Scott MacFarlane, the Cox Media reporter who broke the story about the TSA exposing a teenage girl’s breasts, is tweeting about a new investigation today. Federal judicial employees reportedly blew over $100,000 on a 2011 conference.

An unknown sum was spent on travel and expenses for the 2012 Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference, which included a “social program” called “The College Basketball Experience.” The conference’s “Social Events” page includes an all-caps “WARNING” for attendees: “This is not a museum. You may sweat.”

MacFarlane reports that the Sweatin’ with the Judges shindig included a slam-dunk competition and free throw contest. Your tax dollars at work!

Good question. The taxpayers deserve answers.


MacFarlane reports that your tax dollars paid for 91 federal judges to get the “Basketball Experience.”


Read more about MacFarlane’s investigation here:

  • Walt

    Wow, I can see how we need to shut down control towers and close off the White House tours to save money. /sarc. Has no one in the government heard of GOTOMEETING.COM? Why does anyone in government need to travel to a meeting? Get with the 21st century and log on from your office.

  • Axelgreaser

    FEDERAL JUDGES ‘PARTYING’ ON TAXPAYER DIME!? I’m not even going to read the back-story and only comment: This is why America no longer trusts even the SCOTUS. I certainly never will since the passage of ObamaCare. Unread, undebated, unposted on the internet and UAWANTED by the majority. This headline imlies even the judiciary is compromised under Obama. And YES. I said ‘under Obama.’ Don’t tell me about Bush. Don’t tell me about any other President in our history. We are in the ‘Obama, here and now.’ Obama who has turned out to be a profligate liar was going to be the ‘Savior’ not only to Chris Rock, but to all of us, figuratively speaking, except in the case of Chris Rock who DOES consider Obama his ‘Savior.’ And Obama, the ‘big blamer’, deserves every bit of blame for headlines like: “Federal Judges Partying On The Taxpayer (degraded by QE1 & QEII) Dime.” Obama owns the present state of affairs in the United States of America. Nobody else.

    You might say Obama is not actually the ‘golden orator’ or the great uniter, but in actuality, the ‘great compromiser.’ He has greatly compromised our America, just as he telegraphed in 2009. We were hearing ‘Hope & Change’ and didn’t hear any of the horrific ‘subtext.’

    • Rightturn

      What makes you think Chris Rock considers Obama to be his ‘Savior?’

      • Squirrel!

        I think Chris Rock thinks Obama’s his father…. in fact he’s all of our father according to Chris Rock. I think Jamie Foxx called him our savior. Either way & either one is pretty ignorant. I have a father & Jesus Christ is my Savior. Those morons don’t speak for me nor the majority of us.

    • Squirrel!

      I like your post. It’s spot on.

      • Axelgreaser

        Thanks :)

  • Rulz

    Where I come from, 100K could go a long way, even with current inflation.

  • Rulz

    Bad news is, the tournaments are not even over yet .

  • SpinMeNot

    The motto of the Marxocrat … “Thee, not me.”