The media malpractice concerning the murder trial of Kermit Gosnell continues.

How many Americans know about the horrifying infanticide accusations against Gosnell? How many have read the soul-crushing testimony from former employees who say they saw babies move, breathe and scream before he snipped their spines to ensure “fetal demise” after failed late-term abortions? How many have heard of Karnamaya Mongar, a woman who died after visiting Gosnell’s abortion house of horrors?

Thanks to the media blackout, how many even know Gosnell’s name?

Comedian and conservative activist Steven Crowder asked people on the street what they thought of the Gosnell trial. The results are infuriating, but sadly, not surprising.

Evidently they don’t follow the work of Philly-area columnist J.D. Mullane, who has provided indispensable coverage of the Kermit Gosnell trial.

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  • CatHerder

    Hopefully the jury knows who he is. /sarc

    • angeleyez

      Eternity last forever.

    • capisce

      Hopefully the jury knows WHAT he is – cold-blooded murderer for profit
      and why is he still referred to Doctor? “First do no harm” His every action was the antithesis of the Hippocratic oath.

      • Elaine

        Saddest part is most of America can name Kimmy K’s baby daddy.

  • Michael Anderson (WB)

    I’m surprised I haven’t heard much from Crowder on this before. I really liked his articles on marriage (except I have the most beautiful wife, sorry Steven) and this should be right up his alley.
    Go get ’em pit bull.

    • radicallyalyssa

      He hasn’t done much in a while! Makes me pretty sad. :(

      • Elaine

        Maybe the corrupt unions threatening his wife had something to do with it? Bullies and cowards.

        • Steven Crowder

          It MAY have had something to do with it. 😉

          • radicallyalyssa

            Come back! We miss you!!

          • Steven Crowder

            Come back where? I AM BACK.

          • Elaine

            What the heck? Who are you, a Crowder impersonator? Three posts?

          • Steven Crowder

            It’s tied to my twitter. Iz me!

          • Elaine

            Ok. You just weren’t using your regular twitter.

          • radicallyalyssa

            I’m not complaining!

  • V the K

    Let’s be honest; Gosnell isn’t a big deal to the left because they don’t have a problem with what he did. Kill a baby inside the womb or outside, in the words of the smartest woman on the left, “What difference does it make?” The left is fine with killing babies, as long as it means they can have consequence-free sex, and they don’t see what the fuss is all about.

    • nc

      To the committed libbies, I agree. But there is still a big mushie middle, the classic LIV who, when presented with “the cool attitude” on abortion, SSM, Unions, etc, thinks, “sure, why not, it doesn’t affect me.”

      That’s why the Gosnell story CAN’T get out, because this grosses out the LIVs once they learn about it, even if they think of themselves as “pro-choice” (I’ve seen it myself).

      • V the K

        Yeah, the MFM have no trouble making a big deal about abortion-rape because its awkward for the Pro-Life side. Partial Birth Abortion, if widely publicized, makes things awkward for pro-choicers. Therefore, the MFM pretends it doesn’t happen.

        • nc

          I’m not sure what MFM stands for, but I’m sure getting a laugh at my guess.

          • V the K

            Think of the Mainstream Media as described by Samuel L. Jackson.

          • nc

            That’s what I thought. :)

  • Wendy Holt-Stone

    I have a friend who WORKS in Philadelphia and she knew nothing about it

    • nc

      Media is doing their job well.

  • ClinkinKY

    So, the frog from Sesame Street is on trial for something? We’re so screwed.

    • Todd Hill

      Sounds like Romney is starting his vendetta against Big Bird (and company) despite not being elected president. The libs will be in a tizzy, for sure.

  • nc

    Unfortunately, most people don’t know who Steven Crowder is, either.

  • digitalPimple

    From calling troops “baby killers” in the 60’s to actually becoming baby killers… You’ve come a long way baby.

    • colchak

      I think they would take that as a compliment. Or just see it as a natural evolution of the party.

  • CitizenEgg

    The only upside of this sordid affair was that I WAS able to get an acknowledgement of media bias from a liberal friend. Big win because it was so obvious what was happening amid the horrific shootings and panicked lawmakers response. If it saves even one child’s life, right Barry? What…where’d he go?

  • Right Wired

    If Crowder were a lib, he’d be leading into Stewart on Comedy Centeral

  • Anyone00

    Well if things go over like the Union thing vocal Lefties will insist it was Crowder that really killed those babies and women and made it look like Gosnell did it with deceptive editing even when all the videos are released in full.

    • Steven Crowder

      I have to admit, this comment made me laugh.

      • MyrmidoNOT

        Hmmm…Who ‘pushed’ the video??
        Or is that for ‘another’ thread?

      • Elaine

        WHo the heck are YOU? You’re not Steven?

        • Steven Crowder

          What? I AM Steven.

          • Elaine

            You ARE! I hope you and your wife are well? :)

  • James Connelly

    He should have followed up by asking the people how they felt about the Jodi Arias trial. I’m sure they have all heard about it.

  • Gary Freeman

    This is what happens when people get their news from the liberal media. They don’t know the true facts about anything. They only hear the edited versions or they don’t hear about it at all. That’s why Obama got elected in the first place and re-elected last year. Because the misinformed morons couldn’t take time away from their American Idol’s and their Keeping Up With The Kardashians to look things up for themselves and find out the truth. I used to be misinformed, but once I started looking things up on the web and started finding out the truth that was going on, I have to tell you I’m terrified of where this country is heading.

    • Aruana Zeelie

      I have a question as a liberal: yes, EVERYONE watches Fox News, but why does that not translate to election success? If EVERYONE knows how evil Obama is via Fox/Hannity/Savage/Levin, why do people not believe them and NOT vote for Obama and the Democratic Party. MSNBC has never said that they are a “news” channel – they are an OPINION channel. I watch it because I like their opinion. So, please conservatives, enlighten me. EIGHT years of anti-Obama via conservative radio and TV and you have NOTHING to show for it?

      • MyrmidoNOT

        You believe in your ideology, I believe in mine.

        If/when the message reaches the 3% undecided,
        the pendulum will swing. (Read history…)

        In the meantime, bloviate all you want…
        …as the money “has run out”… (Sadly.)

        • Aruana Zeelie

          8 Years? His evil message has not been illuminated in 8 years of Fox News dominating tv news and the domination of talk radio? Aren’t you guys running out of time? 3 and a half years to go – tick tock. You need to get Fox News and Limbaugh on that – stat.

          • MyrmidoNOT

            No. Cannot project “running out”…time. 😉

            I’m only ‘engaging’ the undecided
            and not wasting time (on D’s or R’s).

            Anyhow, isn’t it “time” for the younglings to “step up?”

      • truckee22

        First I would argue that ‘everyone’ watches Fox News. Fox does have way higher ratings than the rest of the cable news networks, I dont know about the major networks, but I dont think that means ‘everyone’ watches it.
        Second, the reason why after “EIGHT years of anti-Obama via conservative radio and TV and you have NOTHING to show for it?” is simple; the low information voters, who predominately vote Democrat.
        America is becoming dumber and dumber every day. Most voters, if they even bother to vote, are voting on emotion and not fact. Most voters are basing their ‘opinions’ on what their favorite celebrity said or who they endorsed. Ask your friends or co-workers about a given issue, and you usually get blank stares or half truths that they got while flipping over the news to get to American Idol. People dont think it matters if they vote, dont want to take the time to learn the issues, or simply dont care.
        Third; welfare. When over half of the country is taking govt assistance of some type, any party that wants to make cuts (whether it’s true or not) to said benefits will lose those people as voters, regardless of any other issues.
        Fourth, what little news or opinions the majority of our nation gets, is heavily filtered by the MSM and Hollywood. Ask the average Joe or Jane on the street who Kermit Gosnell is, and again you get bank stares. Liberals control the message in TV, movies, and print. Its hard to educate dumb, low info voters who rely on entertainment venues for their politics.
        And I hardly think conservatives have nothing to show for it. Obama and the dems havent been entirely succesful at implementing their agendas if you havent noticed.

        • Aruana Zeelie

          So, we wait until the country is “bankrupt” and then start all over under a Republican president? A Tea Party Republican of course … one that is not a “moderate” like Romney? And how, if I may ask, are you going to get that Tea Party candidate through the primaries? The primaries that weeded out Bachmann, Caine, Santorum (who I consider right of right)? What will the GOP do about the demographic issues? You know, all those people voting for “free stuff”? Will they see the “light” and come to their senses and vote Republican?

          Romney didn’t win because the base didn’t come out, but because he was a Mormon – all those Evangelicals didn’t vote for him? If so, do they make a difference in light of the changing demographics? Yes, Obama won the popularity vote by a margin of 3%, and according to the Right that is not a landslide (although Bush said he had when he won against Kerry by the same margin), but he still won the electoral college, which is all that matters. What about all those blue cities that decide elections?

          Are you guys pinning your hopes on Benghazi to get him ousted before the second term is up? Will he have a third term as many “right wingers” believe?

          When will the “low information voters” get the true news that the main stream media is not covering? I read A LOT of Conservative sites (Daily Caller, Breitbart, Hot Air, Town Hall, The Blaze and such) and I am NOT a “low information voter”.

          • Concerned

            There will be a lot more disenchanted Obama voters when Obamacare is fully implemented and they are hit right in their pocket book. “According to the Wall Street Journal, insurers are warning that premiums in the individual and small-group markets could double in the next few years. Already, they are well on their way. For example, California health insurers are proposing increases for some customers of 20 percent or more: 26 percent by Blue Cross, 22 percent by Aetna, and 20 percent by Blue Shield. In Maryland, Care First, the state’s largest insurer, has proposed a 25 percent increase for next year.” Also, why do you think that voter fraud is not a valid argument when there are many legit cases. Speaking of fraud: Have you read Huckabee’s facebook post today? I respect each person’s right to their opinion but facts matter.

          • Aruana Zeelie

            The case goes back to 2008 – I know of that one.

            What would you like done about that? Strip him of the presidency because of that? What would you like done about the recent “voter fraud”? Has anything actually resulted in a conviction?

            From Wiki (yes, I know there are Conservatives who don’t like them):

            True the Vote claims to be non-partisan, but has been attacked by progressive organizations and individuals claiming that it is affiliated with the Tea Party. The progressive Internet outlet Talking Points Memo has claimed that True the Vote has been criticized for engaging in caging, voter intimidation, and advancing statements about the pervasiveness of voter fraud that some say are unfounded. Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings has called for an investigation of the organization.

            Throughout the Wisconsin recall, True the Vote worked in concert with a group of local Tea Party groups including the “Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty” and “We the People of the Republic”, which helped True the Vote launch its recall signature verification efforts.[30]True the Vote’s efforts during the recall election itself were conducted with an unnamed group of tea party organizations throughout Wisconsin.

            I’m sorry, but I don’t believe they are unbiased.

          • Concerned

            I could post all day regarding voter fraud on State, local and Federal levels: but I think you get the point. Fraud is Fraud it’s valid and it’s documented. We could go on forever regarding the fraudulent entity of Acorn, look how that turned out. But to answer your question as to what I would like done about voter fraud, it’s simple. Voter photo ID!

          • truckee22

            Personally, I don’t think the majority will ever get it. Call me a pessimist but I think our nation is doomed. I don’t think the general public will stop voting for their own interests before the interests of the nation as a whole. We won’t do anything meaningful about the debt, we will keep kicking the can down the road until the can gets to big to kick, which it almost is now. And when the can is to big, the nation collapses into economic ruin and that’s all she wrote.
            It’s going to take a bigger shift than R vs D in the White House to fix what’s wrong in this country. Until there is a fundamental change in morals, values and beliefs we won’t see any change or improvement. And I don’t think we as a nation are capable of sacrifice anymore and we certainly don’t want to stop thinking of ourselves first.

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        Major props Aurana, for keeping it civilized. It seems that in spite of the fact that there is more than one opinion or viewpoint out there, the Mainstream Media is predominantly Liberal-thus, their opinions, viewpoints and “feelings” usually match those of the President.That is the only viewpoint they believe, and that is what they follow.
        Fox News, which has a more “Conservative” bent/viewpoint, tries to get both sides of a political argument (e.g. Abortion), and lets the viewer decide which opinion they believe. Unfortunately, they somehow couldn’t convince the voters who also follow these Liberal opinions blindly, that electing/re-electing Obama would cause as many difficulties for us as they did in his first term. And now, some of them are having voter’s regret. Also, proof of deceptive/illegal polling practices that helped Obama get “elected” both times have arisen, but apparently, nobody in the media is crying out about this injustice. YW, Jawamax 8<{D}

      • nc

        Your premise is flawed. You assume that the only people who vote are people who pay attention to the news. If only.

      • Sheldon Cooper

        Well, when you have 142% of people voting Democrat in a precinct…
        P.S., you’re not a liberal, you’re a slave.

        • Aruana Zeelie

          Yes, I was waiting for the “voter fraud” accusations to start. No, Sheldon, I am a Liberal Democrat and my parents were as well. It is my ideology and what I believe in. Don’t insult my intelligence please. As mentioned further down, I read A LOT of Conservative sites and I CHOOSE my ideology to be Liberal. I will never be swayed to vote Republican. Conservatism holds
          no appeal for me. I’m not trying to insult anyone here. So, I’m probably a lost cause :)

          • michael s

            Notice not a single one of these voter fraud crybabies ever went to a local state or federal da regarding the 08/12 presidential elections. Notice not a single one of these crybabies ever went to their congressperson regarding voter fraud in 08/12 presidential elections. Notice not a single one of these voter fraud crybabies went to their federal senators regarding voter fraud in 08/12 presidential elections.They’ll bellyache all over here newsbusters breitbart and other conservative websites,yet won’t take the evidence to proper authorities.

          • Aruana Zeelie

            Yes, I find that very …….. interesting. A lot of it also seems to be anecdotal.

  • nc

    I just went on the NBC News website, where they have a separate page for “Crime and Courts.” There you can click on 30 of the most important stories of the day, including updates on the Arias and Zimmerman trials, plus other really really really important crime news.

    However, I found NOTHING about Gosnell.

    These people are complicit and one day will have to answer for it.

    • Steven Crowder

      That’s terrifying. Truly terrifying.

      • Elaine

        Ok you’re not a fake.

  • Will P.

    I will get flack for this comment, but personally I don’t think the media should follow trials as they are happening; any trial. No OJ, no “what’s-her-name” in FL who was acquitted of killing her daughter, and no Gosnell. Discuss the constitutionality of the final ruling, sure. Discuss other issues AFTER the trial is over, also sure.

    Also, the coverage that is taking place on this trial should NOT be about him being a provider of abortions, but rather that he owned and operated a surgical center that was far, far from standards, leading to the death of some of his patients. (And no, the fetuses were not his patients)

    • SOF Warrior

      Seriously? I do agree with some of your comments about trial coverage, but how you can say he didn’t commit murder of some of those BABIES? They lived after he tried to abort them and he killed them by cutting their spinal cords. Don’t make this about the dismal condition his “clinic” was in or even call it a “surgical center” when all it was is a death factory. He needs the death penalty and the sentence should be having his spinal cord snipped with a pair of scissors, period.

      • neoface

        He is a liberal, and truth is hard for them. Deny, deny, deny……

      • Will P.

        I didn’t get back here for a timely response. The fetuses were before they were born, and if he was performing abortions that were legal, as defined by the state of Penn, then he was not committing murder.

        If he was performing procedures outside of state law, and if Penn statues state that a fetus after “x” weeks is considered a baby, then you have an argument that he committed murder, but all those conditions have to be in place. Also, what would you call a freestanding facility where surgical procedures are performed? (Yes, an abortion, or “induced abortion” in medical parlance, is a surgical procedure) Eye centers that perform LASIX are surgical centers, orthopedic centers that perform arthroscopic knee repairs are surgical centers, and facilities that perform abortions are surgical centers. In all these locations the patients (the women coming into to recieve the abortion) have a legal expectation of a safe, clean location.

        And, FYI to neoface, I’m not a liberal, I’m a very staunch libertarian. I am very pro-choice: you have the choice to marry who you want without my interference, you have the choice to educate your children the way you want without my interference, you have the right to own a weapon without my interference, and you have the right to abort a fetus without my interference (As long as it’s not my fetus also). But equally, I have the right to not pay for any of those things for you.

  • $27789750

    I tried asking about Gosnell here and there and got the same blanks. When I reworded it to ‘abortion doctor’ more people knew, but not all.

  • Dane Gunderson

    It’s racist to point out black babies are being killed illegally in the 3rd trimester

  • twinx

    Kermit Gosnell: “It’s not easy being obscene!”

  • neoface

    Is there some way to legislate responsible journalism? MSM should only refer themselves as an entertainment programs, to call it news is absurd!!!

  • Jeremy

    low information media strike again good work Crowder exposing this even more.

  • Jeremy

    The ending part with Brian Williams locked out is funny too bad his brain his locked out as well.

  • Ray O.

    Your use of the lefts tactics, especially comedy and ridicule are spot on. Keep fighting the good fight Steven.

  • stillinthe60s

    I would have to say the % not knowing, goes up proportionally the closer you get to DC, NY, and SF. Too bad Stevo didn’t give us a hint where he did his interviewing. Hint,hint!

  • CombatDiver

    I wouldn’t piss in his mouth if his teeth were on fire.

  • CherDash

    The general public and the mainstream media sites disgust me.

  • stellatruman

    As much as I try getting political during social and family visits , I have brought up Kermit Gosnall trial to a couple of my extended family members in the last couple of visits …not one of them was aware of the trial and had never heard his name.
    I know for a fact that these same family members rely on NBC and ABC for their nightly news. Shameful, just shameful

  • Sandra Arnold Carroll

    I called my 81 year old mother who watches the news every morning and every night and asked her if she knows who George Zimmerman, Jodi, Arias, & Kermit Gosnell are? Her reply was to tell me who both George Zimmerman & Jodi Arias are and the latest news on their trials…then she said I assume since you included this Kermit Gosnell with the other 2 he must have killed someone also but I have never heard of him so it must just be a local case there around Memphis. When I dold her who he was and what he had done…she was horrified and could not understand why it wasn’t on her news too…she said it was by far the worst of the 3 cases and the death penalty was too good for him because he should have to suffer horribly for what he has done. She is a lifelong democrat and watches CNN, HLN, CBS, ABC, & NBC and I gently explained to her that was why she had not heard about it because it might make people start questioning abortion. To be fair her cable company has FOX news hidden on her TV so that you cannot just scroll through the channels and watch it…you have to know the channel number and input it manually each time…I only figured it out because I saw that all the other cable news channels were together but one number was skipped and so I input that number and wa-la there was FOX.

    • nc

      Opening a Democrat’s eyes, one pair at a time. Good job!

  • michael s

    Is Steven mad because he can’t stage a fight with him like the union hooligan ?

  • regmgr

    The MSM isn’t solely to blame. We have the 47% low information voters also to blame. They only know what’s happening in Hollywood and this hasn’t shown up on the big screen yet.