Internet treasure … with dreadlocks! The fact that this wig-in-a-bag isn’t Rob Lowe’s Twitter avatar yet is a crime — a crime, we tell you!

But at least one person might make use of it:


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Rob Lowe on bumbling Chuck Hagel: ‘Yikes! #TrainWreck’

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‘Faux News’ haters slam Rob Lowe for watching Fox News

Debate moderator Schieffer tells Romney to shut up, Rob Lowe asks ‘Can Schieffer just shut up?’

Sad Rob Lowe: ‘Just early voted in CA, where my presidential vote won’t matter’

Heh: Rob Lowe takes a swipe at ‘Wolf Blitzer and the brain trust explaining comedy’

Rob Lowe: The ‘buck should stop here’ on Libya, should Springsteen play ‘City of Ruins’ for Obama?

Rob Lowe: ‘Will Obama explain why our heroes had inadequate security in Benghazi?’

Actor Rob Lowe stands with wounded warriors, tweets CNN anchor ‘carrying heavy water for Obama’

  • Richard J Sunkle

    Henceforth they shall be known as “Roblocks”.

    It is done.

  • nc

    I guess when you’re a celebrity a solid sense of humor is a must.

  • yourmamatoo

    Rob Lowe is a wonderful young man.
    And has a good sense of humor.

    • BeauDCrab

      Rob Lowe says that the sex tape with the underage girl was the best thing that ever happened … to him!

      • yourmamatoo

        They were not underage.
        But he was in a relationship with Melissa Gilbert when that came out.

  • Harry A

    woah, thats a lot of rob lowe stories lol

  • KansasGirl

    This only proves you can’t make Rob Lowe look bad.