File under “Things That Won’t End Well.” Like Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton has a newly verified Twitter account and he’s not afraid to use it.

Clinton ditched the @PrezBillyJeff handle created for him by Stephen Colbert earlier this month.

New handle: @BillClinton.

Is Clinton likely to go the Weiner route on Twitter? That depends on what the meaning of “is” is.

Any advice for Mr. Clinton?

Now to the important questions. Who is the Twitterer formerly known as @PrezBillyJeff following?

Heh. Not yet, but we’ll be watching this list:


“Welcome to Twitter” trended as news of Bubba’s verified account made the rounds.


Let’s continue giving him the warm welcome he deserves.


At least one woman is happy to have the former president on Twitter.


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  • angeleyez

    oh yeah . . . . . say . . . . .ahhh . . . . . does monica twit . . . . . ahhh

  • JR48

    And hilarity ensues…

  • Bill Board

    Who TF cares?

  • Elaine

    Oh, he’s not fooling me! Starting early on the ‘Make me the FIRST MAN’ campaign. I expect he’ll join right in on all the smear campaigns, probably start a few himself.

    • Michelle

      I had the same thought – here we go with Hilary’s campaign for 2016.

    • Tucker Latham

      “Oh, he’s not fooling me! Starting early on the ‘Make me the FIRST MAN’ campaign.”

      Spot on.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Vilkommen, Herr Schlickmeister! And remember (You too, Wiener!) Twitter is (mostly) for political discussion! If you guys wanna flash and try to pick up women, go to a DATING SITE! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • therantinggeek

    There goes the Twitterverse…

  • BlahBlah

    You know it’s the end of times when you desperately miss Bubba.

    • mickeyco

      Absolutely correct.

  • vcferlita

    Anthony Weiner has some stiff competition now.

  • GTJessop

    Heh, the guy who once blew up the only anti-malarial medicine producing factory on the African continent now cares about World Malaria Day…

  • rippersnort

    Hear goes nuts n’ honey…

  • capisce

    “Drag a hundred-dollar bill through the twitterverse, you never know what you’ll find.”

  • digitalPimple

    Wonder if the old bag Hill will follow him..

  • $30423294

    You know what’s really sad? He destroyed Monica’s life.

    Read up on her. She is living what appears to be a sad and lonely life.

    This is a human soul. She was used like a blow up doll and thrown away like garbage.

    Shame on you, Democrat party. Shame on you.

    • itekisan

      Sorry, but TFB. She knew what she was doing, he was married, and she is just as guilty (and responsible) for all that happened and the fallout as well.

      I don’t feel bad for her, she was unapologetic to the end and didn’t care about anything but herself, so tough if she now has to live with the results of her actions.

      • missj

        In the private sector what Clinton did would be considered sexual harassment….and he would have been fired. He was her superior….even if she was agreeable to their affair. Stop apologizing for the serial cheater.

        • itekisan

          If you think I am apologizing for a piece of crap like Clinton, you are sorely mistaken.

          Further, I don’t understand how saying “she is just as guilty (and responsible)” can lead you to think I am apologizing or making excuses for him.

          I am also, however, not giving a pass to a scumbag that gives blow jobs to a married man after flashing her “whale-tail” at him when they first met.

          They were both adults, and both of them share the blame for what happened.

          As far as if it were the private sector, I could give less than a shit about what would have happened. None of it would be my business unless either of the parties committed perjury.

  • Gordon

    I may get banned for this, but considering what followed him, I do miss the saner, more fiscally responsible President Clinton.

    • Ronald Green

      Saner, more fiscally responsible? Boy, you were either asleep or stoned or both.

      • Gordon

        Yes and yes, but I don’t see how that’s relevant. I miss the deficits that were only in the Billions. It’s a shame that Bush thought he could buy a majority by spending like Democrats. Only to be replaced by a Democrat that said, “spending? you call that spending?”

        So yeah, Clinton was at least more responsible than the two that succeeded him.

    • Zefal

      he and the democrats tried to pass a 60 billion dollar “stimulus” as soon as he took office in 1993 on Bush’s fiscal budget after he campaigned on Reagan/Bush’s “huge deficits”. They ended up spending 30 billion. They (them and their toadies in the media) then used that increase on Bush’s budget to make his next fiscal budget deficit look smaller.

      Bush White House budget office deficit projection had estimated a higher deficit then had actually ended being the case. The CBO estimate was even higher and thus even more off.

      clinton lied and said the deficit projection was understated when in fact it was over estimated as I stated above. The sanity came when Republicans took control of both houses of Congress in the 94 elections. It wasn’t for clinton’s and democrat congress lack of trying to run up social spending. Not saying they were as insane as obama and the democrat controlled congress this time around.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    A couple of more dicks on Twitter. Just what we needed. Sigh. SMH.