a bill opposed by a growing majority of Americans. Look at which one is truly representing the constituents and which the media blatantly supports.

    • snyper77

      Damn good point.

    • Ryan Johnson

      Not only was the bill favored by a majority of Texans, but even across America 80% of Americans support banning 3rd trimester abortion.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    AP = Always Pathetic

    AP = Always Pandering

    AP = Always Progressive

    • arttie

      Always Predictable

    • FlatFoot

      Always Propaganda

  • CO2 Producer

    The AP tweeted that Cruz brought up the Nazis, then the AP linked to an article of theirs. Nazis are never mentioned in the article.

    You got me, AP. I clicked. Nicely played. However, Cruz did apparently make a Nazi comparison at one point, but I had to confirm that information from another source. But neither the tweet nor the link from the AP provide any other context for Cruz’s Nazi-related remarks.

  • Slugglife

    As if the AP had any credibility. And the dumbass wendy davis in that stupid picture where she’s holding the pink shoe backwards up to her foot. Its a celebration of ignorance.

    • kinopio

      Ignorance of what? Its the republicans who can’t figure out the difference between a real filibuster and some guy talking to promote himself with no hope of changing the law.

      • TexSizzle

        You mean like the moonbat leftist Wendy Davis in Texas?

  • AZ Momma

    Cruz did not filibuster since he was not speaking against a certain bill (ACA/Obamacare) is not a bill, it is a law. When vote came up today in Senate, Cruz voted along with everyone else. Call what Cruz did by its true name—Fundraising. And he got paid by taxpayers to fundraise.

    • constitutionminded

      And you are going to come on here and apologize when your rates skyrocket and you wake up to the fact that the “precious one” has lied to you?

  • FlatFoot

    Hero of baby murdering Democrats everywhere.

  • stellatruman

    AP, how quickly they forget

  • Scott

    Word has it that ABORTION BARBIE is going to run for Governor of Texas!!! CAN’T wait until Greg Abbott ROLLS OVER HER in his WHEEL CHAIR and backs over her like the CUN+ROACH she is!!!