After the not-guilty verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman, Glenn Beck surprised Lupe Fiasco by retweeting his assessment of the case. But Beck isn’t the only conservative media personality interacting with the rapper on Twitter. “Red Eye” and “The Five” host Greg Gutfeld generously invited Fiasco to “throw up accordingly.”

Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Is it possible? Could we see Fiasco as a guest on an upcoming episode of “Red Eye” on Fox News?

Hmm … maybe not.

Still, we think there’s something special blossoming that cannot be denied.

Level with us, Greg:

  • Oink Trotters

    Almost didn’t make it to the end – made me gag.

  • Peetweefish

    Gutfeld being Gutfeld. He and Andy Levy are amazing twitter trolls.

    • Jeremy

      They are both hilarious.

  • rinodino

    It’s all good, as long as they can remain friends when Lupe says a kind word about someone whom the right feels is a Muslim Terrorist supporter. I remember when Twitchy and the Right loved Big Boi from outkast because of his positive feelings on guns and Chick fil a. But when he didn’t like the Zimmerman decision, oh he’s just another stupid lib celebrity, lol

    • The Penguin

      Just kills you to see two people exchanging some witty dialogue without social or political beliefs coming into play. What happened there Ms Tuff guy, did a conservative steal your husband from you?

      • Grandma HeadInjury

        So. Much. BOOM!

      • rinodino

        Actually Im cool with it, I just laugh when you rage on the celebs when they say something you don’t agree with you on.

        And to your other statement, let’s just say it’s the opposite, I have to always ask why conservative guys are mad at me because I steal their wives away? You should talk your spouse, not me!!!

        • The Penguin

          Well I’m glad “you’re cool with it” there ‘dina.

          And as far as the other statement, “those who talk the loudest, are the weakest”. Like your game. If you had any, you wouldn’t feel the need to defend it, or brag about it. And sorry, web-cam dates don’t count…

    • TomJB

      Exactly the problem with the left, and it explains Fiasco’s surprise that Beck would retweet anything he said. We, on the right, can agree with anyone on some things and disagree on others. On the left, when they disagree with someone on the right, they hate them, and will thus disagree with *anything* they say, even if they have agreed with that point of view in the past. That was, of course, the core symptom of Bush Derangement Syndrome, when lefties would change their views on many issues because they found themselves in the uncomfortable position of actually have to agree with the man (example: see feminists view of Taliban’s treatment of women and Afghan war). It is also why Obama Derangement Syndrome doesn’t exist – the left defines it as hating Obama, when, in fact, when he does something with which I agree, I give him credit and don’t all of a sudden not like something I do.

      • el_polacko

        if only what you say were true. all too often the right/conservative/republicans on these comment threads eschew any sort of reasonable dialogue in favor of ‘two-minute hate’ piling on and ad hominem attack for those who stray from a strict ‘party line’. can’t we all just get along ?? there should be more like you, tomJB.

        • Bemani Dog


        • The Penguin

          Um…right. Those were conservatives threatening the lives of Zimmerman, his family, the jurors, and in some cases, the first white person they see. And it was Fox news adding fuel to the fire by portraying Trayvon as a “an innocent child.” Conservative media doctoring the 911 call to make GZ sound like a racist. And Right Wingers throwing used tampons..(gag), in Texas. But please, feel free to call those of us attackers of anyone who strays from our “strict” party line. You are truly brainwashed. Hang out at another site. May I recommend the HuffPo ?

          • nickdqwk

            Thank you,

        • Adela Wagner

          just the FACT that you have to type” right/conservative/republicans”(you forgot(Libertarians) is Prima Fracie.
          I am a walking contradiction to most of what the right has a history (wrongly) of being against.
          I have never had anyone here say anything against the way I have lived my life. I have felt nothing but acceptance.

          What I have seen is a terrible shame lashing of anyone on the left by the left, who comes out and supports an idea or comment from anyone other than those they deem worthy.
          Especially if you are Black, or Hispanic. As long as you kowtow to their beliefs and nod your head you are fine. But if you dare say you are Conservative, or against the ACA, or uttered some word 30 years ago, or say you agree with a certain verdict….well just look at the Twitter shitstorm they let loose on you.
          I have never seen that from this side of the masses.

      • The Penguin

        You’re trying to reason with the unreasonable. Nice try…but didn’t make a dent I’m sure.

      • Batman

        Nah…you’re generalizing. There are those on the left who sometimes agree with the right on certain issues. Vice versa. Things don’t always have to be so polarized.

        • Jeff Coil

          I was going to disagree with you, but then I remembered that Jimmy Carter said the Zimmerman jury “got it right”. You know what they say about broken clocks.

  • Bemani Dog

    They are having a great discussion right now. Lupe said bacon is exempt from having to be halal.

  • Jack Deth


    Though I’ve never thrown up… Through my ears!

    Oh, and didn’t Greg once have a houseboy named Lupe, or was that Armando?

    • thetreyman

      does it matter? they were both cut up and distributed around bryant park.

    • ozconservative

      LoopayGut???? Nah…….I had one of those the other night after eating some extremely spicy food. The consequences of which are unmentionable.

  • JR48

    Lord, I’d love to see this.

  • brando

    Gutfeld is one of my favorite people in the media. Lol

    • missyree68

      Greg is one of my favorite people as well. He is so witty, smart and wise. Great guy.