Heh. That’s one way to make “Morning Joe” palatable.


Actor John Stamos appeared on MSNBC Wednesday morning to promote the season premiere of USA’s “Necessary Roughness.” Oh, and to show Mika a thing or two about good hair.

Mika Brzezinski turned up her nose at the hair that helped make Stamos a star.

So what did Stamos do? He shared some product with her … by taking it from his head and wiping it on hers. He’s a giver!

Here’s the exchange, including a classic “Full House” clip:

With or without the hands-on demonstration of “set it and forget it,” viewers were thrilled to see Uncle Jesse on “Morning Joe.”

Ok, John #Stamos; don't age since 1993. #MorningJoe #MSNBC

Stamos also hit “Today” … and asked Matt Lauer when he lost his virginity.


“Was it in a cornfield? Poison oak patch?” he joked. Thankfully …

TMI, indeed.

The web series “Losing Your Virginity With John Stamos” is scheduled to premiere later this year.

“It’s not dirty, and it’s not detail-oriented,” he assured. “It’s sort of about how you felt at that time — the emotional part.”

  • V the K

    A commenter on Ace said this of Mika: “I picture her “brain” as two little molecules, like a Van De Graaf generator, and occasionally a spark passes between the two and she wets herself.”

  • neoface

    I think the blond dye has altered Mika’s brain!

  • disappearing moderate

    Beauty and the Beast. Hard to believe that man is about to turn 50 and looks better than ever.

  • amyshulk

    Mika can never keep her hands to herself, and she has a total hair fetish – she went after Trump too.

  • jetch

    that was kinda rude on her part. he seems friendly enough but she has to complain “about a guy who spends more time in front of a mirror than I do”?? how does he respond to that??
    leftists just have no ability to be nice do they?

    • sharinite

      Easy…”some of us have it and most, like you, don’t!”

  • TXKracker

    The depth of her talent, she is master of face contortions and squinting in order to act like she is interested and knowledgable about any subject that is being discussed. Her purpose is to provide some distraction to Joes droning on about his DC career many years ago of being an ineffective house member. He is not evenly remotely conservative or counter balance to the overwhelming liberal dribble on the Obama network. I am sure all 10,000 of their daily viewers were really impressed by her antics. What a ass clown witch.

    • sharinite

      When did they get a bump in their ratings?

  • Jeremy
  • Jeremy
  • eeddggy

    Nice reminder as to why I would never watch that morning cartoon.

  • RandyRucker

    Mika gets nasty whenever there is someone prettier on the show – which obviously happens quite a bit

  • nc

    John Stamos is SO worth it!

  • sharinite

    John should have just shaved Mika’s hair off…it might, I think, possibly…improve her ugliness?

  • DrSamHerman

    Mika is a bit too old to be playing the “dumb blonde” bit. Is she even a real blonde?