No scurvy, no peace!

What better way to “express your outrage” about “piggermans” acquittal? Boycott all the oranges!111!! Also? Foot Locker, Coca-Cola and the Koch brothers.

Here’s a larger photo of the flier spotted at Saturday’s “Justice for Trayvon” rally in New York City:


Evidently the false rumor that the Koch brothers are paying George Zimmerman’s legal bills is still in full swing. Twitchy debunked that rumor in April of 2012.



False rumor: Koch brothers are paying George Zimmerman’s legal fees

Dionne Warwick stands with Stevie Wonder against Stand Your Ground in Fla.


  • Cy

    Oh god, that flyer is where grammar goes to die.

    • CR

      It’s New Skool Grammar, Al Sharpton style. Sticking it to the man through refusal to use capital letters, commas or proper sentence structure.

      • RblDiver

        Correction, they DID use a comma, “Boycott koch brothers and all of , their products.”

        (I never said they used it correctly >.>)

        • Kerry K

          LMFAO ! ! ! ! !

      • cbspock

        LOL They sound like the future Americans in the movie Idiocracy. It is where we are headed with the new skool :p

        • Ironhawk86

          I dunno. I think Frito’s a hell of a lot smarter than that beached whale Trayvon was dating. And God knows Camacho would be a big step up in the POTUS department. Given the sort of idiocy that’s socially acceptable now that movie might be downright optimistic.

          • Kirk Evans Jr.

            I gave you a ‘like’ because it’s sad but true….. Did I say sad? I meant horrifyingly depressing.

      • Mary Kilbride

        When they use improper grammar and spelling, they don’t “stick it to the man”, they stick it to themselves…they hurt nobody but themselves.

        • BayushiZero

          Sure they hurt someone else with their improper grammar & spelling.

          They hurt my head! MY POOR BRAIN!

          • MINDY

            How are they ever going to eat or wipe their bums again?! lol

          • 1irishdell

            Well, we sure as hell know they ain’t using that printer paper AT WORK! SMH

        • PatriotRG

          So are you really saying its deliberate ? What if it actually isn’t deliberate? I actually think who ever wrote it had no idea how to spell because there are capitals on occasion and commas This shows they actually tried to add punctuation but simply didn’t know how!

          Have you seen Michelle Obamas college thesis? The grammar is atrocious.

      • mom4life

        Or is it Black English?

        • Chris Hurt

          Blanglish. It’s the new Ebonics.

      • BobM001

        dat gramuh stuf bez old skool. trayvon an jeantel bez NEW crackas got that?

        • DonnaSue Jansma

          What??? Learn how to speak ENGLISH!! Your making yourself look like an idiot…or is that planned too?

          • Carmela DonVito

            ^ ^ ^ you’re ^ ^ ^ Just saying

          • UpNorth2

            You never heard of parody?

          • PatriotRG

            DSJ doesn’t do irony or sarcasm or anything remotely subtle.

          • UpNorth2

            Nor common sense, apparently.

          • PatriotRG

            Donna. It’s “You’re” not “Your”.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Skitt’s Law in action!

      • mike_in_kosovo

        Or facts.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        Or facts.

      • ChiTownGal

        That’s what happens when you let sharpton proof read print matter.

    • the_bat

      No problem. I’ll just plan to buy an extra orange juice, or two, plus an extra Coke, or so, and that ought to take up the slack. The rest of the list is long enough the boycotters probably won’t remember any of it, anyway.

      • BlahBlah

        I have OCD when it comes to cleaning. I’ll just pick up more supplies. It’s a twofer anyway – paper products help global warming.

        • mickeyco

          Now, now. No such thing as global warming, Blah.

      • James A. Lonon

        Not unless they learn to read and write themselves a note with spray paint on some wall.

      • JC

        They don’t “buy” those products anyway.

        • John Farrar

          You mean they don’t “pay” for those products anyway……lol

    • BlahBlah

      You old. We in new grammar now.

      • PatriotRG

        true that – new grammar and none of that whitey joined up writing designed to put the black man down!

        • TugboatPhil

          Umm, it’s “tru dat,” if you be in da new skool.

          • Elilla Shadowheart

            Isn’t it:
            fn u b n da new skewl

          • PatriotRG

            i just been skooled – respect

          • Tom Chipp


          • Freedom_Road

            Don’t you know to Kool for skool!

          • Laura Paris

            By any chance you play WOW? That’s how the trolls NPC talk. For da Horde.

        • DonnaSue Jansma

          How, pray tell, does proper writing put the “Black Man down”? You are putting your ownself down by trying to be stupid. The definition of stupid being, when you know your making a mistake and continue to do so without caring… think on it bud

          • PatriotRG

            You missed the sarcasm in the post bud. Off course correct writing does not put any one down, on the contrary it elevates them. The point which you seem to have missed by a country mile is that when black people deliberately take pride in their ubonic and their lack of diction and intellect all it does is show they are uneducated , illiterate and ignorant and will never get anywhere in society. Do you get the point of the post bud ? Or do i need to spell it out further for you bud ? You are taking the post literally. Blacks dismiss real education and equate their stupid pseudo ubonics and black studies as equivalent to true education. Do you get it bud ? That confusion you are feeling is the stress of your brain trying to handle a subtle concept called irony and sarcasm something it can’t quiet grasp.

          • Pat

            “when you know your making a mistake” should have been “when you know you’re making a mistake” actually (if we’re being proper.) LOL He was being sarcastic, DonnaSue.

      • mickeyco

        Thanks, Cy, Renny, Blah, RG, Phil & Elilla. Enjoyed that.

        • mom4life

          me too, hilarious!

      • Jeremy

        The “smart cookie” in action *snicker*

        • BlahBlah

          I tried watching that and then I had to wipe my brains off the walls. Piers Morgan is just a terrible person.

          • Jeremy

            He definitely was using her for his own agenda no doubt.

        • Jim Gorman

          Looks more like cookie monster. And she is full retarded

        • vphilly

          Look it’s Jenteal the Hutt

          • DonnaSue Jansma

            Thats not nice either..

          • Kerry K

            Donna, you have to understand that your little comments like “Thats (sic) not nice either..” are falling on deaf ears. We don’t care that you’re trying to make us politically correct, so go to a different site and troll the comments there, ok??!!! I don’t want to be politically correct!! That crap is for liberals so they can make themselves feel good and has no place in discussions such as these folks are partaking of. Ya’ get it????? Now buzz off!!!!

          • vphilly

            Don’t care. She’s a racist pig, just like her dead friend.

        • Laura Paris

          I didn’t understand one word she said. lol

        • Wayne Neva

          She defined “Cracka”. OK, thanks for that interesting twist on a definition. And Peirs, not liking this guy. What a sensationalist.

        • Jerry Camp

          That’s just painful…’Trayson say’, not ‘Trayvon said’…ugh

    • Mayor Clemona

      grammar is so “Old School”.

      • Wayne Neva

        I can’t believe she said this. I had to rewind a couple of times to make sure I got everything.

    • rennyangel2

      A good reason for the Koch Brothers to buy the Tribune Corp. so we actually have some real newspaper reporting.

    • grais

      I appreciate the list. I’ll be buying lots of those things now.

      • King Leer

        Doc said I’m borderline diabetic and it’s the fault of Mexican Coke and Orange Fantas I guzzle like FlavrAid at an Obama Revival. Maybe I’ll buy some for the daughter unit.

    • Texan357

      Thank you. As a writer by trade… Thank you.

    • rich__b

      and is tortured as it is killed………

    • vphilly

      They’re boycotting the white mans’ education, I guess.

      • BayushiZero

        Of course they are. They boycotted intelligence a long time ago.

    • Elaine

      The flyer is proof that Soros money is funding these protests using OfA .(Obama) They go after the Koch Bros. any chance they get. How dare they fund “conservative” causes, right?

    • Alex Foos

      Lol agreed, this is ridiculous however God is supposed to be capatilized.


      ya..LOL…hope they get rickets! Notice they are using the baby Treyvon picture again. We should all start some rumors and see if they bit…kind of fun, right?

    • AbdullahtheButcher

      The lamebrains who wrote it must have an IQ of 2 and it takes 3 to grunt.

  • bkeyser

    This flier succinctly exhibits what should be the main takeaway from the entire episode: Collectively, American educators should be thoroughly embarrassed.

    • mickeyco

      Oh, amen.

    • [email protected]

      It’s not educators’ fault, it’s parental ignorance and not valuing the education being given their kids.

    • Bryan Leach

      Why, they never gradiated skewl. Don’t hate on teachers….lol.

  • EOD

    Well, I guess it’s time to Boycott the Miami Heat Professional Basketball Team, and the Players, such as Lebron James, who refuse to leave the Miami Heat Professional Basketball Team.

    • Frank Drebin


      And rapper FloRida

      • Pam Oswald

        I pray every day for Stevie and Dionne to talk to Flo Rida and get him the hell out, I mean get him to boycott, Florida. Please get him to boycott us…..Dionne, tell him one of your psychic network friends said Florida is bad place…..

  • CR

    Well, unless you can buy all that stuff with your EBT cards and food stamps, I bet revenue won’t drop too much for the orange industry anyway, LOL. Just think, with all the money they save from the boycotts, they should easily be able to live on just $31.50 a week in food stamps each and the SNAP challenge will be a challenge no more!
    WIN for the country!

    • DonnaSue Jansma

      You do know that there are lots of people that depend on Food Stamps. You are showing yourself to be prejudging when you speak like this. I have friends who depend on these to help out while they are out of a job. They have been looking and just needed a little help. They paid taxes so why not be able to benefit from what they have paid in? There are lots of job losses and lots of people “NEED” the help. Yes, there are some who fudge their paperwork. I agree totally with that and they need to be found out. But, the people who actually need them don’t need to be made fun of. Think on that.

      • 1NJNurse1

        DonnaSue, I do not think anyone is making fun of people who are down on their luck but are making fun of people who have become a life member of the ebt cards and whatever else they can get out of the government. Otherwise known as bottom suckers. I do believe people on this site are venting about a very stressful subject and have the right to do so. Have you read many of the comments made by the Zimmerman hate groups? This is mild compared to that gang. Taking offence to everything people say on these blogs will make you a crazed person.

      • CR

        First, I am making fun of the idiots who organized or who would participate in this boycott who are likely lifetime EBT and food stampers. Not people who are on food stamps for a brief period of time in between jobs.

        Second, the people who actually need help who are legitimate hard working people will be grateful for the help they are given and not whining about how it is not enough. They’ll also be smart enough to stretch the dollar so they don’t have to throw a fit that $31.50/week per person isn’t enough and won’t be upset when politicians actually try to impose qualifying standards for food stamps rather than allowing people to auto-qualify just because they can qualify for other assistance programs (which is what is occurring now).

  • Agent Carmichael

    I imagine this will work about as well as the boycott of Chick-fil-A. It just makes me want to run out and buy some oranges.

    • d gasawa

      Yes, thank you for the shopping list!

    • BayushiZero

      Wish I could!

      I am prohibited from citrus, as per doc’s orders. =(

    • Wayne Neva

      And here’s another “success”. The Black Panthers had a protest rally over the Zimmerman verdict, only 3 people showed up. And boycotting orange juice, and other products, yea this won’t put a dent in the bottom line. You’d think after this, people would just get a clue

  • Catchance

    I notice they’re not boycotting Skittles, Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail, and cough syrup. #Lean

    • Amy

      And with most of America’s watermelon crop coming from Florida…

    • James A. Lonon

      What about the evil white man’s cruel and subversive White Bread, Pork, the other white meat? Rice? Got to ban rice, especially from that “Uncle Tom”, Uncle Ben!

      • TugboatPhil

        James, you know that the Pork Council changed from their old slogan “The Other White Meat?” I forget what it is now but they’re running commercials. When I heard that they were looking for the new one, I submitted what should have been their choice, but sadly they turned me down.

        Pork – It’s Infidel-icious!

  • Todd St John

    A&W Root Beer is NOT a coca-cola product. Who knows what all else is wrong with that flyer.

    • NRPax

      Pretty much everything from start to finish.

      • Spiny Norman

        Were the Koch Brothers involved in Zimmerman’s defense anyway, or is it just another urban conspiracy theory?

        • NRPax

          You see, according to the leftists the Koch Brothers are as diabolical as George Bush. Although they see the Kochs as worse because they are libertarian types who (HORROR!) believe in the free market and don’t apologize for being rich.

          • Ironhawk86

            You wanna know why you never heard about the big scary Koch bros prior to Obama taking office? Because they were donating a slew of anti-Bush causes from 2000 to 2008. They think the Iraq War was pure evil and they loves them some gay marriage too. Tell that to any left-wing dumbass and watch their head explode.

          • Spiny Norman

            The Koch Brothers are Libertarians, first and foremost. They gave the ACLU $20 Mil to fight the Patriot Act. Mention that to any left-wing dumbass, step back and watch the apoplectic fit.

            They think the GOP is only slightly less rotten than the Democrats. If they mean the Establishment GOP (the RINOs), I might have to agree…

        • Jeff Coil

          The Koch Brothers had nothing at all to do with Zimmerman or his defense. It is just these idiots parroting anything they hear without checking facts. Guess that shows why the are supporting TM.

    • Agent Carmichael

      I feel bad for the tree that had to die to make these flyer’s. Talk about getting killed for no reason.

      • Jonathan Law

        It’s probably on Koch Bros. paper, so it’s ok.

    • mickeyco

      The only Seagram’s product Coke makes is ginger ale.

    • Jay Stevens

      Neither is Canada Dry.

    • Spiny Norman

      Neither is Canada Dry or Crush. Those are Dr Pepper Snapple Group brands.

      FWIW, Dr Pepper is bottled and distributed by Coca-Cola because a prior owner of the brand made a long-term deal with Coca Cola, so Coca-Cola actually controls where and when Dr Pepper can be sold (it’s specifically excluded from a lot of Coca-Cola’s foreign markets). It’s actually a serious growth problem for them. Coca-Cola could put even them out of business if they really wanted to.

  • John Janecek

    Gee, what a surprise. The flyer has a very youthful picture of T.
    Martin… when in actuality he was 17 and stood over 6 ft tall in 2012.

    • NRPax

      No no…he was 72 inches long in 2012 after meeting Zimmerman.

      I shall now denounce myself.

    • Agent Carmichael

      Trayvon Martin was born a 12yo boy i think.

      • ChrisinOregon

        haha and remained that age a size throughout the years….

      • ChrisinOregon

        haha and was born that size and remained that age and size throughout the years….hahaha

    • I M Free

      according to their idiot witness, it’s not height he measured but length since TM is dead

  • Agent Carmichael

    I didn’t even know they still made Tab. These crazies teach me something new everyday.

    • mickeyco

      Me either. I used to love it & haven’t see it in at least 20 years. I looked it up & it is still made.

      • TugboatPhil

        I used to stock up on Tab when my ship deployed. No one ever asked me for one.

        • mickeyco

          When I was real young, I used to like Seagrams & Tab. Sounds yucky now.

  • ogama843

    LOL… Spakle paper towels….

  • Emily B

    I’m not giving up my Angel Soft. I don’t care…..

  • Silenttype78

    Lib-progs fear 3 things : self reliance, blacks figuring out they’ve been used by Democrats, and the Koch brothers.

    • CR

      And BOOOOOSH. Never forget him and the evil commanding all-encompassing control he still has over the entire current administration and the country at large! Zimmerman shouldn’t have pleaded self defense, he should have said “Bush made me do it” and the liberals would have been throwing rallies for the poor oppressed hispanic.

  • I M Free

    With the kind of grammar, only the left liberal who love freebies freaks would agree. i bet, a day after their stupid rally, they’ll drink orange juice and sodas. Go ahead, boycott and make my day.

  • sb36695


  • Love of Country

    Yeah, I can hear it now ….. “Go to the polls for Trayvon!”

    Rest assured that’s all this manufactured outrage has ever been about anyways since day one …. courtesy of Party Slavery, Epic Deceit, Epic Manipulation and Iron-Fisted Communism.

  • rm1evo

    Just keep them talking. They’ll show how stupid they really are.

    • WhoMeToo

      Too late.

  • waltermitty2012

    I would like to leave a comment but I’m out of oranges and Coca Cola, so I’m off to the supermarket.

    • WhoMeToo

      Exactly. Thank you for the list of things I WILL buy.

    • wwbdinct

      I never liked OJ but I do love Brawny paper towels. I think I’ll be buying those by the case now.

  • Joe W.

    It’s gonna be real fun to watch how many of these brain dead race hustlers boycott the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Jacksonville Jaguars when the NFL season kicks off. Not to mention the MLB Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the NBA Champion Orlando Magic. These cretins will never boycott those money machines. Ever.

    • Liz

      I think it was the Miami Heat that won the NBA Championship, but I get your drift.

      • Joe W.

        Ooooops!! Shows y’all how much attention I give the NBA!!1 lol..

  • BlahBlah


    • Spiny Norman


  • arttie

    I would boycott things made in Detroit except there aren’t any to speak of.

  • NixTyranny

    Obviously, one thing these racists will never boycott is stupidity.

    • Doreen Beisel

      Many of these types look like they boycott business 365 days a year. Not many bucks left after you pay for that weed, grills and Red Bull

  • Lanie

    That is downright embarrassing. Look at the grammar errors and misinformation. I wonder who wrote that up.. Idiot.

  • Guest

    I remember in a college course on a paper I researched that more Oranges that are used in day to day life come from California, NOT Florida… So way to go idiots HAHA

    • ObamaFail

      Sir, take your facts and logics and go somewhere else. You’re offending the liberal folk.

      • mickeyco

        Some people will insist on making logical, intelligent comments no matter how many times we ask them not to..

  • Booker

    I love grapefruits. I hope Floridians make grapefruits, cause they have a big customer in me!!

    • mickeyco

      Yes they do. Hope that makes you happy. And very little of FL’s orange business is sale of oranges for personal consumption, so that’s no loss. In fact most of the orange juices, even those saying “made in FL” come from S. America.

    • Amy

      We grow a lot of Key Limes, too. If you’ve never tried Key Lime Pie, now’s as good a time as any! :)

      • mickeyco

        I lived in FL for 10 years. One of the things I miss most is the Key Lime Pie I used to get at a restaurant near my house.

    • DonnaSue Jansma

      The best grapefruits come from TEXAS!!

      • Booker

        I’m in love with the Lone Star, too!

  • Booker

    Who the heck is piggerman?

    • Doreen Beisel

      Micheal Moore?

      • Kolobok42

        Comment deleted by user.

    • OldLady Norma

      I think its Zimmerman. Since he is a “Crazy ass Crack’a”, don’t ya no! Thanks to Ms. Jenteel, we now know the definition of “CaC”.

  • Christy Waters

    Glad the flier lists the products… now I know which ones to put on my shopping list.

  • jman69

    Mass confusion would be a flier in cursive writing on Father’s Day.

    • gr82cu2

      OMG!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!

  • mharper42

    Still using T’von’s 12-yr-old altar boy pic, I see. :)

  • PatriotRG

    so when it states the power is in your pocket do they mean the 9 ?

  • teamfrazzled

    Everyone continues to use photos of Martin at age 12-14, none showing him as he really was because he had the well muscled, fit body of an adult and presented an intimidating figure. That just doesn’t work with the manufactured story of a depraved, evil, racist child predator Zimmerman stalking a helpless little boy and gunning him down in cold blood. Facts be damned. Especially ignore the fact the only crime committed that night was by Martin himself when he chose to commit felony assault. I’ve had enough of the morons who seem to think because Zimmerman was keeping an eye on him it meant he lost any right to defend himself against an assault by a bigger and more physically fit Martin who had no right to touch himwhatsoever.

    • OldLady Norma

      Sorry, but logic never works. Btw, were r the gramatikel and spelin erors?

  • waterytart

    Tart’s helpful tip to the Trayvonistas: gather up handfuls of those fliers to take home and use as toilet tissue, that’ll show those evil Koch brothers!! And it will also be an effective and symbolic usage of said fliers as well.

  • John


  • chocol8bob

    Guess they didn’t think that one through all the way. When business tapers off(which it won’t here) usually the first casualties are the lowest on the totem pole.


    Not that it will work but yeah, let’s boycott these companies and hurt their sales and drive their profits down. In return all they will do is begin to lay-off workers to compensate for such losses. And what workers do you think will be the first to be laid-off? Not the high-priced management types. It will more than likely be the lower-paid lower-skilled workers who are just trying to make ends meet and survive. Yep, sounds like a great idea said no one with any amount of intelligence or common sense.

  • M F Scotto

    But that leftist here at twitchy told us that liberals are only interested in evaluating the facts and they’re constantly reevaluating their beliefs… So the Koch brothers story has just GOT to be true.

  • Don Truscott

    I do believe the 7up company owns a&w and canada dry. Wich was purchased by a south african bottling company. I could be wrong, but im pretty sure i read that a few years ago. Anyhow i doubt most them boycotters have much purchasing power anyway. Alot of hot air.

  • AKB

    I’m confused. They want people to boycott OJ? But I thought they cheered when he got off?

    • Marvin Nelson


  • Marvin Nelson

    I wish to God that someone would put thug Trayvon’s real photo on these fliers, not the cute kid. The LIVs will eat this crap up because they are too stupid to realize what is being done to them.

  • LinTaylor

    “Piggerman”. Seriously.

    • mickeyco

      Took someone a lot of effort to come up with that.

  • jman69

    Here is how you get blacks to boycott the word “boycott”. Tell them boycott was created from two words that describe blacks, boy and cotton. Nuff said.

  • Anicra

    Boycotting Canada Dry Tahitian Treat now that is just crazy!

  • Liz

    Are they going to boycott Flo Rida?

    • MississippiJane

      You mean, flo rida?

  • pajamakat

    Wow. Good thing Skittles isn’t on that list.

  • jayz43

    Is “ignant” a real word?!

    • TexSizzle

      No. Nor is ignert, as my aunt used to say it.

  • The Prophet

    The power is in your pocket after the taxpayers put it there.

  • Jay Stevens

    Canada Dry is owned by Texas based Dr.Pepper Snapple .

    • Spiny Norman

      So are most of the other soda brands they list. Outrageous ignorance is involved in that flyer.

  • The Prophet

    Get real. The Justice for Trayvon crowd isn’t going to boycott Footlocker. If they have $250 on check day and Footlocker has their size Lebron James basketball shoes that’s where the money will be spent.

  • pajamakat

    Where’s the pic of trayvon in diapers? He just gets younger and younger with every picture.

  • Amy

    “Express your outrage over…”

    Um. Most of the victims they mention were killed in New York (Kenneth Chamberlain Sr, Kimani Gray, Ramarley Graham). Oscar Grant was California.

    How is boycotting Florida oranges supposed to avenge these peoples’ deaths?

    • mickeyco

      How is boycotting anyone’s oranges avenging death?

      • Amy

        Well, there’s that too.

  • Amy

    Florida is also where most of America’s watermelon comes from (I think we tied with Georgia last year for #1).

    No more Arizona Brand Watermelon Fruit Drink for YOU, Trayvonistas!

    • MississippiJane

      Write Al and Jesse, so they can add watermelon to the boycott list.

  • Garth Haycock

    More oranges for the rest of us!

  • TheRedCoat92

    Ok then, hope they like scurvy

  • ladcraig

    I appreciate them making my shopping list for me this week.

  • Prowlerz1976

    Its so absurd its funny, but should I point out that A & W is not owned by Coke, Barqs is owned by Coke.

  • Chris Valentine

    Half of those products aren’t even owned by coke, they just have distribution rights in some markets. Pepsi has ’em in others. And other companies have them in yet more.

  • Sara Nichols

    Hey race baiting freaks, A&W is not a Coke product!! it’s made by 7up! Dumb kids!!

  • PatriotRG

    Who ever wrote that has been drinking purple drank (skittles + juice + cough medicine)

  • PatriotRG

    should have ended – “My power is having you in my pocked” Signed Al Sharpton

  • yourmamatoo

    You know their boycotts never go anywhere.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Who wants to do more AYB-related jokes here?

  • sarainitaly

    Printed flier calling for boycott of….printed paper.

    • AZWarrior

      They don’t read cursive.

  • AZWarrior

    Good. More for me.

  • John Adams

    Mob rule and Blood lust sums up this protest.

  • John Adams

    So Trayvon Martins family and attorney came out during the trial and made the claim that the case isn’t about race or racial profiling. They didn’t get the results they wanted now its about race and profiling whatever which way the wind blows right ? I got it now.

  • Shana White

    jayz and whats her name was there at the rally in New York and the best they could do was several hundred people and if you know city hall there”s several hundred people walk around that area on a sunny Saturday… pathetic …the biggest city with a large black population and that was the best they could do….another Sharpton FLOP RALLY…..HOW PATHETIC

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    I thought Sasquatch paid for Piggerman’s defense. Who knew?
    But I’ll still boycott the Koak broez ‘cuz they sell koak-a-kolah.

  • notguilty

    I say boycott all black business that support the racist protests

    • TexSizzle

      And all non-black businesses that support the racist protests. Don’t limit your boycott, because there are probably more racist white business owners than racist black business owners just because of proportions in the population of each ethnic bloc.

  • mwill

    by all means please do

  • Aitch748

    I was just wondering what the next thing “for Trayvon” would be. Now one of the angry dopes wants people to boycott oranges and orange juice to punish Florida — AND boycott Coca-Cola because the Coca-Cola company was caught buying oranges.

    Is this Trayvon thing going to keep growing and growing and growing? Maybe next someone will propose that Obama send the National Guard down to Florida and shut down the state government or something — seeing how Florida is an “apartheid state” and all.

  • HWarrior13

    Someone should take the time to make a list of all those products so we can BUY them. Our family and friends started out boycott of all Pepsi products due to them hiring Beyonce as their spokesperson.

    • keyboard jockey

      I can’t boycott Pepsi, I am a Coke drinker, won’t touch Pepsi anyway.

    • MississippiJane

      If they boycott Disney World, the lines will be shorter!

  • HWarrior13

    Good God, just READ how badly the Democrats have let down Black people. To think that the person who wrote this is a product of public school system.


    I’ll buy extra to cancel them out

  • Jeremy

    Al Sharpton should be behind bars for all the riots and crimes he has started in his life.

  • orleansbelle

    Empowerment through proper English is definitely lacking.

  • Laurie

    I’m glad it wasn’t written in cursive.

  • MNWoman

    Of course using the old photo of Trayvon Martin.

    I can’t believet that most of America truly believes this nonsense that these protests are about. I have seen statistics that most Americans believe the jury got it right, but I tend to not give a lot of trust in the accuracy in such statistics.

    I will wait until tomorrow to see who can trump this level of ridiculousness (<- is that a word?) because every time I see something like this, I think it can't get any more bizarre.

  • jimdep

    So don’t use your FOOD STAMPS to buy Florida OJ. This may just save us taxpayers some moolah!

  • tjp77

    I think its hilarious that they’re still using that picture of Trayvon from when he was 12.

    • MNWoman

      Well, they managed to fool many people with that photo. If it worked before, it may work again.

  • losar1

    I hate the fact that these type of conversations happen after travesties and when tensions are high.

    • TexSizzle

      That’s because it won’t work to whip up their sheeple at other times.

  • jimdep

    I like how they are still using the 13 year old photo of martin. Why not use the recent one where he is smoking dope, showing his gold tooth, putting down white people and showing off his tats?

  • Guest

    I can’t help it, I laughed. This is an English teachers nightmare.

  • xm15e2s

    hahaha piggerman…..hey Bacardi too? how day gone git drunk?

  • Larry Peoples Sr

    Hey Morons, 95% of those Koch Brothers products you intend to boycott, are made by union workers. Well researched numb nuts!

  • Spasmolytic

    When I go shopping tomorrow I’ll make sure I buy all those products.

  • RobD1967

    Loving the sweet picture of the pre-teen Martin, so all the sheep forget he was 17, tattooed and over 6′.

  • John Morgan

    Yea, OK, I want to see the Orange Kool Aid stoped….

  • Tunkhannock

    “Piggerman”? They’re obviously mocking Hispanics for their legendary love of pork and pork-based products. RACISTS!

  • hooligansailor

    You can’t make Lean out of ANY of the above mentioned products. Thanks to the Race Baiter in Chief and his crew, the Idiocracy continues…

  • Tracey Hayes

    If they care so much about their brothers and sisters…..maybe they should think about all their brothers and sisters that work here in Florida, who have families to support working for the orange business. I am so sick of the liberal mentality!!!!!

    • SideshowJon36

      Those aren’t their “brothers” because they “act white” by working

  • Mike in Virginia

    boycott doesn’t have much effect as “don’t shoplift any more Florida oranges” LOL

  • RJohnston

    It’s new school, you all are old school! Just be glad it wasn’t in cursive.

    • ItsConstitutional


  • we__the__people

    I’m going to use it as a grocery list next trip to the store.

  • James A. Lonon

    Haaahaa! “Anybody here speak Nigger”? ………..Leslie Nielson from Airplane, The Movie. Boycott Leslie Nielson! Ahhaahaa!

  • David Fuchs

    What I do not Understand is the “STAND YOUR GROUND LAW” Benefits more Blacks and Minorities then it does whites and majority Read the statistics here
    That said Also George Zimmerman was a Mentor/Big Brother for 2 Black Teens in addition he Took the Sanford Police to task when they beat up a Homeless Black Man and Cops were Disciplined for it Add in the FBI report that asked 47 people including Neighbors Co workers Ex girlfriends and those who had contact with him and Found None Not a One Person that could ever recall George Zimmerman ever Being Racist in anyway.
    Add in the False Propaganda Dispatch Call with Zimmerman that made him out to be a racist and I just See the Media Using the Black People as Puppets to get news ratings to make money from the Advertisers Like Wal-Mart and Oil Companies
    But I guess the Biggest Question is why would the Black people want to repeal a law that is working in their favor and Protecting them???What Sense does it make in the Propaganda Being Fed By Media and Other Gun Control People Like Obama and Holder? Just read the Link

  • Edolicious

    I found a winner at the Houston rally.

    • $7610427

      Did he say “navatican”???

      • ItsConstitutional

        Yes, yes he did. Twice actually! OMG!

  • Mark Lommer

    Yo I finna ad sum shiz 2 DAT lis n it be ruff ona mahfakker aight
    Da colt foty fiv grape md20/20 bluntz n arma all
    I no diz gun beez ruff but we hard ya feelz me bruh

  • Old Chicago

    Good thing Kool Aid, Colt 45 (Malt Liquor), TJ Swan or Kool cigarettes hadn’t been suggested!

  • jj88

    Need to stand your own ground . You live here in the bad parts of Florida. You would change your mind. Why is everything Racial. When a black man kills outside it’s race it is never racial. Then a blak man gets killed by another race the preachers come to preach on it being racial . To me it’s a One sided that’s being racial.

  • demellos

    ain’t nobody gonna pay no attention to that there flier.

  • TexasMeow

    Solidarity through ignorance is the only thing these people have proven. They need to get over the ‘Poor Me’ syndrome, and take some self responsibility. Get some better role models, other than gangster rappers and dirty politicians. Quite blaming others for why you haven’t done anything with your life. It’s your own fault!!!

  • Ironhawk86

    “Evidently the false rumor that the Koch brothers are paying George Zimmerman’s legal bills is still in full swing. Twitchy debunked that rumor in April of 2012”

    Some allegations are so stupid they don’t even need to be debunked and I’m pretty sure that one qualifies.

    • ToyZebra

      Maybe we could start the rumor that the Koch Brothers are buying the Skittles company.

      • Bruce1369

        They don’t have enough money to buy Mars.

  • Texan357

    OUTRAGE. RAWR. Justice has actually been served. Let’s whine about it because our definition of “justice” means “the White person is always at fault, always, always and always.”

    • rich__b

      Even though that person turned out to be Hispanic. Oops! Facts can never get in the way of social “justice” or whatever it is.

  • Mary Kilbride

    Oh brother… big deal with the boycotts. This is all going to just fade away because 99.9% of it is just made up stories. I am done with this. I’m putting all of it on ignore. Gnite

  • Lewis Finch

    A boycott on watermelons maybe…but oranges…no way…wrong fruit!

  • TREP


  • Fon Johnson

    That makes perfect sense. Hurt business with a boycott. It will bury many well before the lost taxes hurt Florida. Pull up your sagging pants, your intellect is showing. I’m going to go to WDW for a couple of weeks and drink orange juice until I’m sick. Who cares about Coca Cola. They have supported their fearless leader Obama anyway..

  • Scarlett

    Never knew ebonics had a written aspect…

  • Nubster

    Flyer Printed on Advantage Printing Paper, FAIL! Can’t even get their Boycott off the ground without flaming failure.

  • Marie d

    They can’t buy these products with food stamps anyway.

  • Tamara

    Yay! More oranges, Coke and toilet paper for us! lol

  • brando

    They hate the Koch Bros. but have no problem with George Soros pulling the strings

  • Gayle Walls Hellums

    The man they should be sticking it to is OBAMA. Where are the jobs for these people. I sure am curious that when they pull this crap that Obama being half white never comes into the conversation, NEVER. They always leave out just who freed them in the first place. F**KING WHITE PEOPLE.. So SHARPTON AND JACKSON YOU CAN KISS OUR WHITE A**. Stop this racial crap. I dont care what color you are, you have a right to defend yourself. All you guys are doing is destroying peoples property and that is against the law. YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO PROTEST but not to destroy property. You should both go to jail for insighting violence. All you people that are listening to these guys… GO HOME AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILIES. Your kids need you.

  • Maddy Ferguson

    Whoever made that flier might want to look in to some grammar classes before continuing their budding career in… Spreadin’ the Word. #justsayin

  • Anthony Grieco

    Maybe they should start a rumor swisher sweets, J.O.B.’s and all the rolling paper and malt liquor companies were responsible.Oh yeah and Cadillac. See how that goes over.

  • Neenee Bugbee

    ROTFLMAO! Oh this is ignorance personified! Well maybe they can use our tax dollars to do something useful like take a grammar class at Sylvan. But they will probably just buy more crack.

  • Paulo Castro

    The most ridiculous idea ever! Boycott a product of agriculture because these people are not in agreement with justice? Get a life! Go to work! Do something for a living!

    • MississippiJane

      Get real! Boycotts, protests and applying for assistance leave no time for a job!

  • Michael Huck

    If you’re against Stand Your Ground, are you against self-defense. BTW: In Florida over 60% of the usage of Stand Your Ground for protection is by blacks.

  • Freedom_Road

    Do the blacks know they are being played and used by their own people again?!

  • Ken Colditz

    Who ever made up that flyer should be embarrassed. I guess they will blame Whitey for their lack of education. Ya mun, that white dude pulled me outa scool, now I cana spel.

  • Freedom_Road

    By next week they won’t even remember what they are boycotting, unless someone hands them a pre-made sign and food stamps! Obviously too busy planning their next riot instead of working! Besides working gets in the way of hanging out :-0

  • Artist George Mercado


    • MNWoman

      I was thinking these people are boycotting facts.

      • ItsConstitutional


  • madmarshin

    “spakle paper towels”…”fruitupia”… would think that SOMEBODY wouldn’t proofread this crap before printing it.

    • Spiny Norman

      That’s just racist.

      Proofreading, that is. It’s a bookish thing, acting white and stuff.

      • Bruce1369

        Od school.

    • MNWoman

      I am not a grammar patrol, as I am certain my grammar is less than perfect, but making a few errors is different than an entire document being full of really obvious mistakes. It doesn’t do anything to add credibility to a cause when the materials created to convince people of the importance of that cause are so carelessly put together.

      The random choices for capitalization was ridiculous. Apparently “Juices” is capitalized, but “florida” is not. I can’t be sure if this was their intention, but wouldn’t it be “Florida put on a sham of a trial” not a “sham of a case”?

      Mostly, I didn’t care about the grammatical errors as much as I am frustrated that they don’t seem to care about the facts surrounding the GZ trial or investigation. I am not at all familiar with the other cases listed, but it appears they really don’t look at facts regarding the Trayvon Martin/GZ case.

      • ItsConstitutional

        Articulated very

      • TexSizzle

        Besides, none of the other cases were in Florida.

  • ModdKenwood


  • vphilly

    Buy crates of oranges and send them to Al “race hustling sonofabitch” Sharpton. Seriously people, we should all do this. Send him **thousands** of them.

    • $7610427

      I LOVE this idea!

  • NY_JETfire

    Thank you for my weekly shopping list.

  • sumpplrstupid

    I think we should all boycott “flyers” with bad grammar!

  • CPQ121552

    Sorry bit I’m like 61 years old and have been around and know a lot of black people(not the ghetto rat kinds) and I do not know of any blacks that can live without their oranges and orange juice,pop.drinks it has to be orange so that’s not gonna happen,as far as the Koch brothers are concerned what in the hell do they have to do with any of this?all they did was to report that the irs had started what they were doing 2 years ago,they have nothing at all to do with this other stupidity though

  • Streettaught

    They will NOT boycott oranges for more than a day. They need another item to squeeze!!

  • $7610427

    No freakin way they boycott Foot Locker! Just sayin…

  • David

    now i’m going to double the OJ we buy!

  • $7610427

    Tab? Does that still exist? And Bacardi??? But, what if it’s your “birfday”?

  • jms130

    quilted northern? no freakin way!!

  • david pope

    this kind of stuff is going way beyond stupid. i don’t mind peaceful protests that voice a reasonable opinion

  • Edward Brandon

    “You never go full retard. You went full retard.”
    Most of the oranges you buy today come from Mexico.
    Damn these people are stupid.

    • $7610427

      No…most come from Brazil, then the U.S. Florida, California, and Texas

      • $7610427

        Just from a quick search…I think most of what we consume does come from FL and the other states. Apparently,there was a problem with juice coming from Brazil a few years back and the FDA got involved. But, whatever…no way they are boycotting oranges…hahaha

  • Eric Ellis

    Thank whatever they hold holy that a cursive font was not used!

  • Robbie Collins

    Man this Florida orange sure is TASTY !

  • ToyZebra

    This is the dumbest list I have ever seen.

  • Dutchie

    Black racist every where, blindly boycott the Koch brothers, and Florida and do as your Liberal masters tell you! Give up your guns rights out of blind, ignorant, racism, and hate. Who cares about facts, and history. Your ancestors fought, and died for those rights, so those rights must be racist……………….

  • King Leer

    “I don’t read cursive.”

  • Semper Fi

    Is is just me or is this old news already?

  • Brad Walters

    No problem.. Everyone knows blacks only drink Pepsi and Orange drank.. As far as the rest of the boycotted.. well I wish my business was on that list.. Much like Chic Fil A their business will skyrocket.. I say we boycott any company that sells rap CD’s and other racist propaganda. Lets see how long companies can go with out the support of the white community.


    Holy shit! They will never be able to eat again!!

  • kureelpa

    Google Channon Christian & Chris Newsom – I first heard about this from a comment posted in the Daily Mail, a couple of days ago. Can’t ever remember hearing about it before & I’m wondering why, because I do follow the news.

    • autdrew4real

      That has to be the MOST horrible, awful, heinous case I can ever remember hearing about. The torture shudder.. I did see a show on the discovery I.d. channel that covered this story. It left out some details & included a LOT of hand wringing about the south & past racism & how everyone was so concerned about this case causing white people to go crazy against innocent black people. There was also a lot of talk about the incomes of the victims parents. Awful

  • joe blow

    im just sick of all the black and Spanish crap in this world, we don’t owe them nothing but they think we do.

  • Joel A. Edge

    Oh goody. Time to take that Florida vacation.

  • mwill

    well…I have my shopping list…heading out to walmart now.

  • Mister Wood

    The only thing these people are boycotting is intelligence and common sense!

  • John

    I think they could really impact our great state of Florida by moving to NY or California. That will show us.

  • John

    Also does that include Orange Soda? I like a Cold Pop with my Baw-Bee-Q. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

  • Charlie’

    Roderick Scott Neighborhood Watchman found not guilty/killing white 17yr old Christopher Cervini #Zimmerman #trayvon

  • Brightmeadows

    Most of the protestors don’t have their own money anyway.

  • Pam Oswald

    They know that not all oranges are from Florida right? I’m a Floridian, and I have a hard time finding real Florida oranges in my grocery store.

  • Kevin Gartrell

    The boycott will have an effect on people (black and white, Hispanic, Asian, different religions, ages, political views etc). It is counterproductive.

  • Shelly Arens

    Morphing into another “occupy” movement?

  • Stephen Unangst

    Since the white man is so evil, why don’t they turn in their cell phones, autos and computers, all invented by the evil white man.

  • John Terry Krantz

    George Zimmerman for president!

  • Fancie

    Let’s all go out and buy extra products of all of these boycotted items. Oh yea buy some crackas.

  • David

    God Bless the Koch brothers. Koch industries employs 60,000 people. The brothers pay millions in taxes and employees also are taxpayers. They donated $46 million to charities and $30 million to colleges.
    Compare their generosity to that of Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, the various race baiting lunatics, and most democrats.
    The Koch brothers should be praised for what they have done; but they have been harassed by the IRS and other government agencies with the explicit approval of the White-African-American president.

  • Joe Valdrighi

    Believe me, they won’t even make a dimple in the use of orange juice . Or anything else they keep believing that they are more than half the population. They’re not . The 12% in their 100% of the problems . All they’re doing is digging the hole deeper. That they have to get off .

  • ChicagoJohn

    I think that makes about as much sense as any other part of the “Justice For Trayvon” movement.

    Follow the logical progression:
    Hispanic man suspects black teen, who stares at him, comes towards his car, and then flees.
    Hispanic man tries to follow him, but loses him within seconds.
    Black teen breaks Hispanic man’s nose, slams his head against concrete, and “grounds and pounds” him for 45 seconds as he yells for help and the police.
    Black teen continues to assault Hispanic man even while neighbor yells for them to “cut it out”.
    Hispanic man – in fear for life – shoots black teen.

    In response, we should boycott the two wealthy white guys.
    And oranges.
    And stuff.

    Its really very logical.

  • JR

    If food stamps & welfare are used to buy these items anyway, is it still a boycott?

  • RockyGMarshall


    • Guest

      Is THAT what is in your pocket?

    • Indynana

      Is That what is in your pocket?

      I thought you were just glad to see me! LOL

    • al hunt

      isn’t that the battle cry for carlos danger?

  • ima guy

    I never saw an entire “civil rights movement” based upon prevarication before this. These people are incapable of stumbling onto the truth……even once.

  • revrod46

    Looks like I’ll be getting my oranges cheaper this year. I’ll buy extra ones to give to food banks.

  • Magnifico

    The radical left’s boycotts always increase revenues.

  • Mackie

    Suddenly this tragedy becomes a political rally while Chicago burns with murders and Detroit collapses under its own weight. —disgusting

  • janhalt

    Incredible, you just can;t make this stuff up…Ya really can’t cure stupid.

    • stuckinIL4now

      And they are really educating us smartfolk on how really really stupid real stupid can be.

  • Mary Garrison

    if they boycott all of those ,they are going to be able to sit on their asses and get fat and then nothing to wipe their ass with …………man some people cut off their nose to spite their face ……good luck !

  • Heneryg

    Whom ever said they were educated!

  • Guest

    Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if the ALL boycotted all of America and left for Kenya! What a wonderful world this would be!

  • Don Fletcher

    I don’t think the Koch brothers made their money accepting ebt cards.

  • Don Fletcher

    Someone tell them that the Koch brothers own Kool-Aide. Watch their heads explode.

  • Orpheus75

    Don’t you just love how they keep using the picture of “Trayon” (lol..sorry, had to use that one since the Nimrod with the poster had it spelled wrong) of when he was a 12 year old. Have to keep that narrative of a poor helpless little 12 year old going. Can’t be having any of him as a beefed up hoodie can we?

  • BadGirloftheNorth

    One would think they would have had the sharpest Crayon in the box proofread and capitalize the names of products to be boycotted. Why, pray tell, does Juices, of all words, score a capital J???
    On the brighter side, we now have a shopping list of the products to support. The power is in our pockets, as well. I am an avid vote-with-your-dollars American.

    • LandofDave

      You never know they may have had the sharpest crayon proofread the flyer … doesn’t say much for the sharpest crayon huh?

      • BadGirloftheNorth

        :) It’s Sunday. I was trying to be kind. :) Please, eat some oranges and buy printing paper today. :)

  • magzie01950


  • Leo Gessford Jr.

    These people are idiots

  • Indynana

    When you have generations of people that are never held accountable for their actions, this is what you get ! Angry mobs that have a skewed idea of “Justice” If you drop out of school to do drugs and fight, go the the system and get rewarded with food stamps, housing and money for your illegitimate children, and lack of schooling. The system will REWARD you for your failure, when you screw up – someone will bail you out , Teach your children that there is NO accountability for the wrongs you do. THEN when they screw up and get “caught” it is the police that are at fault – or the people like George Zimmerman that have to take the blame. GOD FORBID that the black teenager with a record of fighting – could even be blamed for anything! What do you expect when for years and years, these people have never been taught that they must take responsibility for anything they do – UNTIL – they are caught!

  • LandofDave

    What if us creepy ass crackers boycotted all black business?

  • Indynana

    Does that one guys sign say Justice for Crayons?

    • Indynana

      So why are they going to boycott Orange crayons?

  • Caves45

    Orange soda Ha …never happen

  • Carol Lightfoot

    They should be learning how to read and write. It’s easier for the libs to deceive if you stay illiterate.

  • robcrawford2

    So… Orange juice, Coke, Georgia Pacific everything, and Disney World for me!

  • Alex Foos

    Boycott sunlight… the beaches in Florida let people have fun.

  • Brett Weir

    Also, boycott Nike, the shoes worn by Zimmerman. Boycott spinner rims, since an employee of the Koch brothers bought some once. Miami Heat jerseys should be avoided due to the Florida connection. Boycott skittles and cough syrup, they were invented by white de.vils. Reefer should also be avoided. And last, but not least, boycott work to attend “rallies”.

  • Lia Markham

    Has anyone noticed that these demonstrations have a certain “Occupy” flavor?

  • stuckinIL4now

    Anyone remember how all those sponsor boycotts drove Rush Limbaugh–oh wait, that never happened. I’m gonna have to buy some Canada Dry this week even if it’s not on sale.

  • rico

    KARMA is a B—!

    Let’s keep it real folks… trayvon was a little wannabe thug, and KARMA caught up with him. Not saying it was right, but You Play,You Pay.

    Look at his history with the poo poo, and the real pictures of him know, not pics of his grade school years when he “WAS” sweet and innocent.

    Yes, he was black, so lets play the race card…Blah, Blah, Blah…

    Let this be a lesson to all the Wanna Be Gangsters with the pants saggin… You can only play long enough, until you get dealt with…..

  • clhuntling

    This is sad, just sad. Who, may I ask is their ‘fearless leader’? They certainly do no have an ‘editing staff’. I wonder if the educators of any of these people are hiding under their desks.

  • clearvoice

    We are dealing with a sub-class culture that is brainless and clueless.
    Leaders of their tribes will lead them to the highest cliffs and convince then to jump.

    Much like the democrats who have kept the black population enslaved to panda for their votes. As I said in my opening line, they are to stupid to understand the simplest mistrust bestowed on them.

    • Guest

      I like what you have to say, but please edit your post before some troll attacks you. Change panda to pander and change to stupid – to – too stupid. I am NOT picking on you, I am just the spelling police.



  • Kevin Culbreth

    Does that mean they are boycotting orange kool-aid too? And orange Skittles??

  • RichFsr

    Maybe if they put as much energy into working as they do rioting, looting, and protesting at the expense of welfare maybe whites would have a better respect for blacks. Rioting in California over a Florida legal issue only set black progress back another 50 years. They show no respect for private property of those that had nothing to do with the issue. Their repeated animosity against whites for years shows me they can’t be trusted. Acting like savages shows me they lack civilization and deserve the nicknames that have been attached to them.

  • RichFsr

    Maybe if they put as much energy into working as they do rioting, looting, and protesting at the expense of welfare maybe whites would have a better respect for blacks. Rioting in California over a Florida legal issue only set black progress back another 50 years. They show no respect for private property of those that had nothing to do with the issue. Their repeated animosity against whites for years shows me they can’t be trusted. Acting like savages shows me they lack civilization and deserve the nicknames that have been attached to them.

  • fudog73

    the only people that make this a racial issue are all the racist blacks that think all crackers are racist.

  • Cajun

    Read that flier, then think about all of the $$$ your government has wasted and will waste on trying to “buy” peace from these animals. Think of all the good, smart and wanting to learn, young white kids who didn’t get into some college so one of these guttersnipe could get a “leg up”. Yeah, white liberal guilt has cost so much, and it isn’t over yet.

  • Blake Downs

    At least Word recognized Canada and correctly capitalized it.

  • LegalizeShemp

    “I love boycotts of Florida orange juice !” Sincerely, Anita Bryant

  • Roto

    2 words: “Chick-fil-A” backlash

  • Roger Beshears

    I sure am glad no one involved in making cheap liquor, Busch beer, and Ripple are being boycotted

  • Henry

    sharpton and his followers are morons.

  • ractivist

    Boycott skittles…….no wait, buy more skittles….no, let the ignorant skadadle

  • al hunt



    Hey boycotters! Florida, Foot Locker, Coca-Cola and the Koch brothers (whatever) just called to say thanks for the free advertising! #ShoppingList

  • Stephanie Warren

    screw them, I happen to LOVE oranges.

  • pated21

    I guess they won’t be dining out anytime soon since a majority of Fast Food chains carry Coca-Cola products.