Ummm  …

Indeed! When will the White House’s assault on the American people end?

Mildly terrifying?

Uh oh. Has the White House hooked Cookie Monster up with a creepy new gig?

  • RblDiver

    I kept waiting for Michelle to run up and punch him!

  • adam

    Looks like Jay Carney is trying to sneak away

    • Jeremy

      ha ha that is one way to get away from it all.

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    pedo-cookie monster

  • CR

    Does the White House really want to joke right now about monsters hiding around every corner…

  • Jeremy

    I wonder if it was this guy

  • C d

    He’s veggie monster now isn’t he? that’s why he is so gaunt looking. just going to sneak into Queen M’s garden for some kale.

  • Karl Morey

    But…Romney *wasn’t* elected, so Big Bird and Cookie Monster shouldn’t *have* to be panhandling/street-corner flashing…

  • JustAnAubie

    I’m surprised he wasn’t shot or at least detained. Mooch would go ballistic if she saw him

  • Craig Swinson

    Ohhh is that Jay Carney’s new job? How can they afford a Cookie Monster?

  • ObamaFail

    Now we know what Obama was doing while Benghazi happened.