Oh dear. First a spokeswoman for the IRS claimed there has been no disciplinary action for the “low-level workers” who targeted conservative groups in 2012. Then she decided, um , wait, no comment. But she wasn’t done yet. She also took the opportunity to completely humiliate herself with this admission: “I’m not good at math.”

Evidently she’s not too skilled at being a spokeswoman either.



Blah, blah, blah. She’s an IRS spokeswoman and said math is hard. That is all.

  • Elaine

    That’s because she has been taught since 1984 – 2+2=5 2+2=5 2+2=5

    • Jeremy

      yep you got it.

  • CHHR

    there you have it an IRS rep admits “math is hard” thereby also confirming the need to reform the code to reduce the math required to do our taxes.

    • RblDiver

      Amen. I vote for a flat 10% of gross income. Does this have flaws? Yes, but it’s the easiest, most fair system imo.

      • Ohiobob69

        and it can not be deducted from your check, you must pay your taxes on April 15th that way it hurts even more.

    • sb36695


  • therantinggeek

    Cue the posts from the Left in 5…4…3…

  • Jennifer

    You just can’t make this stuff up…

  • ObamaFail

    We’ve got a President who doesn’t understand that deficit isn’t a good thing, and we have an IRS that doesn’t know how to do proper math. Anyone else see why this isn’t a good thing?

    • jebjr

      It seems like no one in this administration is good at math.

  • independentjones

    Q: Why does this Idiot (spokeswoman) keep banging her head against the wall?

    A: Because it feels so good when she stops.

  • http://twitter.com/stupid_republic Stupid Republic

    Not good at articulating, not good at math, willing to be criminally complicit for the Administration.

    Ladies and gentlemen, your next Senator from New York.

    • jebjr

      Or, our next UN Ambassador going on Sunday talk shows.

  • Pam

    Too bad she didn’t remain one of those “invisible” government workers the FLOTUS commends. Sure, she is wishing the same.

  • Just Another Guy

    I’m guessing there is no “accounting” for the IRS….

  • Sua Sponte

    Reminds me of the State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland when being questioned about the attack in Benghazi….“Look, I’m generally dumber than most of the rest of the government,” Nuland told reporters yesterday. “I mean, that’s what I’m paid to be.”….Shotgun Joe Biden was overheard saying he thought he was the only one..

  • Dane Gunderson

    The last words I hear on this earth will be an IRS agent denying my ObamaCare treatment while saying ‘Die Tea Bagger Die’

  • Bui van vat

    Damn, if I’d known that, I’d have filled out my 1040 form to indicate a $2m refund.

  • gekkobear

    Now… wait for context. Depending on what was actually asked “I’m not (that) good at math” might be reasonable…


    “Zachary A. Goldfarb – [email protected]
    The operative question to the IRS official is: What is one-quarter of 300?”

    Ok, nevermind. Mock away, mock to your heart’s content.

    But now you can mock with details… which is a better class of mockery.

    You’re welcome.

  • gekkobear

    Zachary A. Goldfarb – @Goldfarb
    In her defense, the IRS official, explained: “I’m a lawyer.”

    I think she might want a bit more “defense” than “I’m a lawyer, so 300 / 4 is far too complex mathematics for me to contemplate”.

    Some other lawyers might not appreciate that.

  • bicentennialguy

    Not good at math but more than likely an excellent liar.

  • nc

    Another proud example of our sterling public school system.

  • BorderLine Guy

    Lois Lerner

  • porgiefirefighter

    What’s math got to do with it …got to do with it

  • https://twitter.com/davidjkramer DavidKramer

    Wow, the first thing a sane president would do is fire the IRS spokesperson. What does the bus say? Bumpity bump.

  • Right Wired

    I find writing checks difficult, but I still do it, lest I go to jail.

  • Garth Haycock

    My accountant uses a computer program to do my taxes for me. All he has to do is enter the numbers and the program does the math for him.

    Is she telling us that the IRS has yet to come into even the 20th Century?

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Time for a total revamp at IRS, starting at the top. Everyone has to go. It is officially and admittedly a corrupt, politicized organization.

  • sb36695

    They’re also not good at entering data. Just wait until they start enforcing Obamacare!

  • JR48

    What IS she ‘good at’?


  • TocksNedlog

    Aww, Obama’s got a binder full of ’em, doesn’t he?

  • lainer51

    my doctor said he “wasn’t good at medicine”…..
    does it REALLY matter? IDIOTS run amok in DC…

  • Rick

    Another low information democratic voter, except she happens to be employed by the IRS.

  • http://twitter.com/WesleyZ3 Wesley Smith

    So you base your research on tweets?

  • Kirk Johnson

    If by “awful” you mean someone who isn’t a trained political speaker and inadvertently speaks the truth instead of speaking in round about ways (i.e. jay carney) then I want more “awful” spokespeople in government so we can really know what the heck is going on.