Boston bombing truther Troy Crossley is one of the leaders of the delusional online crusade to prove that his friend Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was “wrongfully accused.” Early Thursday morning, he announced to his Twitter followers (14,000 and counting) that CNN anchor Anderson Cooper “is now on our side.”

Not so fast, jackwagon.

Now scurry back to Infowars while the Twitterverse applauds Cooper’s tweet.

But … but … open your eyes, man. Can’t you see what this sharp-eyed truther sees?

The #FreeJahar crowd wasn’t buying Cooper’s smack-down, natch.

Winner: Cooper.

  • CatHerder

    Free Jahar, with any purchase from our extensive line of designer bombs! Collect the entire set!

    • Canadian in USA

      If I buy three or more, do I get a free t-shirt?

      • EndangeredNJRepub

        Currently out of stock. As a token of our appreciation, have a Che t-shirt for all your misinformed, pseudo-rebellious needs.

  • Red Fred

    Maybe DHS should have a look see at these profiles supporting a terrorist.

    • lainer51

      but they won’t

  • Michael Anderson (WB)

    On the #FreeJahar tag you’ll find this post which probably explains the push:

    Jahar Is Innocent✌ [email protected]_x3h

    Why would a terrorist support Obama?


    • E Quilibrate

      Birds of a feather………………………?

    • u2u2u2

      “Ask Bill Ayers”

  • JR48

    The collective brain cells of that group of people wouldn’t fill a thimble.

    • E Quilibrate

      They actually possess brain cells?

      • Saywha?

        highly doubtful. They are still trying to get people to sign a petition for a fair trial even though he has already been given his miranda right, which all adults known, gives you the right to a fair trial. Silly kids.

    • lainer51

      I heard they are dating the “girls” from Code Pinko

  • Gary Freeman

    Why are there so many Americans wanting freedom for a terrorist? That is the liberal agenda. Let’s deny rights to the people who obey and respect the law. And let’s applaud a terrorist!

  • therantinggeek

    *munches on some popcorn*

  • TugboatPhil

    Just to pick a nit here, legally the guy IS innocent.

    Until he’s confessed (which he has indirectly) been tried and then convicted, like Jamal the scumbag cop-killer, there is no need for the usual suspects to proclaim his innocence.

    • E Quilibrate

      Yes, but sadly they do what they do.

    • Jeff McCabe

      Not true. He is considered innocent. Actual innocence is an absolute. He either is or isn’t, regardless of how he is viewed by the law.

      • TugboatPhil

        I’ll grant you that, but I’m thinking of it in terms of the US legal system in the year A.O. 17.

        (A.O. – After OJ)

  • WK80

    Free Jahar, from 20K feet, sans parachute.

  • Saywha?

    This is why the US education system needs to be better. So children have something more important to do than sit there and play FBI investigator on social media sites. The best part is they say “don’t believe the media” however, the media is the one that said Jahar was caught. If you don’t believe the media then how can you believe he was caught? You can’t pick in choose what you want to believe the media says. Either believe all of it or none of it. Also, the one picture they keep saying is of the real bombers is a cropped section of a photo that was taken AFTER the bombs went off. Silly kids, leave the investigating to the grown-ups and go learn something useful.

    • rennyangel2

      The US ed. system is riddled with “critica race theory” that teaches all whites arae racists and worthy of death, and the Founders were racists slave owners (not the ones from the North, who get lumped in), making the Const. is corrupt, the settlers killed the poor Indians, so we can blow up the Boston Marathon..

  • rennyangel2

    The left never finds an abomination it cannot defend–after all, the Tsarnaevs celebrated zero’s re-election. They must be good leftists at heart.

  • neoface

    What is wrong with this country? Too many mentally ill people not being warehoused!!!

  • Josh

    What the hell is with all these finger sniffing idiots who think those bombers are innocent. How people can refute solid evidence in front of their very own eyes is mind blowing. UGH

    • lainer51

      finger sniffing idiots = libs

  • thetreyman

    as for the backpack pic Lonnie Baty. if that was the backpack that contained the bomb, it wouldnt be in any recognizable condition. get a clue. we saw the explosion in pictures and video. that thing would have burned along with being shredded due to all the shrapnel. it certainly wouldnt look like it got ripped open with no signs of burning on the white fiber padding. you people who believe that that was the backpack are idiots. how is that for an explanation?

    • Marti

      It’s so stupid. There are two validated pictures of the bombing ‘suspects’ taken at the Boston Marathon. There is one picture of someone..somewhere and a picture of something that has what looks like a small square then they mash it together and it’s proof of a conspiracy? How do they explain they eye witness who lost his legs who saw one of them with the bag? Or the person who they robbed and carjacked at gun point?

      • thetreyman

        even if that is the backpack and i am completely wrong, do they not see the white square tag on the dead bombers backpack?

        • Marti

          Well, they missed the BIG huge squares of side walk, where the ones that the bombers brothers were on are the same…but mystery mans are much smaller so I can see them being oblivious to the other details. Never mind those pesky other facts like a confession and eye witness accounts.

      • Guest

        You’re going to confuse them with facts. 😉

        • Marti

          Yes, if we are not careful they will retort with how the bombers are ‘hot’ so therefore innocent. 😉

  • R1486

    Alex Jones is Clearly a nut and anyone who thinks this is a conspiracy should be put in the same boat. Again though I see the obvious bias Twitchy has in relation to Conservative affiliated news hosts because I have yet to see Twitchy say ANYTHING about Glenn Beck stating the conspiracy that the bombing was actually commited by a Saudi Nationalist.

    • Harry A

      on occasion the twitchy bias is clearly visible, one need only view how Ann Coulter calling Obama a retard was a story, but twitchy’s favorite Ace of Spades (who seems to be getting a story every couple of days now) calls people retards with some frequency.

      • R1486

        Thanks Harry, finally someone on these boards who will admit to the bias. Thats not to say the liberal media isn’t obviously bias because clearly it is, but Twitchy at times tries to make it seem like only the left is bias.

  • kim

    we’re surprised? These are the same people who wanted Dorner declared a hero and celebrate cop killers birthdays and write love letters to serial killers and people like Charlie Manson. The same ones who think it cool that the leftist groups bombed federal building and are now their teachers, and that if you disagree with their thoughts, YOU are the terrorist. (Which now has been redefined to mean a conservative who believes in any traditional value or moral.)

  • David Carney

    First of all, look at the color of Jahars backpack. It is white. The color of the backpack that was exploded was all black. Yall wanna believe what mainstream media puts in front of your face. You believe everything the United States government wants to believe.

  • jojofido

    they didn’t do it, I know, the toaster said so , hahahaha hehehehe hohohohoho! …wheres my tinfoil hat?

  • jojofido

    they didn’t do it, I know, the toaster said so , hahahaha hehehehe hohohohoho! …wheres my tinfoil hat?

  • oneword

    Now why weren’t all those piss ants who are defending Jahar standing right where the bombs were instead of all those other innocent people.

  • oneword

    Now why weren’t all those piss ants who are defending Jahar standing right where the bombs were instead of all those other innocent people.

  • Liberty

    I was lying in bed last night having a last look at Twitter & saw this. I laughed so hard.


    Anderson Cooper is among my least hated liberal personalities. Still hate him, but just not as much as others such as Piers Morgan.

    • lainer51

      LOL! that is exactly what I thought!

    • ratizbad

      Alan Colmes is way worse, He defends the terrorist mom.

  • Jeff Coil

    Reminds me of the 9-11 “truthers” that insist a plane did not hit the Pentagon because there was no aircraft wreckage, all the while ignoring the photos of aircraft wreckage. Conspiracy theorist always ignore any evidence that proves them wrong.

  • Octave Smith

    You are all so quick to simply say they were both guilty. While you all make jokes about Jahar and his brother, as well the supporters such as myself, I have to ask, just how much time have any of you put forth in looking at the situation on your own? How many of you read articles on the internet claiming they were guilty and leave it at that? Most of these people who “support terrorism” are stating opinions based on things they have looked into for themselves. There is no concrete evidence of the two brothers committing a crime thus far, so both opinions are equally as credible. Just because a news website has a quote from “an official who will remain anonymous because they aren’t authorized to speak of the investigation” doesn’t mean it was true. There are many holes in the entire case. I am Muslim and I am proud I will back up Jahar and his brother until the end, whether proven innocent or guilty. We all have our own beliefs for our own reasons, but speaking against someone else’s opinion so harshly because you disagree does no good. We started this movement as just a very small support group, but the more we read, the more we saw, the more we thought, the more we spread, the more people began to look into the event on their own as well. It has become a nationwide movement now consisting of people who knew him and did not, There are even government officials who believe the blame isn’t on the brothers. Before any of you speak out against us, you must spend time reading in to all of the details, not just things you have heard because the majority of us have spent endless hours, devoting all our free time, to find anything we can to help someone who is dear to some and sympathetic for others. You must look at things for yourself before believing every little thing you hear.

  • Octave Smith

    And leave Troy alone, he is being a best friend and doing what he feels is right. We all have been standing together, and it’s a bond that you couldn’t tear apart. #FreeJahar