BREAKING: The White House will be bringing you animated GIFs and “adorable moments with Bo” on Tumblr. Yes, really. “Breaking.”

We’re sure: It’s not.

But no worries, @WhiteHouse, the AP still wins the lifetime achievement award for Most Mock-worthy Breaking News Tweets.

  • D. R. Fulton and READ READ READ focus on Solutions, shut off the media news labeling is bad unless it’s on the food and smoke you inhale!!

  • Terry_Jim

    Broken: The White House…

  • IceColdTroll

    OMG yes, please, the American People NEED cute dog pics and cute ani-gifs to make it through the day! Hip hip hooray for Dear Leader!

  • digitalPimple

    This is obviously what they do and focus on all day. Why is it when reading this White House’s releases I feel like I’m sitting in on a kindergarten class?

  • Stephen L. Hall

    Calvin Coolidge was “Silent Cal”

    Ronald Reagan was “The Great Communicator”

    Barack Obama is “The Frivilous Tweeter”

    • Kevin Scott

      If by “The Frivilous Tweeter” you mean “Hypocritical Asshat,” I’m in total agreement.

      • Bemani Dog

        He was using a politeness Obama doesn’t deserve.

  • disqus_eric

    Breaking: Bad

  • Elilla Shadowheart

    Breaking: Nyan cat not amused, last seen firing it’s lazars at so-called “breaking news”

  • Marcy Cook

    Golly Gee! There will be GIFS. Holy Cow. Gee Whiz….Guffaw, Guffaw, Guffaw

  • TugboatPhil

    Adorable moments with Bo??

    What’s that, the skinning, cutting, cooking, eating or picking of teeth afterward?

  • RblDiver

    *Lightbulb* Someone needs to do a Nyah cat parody, but show Bo’s face instead….but after 30sec have him eaten by BO.
    *Wishes I had any sort of video-creating talent*


    Dear God, I didn’t think it could get any more pathetic.

  • crankycatholic

    Leave it to the White House to join a site loaded with porn.

  • JamieD

    Has anyone else had ENOUGH of this corrupt, incompetent, juvenile executive branch?

    • nc

      Me, me (jumping up and down, waving hand wildly)!

  • unknown

    Tumblr; another popular Internet site like Twitter and Facebook that I am glad I do have an account with

  • nc

    And THEN we’re going to focus like a laser beam on jobs.

  • KansasGirl

    Our government is trying to act like all is normal, fearful they are losing control of the country.

  • Right Wired

    That’s what the world needs: another Tumblr site run by a 12 year old.

  • Bemani Dog

    If you claim opening a Tumblr page is “breaking news”, #YouJustPulledAnObama

  • JustLikeAnimals

    BREAKING NEWS: A White House staffer just had a relevant, salient thought.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    RETRACTION: In our previous post we reported that a White House staffer had a relevant, salient thought. We now have information from trusted, high-level sources that our previous report was completely in error. We apologize.