Time for another Twitchy Weiner, courtesy of the New York Post. (All credit — and blame — for “Twitchy Weiner” goes to @aaronworthing.)

In May, an ominous Post URL appeared to threaten, “no more penis jokes. First thing this morning, it appeared that dark, dark day had come to pass.



Fortunately, the metro edition was able to rise to the occasion with its “Too Hard to Stop!” headline.

Don’t ever change, New York Post!


Ha! URL for NY Post’s Weiner article says ‘no more penis jokes’; Headline says otherwise

  • arttie

    These headlines come in spurts with each additional revelation.

  • Clayton Grant

    Will this nutmare never end?

  • Jon

    Huma happy Weiner staying in until election’s climax” would have been another Post headline option.

  • Redonkulous

    Weiner is nuts.

    • Mamaelk09

      I’d say next door neighbors more like.

  • Le Chiffre

    Somebody just needs to tell Weiner “Come over here, just stop before it all blows up in your face!”

  • LegalizeShemp

    Carlos Interruptus.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    Cut the guy some slack… I mean, poor guy is butt ugly with a horse-faced wife… I don’t think he should be running, but even a blind squirrel gets a nut..

    • Le Chiffre

      He can take it. He’s proven he can be firm outside of the pocket.

  • Lady 12

    FYI, folks, the NYPost iPad app is free! 😀

  • Lady 12

    Hey, Republicans handling campaigns! Learn from the NYPost how to handle the Democrats. You MOCK them!

  • http://itooktheredpill.wordpress.com/ Red Pill

    “Carlos Danger”…
    …you’re always a WEINER at Pedro’s!


    Q: What’s he doing with his hands?
    A: “Carlos Danger” is an anagram of… “cradles organ”

    • Jeremy

      ha ha love it.


    I can’t believe this guy got himself into such a hairy situation. He has stiff competition as it is, and needed to go balls to the wall if he was going to win. I know its hard, but he can’t rely solely on MSNBC to stroke his ego.

  • Jack

    going to need to wrap that weiner!!!!

  • Sally

    Would you like chili or mustard?

  • http://boogieforward.us/ K-Bob


  • Jeremy