Is Richard Marx sure about that?

John Stamos’ full tweet via WhoSay:

btw @[email protected] me pic this morning with this heading: Richard Marx on Full House! i took it as a compliment.

Separated at birth?

Stamos wasn’t the only one who decided to take Johnny Knoxville’s pic as a compliment.


This Twitter bromance has actually been blossoming for a while, at least for Richard Marx. In fact, he’s something of a Stamos connoisseur. Or fanboy.

Words to live by.


  • Clayton Grant

    I never knew Marx was so funny! He had me laughing all the way.

  • Cartoon Prophet

    I can’t decide if it is amusing or freakin creepy….

    • Jeremy

      maybe a little of both but,I did laugh.

  • trixiewoobeans

    Richard Marx, starring in “Almost Stamos”.