Casey Anthony, Jodi Arias, James Holmes, Adam Lanza — the list of “local crime” trials the media spend countless hours reporting and politicizing goes on and on. But the soul-crushing testimony about accused baby murderer Kermit Gosnell and his abortion house of horrors is “a local multiple-murder story … nothing more.”

Reserved media seating at the infanticide trial is nearly empty.

The Break the Gosnell Media Blackout TweetFest begins at 12:00 p.m. ET on Friday.

The #Gosnell hashtag is already trending as those who value life hold the absent MSM’s feet to the social media fire.

Indeed. But via Cosmocon, the media dare not infuriate soulless agenda-protectors.

As Ace points out, the media blackout also keeps the horrifying details from the non-activist public. “After all, if the public hears of it, they may make The Wrong Decisions.” Read the whole thing.

Heaven forfend we have a “national conversation” about infanticide.

Those details aren’t worthy of national coverage? Do your jobs, media.

Tweet and retweet about the #Gosnell trial, post on Facebook and other social media sites and blog about the media blackout. Flood reporters with the hashtag and the uncomfortable truths they don’t want the public to know.

The pressure is on.

What say you, media?


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  • GreenEyedGal

    Eh, ignoring this just makes it “easier to deal with mentally” – Sherry West, Gosnell employee

  • Clayton Grant

    #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell
    I hope that counts as 12 hits

    • disqus_eric

      #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell #Gosnell

  • disqus_eric

    This politico link explains it all…


  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    Since when is infanticide and patient abuse a form of reproductive health care? Is she ignorant of what this man is being tried for or is she seriously that masygonist?

  • disqus_eric

    Someone mentioned, “Can you imagine the coverage had this been about killing dogs?”

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Or if a white, male Republican was involved……or a Kardashian

    • BlueGood

      A friend from Ottawa sent me this link this morning….WARNING VERY GUT WRENCHING & HORRIFIC. EXTREME GRAPHIC MURDER of BABIES.

      My own reaction was almost immediate vomiting and instantaneous tears….

      God help us………..the little ones….just thinking of it again, brings me to tears….

      Please know I am sorry for bringing this to your atten…. I wish it did not exist, but perhaps if it were forced upon the Radical LEFT to view, some of them might just recoil in horror and perhaps a few would change their tunes concerning abortions.

      • $7610427

        Oh Dear God!!! I’m gasping for air…

        • BlueGood

          I did too Latexas…I couldnt watch the vid for fear after scrolling down to the photos….I’m sorry

      • AWomaninTX

        That’ is a very graphic article with real photos.
        Anyone opening, be aware!

        • $7610427

          Yes, it is very graphic! However, we are just witnessing the pictures of the aftermath. This went on daily in that clinic…and this person and his employees lived amongst it. I can’t even imagine…they just seem oblivious. What is wrong with them???

    • okiepastor

      You can get fined and jail time for breaking an Eagle’s egg, but anyone can kill a unborn child. Am I the only one that sees this insanity?!

    • 1972patriot

      We live in an era in which you wear a fur coat to stay warm & you are viciously dehumanized… yet get a pass on viciously murdering babies. #GOSNELL

  • Danny Wheeler

    Media, DO YOUR JOB!!!

  • therantinggeek

    Mikey Franklin: “Abortion providers are still my heroes.”

    I wonder if he would Tweet the same thing about the men and women in uniform. Probably not; his Tweet already indicates he’s an unabashed Lefty.

    • D’Bak61

      Yea, Mikey. It takes a lot of courage to kill babies in the womb or partially ‘blocked’ in the birth canal for execution. Monsters are not heroes. I’d suffer no loss of sleep if this particular monster went the way of Tiller the Baby Killer. And that is why the LSM protects one of their last and best baby killers via NO coverage: they don’t want to ‘lose’ another one.

      • R1486

        Go to Fox News and tell me what the top story is. If “LSM” is protecting this monster, so is Fox News because nothing is even on their front page mentioning this trial.

        • D’Bak61

          Don’t know about ‘front page,’ but Brett had a panel last night, Megyn had a segment this afternoon and The Five is speaking of it even now. And if FNC has done even ten stories, well that’s ten times more than anyone else, aka, the LSM.

      • wwbdinct

        They’re probably his heroes because they’ve saved him a future ton of child support.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    I don’t know how to use Twitter but I want in on this. This is just despicable they’re ignoring this, but hey look Snooki lost weight!

    In the days for the interwebs this would’ve never gotten out. Good on you Twitchy keep fighting the good fight!

  • Maxx

    If only he had interupted breaking spinal cords to swig a Poland Springs, maybe then it would be news to the left.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    The complete lack of outrage and coverage of this horrific series of crimes against innocent, defenseless babies speaks volumes about how low this country’s collective conscious has sunk. It speaks even more about the state of “journalism” and the main stream media. Why anyone bothers to watch or listen to ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, or CNN is unfathomable. The sanitization and censoring of any news unfavorable to the left and its leadership is a clear and present danger to this country.

    • R1486

      Go to Fox news and tell me what the to story is. In fact, show me one story on their front page that mentions this trial.

  • R1486

    Again Twitchy alienates liberal media all while giving Fox News a break and mentioning NOTHING about their non-coverage as well. Do me a favor and go to Fox news and tell me what the top story is.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      It was on Fox News THREE TIMES TODAY! And the Hosts/Moderators and their guests had a hard time talking about what this Low-life did! Jawamax 8<{D}

    • SkyePuppy

      Because the universe revolves around the liberal media, so we dare not alienate it!

      What a maroon!

  • neoface

    Instead passing more gun control laws, enforce the ones we already have; we need to pass some journalistic ethic laws. Bias reporting is not news, but form of propaganda and lobbying, especially MSNBC, it should be named a government owned station, as Chris Matthews being head political hack for Obama. MSM sucks big time!!!!!!

  • PeterP

    What a shock to learn that ppl who don’t think human life has any value 10 minutes BEFORE it is born don’t think human life has any value 10 minutes AFTER it is born.

  • DanStlMo

    If one Pro Lifer had punched Gosnell while he was walking into his clinic, it would have been the lead story on National news for Three days.

  • TJ

    George Zimmerman “local crime story” will get more coverage.

  • CO2 Producer

    What are you afraid of, “real” journalists? That truth is ugly?

  • digitalPimple

    I guess that makes Newton a local crime story too.

    • camnpat

      And Aurora,… and Tucson…. and Zimmerman-Martin…

  • carolina mama

    Just a thought…a few pro-life allies who might help to boost both trending and awareness…

    Ireland’s Ear ( and Daily Mail ( both covering the story. Ireland’s Ear has been on the #Gosnell feed.

    Any other prolife/media groups we can find to get onboard today?

    Australia and New Zealand both have been reporting the story

  • brightshadows

    waiting for the WH to say:” If I had a doctor, he would look like Kermit Gosnell”

  • barry1817

    disgraceful media, doing the lap dog suck up to obozo, that prevents people from becoming informed.

    we should be making sure to address AP as FAUX NEWS and call their employees what they are sham journalist and hacks.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Already used-that’s a Libturd pet name for Fox News. Jawamax 8<{D}

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      How about ASS-Similated Press? Jawamax 8<{D}

  • rivers

    mcbyrne tweets “meh”.
    Amanda Marcotte isn’t being told “the truth” (by the Grand Jury?)
    In their own words, reaction to slaughter of this magnitude is “meh.”
    Unevolved, violence worshiping barbarians..

  • JR48

    So I’ve read over half of the report of the grand jury…I just couldn’t keep going.

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this guy is a sociopathic mass murderer and a prolific drug trafficker. And that the system absolutely looked the other way.

  • Paladin

    It’s amazing how the disregard for life leads to . . . a greater disregard for life. As the value of life becomes increasingly viewed as something more banal, the abuses of life become more mundane.

  • stillinthe60s

    Gosnell’s abortions are just collateral damage in the libs war on women. Yes libs, not conservatives.

  • stillinthe60s

    Media “Borks” conservatives and “Gosnells” Libs!

  • Anonnie1

    We need to reach them on their own terms. Get these terms trending instead – with a link and pics to the story:

    Media ignores ultimate #WARONWOMEN

    (if ignoring the conditions at this house of horrors for 17 years isn’t a war on women, what is? )

    Media ignores mass murder of #UNDOCUMENTED – Democrats cheer

    (Gosnells’s tiny victims have no birth certificates)

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Just HEARING about what Dr. (?) Gosnell did TURNS MY STOMACH!…..Uh-Oh, BRB… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • disqus_G8xi77DYlj

    Obama and the communists want this silenced and covered up, they are little satanic cowards, doing everything in secret, we need to SHINE LIGHT ON THESE PATHETIC SCUM. Plus, this story will doom them in multiple ways, not to mention it will make the communist gun grabbing scheme fade into the background and they can’t have that. EXPOSE THESE POS

  • Tom Anderson

    OK, to review….
    Serial killer of live infants who LOLs about his murderous adventures=local story, nothing to see here, meh, what about these dogs!?
    Psycho broad who kills her boyfriend (just one) in AZ, 24/7 national coverage.
    Unbelievable that the media would even try to justify this!