Alternate title: CBS producer Mosheh Oinounou gets the last laugh after State Department is forced to eat crow.

On Wednesday, Oinounou snapped a pic of Secretary of State John Kerry enjoying a little quiet time on his yacht in Nantucket during the Egyptian coup.

The State Department insisted the story was false.

Today, after State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki was forced to admit that Kerry was “briefly” on his yacht Wednesday, Oinounou tweeted another photo of Kerry briefly (or not-so-briefly) aboard his boat. Will the State Department claim today’s photo is more balderdash and chicanery?

Exit giggle-snort:

  • NotaLemming

    Is this the property tax obfuscation Yacht?

    • philips66

      Yes, he is with the beautiful people on Nantucket. He only paid the taxes due when forced to after the media exposed him! Yacht built in NZ i think, not American made!

      • bluewaternavy

        Isabel is a Friendship 75-and yes, she’s built in New Zealand. Plenty of good yards here that could have built a fine yacht for him.

        That said, Isabel may have a jerk for an owner, but she’s still a looker…

        • philips66

          Thanks for the clarification. There are some of the oldest boat builders in the country locally around here but Lurch is a jackass. Buy American must be for the peasants only LOL

          • bluewaternavy

            My pleasure! I had a lobster boat in the until I gave her to my youngest son. she was built in Boothbay in 1936 and still solid as when she first hit the water. Great seaboat and a pure joy!

  • Steve_J

    Still in Rhode Island trying to figure out how to beat Mass. out of another 500,000.00 in taxes.

  • Peyton

    You can’t briefly be on a boat. It doesn’t happen.It takes a few hours atleast.

    • arttie

      What if he doesn’t do boxers?

    • beebop1952

      Okay. And here’s the thing: ASLEEP at the yacht wheel and crickets from the left. Romney does ANYTHING and its a headline.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      I can verify that, from the times I’ve been out with my mom and brothers on our Step-father’s sailboat… And if you run aground, it takes longer… And, cooks your engine! Jawamax 8<{D}

    • stellatruman

      nobody is ” briefly ” on Nantucket either…but there is that cute little airport that one could fly out of if the need arose to, I don’t know…do their job ?

    • bluewaternavy

      You have that right!

  • John Howard

    A swift ‘boat’ lie?

  • The Penguin

    Actually, we don’t want him attempting to do his job. They’re all so incompetent at it….best to let things play out. K, going back to bed. CNN will tell me what’s going on in the morning.

  • philoise65

    I keep telling you that Kerry knows a lot about water. He is lower than whale crap on the ocean floor.

    • Axelgreaser

      LOL! The number one requirement to be an ‘office buying’ liberal.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      In the Mariannas Trench… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • IronButterfly

    Maybe one day he can use that boat and retrace his steps up the Mekong and into Cambodia. Or maybe that never happened…..

    • The Penguin

      I’m sayin’

    • The Penguin

      Love the Purple Heart bought at the PX too.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Go east a few Hundred miles, then turn left (North)..An Iceberg hunting trip would do you good… XD Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to Mr. Kerry:

    When you are tall and resemble a mythical macabre monster. And the whole world is wondering where you are and looking for you.

    DO NOT go outside and terrorize the villagers!!!

  • NeoKong

    That could have been anybody skippering Kerry’s yacht.

    • beebop1952

      Take a good look at the kayak picture. There aren’t too of them that horse faced.

      • NeoKong

        I was being sarcastic.

      • NeoKong

        I was being sarcastic.

        • beebop1952

          my bad

  • Amparo Howell

    Best crook ever

  • fireandreamitchell

    If the State Department/Obama regime can’t even tell the truth about Kerry’s whereabouts on July 3, how could ANYONE believe their stories about Benghazi?

  • Axelgreaser

    ‘TREE PERSON’ Frankenkerry is a very hard working liberal, ESPECIALLY on holiday when he’s always looking for someplace to stash his yacht and avoid paying slip charges. Do we all remember that? He will actually float into another state to save a buck. After all, he’s only a gazillionaire and they like to KEEP their money. It would be interesting to see his tax returns, and those of his Ketchup Heiress wife to see just what ‘fair share’ means to them.

  • I M Free

    that is the new definition of “briefly” from the state dept.

  • tops116

    Team Obama really have a knack for digging themselves deeper, even on “silly stories that could’ve easily not been embarrassing” stuff like this. You’d think at some point, someone would step in and take the shovel away from them.

    • beebop1952

      What? You are criticizing the MOST TRANSPARENT ADMINISTRATION EVAH?

  • NixTyranny

    Change that yacht’s name from Isabel to Isabelievable.

  • Kristin Schroeder

    I do not have words for this administration

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      I do Kristin, but I can’t say ’em here… See what I did? XD Jawamax 8<{D}

  • RedSoloCup

    On the U.S.S Azzhole

    • Ken Alan Draper

      no it’s the sailing vessel JEENJIS Khan. out of AZZ’s hole, Mass.

  • philoise65

    I thought Romney was “too rich”. I mean he did own a Ski-Doo.

    • sharinite

      At least he worked for it and not married into $$$ twice like Kerry!

  • beebop1952

    Kerry was briefly injured during the Viet Nam war and embarrassed everyone else who served. Is he entitled to fly that American Flag on his little toy?

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Hey Secretary Kerry? #ShepardSmith Nice Bathtub toy! Are you 100 PERCENT SURE you weren’t out on it Wednesday and/or Thursday? Curious… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Rich

    There was a Sec. of State on his boat at Nantucket who when working on world problems said F*** it.

    • American_by_Choice

      cadence is a little off…

      Let’s try this…

      His boat was down on Nantucket, for twitchy it was loaded with nuggets.

      Cause an old lyin’ sack, came aboard for some slack, saying to his constituents: f*** it.

  • American_by_Choice

    As long as he’s not in a Foreign Country, selling the US down the river, we’re ahead of the game.

    I say we buy the traitorous POS ANOTHER BOAT and park it in Bermuda… That’s sufficiently isolated to give us a fighting chance.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Maybe they meant his “briefs” were on the boat …

  • Ken Alan Draper

    that would have been a great time for a torpedo test to go awry.

  • Oxbow

    an astonishing absence of liberal hatred for this rich, old, derelict white man

    • sharinite

      Why would they not love him…he represents what they are, rich and uncaring!

    • Misanthrope

      He’s one of them – never produces anything of value and lives off someone else’s money.

  • digdeeper

    Isn’t his wife Theresa in the hospital? He’s sailing? Hmmm…