The Boston Globe’s front page today captures the triumphant mood in Boston after bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was taken into custody.


The first edition made the rounds early Saturday morning.


Full Twitchy coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing

  • TheOriginalDonald

    or so they say. Who knows if there are more sleeper cells in the USA

    • nc

      It’s not if. It’s where.

      • stellatruman

        that’s why I am not so relieved and feel like it is over

  • $1018716

    Tamerlan Tsarnaev remarked one time “I don’t have a single friend in America”. Yet, people who know Tamerlan considered him a friend, a nice guy, someone who appeared to be going places, an excellent athlete that showed promise as a boxer…is this a typical devout Muslim’s attitude towards Infidels like us, that we can never be friends with the devout Muslim?

    • forcryingoutloud

      He was a deceitful man. That’s just evil no matter how religious he claimed to be. Deceit comes in all forms, not just Muslim.

    • thetawake

      I’ve been told the qu’ran basically tells muslims that being deceitful with infidels doesn’t really count because infidels aren’t really human.

      • stellatruman

        and they don’t like dogs…I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs

    • Tom Anderson

      People confuse friends with acquaintances. Friendship is a two way street of sacrifice and compassion for another person. When he said that he knew the difference, it was his acquaintances who did not.

  • ahmedmohamed31951

    I don’t know what happened to people.

    Ahmed Mohamed is a Dermatologists

    Doctor in Cairo university.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    So the older one was “extremely religious.”

    What does that tell us and when do we wake up?

  • ByondPolitics

    just shameful. People excited that they were locked down for the convenience of the government over a manhunt that couldn’t be solved until the lockdown was lifted. In Boston on Patriot’s Day of all places. People are rolling over in their graves in Lexington and Concord.

    • James Burg

      you are an idiot. You have not a clue what a patriot is.

    • Tom Anderson

      I think you have a point. When people become so dependent on the government or replace God with government they will be glad of their captivity under the guise of protection and forget that it was the government that caused their captivity/need to be protected in the first place.

  • bossmanham

    The biggest nightmare is the emergence of the police state in Boston. For one 19 year old, they shut down an entire city. A city of over 1 million people. They cowered in their homes with few guns because they’re hard to get in Boston.

    Now don’t you think this emboldens 0bummer? A whole city rolled over and took it.

    • James Burg

      Bostonian shut down the terrorist. Bostonians chose to stay in side so law enforcement could focus on the urgent capture of this murderer. What you saw was the will of the people overwhelming cooperating for the sake of the people. Do not confuse participation and martial law.

      • Tom Anderson

        When the government shuts down all transportation avenues and tells you to secure in place, that is martial law. There doesn’t need to be an official decoration of the status. Whether the people of Boston and her burbs complied willingly or were intimidated into doing so is irrelevant IMHO.

      • bossmanham

        Was there or was there not the threat of arrest?

      • silverzone

        They didn’t “chose” anything, they been ordered to do that.

  • cscape

    QUESTION: why is “nightmare” capitalized, but NOT “end”….. ANSWER: because it unfortunately ISN’T the “end”…. and we have progressive liberal policies to thank for that!

  • Joshy D

    This #2 Boston Bombing suspect kinda looks like the kid from the Kiss Ass Movie. WEIRD RIGHT??