Another brilliant moment in CNN’s Zimmerman trial coverage. Anchor Don Lemon cornered prosecutor John Guy in an elevator and asked him the question on everyone’s mind. Because, real journalism.

Lemon proudly retweeted that tweet.


Squee! Imagine if you were in that elevator with McDreamy! ABC News producer Stephanie Wash was there to describe Guy’s charming laugh and “million dollar grin.”

Someone might want to send this Twitchy post to this guy:

Update: This guy also needs a reality check.


Bow-chicka oh no: Zimmerman trial viewers swoon over mannequin demo; ‘Wish I was that dummy’

  • William Belcher

    Do you think these people would be talking about how dreamy he is if he were on the other side? Nothing about them is genuine.

    • sky

      No one is talking about the other prosecutors…I don’t care what side he’s on; he’s a gorgeous man!

  • Maypo

    So did Lemon hit on the guy for a date?

    • halflight

      My thoughts exactly. Imagine if a straight male reporter made a comment like that to a married female prosecutor. People would not say that it was “cute”.

      Totally inappropriate.

    • DeadBuffalo Blog

      How about we all start calling Lemon “McFlamey”

  • NeoKong

    Oh fer crissakes’…Get a room.

  • catonglue

    McGay….not that there is anything wrong with that.

  • michael s

    Here’s the question Don Lemon should’ve asked.

    • DelPasso

      White people would be pissed and black people would be saying the cracker deserved it.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        White collectivists would be pissed and black collectivists would be saying the cracker deserved it.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Yeah, that never happens. A black man shooting someone? Come on!

      Everyone knows all gun crime is caused by white religious gun owners, usually NRA members. Just watch the news and you’ll see what I mean. Especially cable news.

  • Jeffrey Olah

    he better not pick up the soap if Don Lemon drops it

    • kdhouse

      That would be a “Lemon drop.”

  • kathleen clark


  • NickyTine

    Don Lemon: seriously? Real hard-hitting journalism there, pal. What’s next with you? An observation that Ed Snowden’s five o’clock shadow is sexy?

  • porck

    “Journalists”. Now you know why we need ” just bloggers’

  • HARP2

    So Don…how does it feel to be considered McIdiot ?

  • Markward

    More epic reporting from the “Real Journalists”.

  • mapache

    Does Don Lemon indicate he would rather be the top or the bottom.

  • TocksNedlog

    Creepy ass lemon squeezer.

  • Tom Chipp

    So what would they call him if he was an effective prosecutor?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    So…a gay black man serving leftists causes can say just about anything without any criticism from the left. Not ever questioning professionalism.

  • DaCheezWhizKid

    “That’s an awkward question…….coming from another man.”