That’s a whole lotta socks appeal!

In honor of George H.W. Bush’s 89th birthday, dozens of people at the George W. Bush Presidential Center answered the Bush Foundation’s call for colorful, crazy and amazing socks.

Twitchy collected some of the early submissions on Tuesday. This morning, we shared Jenna Hager Bush’s precious photo of little Mila and her “gampy” showing off their feet.

The fun sock pics continue to pour in on the #41s89th hash tag.

Happy birthday, Mr. President! Keep rockin’ those awesome socks.


Even Nancy Pelosi couldn’t resist. (She had to take the pic to find out what’s in it.)


Here comes Sen. Cruz:


  • mickeyco

    Can you think of another president who’d ask for weird sock-wearing rather than money for himself or a foundation or support for some politician? Me neither. Thanks for your service and happy birthday, Sir.

    • ObamaFail

      Years from now, when Obama is out of office and getting up there in age, for his birthday he’ll ask for a government bailout.

  • ObamaFail

    Bush Sr. is still mocked to this day for the “read my lips: NO NEW TAXES” line because he raised taxes. What needs to be pointed out was that it was the Democrats who pressured him to raise taxes. Here’s a little chart of the last few Presidents that I found VERY interesting.

  • Barbarian

    A picture of three of the many reasons why we have been graced with Obama.
    Go away RINO’s.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    The tact and class of the Bush family is boundless. Missing the days when humble, soulful people like this led our country. Glory days, indeed.

  • mickeyco

    By the way, did anyone hear about Obama giving President Bush a shout out today? I didn’t either.