Tuesday morning, Sen. Kay Hagan hosted a Twitter town hall about veterans and military families using the hashtag #AskKay.


Conservatives jumped in with questions about the Benghazi terrorist attack. Unexpectedly, the North Carolina Democrat didn’t have answers for any of these pesky questions:

Hagan’s silence brings to mind Hillary Clinton’s answer: “What difference, at this point, does it make?”


Blogger SooperMexican chronicles how Kagan’s press secretary actually prompted a Twitter user to ask a question.

More here.

  • http://apostrophejones.com/ Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    She’s afraid to buck Obama.
    She’ll be CoryBookered if she does.

    Obama is holding the moderate Dems hostage to his far left craziness.
    He’s got his Dale Evans boot on their throats.

    Might as well use their language.

  • Clayton Grant

    Lindsey Grahamnesty was exactly the same way a couple of weeks ago. Would only answer softball questions during his twitter townhall.

    • Kevin Krom

      These type of “online town halls” are totally useless. The politician is only going to select and answer questions that fit the agenda du jour, while ignoring anything difficult or controversial (excepting controversial things (s)he wises to discuss).

      • Clayton Grant

        You’re right Kevin, but at least it exposes just how shallow these politicians are.

  • neoface

    I think we all need to keep on asking what happen in Benghazi!!!! The answer would be Obama intentionally allow Stevens to died, since he is the only one who can order our military to “stand down”. My guess is Stevens is involved in something that Obama doesn’t want us to know, so with him dead, Americans would never have to know. Unless the survivors talk, or there is no perfect crime as long as someone knows. It will eventually come out. Obama need to be made accountable!!! The jerk is still lobbying for gun control on taxpayer’s dime; never mind the economy is tanking and we might be on verge of being nuked.

    • R0nin

      Normally, Neoface, that would be considered a conspiracy-nut post. Amazingly, under the current president and administration, I’d say it’s, at the least, credible.

      • neoface

        You think? Just the way this whole thing was handled, our state department should have pulled Stevens out like all other countries pulled their guys out, he probably was told to stay. He had a meeting before he died, it seem Obama wanted the place to burn down to the ground. He knew what was going on and went to bed, and hoping all evidences would have been charred by the morning, had decided on the talking point probably before going to bed. He didn’t count on the seals who went in on their own and leaving loose ends. You know how Obama like to double down, he went with the talk point anyways. You decide!

    • dinkerduo

      We know (as much as one can “know” without being told) that the reason Stevens and Smith were killed is that the O adm. was giving weapons to the enemy! How–you might wonder–they were giving munitions that went from Libya on ships to Turkey (he’d just had dinner with a Turkey official) then on down to the Syrian rebels who are mostly al Qaeda. That should be a criminal offense–but–they all lied! The 2 Navy Seals were killed because they “disobeyed” the stand down orders and were eventually killed. They weren’t supposed to be there!

      Obama–H. Clinton–Holder–and everyone who agreed with this operation should be tried for treason! But instead Gen. Petreaus (sp?) and 4 four other Generals and one Admiral LOST THEIR JOBS as I’m sure they couldn’t go along with this insanity! So this is generally what happened—it’s coming out now that we gave the Syrian rebels weapons but thay didn’t want that to come out BEFORE THE ELECTION and now they hope everyone has forgotten about it–or that the knowledge won’t have the same neg. affect.

      • neoface

        Yes, all these generals were just useful idiots to Obama. Obama, Holder and Hillary are traitors. Is death by hanging the penalty for treason???

        • dinkerduo

          Might not be by hanging anymore but the penalty for treason USED TO BE DEATH so you’re right about that. Susan Rice should face the squad like the rest of them! The lies are so OBVIOUS to any reasonable person!

      • Jimmy Cooper

        dinkerduo, you hit the nail on the head! And then Obama has the gall to say in the speech he gave in Denver the other day, that he’s under constraints by the American people.

        • R0nin

          Didn’t he say he was constrained by the Constitution? (That evil document…)

      • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

        What’s also embarrassing to the Oministration is that the Syrian rebels have slowly become an active group of Al Qaeda that has been attracted to the area to kill the heretics in the Assad regime. Assad is getting help and advisers, along with Hezbollah fighters to counter the Sunni Al Qaeda gang.

        As it stands right now, we have Sunnis and Shia killing each other and both sides seem to be getting what they need in supplies. I say let it continue for as long as they’re willing to kill each other. Iran/Iraq went 10 years or so.

        But I believe you are right on the money about the arms diversion from Libya. If you want to keep track of what is coming out of Syria in the way of video, here is a blog maintained by an unemployed Brit. He has no military experience, but self taught to ID weapons and equipment to kind of keep up with who is being supplied with what, and by whom.


    • dinkerduo

      That’s right! Obama didn’t want us to know BEFORE THE ELECTION that he was sending munitions to al Qaeda in Syria because al Qaeda is (supposed to be) our ENEMY and aiding and abetting the enemy is TREASON!
      The WH is bringing forth slowly that they armed the Syrian rebels but they HOPE that we have forgotten or won’t put the pieces together since it’s been 7 months.
      They didn’t know the 2 Navy Seals would be there since there was a stand down order. If it hadn’t been for the Seals getting killed this story would have been swept under the rug more so than it is now.

      As far as gun control goes remember this—IT’S EASIER TO CONTROL AND UNARMED SOCIETY THEN IT IS TO CONTROL AN ARMED ONE!!

      • neoface

        I think we need to do all we can to make sure no one forgets about Benghazi, and Obama, Hillary and Rice will receive their just dessert!!!

  • bartmansan

    Ms. Hagan, We’ll expect your IMMEDIATE RESIGNATION by the end of TODAY!

  • R0nin

    All I can say is, not surprising. Sadly.

  • Jimmy Cooper

    I believe that Clinton, Obama, Panetta, and Rice all lied! But worse than that is the reason the POTUS would not send in help, and I think that’s because he was hoping for nobody to make it back and be able to explain what was going on when all this crap hit the fan!!

  • BuckTaylor

    Hagan slipped through in the cracks in 2008 with the rush to anoint The One. Ran against incumbent Liz Dole. In a state that is home to Fort Bragg, Camp Lejune, Pope and Seymore Johnson Air Bases, Blackwater, and a host of other defense organizations her failure to support the military and to embrace the gun grabbers raise serious questions in the minds of a lot of voters. We elected a Republican Governor this past November and have majorities in both state houses for the first time in more than 100 years. She’s out of touch with the citizens and rightfully belongs on the endangered list. Can’t happen too soon for most of us.

  • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

    Let’s mobilize to DEFEAT Kay Hagan in 2014!

  • NY Republican

    well at least it looks like she’s on the endangered species list next year, I just wish Lindsey Grahamnesty was too

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    she should resign but won’t because politicians don’t really sweat for a living and become rich themselves

  • luckystrike57

    Where is the next Jesse Helms at?

  • David

    Democrats don’t have to answer questions. They dictate to the little people.