Death wishes for the forty-third president of the United States. Who could’ve seen that coming?

George W. Bush is recovering from a successful procedure to address an arterial blockage discovered during his annual physical exam.

Mouth-foaming Bush-haters are nothing if not predictable.

A former president underwent heart surgery? Cue the nasty jokes feigning shock that he has a heart.

Yuk, yuk, yuk. Try again:

This crowd is all class. How’s this for civility?

Best wishes to President Bush for a speedy recovery.

  • NetStoopid

    Wow, the hate just rolls off the progressive tongue like it’s second nature.

    • Brown Bear Mike

      That’s because it IS second nature to the progressive tongue.

      • James W.

        no its first nature

        • Slugglife

          most of them dont know what a progressive is. theyre just assholes.

          • IceColdTroll

            Brainless lemmings who think they’re being hip and cool.

          • Medicinewoman2

            They are uniquely built with their ass on their face.

        • Johnny Right

          Expect nothing less from the party of “tolerance.”

      • Paul

        and just as easily as they spew this hate about Bush, they swallow whatever spews forth from Barry Soetero and his ilk. Brainless, spew swallowing lemmings with nasty mouths.

    • V the K

      The progressive left draws people who are haters by nature, because the left encourages hate.

      • alanstorm

        Hate is the only thing keeping their coalition togrther. Why do you think they call everyone else “haters”, no matter the subject? Because it’s what THEY know. They can’t conceive of objections to their “ideas” springing from any other cause.

        • Spiny Norman

          “Psychological Projection” is a “plank” on the Democratic Party platform, isn’t it?

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Seems to be the platform itself rather than a plank in it….just sayin’

      • Texan357

        That is their primary motivation in almost everything they do. Pure hatred.

      • Spiny Norman

        The progressive left draws people who are haters by nature.

        In much the same way as Islam draws violent sociopaths, because it encourages their misplaced anger and antisocial mentality and creates a means to channel that “energy”. Small wonder it’s so popular in prisons, and not just in the US.

      • trixiewoobeans

        And these are the “people” (sarc) who will be in charge of our medical care, sitting on juries, etc.?

        • journogal

          You forgot that they are the ones who expect us (demand us) to pay for their healthcare, lifestyles and what-not, because they deserve it.

    • Justin Hogan

      More like their only nature.

    • Fred Hailar

      first nature

    • Codewizard

      Don’t forget the Muslims.

    • therantinggeek

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

    • ClinkinKY

      Amazing how many Muslim names are involved, given the fact that B.O. has killed more Muslims with drones.

    • trixiewoobeans

      That’s not “progress(ive)”, it’s regression. Evolution debunked. They’re devolving rapidly.

      • Rulz

        As long as the checks keep coming, they don’t care.

        • trixiewoobeans

          Afraid you’re right.

    • freeinaz

      Because they’re racists scum bottom feeders.God bless you GW, wish you a speedy recovery.

    • Tom Chipp

      it’s all that peace, love and hippie bead crap. They’re still pissed that they actually had to pay for it.

    • OpenTheDoor

      Wonder if Usher’s fans will pray for President Bush too?
      I mean, some Christians are so accepting, eh?

  • Lidsamy

    I love 43, we need that great big heart of his to keep beating and doing good

    • Dashtam

      agreed, thanks

    • Melanie King


    • David Tucker

      I agree with you 100%, love the guy, he brought something to the presidency that wasn’t seen in along time. Morals.

  • TocksNedlog

    And, of course, those who are nasty-tweeting are the same ones that will turn around and scream “The GOP wants to deny health care to millions!” Hypocrites.

    • CatHerder

      When they find themselves needing similar surgery, they’ll find out how much all the fine promises their messiah made them about his ‘signature health care’ are really worth. Karma is a bitch.

    • Seattlesciren

      They are the same ones that complain conservatives don’t respect President Obama because they say hateful things about him. Oh, you mean like discuss his poor economic track record, or his going around the constitution, or his evasion on all the different scandals..the list is too long.. They seem to forget the hatred and lack of respect they spewed towards President Bush.

      • 1CatEye

        Well, it did happen more than a nanosecond ago! Subnormals don’t remember things well.

  • DV S1EOG

    You know that all of these people who are tweeting out this hate will be the same ones who cry when similar tweets that target Obama are made.

    • SkyePuppy

      They scream foul if you even slighty, vaguely criticize Obama. No need for death wishes to get the foam-flecked spittle coming from their lips.

      • DV S1EOG

        I just love selective memories. For 8 years they trashed Bush. They said some very vile things about that man and he took it all in stride. He didn’t blame previous presidents for what he had to face. Yet, he was still trashed. Now, Obama has used the blame game for 5 years now and when people have negative things to say, the left cry racist and complain about how mean the right is. It is all just so annoying.

        • Texan357

          In general, members of the Left are nothing if not thoroughgoing hypocrites.

    • Rulz


      Well, those tweets won’t likely come from patriotic American conservatives.

      Whenever a liberal is dying or hurt or worse……conservatives offer condolences and prayers.

  • Michael Anderson (WB)

    GWB has done more for Africa than any other President, maybe more than any other man in history. He’s done so much that Bono was compelled to praise him. And these clowns who won’t even lift a finger to help themselves accuse him of not having a heart?!

    • righthook38

      You’re right…even Elton John gave Bush credit for it. But they conveniently ignore all of that. Of course, if we wished death on Obama, that would make us racists…

      • ObamaFail

        We don’t have to threaten Obama to be racist. We just have to not love him. Disagreeing with Obama makes you automatically racist by the left. But calling black conservatives the n-word makes you a tolerant, and loving person according to liberal logic.

      • Jody Daniels

        And, headed for jail!

        • IBXNJ

          Concepts of right and wrong are ass backwards!!!

    • Mary123s

      you’d think we African Americans would give him credit for at least that

      • Michael Anderson (WB)

        Europe is foreign to me, I expect Africa is to most African Americans. I should ask my BIL.

  • nc

    Our world is so upside down. Right is wrong. Bad is good.

    Fortunately, none of this garbage will touch President Bush. Speedy recovery to you, sir!

    • Jill

      With 1984 acting less like a work of fiction and more like a how to guide, are you surprised?

      • Emily B

        I’m in the middle of reading 1984 right now. It’s terrifying.

        • Don Froess

          I wish it was 1984, it was an awesome year and there was an awesome president in the white house

          • Swoop

            84 was awesome year – I wore my sunglasses at night, etc.

          • David Tucker

            I agree, 84 was a very good year.

          • Jeremy

            Obama likes 1984 as well but, in a different way

        • EJA

          I watched the movie again for free on amazon the other night. Disturbing how much of what goes on in that story is ACTUALLY going on today. 2+2=4

      • MizDi

        But they’re also using Brave New World, Animal Farm and Atlas Shrugged. They might also be using the “children’s” dystopian novel, The Giver.

    • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

      The unbelievable crassness of the left, imagine if we said similar things about Clinton. It’s one thing not to agree with someone totally another to wish death on them. I thought liberals believed in Karma, seems that would be the worst.

    • jim

      if people read the Bible they would see that this was spoken of by Jesus and now it’s coming to pass

    • Bronco

      Yes, President Bush. . . you will always be remembered for the way you prevented any more attacks like the one you suffered through and prevented more during your administration.
      And thank you for not being ashamed to say you are a Christian!

  • Billie Slash

    More verbal flatulence from the cream of society.

    • TheOriginalDonald

      you mean POND SCUM!

      • Billie Slash

        Yes, of course. I was practicing random sarcasm.

  • Clayton Grant

    Such intelligent and articulate vehemence. I hope 44 gets the “Obama Treatment” to the Nth degree from 45.

  • irishgirl91

    I can’t stand O, but his children love him and I would never wish him harm (just impeachment). I don’t understand people that hate.

    • ranchdancer

      I’d like to see his ass in jail, he has purposefully taken this country back by a decade….he is a fraud and a liar. His day will come. He has even deceived his own flesh and blood.

    • Mary123s

      add me to it

  • Corporal Clinger

    Welcome to America the Divided.

  • ernst1776

    Who didn’t see all the nasty comments coming? funny how easily leftists wish death upon people they hate.

    • disqus_hNXvhwdNeI

      Funny how easily they hate people they disagree with. True hatred.

  • SkyePuppy

    Because to the left, having a heart means wanting to give everyone else’s money to help the poor.
    Oh wait. That’s what GW Bush did for Africa. I’m so confused!!!

  • BeevaloBill

    What is so pathetic is that these proglodytes think their predictable, hackneyed humor is funny.

    • CatHerder

      Uptick for ‘proglodyte’, saving that for my personal dictionary 😉

    • keyboard jockey

      Attention ho’ers – gonna ho’er 😉

  • MidAtlanticWoman

    Wow! If not for low class, some people would have no class at all. Prayers for our former President.

  • ErskinFlibberJabber

    predictable response from the ever tolerant, oh so loving left.

  • Mark Chase

    Liberal haters……my sympathy towards your cold hate filled souls. It must be taxing carrying all that contempt soaked baggage around for all these years. I hope your heart finds peace soon before all that hate consumes and kills you.

  • BoscoBolt

    Welfare-leech obama supporters are very predictable.

  • syvyn11

    These liberal scumbags are making my bloop pressure rise!

    • Dwayne Jackson

      Bet your blood pressure isn’t doing to well either.

  • TheRedCoat92

    Yeah, but if this were to happen to Obummer, and people dared say anything like this about him, THAT would be hateful and wrong.

    • mickeyco

      No. It would be racist.

  • ObamaFail

    Do liberals want to tell me again about how they are loving, respectable people and how people on the right are violent, heartless monsters?

    • tommcgtx

      that’s optics, not practice

    • Karl Winrich

      Just more from those peace loving and respectful “tolerant” liberals, they tolerate you as long as you go along with them.

  • mickeyco

    Care to bet how many of the haters above have any idea why they’re supposed to hate him?

    • ObamaFail

      All they know is that he knocked down the World Trade Center and blamed it on peaceful muslims.

    • Karl Winrich

      Low information voters who have been indoctrinated by the liberals to simply hate anything they cannot possibly understand.

      • WSPISFA

        Understand? Hell that’s for thinking people. LIVs hate what they’ve been told to hate.

        • Karl Winrich

          OK, I’ll give 2 points to you WSPISFA for being spot on with that :)

  • ObamaFail

    If these liberals hate what Bush did when he was in office, wait until they see what Bush did in the White House from 2009-2013. They’ll be furious!

  • Moonbeam

    Liberal here : the same gets said about President Obama from the right – all the time. Wishing he would die. How is that different?

    • journogal

      Could you please point out any Twitter posts saying/wanting him to die? Usually those are quickly reported and investigated by the Secret Service. I will be waiting to see a post like above, calling for Obama’s death. I mean, I know you wouldn’t lie to us, would you?

      • Moonbeam

        O, my goodness. You cannot be serious, surely? All the time :)

        There’s a collection of the right’s intollerence right on this site:

        • ObamaFail

          I see far more hate from liberals than I do Conservatives. Besides, you libs will hate OBama as well once you actually lose your welfare checks after he finishes crushing the economy.

        • journogal

          Oh, tumblr – that’s an accurate and great source. Up there with Wiki. How about something a little more credible? There are idiots on both sides, but of course, you run and defend liberals. True hate comes from liberals, look what loving and caring and thoughtful liberals have said to Don Lemon or Dr. Ben Carson or Bill Cosby or Mia Love or any minority that isn’t screeching “it’s someone’s else fault and my life isn’t my responsibility.” How about those who want Mitt Romney to die? Or Dick Cheney?

          • ObamaFail

            That’s what liberals do. They see hatred on the right, and run around bragging about their tolerance. Than when proof of the hatred and bigotry of the left is shown to them, they run around screaming about how the right is always trying to threaten Obama.

          • Moonbeam

            I’m sorry, we don’t have a website like Twitchy that samples everything together. We’ll have to look into it. Please, do take a look. It is exactly like Twitchy. Samples of tweets by the right on a variety of subjects. It is quite well-known on the left and gets quoted a lot in liberal news.

            Here’s an interview with the creator of the website:

            An Interview With The Creator Of Public Shaming


          • ObamaFail

            Yeah, and then when liberals threaten to kill Mitt Romney, and then sling racial slurs and threats at people like Stacey Dash and Ben Carson, you and the liberal news are silent, because it shows that you scum are just as hateful as you say we are.

            Your silence to these questions we’re asking says A LOT about you Aruana.

          • Moonbeam

            Again, I am not defending either side. What I am trying to point out is that it happens on BOTH sides. That is all.

          • journogal

            No, not really….of course, we see if that is true when Twitchy runs a Twitter feed of liberals calling another minority conservative the “n-word.”

          • Jill

            I believe that most people, familiar with the darker side of humanity, recognize that fact.

          • Lady 12

            You know who it happens the most to? To liberals turned conservative.

          • WSPISFA

            You may not be defending either side but you’re certainly not condemning your own side.
            Clean up your own side’s behavior before you start lecturing us.

          • Moonbeam

            I was not lecturing at all. I was just commenting that it happens on both sides. How is that lecturing?

          • journogal

            And yet, you don’t have an issue or problem when the pure racist hatred that comes liberals against minorities, do you? Do you think they deserve it because they don’t follow lock step with liberal group-think? I am sorry, but liberals loudly wished death upon Romney, Palin – any and all Conservatives out there. There have been written op-ed pieces suggesting executing NRA members and so on. Defend that. Yes, there are idiots that are racists and they’ve been called; and here’s something for you – a lot of times, they are liberals pretending to be conservatives. I want to know where you voice is when it’s a non-liberal minority that DARES speaks their own opinion and receives “love tweets” from liberals.

          • ObamaFail

            Aruana will never defend a black conservative when the left is spewing racial hate speech at them. Because she agrees with it. Hate from the left is a good thing to liberals.

          • Moonbeam

            Where did I hate on anyone? I am simply indicating that the same happens on the right. Did I wish President Bush dead? Just be even-handed.

          • WSPISFA

            You’re a leftwing pregressive, and as you can see in the topic above it is leftwing pregressives wishing death on former Pres Bush. And nowhere in this thread did you condemn those leftwingers wishing death on former Pres Bush: your silence is your consent.

            Clean up the hate from your own side before you start lecturing us.

          • Moonbeam

            If you perhaps took the time to read all my comments you will find it :) The fact that you are making snap judgements about me is not fair.

          • Moonbeam

            Again, it happens on both side. But if you prefer to ignore that fact, I can’t change your mind. I had hopend you guys would be open-minded.

          • journogal

            Happens more on the liberals side than conservative side. When conservatives say something stupid and obscene, it’s news for a while, and called out by many. Yet, when liberals wish death on people as seen above and other places (Romney, Palin, etc.) it’s excused by liberals who constantly say, “but, but but the other side does it as well.” Yes, conservatives have their share of idiots, but it’s nothing like liberals nor accepted like liberal hate tends to be.

          • Moonbeam

            Can I just refer you to : 57 States, Corpse man, You didn’t build that etc.

          • journogal

            And this is “hate” coming from conservatives? I am confused by your post in the context. I am talking about death threats. What exactly are you talking about, and I am asking so I can address it appropriately? Obama DID say this, and it wasn’t really reported in the fanboy MSM.
            Throw me a lifeline here and tell me what your post is about?

          • Moonbeam

            I provided a source, but it is being discredited by the posters here. We don’t have a dedicated site on the left where we collect conservative posts. The closest we have is the site that I provided and I even provided a link to an interview with the guy who started it where he explains why he started it. I can’t do more :)

          • journogal

            No, this is what you said: Can I just refer you to : 57 States, Corpse man, You didn’t build that etc.

            And I am asking you :) what does that have to do with death threats :)? Obama did state the above, correct? And because it was talked about that is considered to be death threats, because people pointed out he was wrong? :) :) :) :) :) :)
            Are you telling me he received death threats over these statements? Well, if so, I hope secret service investigated them. Did people laugh at him, and thus that must be a death threat? Well, yes, people laughed at them because the media kept telling us how brilliant and smart Obama is, and he is smarter than anyone in this country, and yet these flubs. Recall, the media wasn’t nice at all to Bush’s flubs.
            But again, this has nothing to do with death threats, and how liberals are tolerant with death threats when it is toward Republicans and those that do not constantly espouse liberal thoughts. :) :) :) :)

          • Sandra Arnold Carroll

            I have read and re-read this thread all the while thinking No Aruana did not equate laughing at a president for his total ignorance, after he had personally claimed that he knew more about everything than anyone else including his expert advisers on those issues, to wishing death on a president!!! I could not believe that someone was actually that shallow and unreal!!! But yes apparently it is true and whats worse actually believed it made some kind of logical sense!!!

          • Ronald Green

            Whenever Bush said something ‘colorful’, you left wing loonies had a fit with it and you still do, but we can’t call it out when your Fuehrer says something ‘colorful’? Does the word ‘Hypocrite’ mean anything to you? While I have seen many that want to have ‘O’ impeached, the death wishes are few and far between and as we see above, wishing death on someone is pretty standard fare for you lefties.

          • Jill

            Tumblr is like Twitchy? Hmmm, I have yet to see porn blogs or drug appreciation blogs here.

          • Moonbeam

            It does the same thing as Twitchy. It is a collection of tweets pertaining to different subjects. I was under the impression that conservatives were all about facts and figures. So, you are just going to dismiss my source, because it’s not like Twitchy. There is no other site like Twitchy :). You accuse liberals of not looking at facts and then you don’t want to do the same? Don’t you find that hypocritical?

          • Jill

            I am quite familiar with Tumblr and remain unimpressed. Adore Tumblr if you choose, for that is both your right and preference. I do not believe the sites are all that similar as Tumblr focuses far more on the ‘bread and circus’ aspects of life whereas Twitchy is generally more politically and socially focused.

          • journogal

            I find it hypocritical that liberals and MSM are silent when liberals sling racist slurs and death threats to Republican candidates and minority conservatives. The pure hatred that was aimed (and still is) toward Palin, Romney, Clarence Thomas, Mia Love – basically any minority that doesn’t follow lock-step with liberal collective thought like Bill Cosby, Dr. Ben Carson, and even Don Lemon, and yet, liberals are silent – silently agreeing with them.

          • Jason Wade Prater

            the thing is moron, you don’t have to DIG to find liberals doing this. you don’t need to find some obscure blog by some unknown paranoid schizophrenic claiming to be liberal to locate the hate. check any major left wing website and u can find it right on the front page. liberals openly spew hate then out of the other side of their heads call republicans hateful. I checked out that link, those people are hardly Republicans, barely even conservative. You are taking examples from extremists. we have examples from the CORE of your party.
            try some truth next time, although it will only prove you wrong so I see why you would go with lies.

          • WSPISFA

            You wanna see vile nasty visceral hate? Go to your own leftwing sites ANY day, and read ANY story about Republicans, tea party, or conservatives:
            daily kos
            huffington post
            Read what your side says about wanting to hate-f*ck prominent conservative female bloggers. Read above what they say about former President George W Bush. Read what they say about Sarah Palin and her children. Read what they say about Black conservatives who don’t toe the Democrat line. Read how they partied when former Pres Reagan and UK former PM Margaret Thatcher died, or when former Vice Pres Cheney had his heart surgery…

            Take the hate stick out of your own pregressive eyes and tell your own side to knock if off before you start telling us what to do. Yeah, and do let us know how well your side responds to you (which is why you’re here on a conservative site and not with your own political kind isn’t it…because you’re treated better over here right?)

          • Moonbeam

            The same can be said of

            Town Hall
            The Blaze
            Daily Caller
            Conservative News
            Mr Conservative

            It happens on both sides.

          • journogal

            Still don’t see any posters or article headlines calling for Obama’s death. Could you provide links to those from those sites. Again, when a poster on Town Hall, Breibart, The Blaze and/or Daily Caller (I am only truly familiar with the following I listed) says something that stupid it’s usually a liberal pretending to be a conservative, they are called out quickly and posted deleted. But again, I would like to see actual headlines from the ones I referenced that call for Obama’s death.

            Furthermore, you never responded to my question on how you equate: 57 states, Corpseman, you didn’t build that with above death threats. Also, I don’t recall any movies on Obama’s assassination like the one made during Bush’s term.

            Like we have pointed out number of times, Republicans have their share of extremists, however they aren’t as mainstream, accepted and celebrated like liberals.

          • WSPISFA

            Except you rarely if ever see any death threats towards the left on the right-leaning sites you listed. If so, please provide the linkage

          • Jill

            Your point and proof?

          • Moonbeam

            Okay, I have provided the source material and a link to an interview with the author. I can’t do more :) I am sorry to see that people can’t recognize that this happens on both sides. President Obama is wished dead on a daily basis.

          • DV S1EOG

            Bush was wished dead on a daily basis from the time he was elected. I guess that was too long ago to remember.

          • Jill

            Most people already recognize that fact, Aruana.

          • Moonbeam

            Okay, thank you for that, guys. I just wanted to make that point. I will now be leaving you, but keep on observing :)

          • journogal

            Personally, I don’t want anything to happen to Obama. No sane person does. I don’t like his policies and that is all that means. With the majority of liberals, they want Bush dead regardless, and many more who don’t agree with their policies. I would like to see them called out the same way conservatives are, that’s all.

          • journogal

            And so was Bush, and nearly every President. Unfortunately that comes with the Presidency. Obama isn’t a special flower, sorry. There are loons everywhere, yet liberals tend to never to call out their own. In fact, liberals tend to fan the flames.
            Like the a poster said below, how will their lives benefit from Bush’s death?

          • bicentennialguy

            Oh for God’s sake, who cares? There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people wished dead on a daily basis. OK, we get it. People wish the sitting President of the United States dead. It’s not the first President it’s happened to and it won’t be the last.

          • WSPISFA

            Try providing a credible source and maybe you’ll be credible.

        • DV S1EOG

          I will say to you that there are those on the right that do spew some hate and I can’t stand that either. That does not mean that you should excuse the hate from the left and that is what always happens. Someone from the left says something really hateful and it is swept under the rug. Someone on the right says something that could be twisted into hateful speech and all of a sudden the entire right is a bunch of racists. How about real equality and denounce hate from both sides? Or, is that too much to ask for?

        • Jill

          Are you similarly disgusted when prominent conservative minority leaders, Supreme Court Justices, and candidates are subjected to racial attacks? I sincerely hope that you are. Otherwise, it will appear that your metric for ‘racism’ places politics above people.

          • journogal

            Of course it is for liberals; they don’t care about the person, just only when they have the coveted D behind their name.

          • ObamaFail

            Aruana probably helps throw some of those racial slurs at black conservatives. My liberal cousin is always calling me racist. Yet he always calls black conservatives or latino conservatives racial slurs when they speak out against the agenda.

        • DV S1EOG

          You should also question why some of the most militant racist groups stemmed out of the Democratic Party. I am talking about the KKK, the Nation of Islam, and the New Black Panther Party. Yep, very tolerant people in that party..

        • alanstorm

          It’s not even close. Several of the posts also show an incredible ability to misconstrue and misunderstand the English language.

          So what’s your point?

          • IceColdTroll

            “an incredible ability to misconstrue and misunderstand the English language.”

            Well right there’s almost all the proof you need that they are undercover trolls from Media Matters.

        • IceColdTroll

          And how many of them are nothing but leftist trolls in disguise deliberately acting disreputably to discredit us all? We KNOW you people do it. You’ve been caught over and over, online and in real life.

          How many alts YOU got?

    • DV S1EOG

      Because liberals promote themselves as loving and tolerant yet they prove that wrong by tweeting out this garbage.

    • ObamaFail

      Give me a break. You libs always pull this crap, and then when called on it, you just cry racism or whatever tired defense you have.

    • Jason Wade Prater

      Delusional much? the ones spewing hate towards Obama are not conservatives. They are extremists. The right doesn’t like Obama but we don’t wish his death. And this death wish for W has gone on since the FIRST time we elected him as president. This isn’t some new thing happening now. Defend the left with lies all you want, this is TYPICAL behavior from democrats

    • conservative2012

      Yes there is hatred on the right, and on this site I have seen those that cross the line get called out on it. The majority of the people here don’t like Obama’s policies and with good reason, but I have never seen anyone wish death on him. Now I have been on other conservative sites, and yes there are some that say some pretty nasty things. I’m sure there’s a lot of conservatives that wish these people would go to the other side.

      • Moonbeam

        Thank you for acknowleding that. Both sides do it.

        • IceColdTroll

          And we will thank you for acknowledging such things as frequency and intensity. I challenge you to find anything on this site amounting to the hate and fury that has been spewed over President George W. Bush up top.


      No proof? Didn’t happen.
      Meanwhile when Hollywood makes a full length feature film with Obama’s head on a spike you can get back to us.

      • Moonbeam

        You just have to visit sites like Breitbart, Daily Caller, Town Hall, The Blaze. It does happen. I have been on those sites and seen it.

        • journogal

          Proof please…I want to see actual proof of headlines calling for Obama’s death. As for posters, it is typically a liberal thinking they are cute and won’t get called out. however they are, and are deleted.
          Still I want to see proof.

          • Moonbeam

            There aren’t any headlines. The site runners would be silly to have headlines calling for Obama’s death, now wouldn’t they? It’s the comments on the sites and stories.

          • journogal

            What stories, then? What stories have called for Obama’s death? There is a movie that glorified Bush’s assassination. Are you going to deny there was one? As for comments, get it through your mind, yes, there are idiotic extremists on Republican’s side, but they are most ignored and do not come out in droves like liberals when it regarding Bush, Palin, minority conservatives or anything that doesn’t follow liberal group-think.
            I can provide links to op-ed pieces that call for the execution of NRA members, or pull up article referencing death threats against Koch Brothers. There have been threats against conservative/libertarian commentators. For the longest, there was a handle called “Kill Glenn Beck” on Twitter. How cute is that to you? You find it funny? Republican extremists are few and far between compared liberals.
            And I am still waiting on your answer on how 57 states, You did build that, corpsmen having anything at all to do with death threats.

          • IceColdTroll

            Hollywood made a ffkng MOVIE that was nothing but a leftist wet dream about Bush being murdered!

            You got no ffkng excuses after that.

  • Scorpion

    The real Secret Service should pay these unhinged tweeters, who made these death wishes to our former President, a personal visit. Sounds like a coordinated liberal flash mob attack. The IRS should investigate these people. Yeah right. We can dream, can’t we?.

  • descolada9

    And people wonder why I find leftist turds so disgusting

  • notenoughtime

    The love, peace and togetherness crowd sure are a cranky bunch. It’s Tuesday, so it we must be wish death day on someone or something standing in our way. Lighten up!

  • Jill

    Bush may need treatment for a blocked artery, but I daresay many of these vitriolic Twitter users are in more immediate need of treatment for their Bush Derangement Syndrome. Six years hence, he still consumes a large part of their minds.

  • Scorpion

    If you think this is bad. What do you think it would have been like if it was Sarah Palin?

    • brando

      Especially since Obama’s Anti-Bullying Czar Dan Savage already wished she would get cancer

    • Spiny Norman

      If it had been Sarah Palin, you would have seen those comments from the Alphabet Network news anchors.

  • QueenB

    Honestly, how would Bush dying change any of these people’s lot in life? My Lord…..I am no Obama fan, but I wouldn’t want him dead and if someone were to kill him, I’d be leading the lynch mob. Oh crap, was that racist?

    • Their Grandma

      They wouldn’t have anyone to blame for the chaos in the coming 3 years.

  • LowLying

    Conservatives clearly can dish it but they can’t take it. Would anyone be surprised if similar comments were made about Obama? No. The cons would be happily celebrating.

    • journogal

      Prove it. Let’s see your proof of that, please. Just because we don’t like his policies doesn’t mean we want him dead. Unlike those above you wish death on President Bush, who isn’t President anymore and I bet that can’t articulate why they won’t him dead or how his death will suddenly improve their life, they just know what they’ve been told to think. By the way, please explain liberals and their hatred on Twitter toward conservative minorities such as Dr. Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Mia Love, Herman Cain and others. Don’t forgot people like Bill Cosby and Don Lemon as well. Explain that, or do you support it? How about when liberals spread hatred toward Nikki Hayley, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and basically those who DARE go against liberal lock-step group think. Where is your outrage there, or do you not have any?
      I’ll be waiting for your proof that doesn’t not comes from MediaMatters, Think Progress, Democrat Underground or Tumblr.

    • Spiny Norman

      Typical. The trolls can’t defend or excuse the vile comments from their fellow leftists, so they resort to the old schoolyard taunt of “I know what you are, but what am I?”

    • IceColdTroll

      No, we’re generally not like that. Yes, I would be surprised if there was a mass outpouring of such undiluted hatred and vitriol. And I would be very surprised if it was allowed here. Perhaps once or twice a week I will caution a poster to mind his phraseology, and I’ve NEVER seen remarks with the hateful frenzy that I see above directed at President George W. Bush.

      Nice strawman though.

    • Lisa Dean

      There are vile idiots on both sides. We can admit that. However, the low information vile idiots can’t.

  • Magnifico

    George W Bush is one of the nicest guys in the whole world……freaking amazing.

  • Marcy Cook

    The truth is most of these morons don’t even know why they “think” they hate George Bush…they just do what they are told.

    • Emily B

      Exactly. It’s a fad. Hate President Bush because you’re supposed to.

  • Mark Atkinson

    You people are all disgusting. Forget about politics, is there no humanity here? WTH is wrong with all you people. Wow, Satan really has a hold on our nation.

  • Guest

    If the Vacationer-in-Chief was in hospital,
    tens of millions of messages wishing him a relapse,
    would overwhelm the Internet.

    • Jill

      Nice straw man. Do you have a comment that is germane to this particular item?

      • Ethan Murphy

        That’s what these p-ssies do. Point out sh-t in a scenario which hasn’t happened to excuse their own retardation.

    • bicentennialguy

      Oh, you wish, don’t you?

    • Lady 12

      No,because then we’d be stuck with Chewbiden.

      • Ronald Green

        Which quite likely would be far worse for the country.

  • Nate Brown

    All of these idiots need to be shipped off to Guam and never be allowed to return. What kind of cretin spews such filth? This is what’s wrong with our country and I’d be perfectly happy to put these clowns in the front lines of war as cannon fodder.


      Guam? Nah, I’m thinking more like one of their socialist wet dream locales like Venezuela Europe or Cuba … we Patriots have tolerated ourselves into being enslaved by the freeloading communists, we “can do” Patriots need to start physically shipping these hateful Satanic progs en masse OUT of this country. Not until that happens will this nation start to heal again…

      • Ronald Green

        No, no, no,… North Korea.

  • aimeedee

    More love and enlightenment from the left.

  • MLCross

    Of course leftists hate George W. . He liberated about 50 million people. There’s nothing that leftists hate more than freedom.

  • Americangirl1964

    I keep saying the liberals are a bunch of psychotic sicko’s. LOL OMG! They are incapable of having any class or humane comments. Liberals/Progressives continually throw temper tantrums, acting like children, while the Conservatives keep there cool and demeanor intact. Bunch of idiots!!! What’s really amazing a lot of these people have no idea what they are talking about. No clue as to what is really happening in politics. They are just fed a bunch of BS from the liberal left and brainwashed. Weak minded individuals that possess no common sense!

  • waterytart

    I knew the h8ers would be out full bore on this story, but what I’m watching for is how long it takes Jug Ears propaganda machine to counter the great picture of W with that cutie baby, with one of Jug Ears with a child as well. Predictability is one true characteristic of the libs.

  • Their Grandma

    Can you imagine in 20 years when Obama is dying of lung cancer? Wowser, the tweets will me full of love.

    • Ronald Green

      20 years from now, few will care.

  • Ethan Murphy

    The hatred from the left is making me angry….. I severely disliked GW as a president but it’s difficult to give a sh-t when we have GWBush5.0 f-cking shit up like a boss in office right now. These ass-backwards liberals want to fight…. I’m thinking… okay, let’s do the damn thing. I’m sick of it.

  • Joy

    How vile & disgusting these tweets are! It saddens me to see how full of hate some people are!!! A line is being drawn…Separating good from evil…The wheat from the tares!!!

  • Glitter

    I love idiots.

  • $266791

    Don’t you just love the “tolerant” left??? Remember people, they will face KARMA one day and we who are truly tolerant will get the last laugh.

  • Indynana

    Would you really expect anything else from these Godless people!??

    • Joy

      One word comes to mind…”REPROBATES”

      • Joe W.

        I can think of two better ones” “AZZ HOLES”

  • Danny Wheeler

    Ah, tolerance at its finest. *holds sarcasm sign from Big Bang Theory*

    Get better soon, W.

  • AbbieB

    Ironic isn’t it, that while George W. was helping to set up a cancer center in Zambia, Obutthead was out sight-seeing with is family (and mother-in-law) costing the American taxpayers $100 mil, and they say George doesn’t have a heart. smh

  • DefCon99

    So when something bad happens to the Bamster, will it be OK for us to crack wise?

    • NakedJusticeLeague

      Hell yeah!

    • Joe W.

      Yep. Barky is WORSE than Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, or any other vile dictator. MUCH worse.

  • Chief Mac

    Stay classy, libtards.

    • Moonbeam

      And calling liberals libtards, is classy? Can I call you a teapublican, a goper, a teabagger? Will that be okay?

      • bossmanham

        It is classy, because you are libtards and show it with this bs behavior.

      • bicentennialguy

        It’s not. But you know what’s REALLY not classy? Calling people who disagree with you scrotum suckers. Teabagger is a sexual vulgarity and you know it. Libtard is tame compared to what that term infers.

      • journogal

        Why this faux outrage over libtards? Conservatives get called a lot worse. Come back to me when you want to stick up for conservative women like Palin and such. Until then you faux outrage is exactly that. I forgot, :)

      • IceColdTroll

        I got no problem with Teapublican or GOPer (ps — you need to learn how to use capital letters), but “Teabagger” will be met with the epithet “Cornholer,” and I will be Vengeance.

        Another fine distinction which may escape you, is that those remarks are generally being made amongst ourselves, and are not directed at individuals — which is largely the case when one of you people come in here, showering insults on us both personally and generically. Kinda like the woman reporter going into the men’s locker room — come on in, but you gotta expect you’re gonna see a couple of di(ks.(How’s that for some gracious, self-deprecating humor? ;-} )

        In other words — treat us with respect and you will get respect. Come in throwing teabags around and screaming about Bush and dancing on Reagan’s grave and sneering at “Xtians”: you will leave in tears, I promise.

  • Spike Bement

    My guess is that the majority of these people are from Detroit and Chicago.

    • Joe W.

      Yep…and on their way to an eternity in hell….

      • Spike Bement

        Amen to that.

  • felicityva

    Remember folks, these are the same people who booed God 3 times at the DNC last year.

    • Joy

      I’ll say it again…One word comes to mind…”REPROBATES”

  • baby liz

    crude comments from uneducated, lower class people!

  • Imalego

    All from the tolerant left.

  • Indynana

    Please Off Topic.. But.. Change the name ObamaCare to Democare…….. The
    Democrats OWN this and obammy will hate losing his name sake. PASS IT

  • N Kirby Best

    Are these people even human? What kind of parents raised them? They act like a bunch of uncivilized cows, that’s all I can think.

    • Scorpion

      They are mad because their mothers made them wash their own pajamas for a change.

    • Ntr

      That Idiocracy.

  • sardiverdave

    Ah, the new civil tone. How nice.

  • 7leads

    Love GWB…glad they caught his heart problem soon…great President, great man…

  • Betty Anderson

    God Bless those doctors who saved a great man.

  • BrianPat412

    Wow, one thing about Twitter, it brings out the stupidity and irony of Liberals. Look at all the Liberals who’ve damaged their income because of twitter stupidity, yet they continue to line up and go on the record FOREVER that they’re the haters and racists ! What a brilliant crowd, no wonder EVERYTHING they touch turns to dust !

    • $1014973

      I see a collection of stupid blacks, liberal morons and foreign terrorists having the most comments on this particular subject. Otherwise known as the trash heap of humanity.

    • Ntr

      “it brings out the stupidity and irony of Liberals”

      I get what you’re saying but i don’t think Twitter brings that out in them. I think it’s something that naturally flows out of them throughout the day…along with the rest of their “waste products”.

      • BrianPat412

        I get your point, I was trying to point out how twitter makes it public and they’re too stupid to realize how bad they look or the damage they’re doing their failed ideology ! The daily waste is buffered by the MSM, Twitter allows the simple mindedness of everything they stand for to be displayed for all to see !

  • kateorjane

    Makes you think it is a pity more liberal women didn’t have abortions – we could have been saved from some of these idiots. Interesting how classless and stupid most of the haters appear to be.

    • Ntr

      Forget abortions on their own, it should be made mandatory for them (and their “mate” – the father of the child) to be sterilized/”fixed” if they want to get an abortion.

  • Evan Jones

    Libs, all class…

  • Joe W.

    My loathing and immense hatred and disdain for liberals and their pals just grows each day. They deserve no respect…no civility…no regard at all…just contempt, ridicule, and all the ill wishes I can muster. Thank God for Mr. Bush…Thank God for Texas…and thank God for allowing me the opportunity to live here…free from the scum sucking vermin maggots that call themselves “progressive liberals”….

  • $1014973

    My personal favorite is derrick williams, who apparently works for a school district. Yep, that’s taxpayer money put to good use.

  • DiDiRock

    But say you’d wish Obama dropped;dead and you’re a racist….I just can’t understand the liberal mind and its justifications…

  • bossmanham

    Ahh liberal tolerance. Like a breath of fresh sewer air.

  • Sua Sponte

    Chip Ramsey @ChipRamseyWNSP……Looking at that photo it appears you would need a chainsaw to get through all that fat for any type of surgery…

    • $1014973

      Chimp Ramsey looks like something that someone just rolled out of the surf.

      • Sua Sponte

        Definitely pushing the max tension strength on that head set…Probably look like a regular pair of walk-man head phones on anyone else…

  • Jake Midkiff

    There’s sooo many things I’d like to say to these people, but following hateful, juvenille, arrogant progressives on Twitter would be bad for my own heart.
    Granted, I’m not a huge fan of the guy myself, but I can’t even see myself saying the same things if it were Pelosi…ok, maybe a little.

  • Damien Johnson

    I wasn’t a big fan of President Bush, but wishing the man would die? Come on now. These people got serious demons.

    And we should care why exactly? >> Former US President GWB in hospital after procedure to open blocked heart artery
    8:40 AM – 6 Aug 2013

    well maybe we should be caring about Obama’s birthday if not about a former President going into surgery. Obama’s birthday is definitely the higher priority here.

  • Steve_J

    How do you undergo a heart stent?

  • ravenhair49

    Apparently these people don’t remember the state of our union and economy when W. left office – it was pretty darn good at that time – anyone with half a brain knows the housing meltdown and recession was the result of democrat and liberal policy while they had control of Congress. I can’t stand ovomit, but I don’t wish him dead.

  • GearyMarks

    I am not surprised to see the vitriol. It truly is very sad. I can remember praying for Bill Clinton during his bypass surgery and I NEVER voted for him.

  • Chip

    If Barack Obama had a family, it would look like this.

  • ScorpionsPriest

    Truly hateful and disgusting people. So much for liberals being peaceful, tolerant, and forgiving, huh? Make a comment about Obama or any other dems. political position even and they will attack like rabid dogs, yet there is nothing wrong with this sort of commentary…

    Very interesting.

  • M.Emmett Townsend

    I thought the Liberals were all accepting and tolerant? not so much! God Bless George W Bush and even God Bless Obama even though I diagree with all he is doing.

  • Socrates

    MadamLing sounds like a fun date

  • Ntr

    I’ve never been big on population control but recently it’s idiots tweeting these things who have me reconsidering my positions.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    Heal up & get back to the grand kid and the “crazy socks” Mr. President.

    Texas loves ya.

    BTW, best bumper sticker ever? Seen in I-35 traffic, Austin TX 2004

    BUSH/ CHENEY: Saving your a$$ whether you like it or not.

  • JJ357

    I just do not understand this hate, it is really twisted. I hope the hate is not maintained up to the day they meet their maker.


      It’s Satan, demon-possession pure and simple, and it has infected the Democrat and most of the Republican parties.

      • JJ357

        No doubt Satan’s influence is present here.

  • Ellen Moreland

    Nice – as much abject “dislike” I have for Obama and is policies I would NEVER wish him to die. My goodness such emotion you lefties have, take a chill pill.

  • Tiger184

    Keeping GW and family in my prayers today. The haters will create their own karma.

  • Cher

    I wonder if any of them have a job…

  • Tony Soprano

    There are some things you don’t do: wishing ill will on someone is one of them….karma is a bitch! remember that haters!

  • Codewizard

    Several of those people, wishing GWB dead, are “healthcare professionals.” Sick.

  • Adam Baumb

    If I said that about the carnival huckster, the FBI would be at my IP demanding addresses and names. These libiots are scum. Always have been, always will be. Let the war begin — stacking these people up in sewers will prevent my need for heart surgery. It will be a bright new day in America when the morgues are packed to the brim with these dung eating punks.

  • The Sanity Inspector


  • jwmiller

    Most of these remarks aren’t made by ‘Progressives’ but made by their goosestepping followers. Certain that makes their handlers so proud.

  • FlatFoot

    They just got back from rebuilding and renovating an AIDS clinic and a women’s Cancer clinic in Africa [Zambia] too. They work damn hard in their charities.

    God Bless President & Mrs. George W. Bush!

  • el_polacko

    oh well…this is certainly not a big suprise to anybody, is it ? maybe we should just brush it off our shoulders instead of responding with more pavlovian anger and hatred. there’s much more important things to be upset about than some idiots who don’t like bush.

  • Slugglife

    Of course karma is a bitch so all of the wishes of death may just have you face planting your own palms in grief when its one of your family members. In other news, we will see how they take it when we start celebrating certain other lefties passing. I am not ashamed to celebrate.

  • Slugglife

    So theyre hope for bush is to “die quickly.” Will we hear from alan dis-grayson?

  • Howard Harshaw

    Any conversation with a liberal will always include vulgarities and show how ignorant they can be, not all of them, but most!! Watch what you wish on others, may come back to bite you in the ass!!

  • Markward

    liberal tears are so delicious.

  • Kristin

    Can’t believe the number of jackasses on here that feel it’s appropriate to comment the way they did!!! Jokes on you, uneducated morons!! Glad to hear W is doing well. Maybe all you people should spend some more time researching your current president and better educate yourselfs on the current issues at hand rather then spending so much time wishing ill wishes to Bush! Just a thought!

  • HoneyTree EvilEye

    I’m curious what they all think makes him evil. WMD’s, we found em. Illegal war, not true. Made tons of progress until he was cursed with a Democratic house. I’m sure most would not have the balls to admit he’s evil to them because he’s a Conservative. The only party through history that’s been on the right side, the good side. Fighting against inequality, and trying to stop the Democrats from destroying the country(not doing a great job because the free gift bag they hand out gets more leeches to the polls than Conservatives show up). These people are pathetic, yet I don’t wish death on them. I just wish that the Conservative would get out and vote and we’d control everything but New York and California which are hippie mecca’s. Well…there would be a few more small spots where the Latino and black population are the majority because they’re just not going to give up free stuff in favor of freedom.

  • Bronco

    It’s a shame that one has to scroll and read 243 comments before reading 1 positive one. George W. Bush helped save the USA from another bombing after the 2001 terrible strike on the USA. I’m grateful he was in the Whitehouse and had the help he had there to assist him.

  • BruceRW

    What a terrible way to spend your short time on earth by hateing all the time. There’s a lot of dems and progressives I am not crazy about but I would never wish them to die. Get a life

  • Caves45

    Don’t worry , the stupid Libtard and left leaning slaves (u no who you is)will die 1st they’re the ones with no health care . Stay on that democrat plantation . AAAAAAHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Caves45

    Good Luck President Bush we have almost forgot what a good POTUS is with Bozo the Obama in office .

  • pajamakat

    To MadamLing – peace out nigga? What the hell does that even mean?? You’re a piece of crap. Typical Obama azzwipe zombie. I’m in the real estate business. I can’t tell you how many black people have a picture of the WON hanging in their living room right next to family photos. Are they really that stupid that they think he cares about them ??

  • Az Murry

    Brain cancer appears to be rampant in the left…

    • Scorpion

      Caused by an overexposure to media brain farts disguised as news.

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    Aruana: what you are doing is not only redundant, it’s asinine. The staff and owner of Twitchy have more than once come out to say that there is hatred on the right. But that is not Twitchys purpose. The purpose of this site is to outline, highlight, and call out the stupidity, ignorance, hatred, racism, and hypocrisy of the Left as it currently continues to feign ignorance and ignorance of both its base and its leaders.

    I’m not going to insult you, label you, or assume any thing about you like some of the other retarded morons on this page. I will challenge you though. “Both parties do it” is not an argument or a rebuttal, its a red herring. An empty excuse. Right here, right now. Admit that those on the left, with out pointing fingers on the right, are acting in a disgusting manner unfit of a polite society and in total opposition to their claimed standards.

  • Lisa 670

    And they say that we want to let children starve and push grandma off a cliff…hmmm, I can see their compassion clearly….NOT. I dislike their “king” and how he is dividing this country. We will fall without a shot fired just like Hitler did to Germany. However, I don’t wish him harm like these people are wishing on Bush. I just want him to go away… retire to his place in Hawaii and let us get on with trying to undo the damage.

  • teamfrazzled

    Typical of leftist mentality that gives birth to creation of “re-education” and concentration camps. Those who do not share their political beliefs deserve to die for it. Their reliance on using touchy feely words in furtherance of total power is always just to hide the evil at its core. Reason #336 I will never be a liberal..

  • $17227379

    Not a fan of most of Dubya’s policies, but I wouldn’t wish death on someone. Even if he did.

  • jeanbean14

    Progressives are so full of scum, it just bubbles out all over. They should be ashamed of themselves, but I don’t see any evidence of good morals, integrity, standards, or even run-of-the-mill humanity in these people’s posts. Sick, sick, evil people.

  • abominable

    A stent placement is a minor procedure. He is already back to his scheduled activities. Good for him. As to all of you who wished him ill health “Honi soit qui mal y pense” or what goes around will come around.

  • tavernkeep

    Don’t you love how compassionate Progressives are? Even better, the useful idiots among them are never shy about expressing their feelings to the world.

  • Right Wing Mike

    Every one of these sick bastards who call themselves “kind compassionate liberals” I hope have a surprised look on their face when they’re sent to hell.

  • Charles Hansen

    get well soon

  • Right Wing Mike

    We should troll every last one of them.

  • fireandreamitchell

    Now that’s progressive!

  • Ken A

    Since I have nothing but simmering contempt for these America hating leftists anyway…..let them continue to rot from the inside out. Get well Mr. President!

  • LibLieExposer

    Now if only Obama got sickle cell…

    • Scorpion

      I’d settle for a resignation. I’m above that fray. The only problem would be that we’d still have “what was I thinking” as his wingman to take his place.

    • Rick Bowser

      Naww, They’d Say George W. Bush gave him Sickle Cell, and make him a Martyr, and name some Research Center after him, and make a National Holiday in his name!

  • Jeffery Hart

    George Bush was and always will be of man of Integrity and honesty plus compassion unlike the fool we have at the White House now who is only interested in himself! and his needs!

    • ELC

      I couldn’t have said it better. May all those who wish him sickness and death-have it fall on them. What goes around comes around as they say.

  • Jeffery Hart

    MadamLing maybe needs to lay off the pot smokin, me thinks hmmm?

  • rvolt24

    do you think @HomeInstead would hire @JanineRadu?

  • David Anton

    Meanwhile as usual, as the leftists progressive liberal pieces of scum post morbid, disgusting comments and cowardly posts regarding GW ‘s health and mortality, a much larger clogged blockage was found with Obama.!/photo.php?fbid=4468887158795&set=a.1141434734564.22603.1188316786&type=3&theater

  • David Tucker

    I can only believe in America, this many people have the time or the energy to spew such hate..o but that’s right, these people have all the time that being on welfare allows them to have to write such nasty comments. How about you all, go out and get a real job, stop sucking off the govt teat and try being a little nicer with your comments.

  • DeathTOU863

    If the roles were reversed these piles of excrement would be calling Repubs racist.. I hate President Carter but I dont wish death on the man bc of politics.. Some people…

  • ELC

    I wish “W” all the best. Make a speedy recovery and show those who dislike him that he is fine.

  • Steven A

    Growing up, I heard that sober thoughts become drunken words.

    These days I’m thinking sober thoughts become tweets.

  • kateorjane

    Funny how the haters feel free to wish death on Bush but get their panties in a twist if someone mocks the fool Obama. In libthink it’s unpatriotic to make fun of the current POTUS but fine to wish death on the prior POTUS.

    • ELC

      Maybe its because Odumbo is known to be SUPER SENSITIVE. We shouldn’t hurt his feelings. You happen to be so right…people can say anything nasty about “W” and it was accepted…but heaven forbid they say anything about the Doofus in the Oval Office. Then you are a racist.

      • IceColdTroll

        Especially don’t mention his ears. Those big ol’ flappin’ Dumbo-class ears . . .

  • tops116

    Gotta love that new tone. I’m guessing those people then tweeted about how anyone that even mildly disagrees with Obama is a racist.

    Oh well, good thing Bush is getting this surgery before Obamacare kicks in. Then who knows what would good wrong even with a minor procedure, right?

  • katrinka45

    Indoctrinated to think and spew hatred just like all liberal/progressive Jacka**’s are taught to do…nothing new here…

  • IceColdTroll

    The liberals’ “New Civility” at its best!

  • David

    After what I saw from the Leftists when Margaret Thatcher died, these hate-filled tweets on George W. Bush do not surprise me….at all.

  • 1CatEye

    Yet, if we question Zero’s policies we are racist haters! These subnormals wish for another’s death, again, but “peace out”! LOL! NIV (no information voter).

  • Nanette

    Shows how people, when lead by a leader of “hate” they fit right in, evil and sick people in this nation have become..they do not deserve to be here..and then you have the sick devil worshiping Islam Muslin people! Wonder if the other sicko’s realize they sound the just the same! Hate will eat them up…

    • m0t0rhead

      You are so right. Look at what these leaders of the right said about Ted Kennedy. BTW I thought Muslin was a kind of cotton fabric didn’t know it was a type of people..the things you learn!!!

      • Ronald Green

        When your hero was alive, no one was wishing death on him like you lefties are wishing death on GWBush. Big difference in having a low opinion of the man and wishing death on him. But you’re okay with wishing death on someone. What you lefties have already said about GWB is worse than what we’ve have said about TKennedy. But here, let me add mine, he was a sloppy drunk who couldn’t hold his licker. He got away with, at least, manslaughter in the death Mary Jo Kopechne because of his family’s money and his liberal policies have just about ruined our economy. Other than that he was a real fine fellow.

  • Jerry Charles

    from the people who label all non liberals “haters”

  • april1934

    I as a senior citizen do not wish George Bush to die, I wish him good health and a long life. I remember when he was president, the elderly could not afford to buy their medicine because they could not afford it and food too. He is the only one who tried to help us, he got us the prescription drug coverage that helped us afford our medicine. I was low income so I got mine practically free. I appreciate this help that he got for the elderly. Since Obama has been president all I remember from him is my benefits being cut every year but once since he has been president. All we hear from him is he is taking more money from the elderly so he can give it to some one else. He thinks they are more needy than the elderly who can barely pay their bills.I don’t remember one good thing that Obama has done for us.George Bush had enough heart to help us when we needed it. I think he is a good person. I have no political affiliation. This is from my heart.I still want to tell him how much I appreciate my meds.If not for him I would not have them.I wish Barach Obama cared as much for us as George Bush

  • unknown

    And MSNBC is freaking out over a Republican governor wagging her finger at Obama

  • $55562566

    What is the point in publishing these low lives’ hate comments. They just love the attention. Why not ignore it? They’re a waste of space and time. Cut it out..

  • Belinda Henry

    Thank God we had George Bush instead of Obama after 9-11.

  • twistedgenius

    God forbid if we said anything like that about Obama..
    I can not believe the venom the left spits. So much hatred. No wonder no work ever gets done in office, they too busy trying to find a way to spread hate.

  • Lisa Dean

    Quite a few appeared to be Muslim (I can understand their hatred for Bush since he’s the one that said FU after 9/11) and the other’s are liberal low info voters. I did make a point to send WNSP an email even though Mr. Chip Ramsey claims his views are his own. Um, if you post your job as part of your twitter account you’re placing them into your views Chip “I’m a dumb *ss” Ramsey.

  • Joanne O’Brien

    I do not find it funny or respectful to wish anyone’s death. It is immature and boorish to do so. Bully’s… all of them.

  • LadyImpactOhio

    Wonder what would happen if Obama had heart surgery and Conservs said same thing about him. We would all receive a visit from all the ABC govt agencies.

  • Mary123s

    the critics are nothing more than cowards.
    The good news is that there were fewer than expected

  • Jay Stevens

    You know, I do not recall seeing the same amount of vituperation toward Edward Kennedy when he was fighting brain cancer.

    And we conservatives are supposed to be the nasty ones.


    I wasn’t a fan of Bush, but what kind of sicko wishes death on him?

    • BAW

      They are a very specific group of sickos and they are on your side. You really should pay attention, you know the company you keep is really important.

  • abudoggie

    Kind, compassionate, non-judgemental, tolerant, open-minded…that’s our lovely Left today. Their mothers must be very proud.

  • bo1921

    I’ll bet millions of African AIDs victims, and those at risk, will wish him a speedy recovery.

    • Rick Bowser

      And yet they’ll have talking butt cracks like Kanye West telling all the sheeple that will listen that Bush “Doesn’t care about Black people!”

  • yourmamatoo

    If this happens to Obama, and just one comment from the left is repeated, I do not want to hear one word about it.

  • $8203344

    Just another reminder of how Liberals really are not at all heartfelt or classy in the least. I don’t see twitter blocking these comments or reprimanding. Though ya gotta love the silly, misinformed comments about healthcare and war criminal crap. So many libs are so confused.

  • Jetta Kyzar

    krama is a bitch,saying these things about Bush might come back and get one of your love ones,i would not wish airforce one would fall out of the sky with obama on it.just saying becareful what you wish for

  • Bernie Gilbert

    Wait, I keep seeing that stupid-ass bumper sticker on the libs’ Priuses, reminding me that “Hate Is Not a Family Value.” Fuck you, assholes.

  • Rick Bowser

    Once again the Left-wing Brain trust shows it’s immense capacity for tolerance and compassion, only to be outdone by my capacity for…SARCASM!

  • Mary

    Yet the left is all about tolerance, bullying, acceptance, kindness…could they please, just once, practice what they preach?

    • ICOYAR

      Then they wouldn’t be leftists.

  • Bruce Musto

    I’m getting pretty freaking tired of these enlightened progressives

  • John Howard

    I’m surprised the Left would react that way. It’s not as if Bush is still a fetus.

  • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

    Like Bush cares what these twits say about him. They aren’t anyone special and it drives them nuts because no one care what they say. Get over it people Bush has not been president for 5 years and Obama is so bad it is funny that you all hate Bush. No one care what you think but you all.

    • m0t0rhead

      And Twitchy..they care by reporting it.

      • Jill

        You’re here. Does that you imply that Bush Derangement Syndrome still consumes you?

        • m0t0rhead

          “Does that you”? No I don’t have Bush Derangement Syndrome but you clearly suffer from “Bushism”.

          • Ronald Green

            Karma …..

          • m0t0rhead

            Yeah, like Breitbart got-one year after dancing on Ted Kennedy’s grave.

          • Jerry Camp

            Mary Jo sends regards, you ignorant low-information ObamaBot.

          • Ronald Green

            No, like your karma…..

          • Dawn Garland

            you sound like a terribly miserable woman, I hope for your sake that your brain actually starts one day, and thinking begins. no signs of that right now.

      • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

        Because they think it’s funny. No one takes them seriously.

  • Lynxbaby

    MadamLing (see above “intelligent” anti-Bush comment) should choke on some Skittles!

  • Richard Lowery

    They are all suffering from cranial rectumidis !

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      I C W Y D T! Jawamax 8<{D}

      • Richard Lowery

        What ?

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      I C W Y D T! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • CDUB

    GWB – I respect you and your service to our country.


  • Jeremy

    The typical ‘tolerant left” at work yet again *yawn*

  • Jeremy

    These keyboard warriors never fail to show how stupid they really are.This exposes the true nature of the left.

  • Jeremy
  • jenndee

    George W. Bush has done more good for this earth in his 60 some odd years on this planet, than every one of the hate spewing liberal crazies have done or will ever do. What a hollow, hateful, sad life these people live.

  • Rulz

    Aren’t his approval ratings comparable to Obama’s?

    Get well, Mr. President!

  • jaun456

    What shining examples of the liberal way.

  • jaun456

    Oh yeah, speedy recovery Mr President.

  • EastValleyConservative

    As always, trashy.

    • LochGates44

      As always, liberals.

  • Truth

    Did you ever notice that vitriol like this always comes from the left, the side that demands tolerance of all things liberal?

  • cscape

    i could be wrong…. but overtly wishing death upon a President or former President is tantamount to a “threat”, and should be subject to a Secret Service “anal exam”

  • Connie Moore

    Wow. What a nasty world we live in now ! Wishing someone would die? Maybe it will be someone that matters to you next time or maybe it will be you. Not liking someone is one thing but wishing them dead is another. Shame on all of you that have this kind of hate in your hearts as you will ever know true happiness. Sad.

  • Lisa Wiese

    Well, if this POTUS got asassinated, I wouldn’t feel bad at all, just wonder what took so long, but I don’t wish for it. Wouldn’t write movies about it, or books, and I would feel sorry for the missed opportunity, that he could have been a great POTUS, for all the people, but he was just too racist, He was too small, to rise above all the race baiting, too weak to rise above all the special intrests, to cowardly to rise above corrupt world powers, to bigoted, in this time of muslim extremeism, and to corrupt and dishonest to run an already failing government. Don’t wish him bad, but he absolutly does not care about how hard the middle class is hit with his policies, so I could give a rats ass about him

  • bbgal1

    you people are freakin horrible, how can you be so hateful, for why??? Best wishes to President Bush for a speedy recovery and if you should happen to read any of these disgusting posts, ignore them, so many hateful, ignorant people in this world and Obama is making as many haters as he can. come on 2016 so we are rid of Obama and his ugly family

  • bbgal1

    seems most of these people with the nasty comments are either African American or foreigners. Why don’t you all go home since you hate so much.

  • BAW

    I don’t know which is more remarkable that the left thinks they are the “good” people or that other people believe it. They are truly despicable.

  • BodyArmour

    sadly, I am appalled by the hate tweets sighted towards George W. Bush. You know, his terms in office weren’t all that easy, barely eight months after taking office, 911 occurred,.. he inherited dozens of liberal backed problems , and did his utmost to try and staunch the flow of blood those left wing policies of the Clit-on presidency,.. I would hope that the conservatives holding office in n the Senate and Congress would get their act together and stop all the infighting,. In fact, my opinion is that these older Republicans should hold off on their posing and posturing for their own political goals , such as a presidential run, and permit the younger Republicans some leverage . The old ideas of the Republican party just don’t resonate with America,… Republicans should focus on the economy, and just let the fallacies and pipe dreams of the rabid left be shown up for the harebrained schemes they are,. But , there is a growing constituency of people in this country,… for the past thirty years,. Tied into the entitlement web,.. and the agenda of these pseudo socialists is difficult to break,. Personal responsibility has eroded in the US. Fully fifty percent of Americans want the government to pay for their food, housing, clothing, education, cell phones, internet, cars, health care,. We’re becoming a third world nation,… and too far well on the way to self destruction,. Personal initiative and , and true social responsibility are disappearing. Time was when social responsibility meant carrying your own weight,..,.. it doesn’t anymore,.it still does but only among less than 46 percent of us,..

  • John Smith

    The most idiotic tweet “@scottbergmn And we should care why exactly?”, which that idiot seems to have a sudden convenient case of Amnesia. All of you Liberal idiots cared enough to blame everything on him, even for what your hero BHO did.

    Bush was not my favorite president, but to wish harm or death to someone is evil, no matter what you think of them.

  • Dawn Garland

    some really sick people! they have no brains, they are the zombies we were warned about…no mother could be proud of these imbeciles.

  • $12433944

    Murderer SAVED AGAIN! 9/11 ring a bell Georgie boy!!!!!

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      MUST….RESIST….FEEDING…The Troll!…Jawamax 8<{D}

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      MUST….RESIST….FEEDING…The Troll!…Jawamax 8<{D}

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    I’ll just stick to this funny classic… GET WELL SOON, OR ELSE! @Dubya Jawamax 8<{D}

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    I’ll just stick to this funny classic… GET WELL SOON, OR ELSE! @Dubya Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Nan231

    Just more randomly generated responses from the idiotic Obama tele-printing machine.

  • sho48

    They make me happy I’m not like them. Such class! The devil danced in the street when they were born. One word to the…Karma!

  • eeddggy

    Democrats are the people Nostradamus warned us of. They are just so hate filled and evil. I still pray for them, although their souls may be beyond salvaging.

  • praymorenow1

    Because when Clinton had heart surgery, when Hillary was so ill she could not testify about Benghazi (amazing recovery Hillary, no side effects, no scars, no, well, I believe you were sick, really, I do)…………the right posted gazillions of evil, get sicker, go ahead & die posts…………….
    Bush was a class act when in office, and he still is . I disagreed w/ some of what he did& left behind…but, the big issues about taxes & national defense, I agreed.
    GEt well.
    Good message too: even if you exercise, eat well, look well for your age (over 50), you may still have health issues…take care of it…

  • disqus_scuXcAwuuB

    The ones who post such hatred are very sad people.

  • Josinger73

    I have seen worse spewed by the right (especially Ms. Malkin) about Obama. As a human being, I wish GW nothing but the best. Wishing ill on someone else just screams of tastelessness and lack of education, on both sides. My parents both have had this procedure and I was grateful to the success of these procedures that prolonged my father’s life. Shame that some of you in your fakeoutrage have fforgotten what you have said about Obama. Have a blessed evening.

  • Nanette

    Isaiah 5:20 (KJV) Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! FOR you progressive liberals!