Thank you, Iowahawk, for that timely flashback. An Iowahawk never forgets!

The president was really reaching for the stars when he proclaimed himself a better speechwriter than the people actually writing his speeches. After his economy speech on Wednesday, the question is: Who isn’t a better speechwriter than Obama’s speechwriters?

Actor James Woods was particularly taken aback by the callous dismissal of inquiries into Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS and the NSA as “phony scandals.”


Did Obama have to read the speech off the teleprompter to find out what was in it?


  • Clayton Grant

    James Woods said exactly what every non-Obamaite was thinking after that self-serving 67 minute word vomit.

    • steve

      What did he say? NO don’t tell me I can’t stand to look or listen to him and have not since 2008…

      • Garth Haycock

        What he said can be summed up very easily:

        “I am Obama. Worship me.”

        • OldLady Norma

          and,” Don’t forget to blame the previous administration.”

      • Chuck

        Like you, 45 seconds is my ABSOLUTE limit of listening to this evil liar, Obama.

    • Frustrated Teacher

      You didn’t even have to listen to it to know what was in it. Vague promises, trite self-aggrandizement, flip promises of solutions to complicated problems, assertions that things are ‘on the right track’ if only he had more time, butterflies and rainbows B.S. about a future that only he can provide…..did I get pretty close?

  • ChampionCapua
    • Abiss

      Yes. Why, if he’d known how outrageously outraged he was going to be, he never would have ordered the scandalous criminal behavior in the first place. Ah well. What difference does it make at this point? He’s trying so hard.

      Crap. Breakfast coming back up…

      • Suzyqpie

        There are surprisingly few consequences for outraging Pres 0bama. Maybe when he is outraged he marches around La Casa Blanca slamming doors. That’ll show um!!! Take that you door!!!

    • nc

      Ok, so back in early May, Jonathan Karl of ABC challenged Carney about the IRS scandal, and, in this clip, did a fine first step. But where’s the hard hitting follow up now? Why is it left to people like James Woods to do the media’s job for them?

    • JJ357

      So true.

  • Republicanvet

    Oh for the days of real scandals like how much was spent on Palin’s wardrobe or a dog on the roof of a car. These nitwits just don’t think of their body count.

    • nickdqwk

      The nitwits don’t care. They never did, and they never will.

  • Sir_Ronald

    Mr. President, what really happened in Benghazi? We will never forget.

    • pilot007

      Love the Benny pic Sir Ronald. Here is my vision of what the ‘resident, the pants suit, and co. were agreeing to as the drama and killing at Benghazi was going down.
      Pants…”What shall we do Mr.O.?”
      O :” Well, we just have to let things run the course. If we are lucky the entire embassy staff including the ambassador will die, than I have no worries about our arms running for brothers through Turkey into Syria. Don’t need another scandel. This news could ruin ny election election Should be OK”
      ” As long as Soros counts the votes right that is”.
      Staff inc pants – “Ok Mr O., guess we can all go to bed now.
      O. – “Yep, no worries, you all get a good nights rest Oh, one more item… pants make sure that no one gets into a rescue op. that would not go well for my election.”

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Thank God I have 200 Channels on my Cable… At least CMT PURE Doesn’t show his Blathering… Jawamax 8<{D}

    • nc

      OT – I cut my cable a few months back, and I miss very little EXCEPT CMT and GAC. (Sniff)

      • Hiraghm

        If Michelle Malkin didn’t make guest appearances on Fox News, I doubt I’d have any use for cable, either.

        • PatriotRG

          Malkin , Ingram, Crowley and possibly Coulter only real conservatives on Fox . Hannity is simply not smart or eloquent enough and appeases GOPiers like McCain , O Reilly is a populist , narcissist misguided sometimes but genuine.

          • Kevin Krom

            Coulter: only when she’s not busy humping Chris Christie’s leg.

          • LVRichardson

            I think she gave that up–“he’s dead to me”, or something like that.

          • Kevin Krom

            She was fine with Christie as long as he only acted like a liberal Democrat. She only lost her patience with him when he actually had his “man date” with Obama.

          • LVRichardson

            I agree, Kevin. She was all over Christie for the longest time, somewhat incomprehensibly, because he’s never been a true conservative. I love Ann, but I’m not always sure which way she leans. In any event, she’s done with him now, thankfully.

        • Fired Up

          Michelle and Duck Dynasty are the ONLY ones keeping my cable contract alive. Hard news and wholesome comedy. BTW I am liking James Woods more everyday.

          • JJ357

            I am liking James Woods more as well. Kirk Cameron, Dean Cain, Rob Lowe, Janine Turner, Stacey Dash…all seem to be good sane people, I am sure I am missing some.

          • Fired Up

            John Voight and Bo Derek. ( I really like her)

          • JJ357

            Ah yes, how can we forget Ms. “10”.

          • Hiraghm

            90% of the time I have Fox News on the tv for the background noise. The rest of the time I watch Bar Rescue, Restaurant Impossible, or the classic movie channels…

            Every time I hear James Woods, I think of 3 movies:

            Best Seller
            The Hard Way
            True Believer

            He was great in all 3, I thought.

            I was surprised to find he was even slightly conservative. I keep wanting to tweet at him, “Where the hell you been???”

          • Fired Up

            I was surprised , too. I remember a couple of those movies and you are right…he is a great actor.

        • nc

          There are ways around it. Most of Malkin’s appearances are on YouTube and easy to find, via her website newsletter or the Fox News website.

          I also have a Roku box (a one time investment of about $80) and, while you can buy a Hulu or Netflix subscription, I haven’t yet. The Roku box will give you segments of the main Fox shows. Not everything, but since I’m saving $120/month, I can adjust.

          Buy an inexpensive antenna to get a surprising amount of broadcast stations (more than you’d think), there is a website that tells you based on your location what is in your range.

          Let me know if you’re interested in more details.

          • LVRichardson

            Mind if I copy this? :-) Send to my hubby. Save $140/mo? maybe.

          • nc

            Please do. There’s a whole other TV world out there.

          • Paula Noakes

            You can also watch Fox News on internet sites like LiveTVcafe, or Stream2watchme, or Supervox. Those are available through the Roku, but I find the Roku lags a lot when streaming them and the lag isn’t as bad on my laptop.

          • Paula Noakes

            We do have a Roku, by the way. We eliminated all but basic cable, just because it was cheaper to keep the basic channels at the time than to buy the equipment we’d need. But I think I have almost convinced my hubby to go off cable altogether, buy the antenna, and watch 99.9% of the things we enjoy online.

      • Vickie DHaene

        I get 2 channels on tv and I still end up turning it off.

  • Peetweefish

    Liberal statists don’t care about people.

  • dogwonder

    Just another day of Obama’s administration walking over the Benghazi fallen, Sir Lies alot doesn’t mind the stench of death and decay.

  • BlahBlah

    lolrepublicans and their lolscandals and lolcongress. But let me tell you about me.

    • iamcrm

      Running scared are you?

      • BlahBlah

        I have a PSA:

        I’m officially giving up on sarcasm.

        As a side note – how is it not obvious that I was mocking the *I* in chief? Don’t answer that.

        • Texan357

          “I’m officially giving up on sarcasm.”

          You may wish to use a “sarc tag” to remove all doubt. A simple forward slash, or an even more obvious “/sarc” will inoculate you to against the Serious Sallys out there.

          I got a chuckle out of it. Then again, I didn’t misunderstand you.

          • BlahBlah

            Yeah I know but it’s like laughing at your own joke which is a lot better delivered with a straight face. :/

        • PatriotRG

          it was pretty clear to me

        • Adela Wagner

          NO. I NEED all the %%%%LOOk—->{///*SARC}<—-!!////%%%% I can get and you don't even have to label it like that for me. I getcha. And I kinda love ya blah blah

          • nc

            Whatever you just said, I say too.

    • Republicanvet


    • Texan357

      Amongst their diverse weaponry are elements such as distraction…

      • iamcrm

        You mean like saying “phony scandals” when the reality is that they are finding their way closer and closer to the White House doorstep?

      • Thale Taxurfeet

        … not to mention fear -of testifying under oath-, surprise -discharging a shotgun through a closed door-, ruthless efficiency -repeating the same mendacious blather year after year-, and a near fanatical devotion to the ∅af…

    • King Leer

      You should take my Sarcasm 101 class. It’s soooo popular.

      • BlahBlah

        Can I pay in cookies?

        This is like the 5th time in the last 3 days so clearly I need it. :/

        • King Leer

          Sure. I thing its a hoot when I get heckled by my friends on the Right because they didn’t get the “joke.”

          Keep it up
          -Mayoral Candidate A. Weiner

      • Dee

        Did you ever see that SNL skit, with Matthew Perry? Norm Macdonald: “I wanna take a bath with her.” LOL, you had to be there I guess..

  • iamcrm

    I guess Obama looked into that IRS scandal that he was so shocked to hear about and now declares it “phony.” I wonder if he’d be so kind as to give the American people the results of his investigation before declaring it phony, or is that asking too much?

  • TheRedCoat92

    “I think that I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters.” – Barack Obama.

    What do you want, a cookie? Most middle school students would be better speechwriters than your speechwriters

    • BlahBlah

      “I think that I’m a better president than my president.” – Barack Obama.

      Fixed it for him.

      • Nov-cubed

        “I think that I’m a better president than president I am.” – Barack Obama.

        Mo betta

        • Adela Wagner

          “I am proud to be a member of the club that is so elite, that I AM the ONLY member”

          I can’t fix it or him. Too broke. (him and Me)

    • neoface

      I would actually like to see something he has written, and let us be the judge of his writing abilities. Oh please, he didn’t write that book!!!

  • stuckinIL4now

    Qualification to be an Obamuh speechwriter is you have to have had at least one lobotomy.

    • Adela Wagner

      And a black crayon when needed.

    • Ferenczy

      …and a box of crayons

  • Daniel Schwartz

    Nice one, Iowahawk! But I’d love to see what he can do with my favorite Obama quote, the one that seems to have disappeared down the memory hole —

    “I like being President. And it turns out I’m pretty good at it.”
    — Barack Obama, sometime in late February 2009

    • TheRedCoat92

      Well, here’s a start…

  • Suzyqpie

    The whole speech was emetic. “If we set our eyes on the horizon, we too will find an ocean of tomorrows, a sky of tomorrows,” someone wrote that and Pres 0bama got up there and read it. Resist me much.

    • Guest

      His speechwriter was trying to channel Carl Sandberg.

      • Suzyqpie

        Fail, epic fail. In the heal-the-planet-slow-the-rise-of-the-ocean failure class.

  • PatriotRG

    The media has betrayed the people all in the name of their wet affirmative action dream. Where are the investigating journalists ? All to bizzy kowtowing to the Sharptons and the Jacksons – apologizing in the name of all white people.

    • LVRichardson

      You betcha.

  • yourmamatoo

    Obama is shameful .
    Dismissing the deaths on his watch of 4 great American heroes.
    And the lame stream media are his accomplices.
    As they are on all of his other so called phony scandals.
    Except for the real phony one. The Zimmerman race baiting trial he started.

  • neoface

    Someone kept deleting my post about that fat cow sitting behind Oblunder while he spoke. Did anyone else noticed?

  • James Rose

    The ‘Phoney Adminitration’ equals ‘Phoney Scandals’.

  • King Leer

    “There are those in Congress…” is the point where Zero takes another whack at The Futility Pinata.

  • philmon

    “Honestly his speech writers must be smoking crack if they can so callously dismiss #Benghazi, #fastandfurious, #IRS, #NSA and only God knows” – They’ve all read Alinsky. Push the perception you want, the truth doesn’t matter. “Create” your own truth to achieve your agenda. All is fair in war, and they are always at war.

    • ObamaFail

      The liberals are at war, with America.

  • seal76

    Woods you nailed it. Nothing phony about Benghazi, IRS, NSA and Fast and Furious.

  • arrow2010

    Gonna make it a point to watch a James Woods movie this weekend. Maybe Vampires.


    When Obama initially burst on the political scene, my very first impression was “arrogant” (yeah, I know, that immediately made me a racist…) He continues to astound me with his limitless arrogance. “Phony” scandals? Only a truly arrogant man could say such a thing.

    • jaydee

      Phoney Scandals???? I keep hoping I will wake up and the whole thing is a Phoney Dream. This “p”resident is a nightmare.

  • © Sponge

    God bless you, James Woods.

  • Jack

    Obummer said it with that smug air of arrogance too.

  • OldmanRick

    Typical narcissistic rant about the greatness of an inept, divisive, disingenuous, mean spirited brat.

  • dennis reilly

    It’s hard to even comment about Obama anymore he is so pathetic

  • lainer51

    He probably would like to say ” I am more of a woman than my wife”, but he doesn’t have the stones to do so.

    • mapache

      then we’ll just ask Reggie

  • thohan

    This James Woods guy is a mensch.

  • David

    The Obama Zombies will not be happy with Mr. Woods for that.

  • floridaobserver

    Obama is the devil. I can just picture him doing a Jim Jones with his minions.

  • Trudy Hill

    I think Obammer is addicted to the sound of his own voice with a micorphone.

  • The Official Andy ®

    Has anyone noticed that in the Democratic party we have had: a President that couldn’t keep “it” in his pants, a Democratic NYC Mayoral candidate that can’t keep “it” off the Internet, a San Diego Mayor who is always rubbing “it” against women, a NJ Democrat Senator who like to give “it” to underage prostitutes, and our Prezident, who is just a big “it”.

  • Jeff H

    He’s too busy asking members of the Marine “corpse” to hold his…umbrella.