Apparently Twittercide isn’t a Baldwin family affair.

Actor Alec Baldwin deleted his Twitter account (again) after a massive meltdown laced with anti-gay slurs aimed at Daily Mail writer George Stark. Baldwin’s “toxic little queen” rant was prompted by a report that his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, tweeted about Rachael Ray and anniversary gifts during James Gandolfini’s funeral.

Mrs. Baldwin took to Twitter to defend her out-of-control hubby and make a plea for “peace and acceptance.” No mention of the “acceptance” Alec showed when he told “lying little bitch” Stark, “I’m gonna f*ck…you…up.”

Hilaria maintains that she did not tweet during the funeral.

She also retweeted these tweets, which appear to substantiate her claim.

The Daily Mail published screen shots of tweets and reported that they were sent at “8.47am, 9.53am, 10.17am and 11.09am.” However, the timestamps are three hours later, indicating that the tweets may have been sent after the 10 a.m. funeral.

The Daily Mail is seeking “urgent clarification from Twitter as to when Mrs Baldwin’s tweets were posted.”

Hilaria may be owed an apology, but calling for “peace and acceptance” after Alec’s freakout is too rich. How ’bout a little “peace and acceptance” from rage-juiced Alec?

  • NRPax

    We’re sorry that your husband is a short-fused psychopath.

    • Jeremy

      She has problems as well she married this Psycho.

  • Clete Torres

    We apologize for making your talentless husband a household name.

    We’re really, REALLY sorry. We promise.

    • Jason Gary

      “Talentless?” Seriously? Have you ever seen anything he’s been in? The man is a master performer, regardless of what happened on Twitter. He’s a household name because he earned it. If you don’t enjoy his acting, you are clearly in the minority, sir.

      • Nate Whilk

        This “master performer” is woefully miscast in the role of a thinking, reasonable human being.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        He’s interesting to watch, but that’s because he channels his rage for the camera. He’s not that great an actor. He’s a star.

        Great actors disappear in the role. This often plays against their fame. Gary Oldman is a great actor. Compare Oldman’s roles in say, The 5th Element and the recent Batman series. Now contrast that with the range of Alec Baldwin, who plays angry sarcastic people, some times in love and other times not.

        Don’t get me wrong, there are worse star-actors that Alec. He’s just not a great actor. He’s an above average actor among the well-known stars. He does best when he plays a version of himself. That’s not greatness. That’s being a very fortunate drama queen.

        He’s an angry man that learned to perform in front of the camera and has the looks and connections to milk it.

        • Jason Gary

          He’s clearly angry, and I do agree with your overall critique (he’s not on par with Gary Oldman and company); however, I am able to separate Alec’s onscreen persona from his off-camera antics. I don’t really care if he says or does stupid, reckless things on Twitter, you know? It doesn’t affect me directly, whereas when I watch him in a movie or on television, that does affect me directly(ish). I think people on these forums, and people in general, jumble everything together. Now that Twitter and blogs and information-on-demand exist, critics are far more likely to “hate” a celebrity. Celebrities are crazy. We know this already, but these days, it all gets shoved in our faces. We crucify everyone.

          I think the internet is breeding a lot of seething rage (directed freaking everywhere) where, before, ignorance and apathy reigned, and I don’t know if that is such a good thing — indifference is preferable to being pissed off and crotchety over things that don’t actually matter. I just don’t have the energy to hate Alec Baldwin for some BS he said to a journalist. *shrug*

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “I am able to separate Alec’s onscreen persona from his off-camera antics. I don’t really care if he says or does stupid, reckless things on Twitter, you know?”

            Yes I do.

            “It doesn’t affect me directly, whereas when I watch him in a movie or on television, that does affect me directly(ish). I think people on these forums, and people in general, jumble everything together.”

            I can’t speak for others more than I can discern from their own words. What I will say is that AB inserts himself in to some political battles and is not on the side of conservatives. He has a big foul mouth and his thoughts aren’t all that sensible or rational but in spite of that he is widely quoted when it can hurt conservatives.

            Proof of his hypocrisy seems important to take notice of, if not for anything else but to remind people that he has no credibility when he publishes his opinions about things conservatives care about.

            Other than that, I actually feel sorry for the pathetic coddled person he’s become. But truthfully I don’t give him much thought at all. Almost nothing outside of a few forum comments.

            I like some of his earlier work a lot more than recent films. I don’t watch TV. I could be wrong, but I think he’s wandered down a dark path over the past decade or more. I also wonder if he’s not childishly competing with his brothers and acting out this way to distinguish himself from the conservative brothers that he seems to have trouble tolerating. Just a random thought. Maybe he thinks “Christians” or “conservatives” are taking over the country, or the planet, and he thinks this is regressive.

            But most important is what it says about those who defend his behavior. That’s worth taking note of too.

      • Clete Torres

        Yes, I have. And no, I don’t.

        I stand by my statement.

    • Judy B

      Only he certainly is NoT a household name in my house! Talentless ass he is.

  • grais

    He might fight for her fiercely now; how long will it be before he fights fiercely WITH her?
    The man is unstable.

    • BrendaStarr

      “Unstable”? That’s being a bit generous, isn’t it?

      • objectivefactsmatter

        OK, OK, he’s a maniac.

        The cat is out of the bag already.

  • TXKracker

    I see a restraining order in this newest wife’s future. At some point in time, she will likely be a victim of his rage. At a minimum be a spectator and apologist… Oh snap! Just happened.

  • Conservagrl

    Hmm, debating whether or not I should come out in support of Alec Baldwin, I actually posted on his website years ago in support of him when he went on that rant about his Daughter, even though he has horribly dissed my ideology I felt it was the right thing to do, and in this case I feel it’s right to support Alec but I do get tired of his rants dissing anything Conservative. Let me think about it.

    • seek456

      don’t bother wasting your pretty little brain cells there Meghan.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      He’s an enemy of conservatism and decent rational behavior as well.

      Get over your crush.

    • Pat R.

      He is the enemy of anything civil. Anyone that goes after his own child like that needs a brick across the head. I’m the father of five-and NEVER, EVER said anything like that to them.

  • SturJen

    I’m sorry, I cannot honestly take anything seriously from a woman who’s name is Hilaria.

    • BrendaStarr

      I can’t take seriously any woman who would still marry (and get pregnant by) this guy despite his well-documented history of being a total douchebag. But I guess once she found her sugar daddy, being a douchebag just didn’t really matter. Pity that she has so little self respect.

      • seek456

        …the money keeps pouring in. Let me tell you the Hilaria’s of this world have it figured. Marry, get preggers, walk and live happily ever after.

  • PeterP

    Wow, what a shocker. Saint Alec the Tolerant is a homophobe. This stuff writes itself.

  • FaithColeridge33

    The circle of life is unbelievable–birth, life, death…SMOOTHIES!

  • Yeah I Said It

    Stop excusing and enabling your nut job husband’s bad behavior and tell him to get his butt to anger management.

    • $18912735

      But that’s what she loves about him. Well, that and his millions of dollars… well, mostly his millions of dollars… but still…

    • grais

      She’s probably too afraid to suggest it.

  • USKensington

    The thing is, Alec on Twitter has always been the epitome of the rage and pettiness that she’s railing against. It didn’t begin because of a funeral, and it will surely continue if he ever returns to Twitter. The guy on the Internet is as big a douchebag as any “anonymous poster” ever has been.

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to Mrs. Baldwin:

    Ask again when you are hiding a brand new shiner behind the latest in fashion sunglasses.

  • robertloggia

    USA Today chose to leave out the nasty details of him using a homophobic slur… Not shocking considering he’s a liberal…

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Leftists never mean it when they use abusive language. It would work against social justice to report defamatory facts about them.

      Must protect leftists. Must destroy those who defy the left. The end justifies any means.

      That’s how hippies think in their old age.

  • Danny Wheeler

    I think Baldwin needs professional help.

    • 1SkepticalChick

      Think? I think he needs more than that. He’s a bully.

  • Notorious M.E.G.

    Too bad people didn’t analyze the timeline for Benghazi as meticulously as they are analyzing this!

    • Joe W.

      DING…DING…DING!!! Winner..Winner…You win a chicken dinner!!!!!!!

    • Jeremy

      damn right.

  • cmerlo1

    That’s Hilarias. (rimshot)

  • JR48

    Here’s a tiny piece of advice: Shut up. Stay off of Twitter. Live your life. All is well.

  • TomJB

    Is hilaria the plural of hilarious ( if it were a noun). Fitting

    So is the innocent little baby in her womb another “disgusting little pig”?

    • BrendaStarr

      That baby will be now and forever. Well, at least in the gospel according to St Alec the Tolerant it will be.

      (Thanks to PeterP who gave us that wonderful title for the looney libs’ face of tolerance and civility).

  • HARP2

    You don`t mind trashing Palin and her family.


  • PeterP

    Alec Baldwin makes Amanda Bynes seem unipolar.

  • FeistyFox

    I actually don’t like Alec Baldwin as an actor at all. Ideologically I disagree with him on just about everything. However, I have noticed that a lot of his rage filled moments are surrounded by reporters harassing his family, friends and people unfortunate (or fortunate if you consider what economic resources you have to have available to live there) enough to live in a building with him. Vilifying a guy for threatening reporters who seem to target his loved ones and neighbors isn’t anything I can get on board with anymore than I think that Paula Deen should have caught flack for comments 30 years ago.

    • Judy B

      Did he or did he not choose a very public career & lifestyle?

      • FeistyFox

        LOLz. The he is famous so he asked for it argument. Don’t participate in giving him money. Don’t buy the things he endorses, watch his shows or participate in giving him money. Put your convictions where your mouth is. If more people did this then…well the argument would be felt financially. Unfortunately such is not the case. He is not an elected official, he’s an actor. Actors make money based upon what people are willing to pay for his skills and the things he endorses.

  • Rob Stevely

    He is protective of her like a father is for his daughter….which he could be.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Paula Deen says the n-word 30 years ago and she’s fired from everything, while these left wingers spew all sorts of vile things and pick up another corporate sponsorship. You are One Capital bunghole Alec.

    • Judy B

      Since Deen is a lifelong Dim, had the Mooch on her cooking show, ask me if I really care?

      • Casey

        Um, because she’s a human being? Not to mention an American citizen with unalienable rights?

        Or do you emulate vile progs who only defend the rights of people of whom they approve?

  • jukin

    Alec made a racial slur to a black police officer and now is using a homo-slur and it is cool. However, Paula Deen is crucified for something she said 25 years ago.

    We live in bizarre times.

  • FlatFoot

    White Male Hollywood Celebrity Elitist Limousine Liberal with a raging case of Great White Guilt Trip and abundant ‘Street Cred’ playing Typhoid Mary spreading their self-loathing disease and going for an Academy Award. Or — at least a Lifetime Achievement Award anyway. That’s why Alec Baldwin won’t be Paula Deen’d in the slightest.

                                         What’s In Your Wallet?

    • Jeremy

      That is the “Rage Card” for special members

  • AWomaninTX

    “Hilaria may be owed an apology, but calling for “peace and acceptance” after Alec’s freakout is too rich. How ’bout a little “peace and acceptance” from rage-juiced Alec?”

    In all fairness, who is to say she did not ask for that from her husband?

  • Michelle

    Oh Hilaria – Just give it a rest. You have some nerve talking about rage and bullying when it was your husband that raged and bullied (and has a long history of doing so.) Is what the reporter did to you OK? Certainly not, but you chose to marry a celebrity because you wanted to be in that world, so suck it up and deal with it. Alec has a long list of exploding on people including his own daughter, a flight attendant, a police officer, a photographer, etc. You married that, you deal with it. If you don’t like the public’s reaction to his over-the-top meltdowns, then I suggest you encourage your husband to get a grip on himself. You chose this life and with that man, put your Big Girl Panties on.

    • Judy B

      It’s doubtful she would be Mrs. B, if indeed she wore BGP’s, just sayin’.

  • Dane Gunderson

    So Hilaria sez because she’s pregnant she deserves an apology from those “f**gots” whose job it is to fawn over her celebrity?

  • Dane Gunderson

    Won’t it be Hilaria us when she files her first restraining order against Alec for his “Lying and bullying”

  • Biff Wellington

    Ok, so anyone know what kind of name “Hilaria” is?

    I’m not even sure how to pronounce it. Is it pronounced like it was a new gastrointestinal ailment named after Ms. Clinton, or like a virus transmitted by mosquitoes causing uncontrollable laughter?

  • lonestar

    Baldwin’s wife complaining about bullying? That’s a good one. Alec just called the guy a toxic little queen. Alex has been a public bully for 25 years.

    • Richard Jefferies

      Good’ol Alec, who once said “we would stone Henry Hyde to death and we [would] go to their homes and we’d kill their wives and children.”

  • ScottRobinett

    leave a message….

  • VL Towler

    Michelle Malkin is like Where’s Waldo. She pops up, out of no where, to comment on things that do not concern her, inserting her nose into others business. Can’t she be deported?

    • beebop1952

      Uh. Thanks for the “enlightenment” of the left. You folks take the cake for talking out of both sides of your mouth at the same time. No wonder you idolize 0bama and Slick Willie

    • grais

      Waldo pops up out of nowhere to comment on things that don’t concern him?
      When you get deported why don’t you ask her along?

    • Jay Stevens

      Sounds like every lib commentator that I see on MSNBC. But if Twitchy bothers you, just leave.

      We cannot deport an illegal immigrant. What is your legal justification for deporting a U. S. citizen? Popularity? Tell you what. I am willing to use the up/down arrows of this post as a poll to see if we “vote you off the island”. It will have the same legal justification.


  • fireandreamitchell

    Apologize for what? – Andrew Breitbart.

  • Pilgrim22

    I Capital One going to Paula Deen him for using bad language.

  • beebop1952

    These two creatures deserve each other, but you have to feel sorry for the kid they produced.

  • Jay Stevens

    Hilaria, how about a real apology from your husband for his homophobic rant?

  • seek456

    I’ve pretty much given up on morality where the left is concerned. Weiner is winning and this creep is getting another pass – just because, the media writes it the way they want to.
    Look at Christopher’s latest missive about Crowder. It’s creepy.

    I don’t know what has happened but I truly blame the media for their slant and the stupids for going along to get along (with their own).

    Look at Deen – for some reason, she was expendable. Chills me to the bone what is happening with the moral compass of this Country.

  • DorothyGrissom

    You can always tell if a man is of good breeding by his behavior under stress. Stay classy, Baldwin.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Bottom line is if you support liberal causes and politics, you can say or do anything and liberals will go to the mat for you. However if you don’t support liberal causes or disagree with them, ANYTHING you say or do will be impugned and indicted as unacceptable. Orwell was a genius.

  • LegalizeShemp

    I love the nonstop hilarity that emanates from Mr. Hilaria himself, Smart Alec Ballbuster

  • Guest

    How long before bully Baldwin gets knocked out by someone he is abusing…
    it is just a matter of time, and HE is long overdue.

  • gold7406

    a monied celebrity has a different standard….it will be explained away as, “alec just being alec,” until he really hurts someone and then the press will say,”why didn’t his friends help him.”

  • Rulz

    Nothing wrong with wanting an apology, but she had to be the grown-up through this entire thing.

    Alec Baldwin needs some kind of counseling and should just away from social media, and no I’m not trying to be insulting or silence celeb progressives. There’s issues he must deal with especially with a kid on the way.

  • praymorenow1

    IF the tweets were fake or false, OK, whoever posted them for the WORLD to see, not just the one British journalist….someone should sue or something like that….
    BUT, sorry, the response from Alec Baldwin displayed a homophobic angry man…..attacking by the cyberworld another man….w/ old, ugly, vile attacks.
    Hey, it was a TWEET.
    It was not a gun, a hit, an assault, a stick, etc.
    It was only words.
    IF someone is stealing the words of your wife by stealing her property in the cyberworld, go after that person or group…. not those who read it.
    Nice of GLADD and Today and others to just dismiss an obvious, over the top
    homosexual slur by one famous actor who is a Democrat, leftist, and liberal……
    Paula Deen, hang her! Really, in one week, we see what happens if the left protects you…and what happens if the left tosses you overboard. Paula is a white female southern Democrat, she’s expendable I guess.
    A wealthy white man is not.
    Got it.

  • lee martell

    Those two are the Neighbors From Hell that nobody wants near them. All this squawking over a lousy Tweet? Who The Hell Cares? It’s not capitol murder even if you did, we already know the two of you are crass and vulgar, what else is new?

  • Jedd McHead

    “Lying and bullying are shameful” tweets the lady married to a lying bully.