Remember the halcyon days before the Obama administration was plagued by scandalpalooza? That’s when everything was peachy and nothing ever went wrong. Oh, the gaffe-free memories!

Thanks for the memories, guys.


Twitter users also #RememberWhenBarackObama had the Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS and AP scandals happen on his watch. And we’ll be reminding the president every day.

  • Republicanvet

    Gaffe-paved memory lane? These friggin buffoons are adding a second deck to their 8 lane super highway!

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    I would rather listen to an album of Alan Colmes singing the music from “Cats” than hear an Obama speech.

    This marshmallow-for-brains had his first scandal before he took office when Blagojevich tried to sell the Senate seat. Luckily, the Obama gang investigated themselves and found that they were innocent.

    • V the K

      I would rather eat a pizza prepared by Amy Bouzaglo than listen to an Obama speech.

      • BlueGood

        I would rather eat Pierce Morgan’s entire “Tin Foil Hat” WITHOUT hollandaise sauce or salt & pepper nor a Californy Chablis to wash it doon, than listen to and/or watch O’Goofy try to string 6 words together without her…ooops….his, “Magnum Full Auto Clippy Magazine Assault Teleprompter Weapons of Mass Confusion”…..percussive snort…..~~

    • BlahBlah

      What’s “an Obama speech”?

  • MissDiane47

    Remember when Barack Obama said that he didn’t want his daughters punished with a baby? The irony is – he identified them as babies and not fetuses. Yep, yep!! Uh-huh!

  • TugboatPhil

    #RememberWhenBarackObama – awarded Purple Hearts to those soldiers who were wounded at Ft Hood by an Islamic Jihadist?

    Yeah, they don’t either.

  • no_more_deceit

    #RememberWhenBarackObama – was an upstanding American who instilled pride and was proud to be a Patriot?, me neither.

  • TJ

    #rememberwhenbarackobama said I won to John McCain and then did everything to proof it except lead like a winner.

  • V the K

    #RememberWhenBarackObama reversed the economic downturn and brought prosperity to middle America? Neither do I.

  • CR

    RememberWhenBarackObama resigned in disgrace and was so hated in America he HAD to move to Kenya? Really hoping that dream comes true!

    • Worship Dancer

      ALL patriots have that same dream.

  • V the K

    #RememberWhenBarackObama partied in Las Vegas the day after four Americans were murdered by terrorists in Benghazi?

  • Clayton Grant

    #RememberWhenBarackObama – released his records from Occidental College and Hawvarrd??

    • BlahBlah

      Yeah that was when he was lolpresident of the Harvard Law Review.

  • sarainitaly

    I went to town on these today, remembering SO many of his *not aware of* moments relating to scandals… It’s really quite stunning when put all together.

    • $35038462

      Thank you so much, I don’t feel as insane as I did yesterday (you know, when all of the sudden there are no scandals and if there are I know nothing about them but if there are scandals, then it’s all the republicans’ fault).

  • redrooster8

    #RememberWhenBarackObama accomplished the seemingly impossible task of moving Jimmy Carter into second place on the list of worst presidents?

    • meeester

      she he really did accomplish something.

  • darkstar9

    #RememberWhenBarackObama said he would bring our troops home and end the war? “You can take that to the bank”:

  • white dog

    #RememberWhenBarackObama – went skeet shooting, all the time?

    • BlahBlah


    • JustLikeAnimals

      Ha! Excellent!!

    • MyrmidoNOT

      Wonder if he ever earned his 25-straight patch?
      High-two must have given him fits
      going from ‘far’ left…to the ‘hard’ right… 😉

    • Jeremy

      ha ha

  • Jennifer

    Remember when we found out Oprah was more powerful than the Clintons?

  • KansasGirl

    Remember when he told (like-minded) citizens to get in opponents faces?

  • JustLikeAnimals

    #RememberWhenBarackObama Upheld the highest standards of truth, integrity, and respect for the Constitution?

    Neither does anyone else!

  • V the K

    #RememberWhenBarackObama mocked the idea that he would push gun control or use the IRS to attack his opponents as paranoia about “tyranny?”

  • JustLikeAnimals

    #RememberWhenBarackObama Created jobs, fixed the economy, ended D.C. gridlock, and promoted peace and understanding among all Americans?

    Neither does anyone else!

  • Louise Uznanski

    I’ve been to all 57 states on this campaign. Where? In the Middle East?

    • TexSizzle

      57 of 60. His handlers wouldn’t let him go to 2 and he had 1 left.

  • yourmamatoo

    Man, what an idiot!
    And people actually voted for him.

    • beebop1952

      …. twice

      • yourmamatoo

        Low info voters .

    • stellatruman

      And still support him now

      • yourmamatoo

        Yep, the low info.

  • Bill Board

    Remember when Obama said “my Muslim faith” and George Stephanopolous had to correct him, “You mean your Christian faith?”

  • Bill Board

    Remember when Obama talked about the “Holy Koran” and went on to praise the Iranians and said how America respected them?

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Iranians aren’t Arabic, just so you know, they are Persian and speak Farsee. They would be insulted if anyone called them ‘arabs’.

  • BlahBlah

    Remember when Barack Obama forgot on which exactly continent he was born?

    • beebop1952

      Or when he forgot how many States comprise the “United States?”

  • Republicanvet

    #RememberWhenBarackObama upheld the Constitution…all of it?

    Me neither.

    #RememberWhenBarackObama defended the religious rights of all Americans?

    ….still waiting.

    • MyrmidoNOT

      Note: That is scheduled immediately after the pivot to jobs.

  • ToyZebra

    Remember all the buzz that he would pick a shelter dog, then got one from Ted Kennedy? A minor thing, but an early example of getting credit for something he never did. (see also Peace Prize)

    • BlahBlah

      And remember when he named the dog after himself?

      • beebop1952

        Have two reactions to this:
        1. Poor dog.
        2. He knows no bounds ….

      • Worship Dancer

        well if he had been REAL about naming it after himself the dog’s name would be PEE U

      • Night Owl

        Maybe that’s the only way he could keep himself from eating it.

    • conservativemomma

      Thanks for reminding us. All he had to do is “say” he was going to get a shelter dog and the liberals were praising him as the shelter dog savior. When he turned up with a purebred they still were fine with it because he used the line about his daughter being allergic and they all were praising him for being the best dad in the world for caring so deeply about his daughter

      • Chrissy the Hyphenated

        Except the dog was a big, high-strung hunting breed, totally inappropriate for his girls and for life in a big city, living in a house full of antiques. It wasn’t even their choice. Ted Kennedy foisted one of his kennel rejects on him, calling it a “gift” … riiiight. The dog had been bought by a couple who actually wanted that breed, and THEN RETURNED as unsuitable. The girls never walk the dog. He has his own staff that we pay for, I’m sure. I felt sorry for them when it happened. They would’ve been so thrilled with a toy poodle or a bichon frise, which are both hypo-allergenic but small enough for young girls to train and walk.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    #RememberWhenBarackObama gave up golf to govern? *crickets*

    • MyrmidoNOT

      No…but I do remember that he gave up ‘governing’…
      when he “took up” golfing…(although it may have been sooner).

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Lol, you have to have governed at the outset, in order to give it up later. xD

        • MyrmidoNOT

          Voting present ‘doesn’t qualify’ for much.
          (My snark was ‘quasi-directed-at’ the
          apparent “inability” to do both…
          …and the “may have been sooner”…
          was ‘incorrect’ utilizing your premise.)

          Let’s agree…he cannot govern;
          and leave the “as to when” for higher powers to determine!!

  • Steve_J

    #RememberWhenBarackObama said “…but we just make have to tell your grandmother … to take a pill.”

  • beebop1952

    Departed TWICE from voting present in Illnoise to support infanticide after failed late term abortions?

  • MyrmidoNOT

    In all fairness, since they cannot speak for themselves…
    The Libyan Ambassador and his three compatriots have no comment.

  • lainer51

    #RememberWhenBarackObama said he was going to broadcast his “conference/meetings” on C-Span..

  • Lisa Dean

    #rememberwhenbarackobama gave two sh*ts about Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods? Yep, neither do they and we won’t forget either!

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Judge Jeanine Pirro just schooled Obama in her monologue on FOXNews. Damn!!!!

  • Lisa Dean

    #RememberWhenBarackObama stayed up all night on September 11, 2012 getting up to the minute reports about the terrorist attack on Benghazi?

  • stellatruman

    I might add that the pic of Bush sending out that pitch is very masculine and attractive
    A real man

  • mhojai

    jugears as president, is like Gary Busey cast in the role of hero…no longer even plausible.

  • nc

    #RememberWhenBarackObama said he wanted to “remake America.” Look how far, how fast he’s come.

  • Gary Sawyer

    Remember when Obama vowed to call The Armenian Massacre “Genocide”?

  • American Gal

    #RememberWhenBarackObama passed his first
    budget? Haaaaa!

  • American Gal

    #RememberWhenBarackObama focused on Big
    Bird, Binders & Bayonets?

  • American Gal

    #RememberWhenBarackObama excused lavish family
    vacations by stating, “I think most Americans know how hard I work….I’m
    just trying to raise a family here.”

  • American Gal

    #RememberWhenBarackObama offered a toast to the
    queen during the British National Anthem, as if it was his background music?

  • American Gal
  • American Gal

    #RememberWhenBarackObama ensured Obamacare
    hearings were broadcast on C-SPAN? No?
    Was his promise “just words”?

  • American Gal

    #RememberWhenBarackObama gave shout-outs before
    acknowledging the terrorist attack at Fort Hood?
    Oh, wait, he never used that term.

  • American Gal

    #RememberWhenBarackObama said in 2008 that
    unemployment was too high? Yet in his 5-18-13 weekly address, bragged that
    unemployment was as low as it had been SINCE ’08!

  • American Gal

    #RememberWhenBarackObama gave a shout out to
    Rev. Wright in 2007, “he counsels me, he puts up with me, he listens to my
    wife complain about me. He’s a friend…” Yet, of course BO wasn’t
    influenced by him at all. Yeah, Wright!

  • American Gal

    #RememberWhenBarackObama said in 2008 that the
    “real question is, ‘will this country be better off four years from

  • American Gal

    #RememberWhenBarackObama told America he
    absolutely rejected the notion that Obamacare was a tax, yet his legal team
    successfully argued before SCOTUS that it was!

  • American Gal

    #RememberWhenBarackObama said lying campaign ads
    are merely what “happens in politics”?

  • SheilaK

    Remember when Obama mentioned the 57 United States?

  • 912er

    Remember when his teleprompter broke and he called an inhalator a breathalyzer?

  • Elena0412

    #RememberWhenBarackObama swore to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States to the best of his ability? Well, HE doesn’t!