Earlier this month, Twitchy told you about Bret Baier’s Twizzlers tie. Twizzlers dubbed him “Fox’s most delicious anchor” and his good-humored response paid off … for everyone at the news outlet’s D.C. bureau.

Hey, with the right tie selections, Baier could keep the newsroom very happy.

Nom nom nom.


Baier agrees with that last suggestion:

(Hat tip: @MACHTink)

  • RblDiver

    Perhaps he could wear the tie again, but this time tape/otherwise connect ACTUAL Twizzlers onto it!

    • BlahBlah

      Oh man I sorta thought that tie *were* actual Twizzlers. :/

  • ELC

    Sorry, I missed that one. Good for Twizzlers-great advertising gimmick and FNC personnel benefit. I’ll keep a look-out for Bret wearing the tie again-would love to see it.

  • nc

    Umm, yummy.

    Oh, you were talking about his tie?

  • Jeremy

    ha ha that is great

  • beebop1952

    Brett is the new Cronkite.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      New, improved version!

      • beebop1952

        Cronkite would not recognize the current democrat party.

  • Mead

    He should have worn a tie that looked like a fat sack of cash

  • san rafael blue

    When Bret wants to, he can look quite intimidating, like Mike Wallace going after a Tea Partyer, or he may look like some humorless cop about to write your ticket. Or he can switch personas, and be real sweet,with dimples, even.
    Hey, any publicity that aint horrible is GOOD publicity, NO?

  • Guest

    I been trying to sell my Michigan Meat Loaf Meme Tie Collection of 2013……..The lines are open!

  • frogmouth

    Two words. Bacon. Tie.

    • Finrod Felagund

      iiiiiiit’s BACON! (baconbaconbaconbacon)

    • Finrod Felagund

      iiiiiiit’s BACON! (baconbaconbaconbacon)

  • KansasGirl

    He’s definitely easy on the eyes.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Awww, that was cute! Good on Twizzlers (Hershey Co) to pick up on the comments and send Brett some goodies.
    Loved to see a happy story on Twitchy.

  • Liberty

    I’m slightly disappointed he’s not wearing the “Twizzler” tie in the photo. 😉

    • nc

      Actually, it was God-awful ugly. Its only redeeming factor was it looked like it was made of Twizzlers, and the jokes started coming.

  • Clayton B

    . . with respect to Bret, I’d rather see Katie Pavlich in a dress made of Twizzlers . . .

  • http://lnsmitheeblog.blogspot.com LN_Smithee

    With all due respect to Bret Baier — whose journalistic credentials are unquestionable — he is FAR from “the most delicious anchor” at Fox. The person who wrote that must be a woman who doesn’t wake up early enough (or stay up late enough) to catch Fox & Friends First. http://youtu.be/P2JyXcL7Zc4 What a bunch of beauties to wake up to. 😀

    • nc

      Depends on your POV, I guess.

  • RightThinking1

    Should wear a tie made of Omaha Steaks…, worth a try…

    • http://www.facebook.com/brett.mcmicken Brett McMicken

      that would be too much like lady gaga.

  • DizzyMissL

    Twizzlers, yum

  • $23089169

    There’s nothing sexier on Fox than Bret Baier, no matter what he’s wearing.

  • Right Wired

    He should wear a bacon tie next.