Well, that settles it. Everything is under control and President Obama is totally on that whole Egypt sitch after golfing and dining with the Comcast CEO during his Martha’s Vineyard vacay. The White House and National Security Council even released photographic evidence! Of Obama talking on a phone:

Hey, at least it wasn’t another pic of Joe Biden flirting with a camel.



Lapdogs swoon! Non-lapdogs guess Obama’s next Egypt move; Note something he won’t say

White House: You guys, here’s a pic proving Obama talked to Netanyahu on #Obamaphone

White House releases photographic proof that Privacy Oversight Board exists

White House releases more ‘proof’ that Obama doesn’t think girls have cooties

White House: Hey, here’s a pic that proves Obama is totally focused on national security

ICYMI: This is funny. Serious You Guys.

  • DorothyGrissom

    Yeah. Just like he’s on the Rodeo Clown situation.

    • http://carolinasistah.com/ CarolinaSistah

      LOL priceless!!!

    • Clayton Grant

      Clownist! Photoshopist!

    • BlueGood

      Here’s what O’bama sent to the Egyptian leadership to remind them on HOW into organizing community PEACE he is…..

      If it’s good enough for Hugo….well…Pucker up Egypt!……………..

      • sb36695

        Looks like the kiss of death.

        • BlueGood

          Ya think???..Chavez is …..uh…ummm….gone isn’t he???

          It must work………………….O’Bama is kissing America & the planet every day…..

          • TJCrane_NCC1701

            The next pic (open-mouth tongue) is even sicker…..

      • wwbdinct


      • John

        Where’s the brain bleach?

      • Stephanie Warren


    • IronButterfly

      30 seconds before and 30 seconds after the photo he is back playing spades.

    • octagon999

      Wow, game over. Thanks to everyone else for playing.

    • cyndo123

      Perfect! Just perfect!

    • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

      I thought more of this–

    • tops116

      If he was holding a cane instead of a golf club, he’d blend right in.

    • Jeremy

      ha ha that is great

  • silverzone

    Somebody please keep that phone away from him. Enjoy vacation that we pay for and stay away from Middle East until you know what’s really is going on there. Even better, JUST STAY AWAY!

    • Knowles2

      That what he wants to do, people like John MCcain and and other Senators, think tanks, lobbyists keep on calling for him to get more involve in the Middle East. I am sure if Obama has his way, he would pull all US forces and money out of the entire Middle East and let them fend for themselves, that includes the Israelis. Could you imagine the Tantrum congress would throw if he did this.

  • FilleGitane

    WH falling down on the job. It needs to put “FACT” before its tweets or nobody will believe them.

  • Marvin Nelson

    Nah, he is ordering Domino’s large pepperoni mushroom delivery. Warning to driver: be careful when he gives you a tip. He’ll probably tell you your phone number and email address.

  • Ron Morisseau

    I need a reservation for the front 9 tomorrow

  • adam

    That’s actually the picture of him trying to decide if he could get away with flying the dog over for the vacation.

    • GaryTheBrave

      No, he is STILL on his first round. It takes several days to complete a round. The windmill is really tough.

      • David


  • SunsetLament

    He’s securing tomorrow’s tee-time.

    • Guest

      He has people for that. Several probably.

  • The Masked Avatar

    Talking to Biden about his fantasy football draft picks.

  • Hannibal

    Susan Rice has been briefing Obama that the violence and death in Egypt is a direct result of the release of the Movie “Smurfs 2”.

    • L R

      that’s funny!

  • World B. Free

    Talking to Valerie Jarrett no doubt.

    Asking her, “What should I do??? What should I do????”

    • ELC

      He must be crapping in his pants at the moment if Jarrett can’t be found.

      • World B. Free

        That would explain the look of concern on his face.

        He sure as he11 doesn’t give a sh!+ about the 700+ people who were killed or the 12+ churches and cathedrals that have been burned to the ground.

    • Teddi


    • Jerry Camp

      Naw, if it’s ValJar, he’s saying, “Yes, ma’am…I’ll stick to the teleprompter, promise.”

  • QueenB

    At least the made sure the deck of cards wasn’t in the picture.

  • Odie1941

    He’s calling Solitaire Tech Support.

  • Sharkteeth

    Walk Like an Egyptian……….Walk like an Egyptian

    • VotingForZombieReagan2016

      Don’t worry – he’s contacting the Egyptian Ministry of Funny Walks to show solidarity with whichever side is currently winning.

    • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub


    • Deborah Hallsted


    • Jeremy
  • ELC

    What evidence…all this photo shows is Odumbo knows how to use a telephone. I like the one with him pretending to be in charge when Osama was being caught so much better(haha). Please, don’t think we are all as dumb as barryboy wishes us to believe-most of us get it. He’s pretending to be leader of our country.

  • Kelly Laraia

    Setting his next tee time.

  • http://www.freedomreconnection.com CO2 Producer

    Yeah, I’d like some beef kebabs, the baba ghanoush, with some tahini and pitas on the side. For pickup. Hussein. H-U-S-S…that’s right. Thanks a lot.

  • SJ’s Dad

    I want to thank you for this opportunity Rep. Stockman, I won’t let you down!

  • octagon999

    Ambassador under attack in Benghazi, meh. Muslim Brotherhood under attack in Egypt? Get me that phone, stat!

  • BlahBlah

    That’s the same shirt from yesterday.

  • SturJen

    Yeah, he’s on it all right. Probably just sent the Muslim Brotherhood another 400 SAM Missiles, 45 new jets and another $2 Billion of our tax dollars. Those Egyptians must learn who is their new Messiah.

  • Tre

    Nope. He’s on the phone with the DOD ordering a drone strike on that rodeo clown.

  • Republicanvet

    Preezy is chatting with Reggie about what card game they can play while his bro’hood buds are burning Egypt.

  • Republicanvet

    Preezy: Did you catch Bo yet? I took heat for flying him up here and I’m hungry so get going!

  • sickofitall1096

    Could he look like he cares any less?

  • Buffalobob

    They had to photo shop this photo to show the hand set rotated 180 deg.

  • David

    I’m relieved . . . It’s good to know that Obama isn’t clowning around on the Egyptian situation.

  • rivers

    Oh well then, the jerkwad is on the phone, that settles it.

    Oops, am I allowed to say jerkwad? Never mind, it’s not like I could lose my job…

  • Legal Immigrant in TX

    That photo does not mean anything. He might just be trying to find out what his tee time for tomorrow for all we know.

    • MNWoman

      Probably just as likely.

    • 24601

      But look at his “concerned” expression! LOL!!!

  • davod

    Is that a secure phone?

  • nc

    Didn’t they try this on us a couple of years ago? Yeah, and we didn’t buy it then, either.

  • http://BanthaSkull.com/ Duke

    Oh, come on. That’s the face I make while waiting on hold for Pizza Hut. I feel hearing about hundreds of deaths would at least require some sort of sad face, right?

  • Red

    Do you think he called 1-900-Mix-A-Lot?

  • http://xristosdomini.wordpress.com/ xristosdomini

    The man looks exasperated…… must’ve muffed the putt…

  • tops116

    Is this the same proof that demonstrated that Kerry wasn’t on his yacht… until he was, but only for a short time… until it was for a longer time…

  • journogal

    Booking a tee time?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    It’s a pageant.

  • dabbobean

    Hello Reggie….you wanna come over and play spades? (wink-wink)

  • Tom Armstrong

    Well, his mouth is closed, so at least we know he wasn’t lying when the picture waas taken.

  • Tom Armstrong

    They obviously posed that picture becasue a bigshot like Obama would certainly use the speaker phone.

    • Michelle

      Also, he’s wearing a dress shirt and slacks…while on vacation? Who wears a dress shirt and slacks while on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard? I can answer that – no one. Been there, never seen it. Photo op!

  • mhojai

    picture is of jugears trying to order a pizza…hardest work, all day

  • Jeff H

    The Tight-Sphincter-in-Chief: “Uh huh…um, yeah…no, not yet…OK, tee time at 10?”

  • Jeff H

    The Tight-Sphincter-in-Chief: “Uh huh…um, yeah…no, not yet…OK, tee time at 10?”

  • John Smith

    His face looks like someone drove a truck on it.