Same as it ever was. The mayhem and destruction at May Day “gatherings”  is always the work of “politically unaffiliated anarchists.”

How does the MSM make those coverage decisions?

The lapdog media’s decision-making process in a nutshell.

USA Today editor Paul Singer adds another element to the mix.

Not so fast:


  • NotaLemming

    I missed the part where the left actually deletes tweets about links to the TeaParty? May have been deleted! Lulz…

    • BeeKaaay

      That is what the twitter abuse department does all day :)

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    “They were singing the Star Spangled Banner and talking about loving America?”

    “It’s those Tea Party Hoodlum Extremist Radical Nutjobs!”

    “Where are their hoods?”

    “They look like they have assault weapons at home!”

    • effinayright

      And they’re singing about “bombs bursting in air”!! What more proof do we need!!!

      • Adela Wagner

        And LOOK! They’re picking up TRASH. See, they’re going after the UNIONS! Stop THEM!

        • Mark81150

          The sad thing is.. that IS what they say..

      • lainer51


    • Gary Freeman

      They said something about getting Americans back to work! Those evil tea-partiers!

  • capisce

    Bias, what media bias?
    Also in the equation is the deflation or inflation of crowd size.
    It goes without saying that deflation occurs when a huge, well-behaved number , who leave the area cleaner than they found it, will always be downsized.
    Any estimate of unwashed, public-defecating, foul mouthed, druggie,
    sometime-rapists will be inflated, not only in number, but in nobility of purpose.

    • RblDiver

      Right-wing gathering? Multiply by 10%. Unless there is a single person showing any form of “aggression” (such as talking loudly), at which point multiply by 1000% and say it was all super-violent and scary.

      Left-wing gathering? Multiply by 10,000%. Or at least bring enough reporters to push it to that number.

  • therantinggeek

    RE: The “B-N-B” mention – Dear Code Pink members: Next time, please cover up. I’ve seen far better, and I don’t even have to see ’em uncovered. :) #mytwocents

  • David Johnson

    Isn’t this also the CNN flow chart. Miss the days CNN had Lou Dobbs & Glenn Beck on they were almost relevant then!

  • j p

    I have been at gatherings where it is obvious that if the purpose of the gathering is “right wing” the camera crew seeks out the ugliest or most bizarre person of middle age or later and apparent low IQ and chooses them to interview. I guess the reason for that is similar to the reason I thought for some time that all most all Russian women were toothless ugly old ladies with a cloth over their heads and a bundle of sticks on their backs.

    • Chaitealover

      They also pick out the 2 people who disagree with the purpose of the conservative and give them 10 x as much air time as the multitude that are there for the gathering’s purpose.

    • BeeKaaay

      And if it is a leftwingwacko gathering, they will target either:

      * the young woman flashing her boobs or
      * the PhD in [insert whatever discipline] professor type

      and the latter goes to one part of the MSM and the other one goes to another part of the MSM. Either which way, leftwingwackoism is made to look like either they’re fun or intellectual.

    • Gary Freeman

      I wouldn’t put it past the liberal media to have some liberal planted at a tea-party rally to try to stir up trouble, or be the one interviewed by said liberal media outlet, that way they can act crazy or incoherent. That way they can paint the tea-partiers as right wing extremists.

  • MurphTacular

    Unsure as to what you guys read or listen to, but it’s been well-covered out here in the PDX. Lots of information about the event, none of it flattering. #reality

    • daeghrefn

      So were they identified as “left wing” or “progressive”, or were they just waved off as loony anarchists?

    • lainer51

      listen to Morning Schmoe and Rachal Madcow – they LOVE any group, other than a peaceful tea party gathering – that REALLY galls them!

    • BAW

      The Occupy groups got plenty of local coverage too for their violence, disorder, rapes, etc. but it’s the national media that ignores anything negative.

  • BeeKaaay

    Don’t forget under left:

    Young woman flashing her boobs? Yes –> Page A2 with a teaser on A1 to get people to buy the paper. Make leftwingwackoism sound fun and energetic.

    No –> Is there a professor type to interview? Yes –> Make him/her the spokesperson and make leftwingwackoism sound intellectual and rational.

  • rennyangel2

    Crass and vile and a curse on journalism, a once respected profession.
    Cheer on the Koch Bros to buy the Trib Co. and put some of these criminal shills out of business.

  • SameJerkDifferentName

    It just galls me when I hear the irrelevant media describing the TEA Party events as violent, and unruly when they dare to attend town hall meetings and question their representatives, and how dare they show emotion, and dissatisfaction. But these dirtbag scum sucking igno-ranters can tear up the streets starting fires, breaking windows, slashing tires and fighting with the police and that’s somehow ok. What is it with the love affair the looney left has for terrorists?

  • Mark81150

    Being professional liars is the profession, journalism is their hobby.

    When the only news channel that doesn’t rush to paint every violent event as “right wing tea party inspired/associated.. is pilloried by the damn president as not being a “real” news network..

    The universe is truly upside down..
    Our Chaplains are now forbidden to share they faith”
    Servicemen are harassed and rated unfit for being TOO Christian.. but not Muslim?.. cough Fort Hood,.. cough..
    This president’s Cabinet sec. sends out reports telling the country vets, Christians and tax protesters are potential terrorists?

    and his apparatchiks in the officer corp goes along with it?

    That painting of George Washington on bended knee praying before Valley Forge must really gall these Christian hating freaks..

    have they taken it down yet?.. he was a soldier, and quite obviously TOO Christian.. Every time I hear about more and more of these while muslims are treated like peaceful little doves..

    with guns and suicide vets… but this prez averts his eyes…

    must have been those bad bad bad Christian terrorists..

    and no spellcheck, I won’t put a capital m on that word,..

    The left in America has gone suicidally insane.

  • kim

    Well they were definitely all over the Vagina Voters last fall