Ouch! Those planning to primary the Gang of 8’s Sen. Jeff Flake were probably disappointed when the junior senator from Arizona deleted this tweet today.


The tweet disappeared quickly, but not quickly enough.


And a parting pro tip:



Sen. Flake responds:

There you have it.

  • World B. Free

    What a flake.

  • jbszeus

    This one hurts. A lot. He was such a breath of fresh air, long before the Tea Party was born. He used to say all the things we libertarians (the true Conservatives) loved to hear. Then he became a Senator and sold out. I’m truly beginning to believe all hope is lost.

    • Catchance

      Yeah. And I LIVE in Arizona. Think how we feel. Flake AND McCain.

      • MNWoman

        Sadly, I think I might be willing to take McCain and Flake over Franken and Klobuchar. Key word being sadly. But at least with Franken and Klobuchar you know what you are getting.

        • Bemani Dog

          Sounds like the comparison of Obamacare to actual universal healthcare systems. At least in Canada, Australia and the UK, you know what you’re getting.

          • Clete Torres

            Or, much like having your own insurance and letting you and your own doctor make your healthcare decisions instead of Sebelius:
            “Some will live, some will die.”

          • Codewizard

            incorrect. both UK and Canada systems are black holes that depend up the whims of administrators. The only thing you can count on getting is a long line (queue for you subjects of the Crown), & shortages of care and meds.

            That’s exactly what you will get with Obmacare.

            difference w/o a distinction.

      • shimauma

        well said, pisses me off to NO END that those rinoturds are getting my tax money for a salary.

      • Clete Torres

        Cat honey, you could be stuck in Hellinois like me…

      • lainer51

        My condolences, although I have Casey and, previously, Rendell (Pennsylvania). I deserve some pity also.

    • The_Von

      Flake’s immigration stance hasn’t changed much since he was in the House. He’s always been in favor in legalization. I doubt his other stands have changed much either.

  • TocksNedlog

    I was one of his most vocal supporters here in AZ.

    And now I feel shame.

    • MNWoman

      Don’t feel shame. Remember, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

      • Rojas123

        I was a big Rubio supporter when he first ran for the Senate in FL.

    • AZWarrior

      Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger there Tocks. He fooled me too. That, or there is something in the water in DC that sucks the neurons out of the brains of people we send there. Perhaps we should require Congresspersons to work by computer from their own states,.

  • no_more_deceit

    His name fits him well.