Smart take, Boehlert!

As Twitchy noted earlier, a New York Times investigative report on the Pigford settlements scandal has vindicated Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart’s mission to expose the massive fraud and injustice earned him contempt and criticism from the Left. He was repeatedly smeared as a liar and racist.

Leading the pack was Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert. In March of 2011, he shared an oh-so-brilliant idea with Breitbart: “He should have a mock, Mardi Gras-style funeral this wk for his Pigford crusade. Cuz it’s dead/buried.”

Take a moment and enjoy that one, then read more from the Senior Fellow of Crow-Gobbling.

But Eric totally knows what he’s talking about! A couple of weeks before Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress, he predicted Weinergate and Pigford were two peas in a pod.

Fellow Media Matters tool Oliver Willis sneeringly called the Pigford scandal a “non-troversy.”

And as’s John Nolte notes, Media Matters was all over this one.

Nolte writes:

Using their own search engine, you can find at least twenty stories written by the Soros-funded, 501 (c)(3) welfare queens at Media Matters for America that were explicitly meant to discredit Andrew Breitbart’s investigative efforts into what became known as Pigford — a four-alarm scandal involving the U.S. Department of Agriculture

So, MMFA flunkies, how do y’all like your crow? We’re givers, so we’ll gladly serve it to you while you’re in this position:

Any comment, Eric? Or is your mouth full?

Patience. He’s a little busy crying into his tear-stained diary right now.

  • NRPax

    I’d ask them how it feels to be proven wrong, but it’s so constant with them I don’t think they know any other feeling they can use as contrast.

    • Garth Haycock

      I dunno; the ignoramuses at MMFA aren’t bright enough to know that they’re wrong about anything, even if someone explains it to them slowly. They just stand there with the usual stupid look on their faces, blink a few times, then change the subject.

      • Ariadnea

        I think they know about this corruption, might even be complicit and party to it – in getting their party elected. They were probably trying to discredit Breibart in the hope discouraging investigation, as well as covering their tracks. I wonder if Media Matters benefit financially or otherwise from Pigford.

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    All they’ll do now is try to swing as Breitbart not actually having done anything accurate. That’s how they’ll react. And then they get pummeled again with facts.

  • Steve_J

    Eric Boehlert, the Pigford Farms of reporters?

  • pairadimes

    Worried that your entire existence is only meant to serve as a warning to others of the consequences of embracing corruption? Ask Eric what it feels like.

  • anjullyn

    What mewling little pissants that can’t even put on their big boy pants (if they have any) and admit they were wrong along with an apology.

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to Mr. Boehlert and Media Matters:

    Your vulgar, lock step stupidity. Let us show you it!

  • Canadian in USA

    I can recommend a good BBQ sauce to go with that crow. :)

    • Chevypowered

      No, let him eat it dry!

      • Spatial Awareness

        or raw. >:^)

        • Kenai

          Guts, feathers and all.

          • Brian H (wackobird)

            And make it a roadkill, from a day ago…….

  • Angie

    There is no such thing as a “Mardi Gras funeral.” He must be thinking of a traditional New Orleans JAZZ funeral (which has nothing whatsoever to do with Mardi Gras). That idiot Boehlert can’t even get basics like that right, so you know he’s wrong about the more complex stuff.

    • Jack Deth

      Hi, Angie:

      You’d think they never saw the opening five minutes of ‘The Cincinnati Kid’ before.

  • $472942

    I truly am diggin’ this!

  • Kenai

    A likely response from MMFA, et al. ‘Yes, there may have been some improprieties in the USDA’s effort to redress past discriminatory practices but right wing racists will now use the USDA social justice program to launch racist, bigoted attacks against minorities.’

  • Jim Denney

    MMFA is tax exempt, they’re laughing all the way to the bank while the rest of us taxpaying schmoes are footing the bill for this thinly veiled reparations scheme.