Florida attorney and CNN legal analyst Mark NeJame awoke to the vicious, dangerous and false rumor that his wife was anonymous juror B37 on the Zimmerman jury. Colossally inept Twitter detectives spent the early hours of the morning spreading the “news” and passing around a photo of Josie NeJame.





Yeah, no. There’s no wild conspiracy. Mrs. NeJame is the mother of two young daughters and president of Runway to Hope, a charity that raises money to defeat pediatric cancer. She was 24 years old when she married Mr. NeJame ten years ago.

Juror B37 is reportedly a 50-something woman who works for a chiropractor. She has two adult children.

Mr. NeJame is keeping a sense of humor about the rumor as he attempts to set the record straight.

But the Twitter lynch mob has already threatened jurors and is wishing for the rape and murder of Juror B37. What do these thugs plan to do with the juror’s supposed identity? Nothing good:

She’d “never wish ill on someone’s children”; She just wants you to know exactly what they look like. No reason.

Best wishes for the safety of the NeJame family and the women who actually served on the Zimmerman jury.


Full Twitchy coverage of the George Zimmerman trial

  • I M Free

    Here comes the idiot with their threats. I hope that woman will be safe

    • HIT SONGS (R.I.P MJ)

      Threats does not solve the problem it creates a mockery of our justice system. Of course I may not agree with everything that Juror said but she still has a right to exist peacefully like all of us! Don’t blame her blame the system that hires and tolerates her stance!

      • sodakhic

        Obama is running the system, doofus.

  • RblDiver

    “I would never wish ill on someones children but…….” Spoken like a true union thug.

    • Peetweefish

      She’s not wishing ill, she’s just setting the tone. Wonder where she learned that crap.

    • Linda White Besink

      Why does she equate the children “falling in love with a black guy” as “wishing ill?” Does she believe black guys are bad? Idiots.

      • Tarantula2

        Good point…

      • Frustrated Teacher

        I caught that as well. So she believes marrying a black guy is some kind of curse…and WE are racist?

        • Raina

          it would be ..

    • ibelieveinfreedom2

      never wish ill will but I hope they fall in love with black guys? Is it just me or did that sound racist? wishing ill will = black men?

    • Jeff Coil

      “I would never will ill on someone’s children, but here is all the information for anybody that does” Typical hate-filled liberal

  • grais

    Astoundingly stupid thing for that lawyer to tweet.
    Now HIS family will have to hire security, too.
    His own damn fault, though.

    • John Rebori

      Are you saying that telling people they have the wrong person IDed as the juror was something he should not have done?

      • grais

        I’m talking about his tweet at the very top of this article/twitch, or whatever it’s called.
        That’s hardly an effective way to stop violent, tweeting, angry, vengeful, murderous, dumb twits from spreading a dangerous rumor.

        • John Rebori

          Look at the time stamps, he made that tweet inbetween several flat out statements that his wife had nothing to do with the case. And yet the offending tweets continued.

          • halcrawford

            I was wondering about that, too. He was just sarcastically acknowledging that he had been “outed” – it wasn’t a confession.

          • grais

            You think the Twitter lunatics who want to kill the jurors will realize that?

          • grais

            And that’s exactly my point.

    • Calvin

      He was being sarcastic but you can’t ever underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

  • NRPax

    It amazes me that Twitter continues to let this go on without any complaints but conservatives get thrown in Twitter gulag on a regular basis.

    • shooter2009

      I’m amazed that you’re amazed — the hypocrisy is typical.

      • NRPax

        Probably just my residual faith in humanity showing itself again.

  • Brad Donald

    This is disgusting. All these people are evil. They want to hurt the jurors and their children just cause they dont like the ruling. They can go to hell with their anti rule of law crap.

  • I M Free

    This is #JurorB37

    • DreadPirateStarbucks

      Yes! Lolol

    • Diane Stephan

      Yes, Debbie Wasserman. Let’s see if they take the bait. lol

      • Steve E

        That’s f’n funny. NOT. but this woman should be BOOTed for propagating hate for the GOP and Israel.

    • Linda League

      Love this!

    • Angela Santarsiero

      This made my day…thanks

    • Milodactyl™

      LOL! Can’t be. Juror B37 spoke english and appeared lucid. This creature you have displayed I have often seen on the Animal Planet. It is a mythical creature.

      • Lee D. Russo

        I’m still laughing Milorad!!!! Thats’ priceless!

      • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

        Also, wasn’t the jury all women? DWS can’t be her.

      • https://twitter.com/Webnetcity webnetcity

        OMG!! I can’t stop laughing!!!!
        This made my day! My vote for Twitchy Comment Of The Day!!!
        Most Excellent ZIing!!

      • duchess


    • Susan

      HA! That’s awesome. LMAO. Great sense of humor – Kudos for that one~

    • Charlotte Powell

      If only! That would be awesome! I turn the channel every time she starts to talk!

      • Carolyn Kellenberger Shank

        Me too, I can’t stand to listen to her, she sounds like she has a mouth full of food or something.

    • talentonloan2

      HA ! That is great ! Still laughing.

    • tjp77


    • Scott Carroll

      Unlikely. Juror B37 displayed an ability to understand and follow basic instructions.

    • https://twitter.com/Webnetcity webnetcity


    • Carolyn Kellenberger Shank

      This is the face of the liberal party, butt ugly!!

    • MikeRios

      I thought I recognized it!

    • David Harrison

      How did you get a shot of the inside of my toilet bowl?

  • LinTaylor

    I really hope the media doesn’t keep trying to find the jurors’ identities, but honestly I have very little faith in them anymore.

    • Anthony

      I believe there is a law in FL that the names of the jury have to be released by some point after the trial ends. Not much incentive to serve on a jury for any highly charged case.

      • LinTaylor

        That’s…a very unfortunate law, especially in this case.

      • MikeRios

        The judge gave very specific instructions about that at the end of the trial. The names of the jurors cannot be released unless the jurors allow it.

    • Jeff McCabe

      in the media?

      • LinTaylor

        Yeah, my faith in the media is next to nil.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    Jury tampering and intimidation is a crime. This is something you’d expect out of a mafia trial. Frightening how evil these people are and how willing they are to have innocent blood on their hands.

    • GrindingMills

      I don’t know if jury tampering and intimidation is possible post trial. I would believe it’s more “normal” intimidation.

      Honestly, it’s just a matter of time before this woman’s information becomes public. After going on CNN and possibly signing a book deal, there will be too many people that know who she is, and I think its very likely that someone will leak her name.

      • JeffreyFuller

        When our government cannot seem to keep anything secret, I doubt the jurors names will remain secret for very long.

        • GrindingMills

          I don’t think the government (the court) would leak it. I think it would be someone involved in her CNN interview or her possible book deal.

          • $14281608

            She cancelled her book deal.

      • Stephen L. Hall

        Technically correct, but it may depend on the specific language of the statute in that state. I can imagine that in some jurisdictions the statutes cover threats after the verdict if they are “dependent” upon the outcome of the case.

        • Steve E

          The prosecutors tried their best to RAIL ROAD Mr Zimmerman. (NO PROOF) As if they would be receiving something if they were successful. This race shit is nuts.

      • John Rebori

        An argument could be made that they are attempting to intimidate the jury for the potential Federal Civil Rights case. No sure it would stick, but could be made.

  • Steve

    If she needs a bodyguard, I am available with my Sig at my side.

  • Pete Truth

    What is wrong with these idiots. This is what American is transforming into. Really nice place to be. They probably want to burn down the shining city upon a hill and replace it with Chicago!! Insanity….

    • love2rumba

      Oh well, at least illinoian will finally get to carry concealed.

  • lesterwink23

    Sounds like a “war on women” to me

    • RedSoloCup


  • RedSoloCup

    Obama supporters were never known for their brains.

  • The Penguin

    I wonder how those investigations are going: Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS, EPA. I know this here is waaay more important…. just wondering.

    • 1NJNurse1

      me too.

    • bpr

      You are right! and what better way to take the attention of the ENTIRE nation away from them than a government sponsored race issue?

    • reaper_69

      This trial, and all the intended raciial bullshit was, is, and will continue to be, a politically motivated side show to distract attention from the real Obama scandals of murder at Benghazi, ‘fast & furious’, The IRS illegally targeting conservative groups, Obama using the EPA to circumvent Congress! The liberal media is using this racial distraction as cover for Obama’s criminal corruption!

      • IvanRider

        Let’s not forget the deliberate sponsoring by Obama of genocide against the Coptics.

    • Cliff Daugherty

      It’s not over for Holder yet….he is liking this trial…the country is focused on it now…his time is coming…perjury under oath…WOW! That is a FELONY Mr Holder…guess where you will be living?

  • Jean Pennie

    Wow, so these a$$wipes are allowed to threaten someone for doing a civic duty? And intimate that her kids will also be in trouble? Why aren’t these sick morons being investigated by DOJ??

    • reaper_69

      The racist Holder DoJ only investigates and intimidates white people!

    • Jeff Coil

      Eric Holder will not investigate “his people”.

  • BigSky1970

    B37 doesn’t fit the profile of this woman anyway. She dislikes the media in general and her only source of news is the TODAY show.

  • tjack

    Does that last tweet equate ill will with being in love with a black guy? God forbid any of these dolts become involved in a mentor program and help instead of using the trial as a reason to rant and rage.

  • Mickey O’Brien

    When I read this stuff from the Twitter universe I feel justified in not having jumped into the Twitter fray.

    • Diane Stephan

      I too refuse to join twitter.

      • reaper_69

        Me too, twitter is the domain of morons!

    • waterytart

      Amen, old Twitchy here is as close as this old gal wants to get.

    • jba

      Yes… screw twitter.. it is full of twits…..

      • Stephen L. Hall

        But how do you squeeze the pregnant guppies into the computer?

  • Diane Stephan

    This keeps up, you will NEVER get anyone to sit on a jury again.

    • $334010

      I’ll do it… I don’t care. I’ll serve on a jury and then the next day I’ll write a letter to the editor about the trial when it’s over. You know why? Because I’m a f’n US Marine and I don’t back down from a damn thing let alone a mortal man. They venture to find out what “no better friend, no worse enemy” means then I’ll give em a lesson. Threaten to burn down my house and actually some moron does it… I’ll wage guerrilla war on their entire community and they’ll think it was an act of God. Seriously these idiots run their mouth to the wrong person someday and it’ll shatter their little world just like trayvon had happen… he had a history of beating people up, fighting and all that and finally he decided to get into full blown aggravated assault on the wrong “creepy ass cracker”…. well… he got shot. effectively ending his fledgling criminal career. I’m all butt hurt over it. really.

      • James T. Carver

        Semper Fi.

      • John L. Krueger

        You go Jarhead! HooAh!
        Said this Army soldier. Got your six and I’ll join you.

      • John Rebori

        Bravo Zulu Gyrene

    • davidnohe

      That’s exactly what they want…for all of “us” to be intimidated and fearful. And you’re correct…it’s working.

  • jose

    Wont be happy till tthere is a race war will yas.

    • Timothy Kennedy

      Now you’re on the right path. That is EXACTLY what they want.

      • jose

        Be careful what you wish for I was always told

        • jba

          Blacks don’t want to get into a race war with Whitey… they will lose in a big way… Whitey has Rednecks on their side… they know how to shoot crap up real proper like…. (Roadsigns, beer cans, squirrels, raccoons, possums, etc..) Plus all of the food from the Whitey part of the world will be cut off in a heart beat and the cities will be staved out in a month or so..

          • jose

            They shoot burn a loot pretty good inthe city. Hopefully the will wake up and take accountability for the actions that portray them as iignorant

          • Jay Stevens

            Plus target ID will be really simple.

  • Rationalthinker

    And people wonder why we maintain our RIGHT to bear arms….

  • Angus Scrimm

    Well, CNN did their part to spread the lies and false narrative of the prosecution. Chickens coming home to roost i.e. the product of their biased reporting and illiterate and ignorant viewership.

    • Batman

      and his social security number.

    • ElBuzo

      Even the members of the liberal press do not deserve the terrorist threats of these self-righteous radical bigots who look for perceived injustices as an excuse for violence and hateful rhetoric. Anyone who does not agree with their viewpoint deserves death. They are a far more evil element than those they feign to protest. Shame on ANYONE who would threaten jurors, the Martin family, the Zimmerman family, or any other person because of their own extreme ideology. Our imperfect justice system functions far more effectively for all its citizens than any other in the world.

      • Jay Stevens

        “Even the members of the liberal press do not deserve the terrorist threats of these self-righteous radical bigots … ”

        I think I disagree. It is past time to stop rewarding stupidity.

      • Cliff Daugherty

        Wait until they are forced to go on jury duty…and if they vote in the wrong way according to someone elses view….well they may be looking over their shoulder at all hours of the day and night!

  • BigSky1970

    This is the same idiot Twitter mob that got the wrong George Zimmerman in Florida when they were going to “hunt him down like a dog”. Par for the course.

  • Jack Peterson

    So the next time anyone gets on a high profile, racially charged case they can use the excuse that they fear for their safety. The great thing about social media is the ability to create lies – whether intentional or not.

  • carrol

    PPL are some of the dumbest, you never put a threat on any forum like Twitter. this could be jail time for any of you who do. and how will you ever know who she was, you never will. also its the stand your ground law that brought this verdict. you PPL need to get a life.

  • James Rose

    Mr. NeJame, I sincerely hope you and your wife have conceal carry permits and are armed. If not, do so immediately.

    • $334010

      If they don’t they sure as hell have “credible threats” and “standing” to get those permits expedited now.

    • Timothy Kennedy

      He works for CNN…they preach that the best defense is a “hug” not a weapon.

  • Diane Stephan

    If only they could use their investigatory powers to find a job. 😉

    • Night Owl

      LOL! You actually made me laugh! This whole thing is getting so ridiculous, thanks!

  • zlerpster

    Truth doesn’t really matter at this point. If I were the NeJames I’d lay low for a while.

  • Anthony

    Actually juror B37’s name is Wi Tu Lo. Just saw it on a San Francisco news report.

    • Cliff Daugherty

      I put a deserving dislike on your comment…yes, you did see that in the paper and on the news…concerning the names of the 4 pilots on the airplane that crashed in San Francisco….a false report of the names ( a sic joke ) because the airline was based out of South Korea…it printed it out in my newspaper…I can only think of 3 that were given …Wi Tu Lo , Ho Lee Fuk , Bing Bang Ow …very sick! Anyhow, the airline is starting a lawsuit against the papers, tv stations, and the source where it started from…you got a dislike because you know the same facts as I do…you know you got that info concerning the crash….not anything about a juror in Florida…you are starting stupid rumors…so keep your comments off…you know better than that!

      • Bristel

        What a concern troll. Let him make his joke. The hoax was funny, the tragedy was not.

      • Corey Dennison

        Lighten up, Francis.

  • John Bibb

    The jurors should wise up and clam up. And they should “pack heat” just in case–don’t leave home without it. There may be some bounties on their heads. I seem to remember reading that some Black hate group put out a reward for George Zimmerman. I think he got his gun back. Some fool may try to harm him–he will live in fear the rest of his life.

    The Second Amendment remedy may be necessary to prevent “payback” by crazies.

    • waterytart

      Really makes you think, doesn’t it? If someone provokes him, does he shoot, or hesitate? And, if he shoots, he’ll just “prove their case” in their minds. My heart breaks for him and his family and the living hell they’ll suffer for God knows how long.

  • No longer shocked

    Can anyone tell me why twitter suffers absolutely no ramifications for allowing threats on its site?

  • Timothy Kennedy

    Ok…quick survey…who believes that anyone connected, even loosely, would not have sentenced GZ on some charge? My mind just can’t get around the thought that these frigin’ leftist morons could possibly function on a daily basis. They are so dumb that they must be reminded to breathe 8 or 10 times a day.

    • davidnohe

      Actually it’s closer to 17,280 to 23,040 times per day…the average number of breaths the average person takes in a day. HOWEVER, since leftist morons aren’t average and tend to be hyperventilating and whining most of the time, the number could be closer to double the above figure.

      • Timothy Kennedy


  • bpr

    holy crap the ingorance abounds!!! my s&p is my new American express…..I hope AG Holder and the DOJ charges many of these idiots on twatter….how can that be seen as anything but hate-speech?

  • TJCrane_NCC1701

    I heard that Juror B37 bought a ticket on an Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Cuba. She’ll be sitting in seat 17A…..https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BNhK7KhCAAEgv9I.png

    • Cliff Daugherty

      Hey wait a minute…that seat was reserved for Edward Snowden!

  • jose

    Pathetic fools grasping at straws they’re minds have been taonted by they’re own racism.

  • krmike


  • R.t. Greenwood

    If you were ever confused about the phrase “low information voter” then the Zimmerman lynch mob should help you understand.

    • forgetyoutooo

      Look and listen (and try to understand) no further than Rachel Jeantel for the very definition of a low information/government Julia Democrat 4 Life.

  • bpr

    where was the outrage during the Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian rape/murders in Knoxville? I guess it wasn’t played out in the national media because they were afraid of riots?

  • Suzyqpie

    Thanks, 0bama, way to go, look at the debris field that you have created, our great Uniter.

  • TJ

    Have they done several page deep Google search and found out she was a member of the Tea Party. Or at least someone with that name, it does not matter if they are from a different city or state they are the face of the Tea Party or something.

  • Maus

    Twitter is so appropriately named.

    It gives the truly stupid amongst us a venue where they can vent their spleen with “no take-backs”. Before, your lack of a full deck was known only to a few…

  • Dave Turson

    Uh-oh, what are they going to do to the juror who is

  • greatunconformity

    Twitchy moderators, boot this guy. We don’t need language like this.

  • HWarrior13

    All these protests and riots remind me of the when all those White people rioted when the OJ Simpson verdict came down.

  • KMO

    If the african american community is tired of being “profiled” as criminals, why is almost every tweet threatening violence to these jurors? They don’t mind the “innocent until proven guilty” until the victim is black??? and then it goes from “innocent until proven guilty” to “the verdict better be the one I want or your going to die”????? Noooo.. you’re right.. You do not have violent tendencies AT ALL. (insert sarcasm here) Not all African Americans are criminals. Not even close. But all non-African Americans are racists. I would venture that most all of the people who are calling for retaliation for this verdict had decided that George Zimmerman was guilty the second they found out he wasn’t black. They made a decision about him based on the color of HIS skin. Looks like “profiling” works both ways.

    • hmschlmom

      BOB DYLAN was picked up by cops in a Latino community in NJ because he “didn’t fit in”. The young female officer did not recognize him, or his name. When she called in to the station to ask if anyone DID, the older officers just about fell over! Asked her to get an autograph!

      This lil story just brought to you by the fact that EVERYONE is profiled. Not just black people. It is simply human nature!

  • bjeanthejellybean

    Their first clue that this was false was the tweet that said “Twitter has identified”!! What a bunch of morons.

  • Tanker74

    These people are violent sociopaths … just like dead Trayvon.

    • IvanRider

      And over half of them are on marijuana. Like Trayvon was. Like Obama has been at one point in his life. Like most of the Left has been.

      Marijuana: whoever said it is harmless was a damn liar.

  • bigsiouxriver

    Just makes you want to pack heat in self-defense, no?

    • Jay Stevens

      Well, that is the main point.

  • Steve_J

    Just ignant.

  • Travis R Hughs

    Good job JurorB37, thank you for you service.

  • Justice

    Don’t promote these people report these people to the authorities

  • JeffreyFuller

    The term IDIOT comes from the Romans and refers to the uneducated, uninformed, and intellectually incapable masses that had to be appeased to retain peace. I thought civilization had moved beyond this.

    • Jay Stevens

      Silly rabbit.

  • Batman

    Not all human beings act civilized. No news here…

  • DBrenchley

    I’m thinking it’s time Congress pass a law, or amend existing law to ensure social media threats are prosecutable as a federal offense .. this is dangerous ..

  • redsoxfangeo

    So, if you’re white and you sit on a jury, find everyone that looks like Obama guilty, even if they’re not. You’re going to be labeled a racist anyway.

  • FrickenGenius

    Justice Department should track down every threat made to juror. NOW. This threatens the justice system and cannot be shrugged off by Holder.

    • librarygryffon

      Unfortunately, 5 of the jurors aren’t “his people”, so Holder couldn’t care less what happens to them. I mean, what are a few threats, or (God forbid) dead or injured jurors when they serve the greater cause of starting the national talk on race relations, which in Holder and Obama’s eyes boils down to us crackers always being wrong, and black folk always being right. Us crackers need to learn to take our medicine, and never, ever retaliate or even defend ourselves against a black. (there should a few /sarc tags in there)
      Somehow I don’t think this is why my great-great-grandfather spent a year in Andersonville.

    • Cliff Daugherty

      I agree 100% with you! Come on people…ADD your vote to this…it is VERY IMPORTANT! Think about it…you may have jury duty someday!

  • jenndee

    So is it bad to fall in love with a black man? Does this woman think so ill of her race? These people are an embarrassment to the human race!

  • toddm123

    These people are sick. There’s no other word for it. I almost feel sorry for the hate and victimization that’s been driven into their heads by their “Leaders”.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    These same ignoramuses that spent this farce willfully ignoring reality and failing to comprehend obvious facts are going to track down the juror? Sounds like a recipe for top-quality detective work. Juror B37 will be sleeping soundly at night, secured by the mob’s stupidity.

  • Teena Breci

    Omg. This is disgusting. These “people” are absolutely disgusting. This makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Steven A. Spence

    There is a way to combat these false name rumors…”I’m Spartacus!”

  • IvanRider

    These assclowns are thinking like the lynch mobs of a century ago. They cannot see how eyesore obvious their hypocrisy is. They’re looking to lynch any white woman they can, regardless of whether or not they even have the “guilty” party.

  • Suzie

    Twitter needs to be shut down in the best interest of the country. Anybody can say anything and the IDIOTS believe it and retweet it. VERY DANGEROUS!!!

  • Raejean

    So now the lynch mob goes after the jury, too, because they didn’t like the verdict? Shows you that this trial isn’t about justice, it’s about GETTING BACK, doesn’t it?

  • Susan

    I would strongly suggest that these folks quit with the threats. Your Twitter identification is very easily traced. You don’t think law enforcement is watching ALL social media? Use your frick’n heads you stupid idiots!

    • Diane Stephan

      That and Facebook.

  • tarandfeatherthecrooks

    Gangsta government of the gangsta people….

  • RanierWest

    Ignorance is dangerous and boy do the #NoJustice folks have alot of it. I feel as though I’ve been transported to Russia during Stalin’s liquidation and purges. I wonder about @ThePeoplesCube take on this.

  • ThePastaSauce

    Obama/Holder need to end this immediately simply by stating the jury has decided – the rule of law will be followed and there is NO EVIDENCE of a Civil Rights violation based on racial profiling. The case is closed…

    • http://www.onEye1.com/ JamieD

      His next actions regarding this situation will tell the true tale of where Obama’s heart is…. To Help the Country, or Destroy it.

      • Cliff Daugherty

        I am not going to like or dislike your comment…you are just misinformed ….You don’t know the answer yet? Obama promised he would change America….and you bet, he sure has! America is not the America I know….changing all the laws…making up new laws without Congress approval….taking our freedoms away…wanting all of America to change over to his Muslim religion and make this a Communist nation….even members of his own Democrat party in the Senate and Congress are starting to wake up and see through his lies and deceit! No thank you…Mr Obama is the WORST President we have had in all our history…PERIOD!

        • http://www.onEye1.com/ JamieD

          I agree 100%. My comment was to bring attention to the fact that this administration can no longer hide on the race issue. If anyone was in doubt before, his actions in this matter will bring it to full view.

        • http://www.onEye1.com/ JamieD

          Last one was moderated (which means its always deleted), so I try again, completely on topic and non-offensive.

          I agree except for the “misinformed” bit. My comment was to bring attention to the fact that this
          administration can no longer hide on the race issue. If anyone was in
          doubt before, his actions in this matter will bring it to full view. So if Obama and holder do not condemn and disperse these false rumors, then everyone will know, beyond any doubt, that this administration is trying to cause a race war (destroy America).

        • http://www.onEye1.com/ JamieD

          Last one was moderated (which means its always deleted), so I try again, completely on topic and non-offensive.

          I agree except for the “misinformed” bit.
          My comment was to bring attention to the fact that this
          administration can no longer hide on the race issue. If anyone was in doubt before, his actions in this matter will bring it to full view. So if Obama and holder do not condemn and disperse these false rumors, then everyone will know, beyond any doubt, that this administration is trying to cause a race war (destroy America).


    People please! Leave the jurors alone. Leave their anonymity intact. Jurors always risk retribution from either side or even both to participate in this American legal system that we all hide behind. If you think it’s corrupt, try something new and participate, get involved, be an asset to this country.

  • doriangrey11
  • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

    “@Cajun_peach I would never wish ill on someones children but…… I hope her kids fall in love with a black guy lol”

    What is it with libs thinking that conservatives are anti-black male interracial dating?

    Do they not get it that republicans freed the slaves and worked for civil rights for women and Blacks??

    In my experience, I know of democrat and pro-gay rights supporter who wouldn’t touch a Black (or even gay) person with a ten foot pole.

    Would it make the left angry if I said that Black women dating white men is increasingly popular?

    • 20670

      Would it make the blacks and left mad if they were told that the first person to own a black slave in America was a black man? It just happens to be the truth.

  • rickg62

    A white kid sits in jail for making a joke on Facebook but will any of these trash face any consequences? Look at their pictures and you’ll have your answer.

  • robcrawford2

    I hear one of the jurors was named “Piers Morgan”.

  • $8182155

    Katniss Everdeen @HenryQs needs to be detained and interrogated immediately. Her comments about JN’s daughters and “so help her God” are insidious THREATS. KE continues to deny this on her Twitter feed.

  • dalemerchant

    You all are so full of shi$# give me a break this is not a juror and you are just grasping at straws. Travon Martin was involved in street fights and beat up on a bus driver few days prior to this shooting. The only race issues here are with Martin calling all white people crackers. His friend and star witness stated this whole this that’s why! She was ashamed. She told him to return and beat up on this white cracker and what happened! You got shot.

  • http://www.onEye1.com/ JamieD

    Its people like this that require us to have so many laws. So start enforcing them please!

  • DV S1EOG

    I love the super smart people who go online, onto social networking sites, mostly from your smartphone, and make terroristic threats. What wonderful morons.

    Now, if this lawyer, his wife and/or kids are attacked and/or killed, will Piers Morgan change his stance on their rights to protect themselves with firearms? Or will he just feast on the blood and gore that he, his network, MSNBC, NBC, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, Obama, and Holder all have created?

    I also wonder, since hispanics are now being attacked due to this case and all of the race baiting, could the Dems start losing the hispanic vote?????

  • Cal

    Twitter, in general, makes me think of an unwashed mob of vigilantes. That’s kind of scary.

  • right_on

    Why are these willfully uninformed (and, racist) people are making death threats? Do they really intend to carry out those threats? This group of pedantic miscreants should be held up as the terrorists they have shown themselves to be: cowardly, and disdainful of common decency, and the rule of law. For all their efforts to point out (non-existent) racism, they are blind to the three fingers that are pointing back at THEM!
    Perhaps some day soon, brilliant minds will see the necessity of enacting legislation that would criminalize terrorist threats made by people using modern technology to communicate those threats.

    • grais

      They’re doing it because they can.
      And because they have nothing better to do.
      And because they’re deranged.
      Any legislation to control them will be seen as racist.

  • Shotwell

    Katness,,,, we don’t leave things to chance….. we teach our kids to look for a strong character, motivated, ethics and a good career….. welfare recipients on unemployment roaming the streets smoking weed looking for someone to rob isn’t exactly how we raise our “chilluns”!!! LMAO

  • Dave Suchy

    shall I tell all you racists something? If I were the attorney general, every threat of violence towards Zimmerman, his family, or the jury, is a prosecutable offense, and I would round you up and let ya think about it for a couple years. First Amendment you say? Freedom of speech, you cry out? Wrong, threats are not protected as First Amendments, they are what they are. AGAINST THE LAW.

  • Arne

    “@Cajun_peach I would never wish ill on someones children but…… I hope her kids fall in love with a black guy lol”
    So I guess falling in love with a black guy is a bad thing??? Who is the racist here?

  • HoneyTree EvilEye

    Has anyone started #TrayvonGotWhatWasComingToHimShutTheF’kUpIgnorantNiggas(acceptable) on Twitter?

  • Dixie_Sugarbaker

    So wishing a child falls in love with a black guy = ill will? Do some of these twitterers realize THEY are being racist and insulting?

  • Medicinewoman2

    Fools=symbiotic relationships, the tweeters feed each other BS and they gladly eat it.

  • jb

    People on this thread: screen save every single one of those twitters above. In case.

  • Billy Bob

    Give it a month and no will remember who Zimmerman/Martin are. The MSM will have someone else in the spotlight to crucify.

  • jkpalmdale

    Subhumans is the only way to describe them

  • Damien Johnson

    Katniss Everdeen @HenryQs

    Oh Josie Nejame…. You have quite some beautiful pictures in Google images. Your daughters are so adorable.


    Katniss Everdeen @HenryQs

    @AwesomestOn3 I could be wrong, it might not be her… But so help her God if it is.


    Katniss Everdeen [email protected]

    I’ve been called everything BUT a child of God.

    oh gee, wonder why that is.

  • TDS

    There are some seriously twisted people in this world…

  • William Henry Bowen

    If Ms. NeJame does not already have a Concealed Weapon Permit I think she needs to get one ASAP.

  • ELC

    Wonderful…this woman should not have been outed whether she was on the jury or not of which I don’t think she was. This is pretty sick. The women on the jury did their job whether everyone agreed with the outcome or not. They don’t owe anyone an explanation for their findings. People should just calm down and stop this nonsense. already. I still say this case should not have been broadcast all over the place. This case should not have gone to trial right from the beginning, but now that it did and the jury came back with Not Guilty..its time for people to move on. The jurors names should not be given out unless they agree to it. They should have the right to privacy.

  • http://www.onEye1.com/ JamieD

    Does anyone know who moderates the comments (Disqus or Twitchy)? It seems most of my comments are moderated and disappear. WHY? On topic, not overtly offensive and extremely mild compared to other off-topic, name-calling comments. Anyone else (with conservative opinions) experience this?

    • http://www.onEye1.com/ JamieD

      Disqus does not moderate (or so they claim).

  • http://www.onEye1.com/ JamieD

    This is in reply to Cliff Daughtery:

    Last one was moderated (which means its always deleted), so I try again, completely on topic and non-offensive.

    I agree except for the “misinformed” bit.
    My comment was to bring attention to the fact that this
    administration can no longer hide on the race issue. If anyone was in
    doubt before, his actions in this matter will bring it to full view. So
    if Obama and holder do not condemn and disperse these false rumors, then
    everyone will know, beyond any doubt, that this administration is
    trying to cause a race war (destroy America).

  • AWomaninTX

    Well, their twitter accounts have their info. So of something happens, hopefully they will be held accountable.

  • Donald Borsch Jr

    SO Katniss up above is saying that for a white woman’s daughters to fall in love with a black man would be considered ill. Classy.

    • BiffWellington

      not so classy, but very revealing…in other words, a typical hypocrite.

  • Lynn R

    Dear Lord, what is happening in this world…

  • Sassy3000

    What kind of psychopath thinks it’s okay to wish murder or rape on anyone?! Pukes like that need to be taken to a nice quiet Desert Island somewhere and left!

    We don’t need those ignorant morons embarrassing this country anymore! I am sick to death of them!

    It’s high time we fight back against this Racist Pigs who use the past as an excuse to bully people into submission!

    George Zimmerman did nothing wrong! He was well within his rights to follow someone who fit the profile of those breaking into the homes. George told the 911 Operator that the guy was peering into houses! Now if anyone doesn’t think THAT is suspicous, my question to that half-wit is How much Crack are they smoking?
    I would call the cops if a 50 yr old white guy in a suit was out walking at night in the rain and peering into houses!

    And 911 Operators have NO AUTHORITY to tell people what to do. They can ONLY advise. But HE DID do as she/he requested the second time and he TURNED AROUND! He told her so! Just like he told her he was getting out of the car for a better look.

    Sadly The Racist Knuckle-dragging half-wits can’t seem to grasp that if TREYVON HADN’T TURNED AROUND AND ATTACKED GEORGE! HE WOULD STILL BE ALIVE TODAY! PERIOD!

    I have to laugh at how the pukes in the Liberal Media are going into a Tail-Spin, Desperately trying to make Treyvon look all harmless and innocent. Showing him holding a little girl. Awwww. And having a friends father describe how he gave away free pop and chips to people. awwww.

    Yes, because Teens who hold children and give away free stuff, NEVER start any trouble or want to buy a gun. Oh wait! But what about TREYVONS TEXT MESSAGE?! THE ONE WHERE HE WAS ASKING A FRIEND WHERE TO BUY A GUN?! (shaking head)
    I remember when working at a Dept Store back in the 80’s and a woman told me her son belonged to a gang after I mentioned what a bunch of violent jerks they were. (or words to that effect) Anyway, she informed me that whenever the Gang Members came to HER house, they were “Always Well behaved and Well Mannered”. Of course that didn’t convince me that they were never violent. Only that they obviously acted differently around certain people. Duh!

    I’m surprised no one has photoshopped a picture of Treyvon in a Boy Scout Uniform helping a little old lady across the street! LOL! Nothing the Liberal Media does, surprise me anymore.

    Sadly some fools

  • AZWarrior

    This dangerous insanity will last until after the next election. The Democrats need to distract from the many criminal and incompetent acts of this administration.

  • AZWarrior

    Just found out that juror B37’s name is Valerie Jarrett.

  • arrow2010

    Riddle me this conservatives! If T. Martin was straddling George Z and punching him MMA-style, how did George Z free his arm to draw the gun and fire? Something tells me that George Z lied!~

    • BiffWellington

      Trial’s over…live with it.

    • FaithColeridge33

      We got lucky.

    • Keninmo

      Hmmmm…..if Tray-Tray is “punching” George, then I suppose….Tray Tray’s arms are…..swinging….and George’s arm is…..reaching for his gun. Riddle me this, idjit, how did you figure out how to work a computer with so little brain function?

    • Corey Dennison

      Something tells me that George Z lied

      Is it the same little voice in your head that tells you to set things on fire? Because that would explain a lot of your comments here.

  • Ricci Logan

    its times like these id like to have been a jurior on the GZ jury and have these half wits m aking threats…………….they might not like my response………..remember karma is a bitch dont be surprised when it bite you in the ass

  • Bayou Boogie

    Exactly how does one openly threaten someone (especially threats which involve bodily harm) and NOT have the cops knocking at their door with a judicial order to appear in court to answer charges of incitement!?

  • Tim

    Liberals don’t care whose lives they destroy or how many lives they destroy. The more people they destroy, the better, as far as they’re concerned. This is what liberals call “compassion.”

    The next liberal you see on TV with genuine compassion for anyone but himself will be the first.

  • John Howard

    Collectively, then, the jurors are Josie and the Pussycats.

  • whatatime

    More stupidity from low information voters

  • tym mothy

    is she saying falling in love with a black dude would be considered bad? that seems a bit of a fruedian slip considering she is a black girl. aybe she has first hand experience?
    Katniss Everdeen @HenryQs
    @Cajun_peach I would never wish ill on someones children but…… I hope her kids fall in love with a black guy lol

  • carlberlin

    Debbie waserman Shultz was on the jury

  • $22639970

    Katniss Everdeen @HenryQs tweets the following comment,
    “I would never wish ill on someones children but…… I hope her kids fall in love with a black guy lol”

    Kinda interesting that she regards being involved with her own race as a form of punishment, eh? That explains a lot about her own culture.

  • KansasGirl

    Dear Katnis Everdeen, if her children fell in love with a “black” man, you would hate the “white” child for having the nerve to love a “black” man.
    You can’t even realize how you’ve been played by the democRat party…over and over and over again.

  • John Howard


  • Zathras11 @B5

    Katniss Everdeen @HenryQs = sick twisted b!tch.

  • magnut

    she will be fine. after all it was a fair trial. ands its america right? i think we”re done here

  • Keninmo

    Well, is the Justice Dept going to investigate these black twitter twits for a civl rights violation against the NeJame family? Probably not. They aren’t the right color for a civil rights investigation

  • san rafael blue

    The social media is showing profound irresponsibility in allowing all these heavy streams of hate speech to go unfettered, unedited. I suppose so long as you hate conservatives, or whites, that’s ok. This will ONLY be stopped when the victims begin suing for slander and libel in the tort courts. A Deep Pocket Dig Out is the ONLY thing these arrogant dot.orgs will understand. DOCUMENT,and NAME these organizations. PUBLICIZE then SUE THEM mightily!

  • $7610427

    All this sh it is starting to freakin pi ss me off!!! They are threatening jurors and innocent people and their children.
    “But so help her God if it is.” If it is, then WHAT you gonna do bout it Katniss???

  • James A. Lonon

    Katniss., If one little hair on these children’s head is harmed, it will be YOU who will need God’s mercy because we WILL find you. That’s a promise! Like your comments, you can interpret this as you like.

  • Dandee

    What a bunch of losers. Just like the thugs in Crenshaw and Oakland. Big losers.

  • Justin Hogan

    WOW the sheep are loose.

    • Vennoye

      Will agree with you, IF you change the word sheep for GOATS!!

  • Calvin

    I guess a few more people need to see Florida’s self defense laws demonstrated…in person.

  • Terry_Jim

    The same Stasi bastards who are preparing their
    Federal case against Zimmerman will happily
    leak the jurors names and addresses.
    Whenever it suits them.

  • Paul Ochtrup

    “I would never wish ill on someones children but…… I hope her kids
    fall in love with a black guy lol”. That tweet makes me think of something a
    red boot-laced democrat KKK member circa 1910 would have said about his neighbor’s wife when she wouldn’t attend a lynching.

  • MikeRios

    Not surprised. This is the mentality of the racist crowd. Nothing but a bunch of 3 year old brats throwing themselves on the floor at the store because mommy won’t buy them a toy. Al, the convicted liar, Sharpton and his cronies and huckster pals and all who follow them are all alike. With them there will never be justice or peace.

  • BC

    Katniss Everdeen @HenryQs
    @Cajun_peach I would never wish ill on someones children but…… I hope her kids fall in love with a black guy lol

    So, are you saying that falling in love with a black guy is an ill wish?
    Careful what and how you say things… you’re showing your ignorance, like everyone else on here posting things they know nothing about.

  • Sick N. Tired

    It’s funny how a mob of people wanting to stop being treated like criminals are acting just like CRIMINALS. I’m sorry that so many people who didn’t even KNOW Trayvon Martin are SO deeply affected by his loss. It is VERY sad, yes, that he was killed. George Zimmerman never should have approached him, I agree and Trayvon should still be alive. But at the same time, If I were George Zimmerman, FACED WITH MY OWN DEATH **AND** I had a gun on me he would have ended up dead again. What people need to do is feel sad for the kids and move on. You are not proving anything by rioting in the streets and threatening people for doing the job presented to them…Just because the mob says you should think one way doesn’t mean you should be getting death threats if you don’t. But Alas, I am wasting my breath. Logic doesn’t work with people like this and this rioting has nothing to do with Trayvon at all really. You have a bunch of people who are just looking to start trouble over anything and everything.

  • aimeedee

    What is reailly scary is that “Katniss Everdeen” is a licensed SOCIAL WORKER. God help this society when a social worker is acting like a mafia boss. Pure evil. And she had the audacity to say: “It’s a crying shame how we vilify & sensationalize topics & headlines in the media.” Indeed, Katniss, indeed…..

  • KMO

    If the african american community is tired of being “profiled” as criminals, why is almost every tweet threatening violence to these jurors? They don’t mind the “innocent until proven guilty” until the victim is black??? and then it goes from “innocent until proven guilty” to “the verdict better be the one I want or your going to die”????? Noooo.. you’re right.. You do not have violent tendencies AT ALL. (insert sarcasm here) Not all African Americans are criminals. Not even close. But all non-African Americans are racists. I would venture that most all of the people who are calling for retaliation for this verdict had decided that George Zimmerman was guilty the second they found out he wasn’t black. They made a decision about him based on the color of HIS skin. Looks like “profiling” works both ways.

  • Elena0412

    I knew this would happen. When those with low intelligence and low impulse control get some ridiculous notion, there is no amount of truth and common sense that will convince them otherwise. The real jurors need to be relocated under the witness protection program.

  • al hunt

    how are they ever gonna find out who they really are when they can’t even find a CLUE?

  • http://wolfmoon1776.wordpress.com/ Wolf Moon

    Damn. And here I was thinking that juror B37 was ME.

  • Scott Barrish

    New Black Panther Party member and now convict of a felony, Michelle Williams of Tampa, FL has spread the same rumor. I have a screen shot to prove it too

  • Scott Barrish

    here it is:

  • freeinaz

    I am B37